[2014 -2016] NITIE GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for NITIE interviews which has started already and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE:*Acads: X - XII -Undergrad Major - …

All the best to everyone for NITIE interviews which has started already and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:



X -


Undergrad Major -



NIL/Sector -

Number of Months

CAT Score:

Overall -


VA + LR -


Topic: Number of Ppl present


Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.


Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) Questions:

Misc.: Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc.


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2. Please do mention your background and hobbies as it might help us understand why a specific question was put up to you.

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X - 84% (CBSE)

XII - 85% (CBSE)

Undergrad Major - Computer science and engg.

GPA/%age - 70.9%


NIL/Sector - IT

Number of Months - 22 months

CAT Score:

Overall - 97.91 (NC-OBC)

QA+DI - 99.59

VA + LR - 78.62

GD: Is govt. doing god enough to control inflation?

Topic: Number of Ppl present - 11

Time: 2 mins to think, 12 min to discuss and 2 mins to summarise

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Started the discussion with explaining what inflation is, how it occur, consequences of inflation, monetary policies taken by govt. Made 3 to 4 attempts in all. Though the GD turned into a fish market initially but in the end it was ok.

Other Salient Details: Summary was asked to discuss for 2 mins as soon as the 12 min discussion time is over.


Panel Members Intro: 4 Panel members including 3 sir and 1 mam.


P: Introduce yourself.

Me: Blah blah blah

P: Why u want to come to NITIE, mumbai?

Me: told

P: Tell me something about ur work experience

Me: Told

P: What all subjects have u studied in CSE?

Me: told them around 8-9 subjects, then they asked me to stop

P: What is link list?

Me: Told

P: Where is link list used?

Me: didn't knew, couldn't recall anything at that time. Said don't know. 😠

P: What is the difference between Java and C++?

Me: Told

P: What is ERP?

Me: Told

P: Advantages and disadvantages of ERP?

Me: Told

P: What is e-commerce?

Me: Told

P: Future of e-commerce website ?

Me: Told something something, had a 2 mins discussions on it.

P: How to protect transaction frauds happening online? (not exactly the same question but similar to this only)

Me: explained some encryption decryption techniques here.

P: Explain final year project

Me: Explained them. No cross questioning.. mg

Misc.: The panel was very chilled out, they were not grilling much. Every PI was for 12-15 mins.


All the best everyone..

Acads: X-62.33%(UP Board) XII- 64.60(UP Board) B.Tech-Bioinformatics-81.30

Work Ex:-CTS 17 Months Approx
CAT Score:OA:94 NC OBC
GD:-which we need more entrepreneur or manager.
Enter 4-5 times in the GD. Set back was we completed our GD around 11min as no new point is coming..banghead..
Interview:Seniors Please Guide don't know how it was...
1 Introdue Yourself
2 Why Bioinfo
3 Summer Internship in PARAG?
4 Relevance of summer internship to your course
Blah Blah
5 Bioinformatics then NITIE why?
Again some gyan told some my seniors name...
6 Why MBA
Again gyan
7 Good Job then why do u want to join us
Blah Blah
8 Tell some manag... sub that you read in your b.tech
2 subjects
9 now they come in to action ask me about Net Present Value..
Banghead, Cursing myself why i told them about that subject..
tried to explain with Inflation, looked not satisfied, asked me some basic questions told the asnwers but again they asked me what is the NPV. In the end explain them with a example..don't know how much they were convinced..and they told me that's it from there side...
now most strange thing happened in my interview they asked me who will win the election MODI or Kejariwal as my native place is Varanasi and we disscussed on this topic around 5 minutes in Hindi(Strange)..
lasted around 20-25 minutes
Fingure crossed...

how to take printout of the application form. it is getting cropped in portrait mode and looks ugly in landscape mode

please post ur experiences .. thanks



X - 87.0

XII - 87.2

Undergrad Major - 69.02 , Computer Science



NIL/Sector - TCS

Number of Months : 39

CAT Score:

Overall - 99.52

QA+DI - 98.82

VA + LR - 98.51


Topic: People blame others for their failures, do they give credit to others for their success ?

Number of Ppl present : 10

Time: 2 minutes to think 12 minutes to discuss and 2 minutes to conclude

Other Salient Details:

Nice GD. One of the best I have been in till now. Everyone chipped in with good points and there was no fish market or diversion from topic. In the end everyone was able to conclude and the group reached a consensus.

No Summary was asked.

Nobody asks you to conclude separately, the group has to initiate themselves.


Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) : 3 male members and 1 female ( P1, P2, P3, P4)


P2: Tell me about yourself.

