2014 GMAT Prep and Strategies

Hii am a 2011 b.tech passed outus visa denied -gre 310 now trying for gmat most likely to take test in augustjust started preparation right now i am not going to any training institute preparing by my own just downl…


i am a 2011 b.tech passed out
us visa denied -gre 310

now trying for gmat
most likely to take test in august
just started preparation right now

i am not going to any training institute

preparing by my own

just downloaded

cracking gmat princeton review
official gmat

will soon purchase kaplan 800 , manhattan gmat

are these are worth full to buy

are these books are enough of preparing

i want some tips and guidence

how many hours are best to score more than 700

so i want to discuss about my profile my ideas my strategies to take gmat
and i am not aware of gmat

please feel free to discuss and giving suggestions and tips



I am 2012 passout and want to prepare for GMAT...

@jaganjb : If you have some material, kindly mail it to [email protected]

Can you pass me some links, where I can download some study material for GMAT.?
@acechaudhary , @jaganjb

@acechaudhary said:
Hey,I am 2012 passout and want to prepare for GMAT...@jaganjb : If you have some material, kindly mail it to [email protected]
@counton_hearts said:
Can you pass me some links, where I can download some study material for GMAT.?@acechaudhary , @jaganjb

I have few material of GMAT if it can be of any help to u . Just visit the above link
@shattereddream thanks dear for sharing the stuff.. This collection will be very hhelpful for takers.. !!!

thanks @shattereddream you have very fine that will be helpful for all of us.

hi counton give ur mail id i vl send u how to downalod and which to download

Hi Puys,

It's been a while that I have been contributing in whatever way I can to this community and it is interesting to notice the enthusiasm and motivation of the members. Since I gained so much from the posts here, I consider it a responsibility to give back.

I have been through most of what you guys are likely to go through. From a GMAT of 650 I got 760 in my second attempt. There was a lot that I learnt from my mistakes. I worked with McKinsey Knowledge Centre for almost 5 years and quit my job once I had a call from Kellogg. It was only after paying the fees that I realized how desperate I was to work on my business plan. I have decided to work on my startup and Kellogg has allowed me a deferred admission for the next year. Which means I can continue contributing to the community. 😃

I would be happy to answer any questions related to GMAT preparation or the application process. Though I had a lot of online material with me, it was important to know which ones to use and which ones to not use. The application process is equally important and one needs to be very careful about how the profile is presented.

So if you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, PM me or mail me (mail id in my signature) and I`ll try to answer them to my best.

All the Best to you all!!

Neha Jain (nehajain4659@gmail.com)

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Folks, let me make it very clear that asking/sharing of copyright material is against forum rules.

Hello @neha4659 ,
Please give your inputs on preparation of Verbal section of GMAT in limited time of 3 months.
I am referring to -
1. OG'13
2. IMS study material
3. 1000 SC

4. RC 99 by aristotle.
As you correctly pointed out -

Of course there is a huge lot of material available online, but it's very important to know what material to use and what not to.
Please guide how to utilise this precious time, as i have only 3 months left. rolleyes



Hi Neha ji,

This is a general question.

I currently have 10 months of work experience as a technical writer. I would like to continue this for another 1 and half years. When I attain 2 years of work exp, i would like to do MBA. Can you please suggest me good mba colleges(India+Abroad) which offers MBA.

What would be the average fee?

What should be the average GMAT score?

Thanks in advance. 😃 (I already mailed you, but still posting here)


I am Chetan and need some guidance before i begin this new journey.

Here is my profile in brief:

I have yet to start on my GMAT prep but am really ambitious about my MBA.

1)10th - CBSE 67% in 2001

2)12th - CBSE 74% in 2005 (gap year of 2 yrs)

3)B.tech ( IT ) from PTU 2005 - 2009-- 75%

4)M.S. ( Software systems) Work integrated learning -- BITS , Pilani --- 8.7 GCPA

Have 3 yrs + work ex (IT) -- currently working in IBM as on Unix Administration.

Have strong leadership extra curriculars -- worked with AIESEC India and BSG ( during college) and have been a top rater at work with some awards to showcase.

Currently working with an NGO in Bangalore.

a)Can you guide me how much should i be aiming at to get into ISB ( if in INdia) or OXFORD/ NYU etc.

b) Is my profile strong enough for good B schools?

c) Can you give me a list of must have books for the prep and the time i should devote to get a 700+ ( Maths is a bit rustic as of now / Verbal is so -so but i can drastically pull up both)



Hi...Firstly congrats....I have mailed you.It would be great if you could reply to my mail.


Please suggest some Good Test series for GMAT along with Price(If known) ? @neha4659

Hello! I'm a frsher,would be joinig service now. I want to apply for ISB early entry option via GMAT.Please guide if its suitable to apply through this option. and which other colleges can take GMAT score, in my first year of service, as in not much experience, apart from SP Jain. @neha4659

@neha4659 I am planning to give GMAT this year .Need your kind assistance .I have sent you a mail also.Waiting for your reply.😉

hi..any one having Gmat time saver book with them

@neha4659 ......Mailed you...Need your assistance... 😃

Hi Neha,

I have an experience with MNC for 2.5 years and then enterprenurship experience of 1 year, I need to apply for ISB this year, I have taken GMATprep first thing and scored a 600, please help me out with the type of material I should study, if you can post the list of material I should study here or on my ID [email protected]