[2015-2017] Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (IIMC + IIT Kgp + ISI) - Admission Discussions- UNOFFICIAL

People applying to the new course for business analytics can discuss admission related queries here,

How much risk would this course be considering a fees of 16 lacs and a specialised domain??

how do we apply to this course?

Guys I dont have a clear idea about this program I have a convert of nmims and I am planning to join. Now should I apply for this? Please suggest

Guys! Any idea about what to prepare for the interviews? What may be the selection criteria?

 I have applied for the pgdba program online. Now shall I mail the downloaded application form to amissions-office, IIM C  before 17th April or only those who have opted for off-line application will have to mail the duly filled in application form. Please do reply.Thanks in advance.

My CAT %ile is 93.7 and 2.9 years work-ex in TCS

B.Tech in CSE

Should I apply for this programme?

I am waiting for results of IMI, DSE, IIT Kanpur

Last date to fill hte form is 17th ?

Guys who have applied or are planning to apply could you plz post your exam scores here. It would give some insight about the expected cut off?

If i get admission....then do i need to visit campus in person to confirm my admission or can i do it online? Could some one please throw some light on this.....i will not available for next 20 days after the result...soo...

This course seems to be very risky!!

16 lacks + Very tough course curriculum...

Besides it

Companies for Analytics domain mainly hire B.tech graduates and train them.

B.tech graduates are more flexible, and can be hired at comparatively low package. As far as higher positions are concerned, companies required experience in Analytics.

So, We can't predict whether companies will prefer PGDBA students or B.techs.

Didnt attest the documents....did anyone call AO for this and if yes what did they said....TIA..

Do we need to send somthing by post, once done with the online form filling..?

is transaction id the payment receipt no. ?

Guys, keep us posted about the cut-offs. Need to plan CAT/GRE/GMAT which exam to give next year.

Shortlist for PI - PGDBA (IIMC + ISI +IITKgp) released 


Got a call. Now what to study ?

GMAT score cut off?

Can anyone please share the CAT and GMAT cut off score to get into PGDBA (IIMC/IIT K/ISI)?

Is this for fresher or for experienced professionals also? 

As per their admission process, it seems for fresher... anyone can reply on this