P2: So you work in financial services domain, what exactly is it ?

P2: What is your role in this ?

P2: What is NPA ?

P2: What are the causes of increase in NPA ? What can we do to counter the same ?

P2: Can corruption also be included as one cause ?

P2 then started telling about one of his friends who overvalued his assets and all those stuff. Then asked can it lead to NPA ?

Hands over to P1.

P1: What management subjects have u studied in ur engg ?

No further questions from P1.

Hands over to P4(female).

P4: Tell me some of ur subjects during engg.

P4: Tell me two of your favorite subjects.

P4: Did u study operational research ? ( I didnt then i told I had studied Graph Theory)
P4: So what is a graph ?

P4: What is tree ?

P4: Explain a binary tree.

Hands over to P2.

P2: So Ankit, why nitie ?

P2: You have very good work-ex in consulting. As you might know this is a SCM college, I don't think that's a great decision from you. ( Thanks to team IMPACT members for this, as my answer to this question brought a smile on P2's face. Answer to this question was given by team IMPACT's member in the ppt )

P2: So after your course will you be pursuing consulting ?

P3 didn't ask anything. Whole this time he was busy with some paperwork. Total Interview lasted for about 12-15 minutes.

Misc.: Nothing asked from hobbies. Was quite a bit surprised when no acads/final yr project was asked. Tons of thanks to team IMPACT for arranging everything from F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Andaaz Apna Apna. Since this is a govt college lot of paperwork was being done, hence there was a lot of waiting time. But once docs verification was done everything went off smoothly.
Please carry two sets of application printout, one xerox of all the docs, bank challan, joining letter , first and last pay slip with you.
Dunno what to make out of all this. Hoping for the best..!!

When can we expect the results and what was the wailtlist movement for general last year?

25th April in delhi....anyone who got delhi centre???

April 1 - 12:00 pm slot - for both PGDIM and PGDISEM

B.tech - chemical and electrochemical engg.
Work - Energy sector (Bloom energy). OBC category
CGPA conversion and Document verification.
GD Topic - Do religious beliefs enhance the performance at workplace?
Decent GD but everyone ran out of points after sometime
PI - Tell me about yourself - Explained schooling,college,work
- Work achievements - Briefed on 2 invention disclosures on work related projects
- What exactly is electrochemistry?
- Difference between plating and coating
- Any mathematical models used in work?
- Why not GATE and MTECH in IIT?
- What are management skills?
- Why not PGD in Project Management?
- Which one as preference - IM or ISEM?
- Environmental pollution as a subject in BTECH - different pollutions ?
- Ways to arrest pollution? - Explained technically
- Non technical Ways to arrest pollution?
- How will you remove the waste from your town's river?
- what are different opening moves in Chess? what is the difference between them?

Overall a good PI, I would say... Never felt tensed during the whole process.
Waiting for results now !!!


SLOT : 31st March 8 a.m.


X -88.61

XII -73.33

Undergrad Major - B.E. ETC 8th sem

GPA/%age- 7.03

Work-Ex: NA

CAT Score:

Overall -99.04

QA+DI - 97.43

VA + LR - 98.23


Topic: Is profit the only business of businesses

Number of Ppl present : 10

Time: 12 min

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: The discussion was a good one. At times everybody would speak and that lead to a fishmarket scene but that happened just once or twice. Everybody had a fair chance to speak and as the discussion progressed each one had a different example to speak about. Overall a good GD.

Other Salient Details: No conclusions 2 min to think 10 min discussion


Panel Members Intro: 4 members (3 male,1 female)

Questions: Introduce yourselves. What does your name mean? Why MBA? What made you think about MBA? Family background. What is your final year project?(Some questions on that) Can you explain the evolution from electrical to electronics to communications? Are there any electronic appliances in the room? Which? What part of them have you studied? (asked about the AC and Laptop) Why are your grades low in some semesters? What all subjects do you liked? (checked the grades in those) Have you been offered a job in the campus placements? (I am a fresher) What else do you do other than studies?(I played football, was the secy. of Rotract of my clg and did some social work as a part of that) Where do you rank yourselves in your B.E. batch? Can you plot a graph of your performance in B.E. so far on the board behind you?(Did that and they were impressed that I remembered all my grades upto two digits after decimalp)

Request: The process is very slow so just stay calm and enjoy the movie being played in the auditorium. During my slot they were playing Andaz Apna Apna. Carry a set xerox copies and originals thats it.

