[2015-17] NITIE Final Reults and Related Discussion

Greetings from Team IMPACT !!

The admission results for the Management Batch of 2015-2017 are out !!

Congratulations to all those who are through and all the best to the wait-listed folks!!

For any query please tag @MonkeyBusiness  and @shambhavi253 , it will help us to track and reply the queries.

Those who are through please join the FB group for Final Converts: 


You need to send any of the admins a screenshot of your convert message so that they can accept your join request for the FB group.  

Congrats to all 😃

Feels Good! 😁

Any idea about when the course will commence ? @MonkeyBusiness 

Requesting @MonkeyBusiness to throw some light on

1. Course commencement date

2. Fee to be paid

3. Recommended banks for loan

4. Refund policy (If withdrawn before/after the commencement)

Education Loan and Fee Concessions


NITIE doesn't have any official tie-up with any bank, but there are quite a few banks which offer education loans for NITIE students at a lower interest rate:

Canara Bank @ 10.2% is the lowest of the lot. You can find the contact of IIT,Powai branch from internet, it's the nearest branch.

BOI offers loan @ 10.7% under Star-Vidya scheme. The nearest branch in North Mumbai Branch at Chandivili. (3 KMs from NITIE)
Contact Info:
You can directly talk to the branch manager Mr. Balraj Tandon, he is a friendly guy, you can use my reference too. His contact number is 09819125259 or you can reach the branch at 022-28581469 / 1470.

There is a SBI branch just outside NITIE. This year most probably they too are offering loan at rate around 10.5%. Find the contact info on internet. The branch name is Vihar Lake Branch.

Many times government banks don't process the loans just on basis of convert until you join the college and also the loan takes time to get processed. So, if you are caught in such a situation you can avail loan from HDFC-Credila, albeit at a slightly higher interest rate, their Mumbai office has devised a special plan for NITIE students at around 11.6%. 
Contact Info: Onkar - 09167980603. If you call him, you can use my reference

You can also pay the initial 4.19 lakhs from your own pocket and then get it reimbursed through bank loan once you join the college.

Fee Concessions:

>> If you are from SC/ST category, your annual family income is less than 4.5 lakhs and you have shown the income proof during GD-PI verification process, then you need not pay 4.19 lakhs right now. The amount for you is considerably lesser (I forgot the exact amount).

>> For other students, there is a need based fee rebate. The circular for this is generally floated around July-August. Anyone with low family income can apply for it with sufficient proof of low income. The fee concession is normally 15 to 80% of the second year fee based on need and available funds.

guys please update your status on this tracker.


@MonkeyBusiness  and @shambhavi253 ... when I check my results in the online portal page, it says "not a valid user"... Does this mean that I am not shortlisted??? Are all shortlists informed like this?? I had a problem with my application number during my interview also... Kindly advise...

@MonkeyBusiness Is there a deadline for submitting the fees ?


I have a few queries.

I have 16 months work ex as Asst. Systems Engineer at TCS.

My academic profile is on the lower side: 84/75/74.

1.What is the ideal work ex, the Companies that come for Supply Chain/Operations roles prefer?

2. Is my work ex less to get into such roles?

3. How is the scene for General Management/Consulting at NITIE?

4. And is it true that Ops guys are preferred over others for General Management/Consulting roles?

@MonkeyBusiness  @shambhavi253  and other Impact Team people. Please help.

hi guys,

waitlist 86 SC category.. Any chances,?

Seniors please help..

Does 4.19 lakhs include hostel? if not, how much is the hostel fees?

Is it a 5 day week for first year students?

and what is the "character certificate"that has to be submitted later?

NCOBC PGDISEm Merit Rank 67. WL-29

Chances of conversion ?

Has anyone got a confirmation mail confirming admission?

When can we know about the wait listed merit rank movements?

#General Merit Rank No. 194 for PGDIM.

If 11h is reporting and  classes commence from 16th then what do we need to do in between 11th to 16th. 

Can we go back ?

I am an SC candidate with parents income less than 4.5 lakhs per annum.

During my GD/PI, I could not submit income certificate. They took from me in writing that I should submit the same withing 60 days. 

So now my doubt is what amount I need to pay as fees? 4.19 lakhs or the amount actually applicable to me.

Puys..has anyone paid the fee till now?

OBC merit rank 143. My chances ?