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IIM Raipur

Hi, what can be the cut off for the new IIMS this year. Since 6 new IIMS have been added is there any possibility of cut off scaing down.

I got 96.17 OA 95.7 in VA and 92.99 in QA







General category

Do i stand any chances??

OA -95.01







do i stand a chance?

hi guys, general merit qa 94.5 va 91.6 oa 95.53 .totally confused as i just wrote CAT .. do i have the slightest of the chances ? GM category 10th 91.6 cbse 12 - 87.83 BE -8.3 grade work experience 5 months as of 2014 december

CAT 14...

qa 99.15

va 82.73

OA 97.48



Grad 67

GEM?? chances for new iims? @Satya10123 


10th-76,12th-83,Grad-7.35,Work ex-25 months,Category-NCOBC

Any chance of getting a call?

hi I got OA-97.2,QA-96,Verbal-95.Is there a chance for call??

DO the six new iim's--rohtak,raipur,udaipur etc ..have  WA and PI together..??Means only 1 interview chance for all colleges??

Hello everyone. My profile is as follows-

OA - 96.85

QA - 95.02

VA - 95.45

X - 91.6 %

XII - 92 %

CGPA - 7.45 General Category

Chemical Engineer from BITS Pilani presently working in a core chemical company. 

Work experience - 6 months as of Dec 2014. 

What are my chances of getting a call from IIM Raipur and the other new IIMs?

Category : ST

Sec1 QA: 53.53

Sec2 VA: 60.80

Overall CAT Percentile: 54.45

10th: 73 %

12th: 88 %

B.Tech: 6.0/10 

Exp: 5+ years

Any chances of getting into New IIMs ???

Thanks in advance !!!!!!!

96.6, 3 years work ex, nice acads, any chance

CAT 2014

OA: 96.64

Quant: 89.07

Verbal: 99.3

10th: 81

12: 69

Grad: 67

Work Ex: 25 months

male, general candidate

Any chance?

sectionals 90 above

overall 95.xx

acads 85+ throughout 

17 mnths work ex. 

Any chance?? :/

OA 95.75, QA 98, VA 81

X 88, XII 78, UG 55 (IIT Roorkee, Architecture and planning) (GEM)

What are my chances of getting a call ?  

My Profile:




Work Exp-20 Months




OA: 82.45


Any chances ??

Puys/Pirls please suggest..

Thanks in advance.

CAT Percentile( Overall-98, QA-92.19,VA-99.20)

10th Percentage- 80.60

12th Percentage- 80.80

Graduation Percentage- 53

General and male. Chances for a call? 

Oa- 94.08, qa-95.47 and va-87.57

10th-91.4, 12th-83.4 grad- 76.5

General and girl.

Chances of getting a call??

OA: 97.08

Quant: 98.89

Verbal: 83.21

Grad: 68% 

Xth: 91%

XIIth: 85%

General cat, Fresher


Received a mail from IIM Raipur regarding the FPM program. Can someone throw some light on what exactly will be the topic for Fellowship? Do we get to chose it and in which fields we can opt for the same?

I have done 5 years Dual degree course in Petroleum Engineering from ISM Dhanbad.

Category : SC

Sec1 QA: 68.91

Sec2 VA: 68.71

Overall CAT Percentile: 70.49

10th: 79.5 %

12th: 84.33%

B.Tech: 73.9

Exp: 2 years

Any chances of getting into New IIMs ???

Thanks in advance !!!!!!!