Fingers crossed, hope to get into NITIE 😁😁

All the best to my fellow aspirants 👍



X -88 %

XII - 88 %

Undergrad Major - CSE

GPA 72% age :26


NIL/Sector - IT (Wipro Tech)

Number of Months :40

CAT Score:

Overall -81 % (NC-OBC)

QA+DI - 88 %

VA + LR - 67%


Topic: 11 Number of Ppl present: IS BUSINESS ONLY BUSINESS OF BUSINESS ?

Time: 12

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: One guy started with positive points about business urge to make profit, I added few points of CSR, Job Creation, and Taxes which are helping in inclusive growth. Meanwhile fish market. One guy was trying to make negative points but all people told him that he is wrong. LOL... At the end few people summarised.

they will give you 2 mins to write points. Think very fast.

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.



Panel Members Intro: I would say PI,P2,P3

Questions: Game starts now...

I was last person in my panel, I waited around 6 hours for GD and then PI.

When I entered room, greeted everyone. P2 asked me to define your self. They were busy reading application form, I was keep saying but I think they were not listening and they P2 said, could you please speak a bit loud.

P3 : Why IT..we do not offer any specialization in IT

Me: It is fine sir, but my work-experience would be good match for my future career prospects of pursuing a role in management in a leading IT company.

P2: we are looking for people whom we can place.

Me: Sir, you are correct, but as I have previous work experience and the skills which I have gained in 3 years would be more utilized in IT sector and I would be able to perform better.

P3 : Wipro..hmm..what do you do their..

Me: told about work..

P3: why do make web application ?

ME: Sir, it helps our customer to do business effectively

P3: How ?
Me: Sir, these applications helps to streamline the whole manual process. It saves process from manual errors. Streamline approvals. Increase efficiency.

P3: OK OK..But why IT only...we have PGDITM but we have stopped that program.
Me: Again told reason and then told that It will be a good opportunity to learn basic concepts of finance, marketing, etc..It will help me to increase my knowledge of business and increase my career prospects.

P3: Laughing.. 😠

P2: what is UDDI
Me: Not sure about this sir.rolleyes

P2: where do you actually work mysore or Bangalore
Me: Bangalore sir.

This is the best part of my interview
P1: Have you heard of UID
Me: Yes sir, this is a very good initiative by government to register and provide unique identity to all citizens.
P1: But it has been failed, now government is not using it.

Me: Yes sir, I heard that supreme court put a stay order to not make UID mandatory for services.
although I feel that 60 crores enrolment in 5 years is a kind of achievement. I also think that in long term we would be able to leverage this UID number to efficiently deliver economics benefits and services to poor people of this country. It will also help to eradicate corruption.

P1: Got angry and said no..but we have duplicate records..
Me: yes sir, you are right but..what I see here is that we can have some glitches in system which we can rectify and make further process.

P1: so you want to check all 60 Crores records again.
Me: Yes sir, as you meant that there should not be any duplicate records so..make keep integrity of system we can run a check.

P1: But now I think it is of no use, we have also invested so much in UID and now to fix issues again we have to invest.

Me: Yes, but this investment will keep the whole process intact, we can not wipe off UID now.
P3: One guy with same UID in assam and one in MP what is the use of this system tell me..

Me: again told that I agree that there are few particular cases we have faced but still we need to fix the system and leverage his potential.

P2: Smiling...so you are optimistic..
P3: but engg should not be optimistic..
Me: That could be one more perception sir.

OK you may leave now..lookround

Result : Possibly Rejected...................

Misc.: Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc.

by when can we expect the results?

i dont hav much idea now about my 4th yr project

what should i say them if they ask...



X -73.67

XII - 60.4

Undergrad Major -7.19/10

Work-Ex: Yes

NIL/Sector - IT (TCS)

Number of Months : 42 months

CAT Score:

Category : SC

Overall -88.xx%

QA+DI -83.xx %

VA + LR -89.xx %

GD Topic: Are you a product of your own or GOD's blessing.

Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 12 mins

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: It was a nice GD. Pitched in a no. of times. Started the GD with "GOD helps those who help themselves". Everybody got chance to speak. But at the end no new points were coming.

Other Salient Details: We were not asked to summarise.


Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names)There were 4 members in the panel. M1 (young man), M2 (middle aged man), L1 (middle aged lady), L2 (middle aged lady)


L1 : You have 3.5 yrs of work-ex ?? So why MBA now?

Me : Told.

L1 : Career Goal.

Me : Told.

L1 : So do you really think that these management study will give you the business credibility as you are saying?

Me : Told Yes. (no cross questions)

M2 : So what kind of work do you do?

Me : started saying my role as a Team Lead.

M2 : No no. I am not asking about your role. I am asking what daily work you do?

Me : Ok. Started telling about website administration.

