[2014-2016] NMIMS GD CD PI Preparation Thread

Congratulations to all the short-listed candidates. Please use the thread to discuss various questions and topics to prepare for GD/PI.

Congratulations to all the short-listed candidates. Please use the thread to discuss various questions and topics to prepare for GD/PI.

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Hi kenneth!!! Please share some tips abt cd/pi

This is my first attempt at NMAT. We all are aware that NMIMS conducts Case Discussion, so lets start with one and guys, please keep pouring your inputs.


Allison P. is a charge nurse on a busy medical surgical unit. She is expecting the clinical instructor from the local university at 2 p.m. to review and discuss potential patient assignments for the nursing students the following day. Just as the university professor arrives, one of the patients on the unit develops a crisis requiring Allison's attention. In order to expedite the student nurse assignments for the following day, Allison gives her electronic medical record access password to the instructor.

Examine the ethical dilemma

Allison made a commitment to meet with the university instructor to develop student assignments at 2 p.m. The patient emergency that developed prevented Allison from living up to that commitment. Allison had an obligation to provide patient care during the emergency and a competing obligation to the professor. She solved the dilemma of competing obligations by providing her electronic medical record access password to the university professor. By sharing her password, Allison most likely violated hospital policy related to the security of healthcare information. She may also have violated the American Nurses' Association Code of Ethics in that nurses must judiciously protect information of a confidential nature. Since the university professor was also a nurse and had a legitimate interest in the protected healthcare information there may not be a Nurses' Code of Ethics violation.

1. Identify courses of action available to us

2. Ask who will be affected by each action and what benefits/harms will be derived from each

3. Choose the action that will produce the greatest benefits and the least harm

An ethical action is one that provides the greatest good for the greatest number

Where can we find the past years CD topics, any idea puys? :lookaround:

can some one explain what exactly is a cd?😲

What is expected cutoff for mumbai campus this year??

when does the interview happen for nmat ?

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I am new to PG, I am expecting a decent percentile, that can fetch me a call from new IIMs, am a working professional from Bangalore. Can anyone suggest me good GD/PIclasses in Bangalore? Or is it necessary for me to attend GD/PI sessions or can I get the material online. Please help

Hey Puyz... Lot of coaching centers are offering GD/WAT-PI coaching classes... Has any1 enrolled for em.. or has any info about which is good among TIME/TF/CL/TestCracker etc etc.. Lets discuss, share and make an informed choice! 😃

Here is something i found about CD.....Hope it helps a bit....😃

some one share some previous years links for nmims CD/PI . or some general case discussion topics !!

How can you form a group like this before the actual cut-off's being declared?? Please wait for the NMIMS final results before starting a thread like this.

Hey guys! How are you ppl planning to go about GD/PI? Any specific institutes which are worth joining for preparation? More specifically, what are the institutes worth joining in Bangalore?

I was planning to visit each of the institutes(TIME,CL, IMS, Test Cracker etc) this weekend; however, i thought some preliminary knowledge from you guys would help me in narrowing down the list!

Also, let us form groups and practice GD/PI over skype, time can be decided based on everybody's convenience - it would give us the much needed practice.. For folks in Bangalore, we can also plan a few meets.. What do you guys think? 😃

When will the shortlist be out ??😁

Lets discuss

The Rupee has experienced very high volatility. Why ?

GD topic : is lokpal really effective to curB corruption ... GO

any link to study case studies..??

A case study to discuss:

You are the manager (Worldwide Sales Cock and Bull Melons) in a Dubai-based company that deals in selling exotic fruits. Cock and Bull Melons are a special variety of melons that can be cultivated only on the sandy dunes surrounding the Cock and Bull oasis in the Sahara desert. Worldwide demand and supply have been quite stable so far at 100 melons a year, with the supply being just sufficient to cover the demand.

Cock and Bull Melons have traditionally been sold to the sheikhs in the Middle East, and Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses. Their exorbitant prices take them out of reach of common people.

In January 2002, the research centre at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), India discovers that Cock and Bull melons can cure the fatal MarGaya syndrome in pregnant women, which kills both he mother and the child. Also, it can cure the fatal MarGaya syndrome in diabetic patients. Both these symptoms are very rare. Unfortunately for you, in May 2002, the MarGaya syndrome strikes 2000 people in America and the MarGaya syndrome strikes 1000 pregnant women in Sweden. 100 Cock and Bull melons are required to cure the 1000 cases in America while 100 are required to cure the Swedish problem. You know that the patients in both the countries cannot afford the high cost of Cock and Bull melon treatment. You also know that the revenues from treating patients would be much lower than selling them to sheikhs and film stars. You are in a real dilemma. What would you do?