[2015-17] SCMHRD Pune Admission Queries

Welcome to the official SCMHRD 2015 -17 Admission Queries. Once again, its that time of the year when your mind is bubbling with too many questions.

But don't worry. We, the admissions team of SCMHRD are here to solve all your queries regarding SCMHRD and the admissions process. Feel free to post whatever queries you have in mind and they will be answered as early as possible.

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So start shooting. And all the very best for your preparation.

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Can I have the placement report 2014 of MBA-IM batch

What are the career prospects after completing the program(IM prog)

What job profile can we expect from or after completing MBA-IM prog

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Is there a different merit list for reserved category students?

guys anyone knows abt gk pattern ??

is it related bank po ?

For GK preparation you can refer this website: http://www.gktoday.in/

How is SCMHRD-IM ? 

for snap prep join


Hii, while registering for SNAP,I am asked about the programs for which I intent to apply, but the main website says that I have to apply for each college separately on the website of the corresponding college itself.

Now should I just leave the 'Intent to apply' column and then apply separately in each college's website, or fill in that column? What is that column there for in the SNAP registration page?


will there be one interview (for all the applied symbiosis colleges) or seperate interviews for the colleges ,for which we've applied?

hi ,i hv 49.90% in my graduation.............am i ligible for admission??it should be rounded off as per govt f maharashtra ,dte and aicte rule.

Hi I have 2 questions

1.which score they consider as the cut off?Is  it the overall composite percentile (with academics) or only snap percentile (without academics percentile)?

2.What is the approximate overall score for getting the call?I mean what is the approx score to get around 97+ percentile?

Hi..I had completed snap registration process and had paid separate amount for a couple of colleges.So do I need to fill any application forms for the respective colleges?

Has the centralized WAT/PI system been scraped off this time ???

while calculating  cut-offs , academic scores wont be considered right?

My college doesn't provide with any formula for converting CGPA out of 10 to percentage for my Bachelor's degree. What should I enter my percentage, do I multiply by 10?

scoring average marks in TIME AIMCATs...  how is the difficutly level in SNAP??? how many questions should i attend per section to clear the cutoff... in dilemma whether to apply or not... advice!! 

Sir, I'm a final year appearing b.tech student with backlogs in previous semesters. However I am confident that I would be clearing those along with the final semester examinations in early June 2015. The results of the same would be out by October 2015. Do I stand eligible in this case?? 

when will SNAP SHOT & SNAP-IT be conducted??