L1 : So what is the technology that you are working on?

Me : Told. (No cross questions. I think its because its a new technology)

L2 : So how does your datacenter work.

Me : Couldnt provide a satisfactory answer as Datacenter is managed by a different Team.

M2 : So what do you do in DB?

Me : Told.

M1 : What is the difference between AdWord and AdSense?

Me : Was able to tell only AdWord. Couldnt recall AdSense.

M1 : Who is/are the founder of Google ?

Me : Told.

M1 : How is the revenue is generated other than Ads?

Me : Told about datamining and analytics.

M1 : How do GMAIL generates revenue?

Me : Numb.😠

M1 : What is space provided by GMAIL?

Me : 15 GB.

M1 : Google charges corporates after 15 GB space is exhasuted. 😠(ooh..Noob me)

M1 : Bigdata?

Me : Told that I havent worked on it and can only be able to tell datamining conecept.

L1 : So you like cooking. Whats your special dish?

Me : Hilsa in mustard gravy.

L1 : Ooh. How did you learn it?

Me : Seeing my Mom cook. Told as am living with my friends I have to cook for all of them.

All were laughing.They asked me where to find good Hilsa in Mumbai and if I am popular among my roomies.

L1 : So you also like drawing. What kind of pictures you draw?

Me : Told and asked if I can draw a picture infront of them.

L1 : Laughing. Dont draw mine please if you can draw her (L2). All were laughing.

L2 : So do you know about Inference Engine?

Me : Told no.

L1 : So tell me what all calls you have?

Me : Told IIM L/K/S.

L1 : Tell me honestly whaat will be your preference?

Me : Smiling. Told them IIM K/L/NITIE/S.

M1/M2/L1/L2 Thank You.

I went there with a smile on my face and that smile was intact throughout. It was a nice atmospehere.Dont know whether I will be selected but I felt good.

Team Impact : Kudos to you all. You all are fantabulous.

Note : Please ignore any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.p



X -84

XII - 88

Undergrad Major -CSE

GPA/%age 73


NIL/Sector - IT

Number of Months

CAT Score: 312

Overall -99.90

QA+DI - 98.8

VA + LR -99.8

GD: SHould Mining be stopped on Forests

Topic: Number of Ppl present : 10 [I was early so was shifted to 8 am batch from 12 pm]

Time: 12 min

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:chilled out, few did not speak [good points were brought] [spoke thrice or 4 times] talked abt Envrionment minster Moily passing POSCO , Jharkhand NAxalism and tribal rehabilitation problem on forests,sesa goa ban ,chotta nagpur plateau rich in minerals, what abt land after mining

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff. Summary was asked from a person who spoke least

pad/pencil was given


Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) 2 F , 2 M [female profs didnt qstn, males did]
Questions: before it all begain, i forgot to take my file, when asked , i remembered it was in audi, got it back and till then 2nd guy was interviewed :banghead:
tell us abt yourself?
Final year Project?
talkd abt touchfree dvices and augmented reality
scope of touch free?
Types of testing?
black box vs white box?
functional vs non functional?
what is destructive testing or somthing ?? said dont know
alpha vs Beta testing?
why testing?
Person months?
models used in Soft Engg?
which model used in your company?
which model takes least amt in testing?? said Spiral... may be wrong here
can we introduce bugs ourselves in testing?? i said yes it is done.. i said , this is called Mutation Testing but not sure if i am correct or not

Made blunders in many qstns so not expecting a convert alas.... Hope to be in God's own campus

Misc.: Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc.

met with SWAGAT.SID.... had a brief talk... couldnt meet him later as I think he was gone for lunch


ppl were asked if they had flights or train so were adjusted in such manner


Acads: Xth 89.00 / XIIth 79.83 / Mechanical 80.40

Work-Ex: In NTPC Since September 2010

CAT Score: OA 86.09 (QA 88/ VA 77)


Topic: People generally tend to accuse others of their failure and take the credits of their successes.

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

10 candidates. 2 mins for prep, 12 mins for discussion, and 2 mins for conclusion. Time was kept by one of the panellists with the help of a bell. Discussion went on well because everyone agreed with the topic. Everyone kept their point. Only one person was supposed to be concluding the discussion but almost everyone added to it.


Panel Members Intro: 3 male profs (all in late 40s or early 50s), 1 lady prof (in her 30s)


1. Tell us about yourself. (told)

2. So you are a mechanical engineer. (Yes, I could almost hear that evil laughter) Then describe all the machining processes. ( I could just name them. My mind went completely blank while describing. I told them I haven't read it in last 6-7 years. They told you don't require reading anything to answer this.)

