[2015-2017] IIM Kozhikode Final Converts Group

Kongratulations for crossing that one last hurdle and realizing your dream. IIM Kozhikode on behalf of the entire student fraternity warmly welcomes the entire PGP 19 batch. 

                     Welcome to GODS OWN KAMPUS!!!!

Life is all about ups and downs, but this day is definitely not the latter.  Enjoy this moment to the fullest as the wait has finally ended. Securing an admission one of the country's premier B-schools would remain etched in your memories for a long time. 

Selected candidates will receive detailed emails from the admissions office regarding the admission procedure within 2-3 days. You will also get a mail by post from the IIMK admissions office although there may be a delay in receiving the hard copy of the offer letter.

The Student Council will be sending out emails to all selected candidates within a week with details about the FB group and Google Group for final converts. Representatives of student committees will be handling queries on these groups. 

Classes will start approx. by the third week of June. You will get details regarding loans, refunds, hostels etc. from the Student Council soon. In the meanwhile you may post your queries on this thread.

Official website: www.iimk.ac.in

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/IIM-Kozhikode/101851176539713

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IIMKozhikode

Blog: http://blog.iimklive.com/

Congratulations again to all those who konverted one of the finest and growing B-schools of the country. 

You are free to discuss your queries on this thread.Please use this thread for any discussion related to the life at IIM Kozhikode,courses, placements, etc.

We will be there to guide you in this thread.

Guys, what about that selection option? "I select/I reject". If i select now, then can't I pull out later? Can anyone plz confirm?

All waitlist related trends for past year would be posted by EOD. The data for the 2013-15 batch is as follows:

General: 2nd list- 50 3rd list- around 40

OBC: 2nd list- around 40

SC/ST: 2nd list- around 30-40

The above figures have not been confirmed by the admissions office

Please be patient for 2014-16 batch data 

what will happen to 50,000 deposit if my wl in fms gets cleared, how much is the refund ?

When will classes start?

Hi any chance for wait list 70 to convert under obc category??

I or K??

I'm a GEM. Can someone please suggest which shud i join between MDI and IIM K ? I've heard they're almost the same...

I have heard usually the general waitlist  usually exhausts of iimk..is it true?

DD IIM KOZHIKODE ke name se??? Plz rpl

OBC WL--118 any choice 😞

Tentative date by which the session would start?

My college follows their own format for issuing course completion certificate They have not mentioned any specific date by which I will complete all requirements they only mention the time of announcement of final results along with cgpa till pre final Sem will this suffice?? 

Waitlist 75  Sc category 

Any chance? 


Is there any group for final converts on facebook too???

Please refrain from direct college to college comparison here! Its forbidden. Plus, people here misguide others in order to get their waitlist moving! so beware! Ask as many seniors from either colleges and then take an informed decision! 

Posting this years summers and finals placement report! If you have any queries related to placement you are free to ask. I will happily and honestly answer( You can catch me later if I lie :P)



How many people have converted this year? How many Waitlists? 

I have one query, In the application form I have filled my category as OBC(NC),but in the online offer letter it is mentioned that I have been provisionally selected for PGP programme under GENERAL category.  Anyone having the same query.

Sir @allan89  can u be specific about college starting dates? because i will have to resign tomorrow considering 1 month notice period ie around upto 6th june. Will that create any problem in admission because there is not any mention of what docs will be required for work exp proof? Also my company is dramebaaz in releasing employees so they will try to create problem. Please address my problem. Thank you...