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any suggestion how to write SOP?

career goals long term and short term?

pls provide sample SOPs please..  help

If anyone has Sample SOP please provide it.....Or suggestion will also be appreciated.....!!

except acknowledgement form what other documents are to be sent??

Hi..can someone please tell me about the placement scenario at FMS for Executive MBA.. I cannot find any placement reports on the website.

The apply link is not coming now.. It was there ok last night when I read up the instructions. But now I am not getting it, Please help

The apply link is not coming now.. It was there ok last night when I read up the instructions. But now I am not getting it, Please help..

After getting to the apply now page, I am hitting a dead end. Its written "start your application here" but there is no link. Yesterday there were 2 check boxes for the photograph and card details, and a start button

While filing the FMS application form , in work experience what should be the To date as the maximum date mentioned there is System date.If we are still working what should be the To date? If we keep it empty, work experience in years remains 0.00 ... while you cannot edit the work experience.Please help

Hello, Anyone knows how one can apply for international students?

The only category available is general/obc, sc/st, pwd.

While filling the application form, I had written the year of my birth in place of matrix year. I had submitted the form and paid the fees. Can u please guide my now how to edit my application form. Please help me. 

Dear Aspirants,

Kindly note that the application process is through the ONLINE ADMISSION SYSTEM ONLY. Log on to: www.fmsadmissions15.com

LAST Date: ON OR BEFORE 28 NOVEMBER 2014, the printed version of the Application Acknowledgement Form along with the appropriate documents should be sent to The Administrative Officer, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

Wishing you all the very best.

I haven't applied for FMS yet. Can someone please tell me when do we need to attach the SOP (attach or write?). What is the permissible limit for SOP?

What is last date for filling FMS's form?

At the time of filling up the form, my designation was GET, but now I have been confirmed as Deputy Manager.Do I need to notify the admissions committee about that? If so, how? 



Can you please tell me the year till which I have to enter my work experience?

Also, for CGPA in Undergrad, do we just write 8.34/10 or 83.4% or just 8.34. 

It would also be useful if there was a 'save as you fill' option next time, I have to fill the form in one sitting now!

@akram23 Do help!

Dear Aspirants, the last date to fill in the online application is 10th November, 2014. 

any suggestions for writing career goals in "150 words"????

just called up FMS. they said that you have to fill the current date in TO DATE of work ex.

their contact no = 01243954745

Hi all, Please confirm whether last date is 10 Nov or 28 Nov ?

I have to alter some details in the application form. How can i change it now? 

If there any issue with the online form im not able to fill in the acds fileds.Anyone else facing similar issue?