3. Describe all types of moulding processes. (Couldn't.) Have you studied during your engineering? (It was more of sarcasm than a question. I had started thinking that if they don't ask the next question on thermodynamics I would run away. Was counting the seconds/steps it would be needed to reach the door.)

4. Ok. What is your job profile? (Much relief. I answered.) Asked many questions on it. Answered all but one.

5. What was your final year project? Answered. They were very impressed with the topic itself.

6. What do you know about NITIE. (told all what the Team Impact told during their PPT in the auditorium. Just a advice to my fellow candidates. When asked about college, dates/years are important. But their flagship course, contribution to the industry and awesome alumni base are more important. Don't dare to miss that if you get a chance.)

7. Your form says you have played many games and have been in many team building activities. What are the major qualities of a team leader? How have you been involved in the teams?

8. Who are the two leaders you admire? (Ratan Tata and MSD)

9. Why? (I described a bit.) One of the male profs became very angry. He banged the pencil he had in his hand and almost shouted: How could you compare Ratan Tata and Dhoni? Ratan Tata is a big book. Dhoni is just one page of it. (I sincerely apologised. I told Sir I wasn't. I could not even dare to do so. You are right that Ratan Sahab (I don't know why but I did say Ratan Sahab instead of Ratan Tata p) is a big book. I was just describing a behavioral trait common in them. And that calmed him down. I thought he was about to throw me out of the hill on which the college has been established.)

10. What are the other calls you have? (Lied there. I told just new IIMs and NITIE. Didnt tell them about IIM-I. They would have asked to compare both and which one will you join if you convert both. I was too stressed to answer that. So I lied.)

11. Then comes the inevitable at a NITIE interview. Operations research. Describe Linear and Non-Linear Programming. (Did but they wanted more and more. I didn't remember everything.) They even hinted but still I couldn't do more.

12. Why should we take you? (I told about my work-ex profile and my strengths and related it with NITIE). The lady said 60-70% of the applicants have similar profiles and some or the other strength. Then why you? (I didn't see that coming. Repeated my strengths in different words. They were not impressed. I think.)

That's all my friends, Wish you all the best. I might be a late for this year. Hope this helps next year candidates (And me too if I try again next year 😟)

VERDICT: Rejected most probably. The questions which I couldn't answer made them look very unhappy sort of.

And sincere thanks to Team Impact. As mine was on the first day itself, they messed up a bit while re-allotting groups to candidates who had an early flight or train. In that reallocation, my gd/pi was so delayed that I reached airport for my 9:20pm flight just in time.

Best Interview of the season !


Acads: Xth 93.40 / XIIth 71.60 / BE(CSE) 67.78

Work-Ex: In HCL-Tech Since September 2010

CAT Score: OA 96.67


Topic: Forests should not be destroyed for mining .

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

10 candidates. 2 mins for prep, 12 mins for discussion, and 2 mins for conclusion. Time was kept by one of the panellists with the help of a bell.I began by introducing the topic , taking a neutral stand & providing examples of POSCO , Chipko Movement & Mangar(Gurgaon) . The discussion veered to Tribal displacement , afforestation v/s deforestation & value of mining v/s value of forests lost . At the end , the panelists pointed to one candidate to summarize , as he had not spoken much . Overall , most had their moment of speaking , & it could be rated an above average GD .


Panel Members Intro: 3 male profs


P2: Introduce yourself .

Me : mentioned about my father holding a degree from NITIE .

P2 & P1 got excited on this . Questioned about when ? Are you following in his footsteps,saying

Baap Baap hota hai 😛 ? Where is he now ? Told , . This set a jolly environment .

P3: Tell me something about your Summer Project .

Me : Sir , Can I complete my introduction ?

P3: Yes , please continue .

Me : blah blah , hobbies - Jogging .

P2: (Again Excited ) Half Marathon ? Whats your best time ?

Me : 1:57 sir

P2 : ( Standing up ) I also run 50 km per week , have run 7 half marathons . My best is 2 :20 . Give me 3 reasons why ?

Me : Sir , Age ..

P2: I don't have hair so I look old , But I am not .

Me : I also don't have hair , otherwise I look younger sir ( They all guffawed after this )

P2 : Ok , tell me 3 scientific reasons .

Me : Sir , Lack of practice is out of the question since you run 50 km . Maybe , You practice at night & the sunlight is a factor during your event ?

P2 : mmmmm maybe , But stand up , (still standing) Look at me , what is the main reason you run faster .

P1 : Do Not look at his belly .(Laughed again )

P2 : Don't you see the height difference , Your stride is more than mine , maybe 1.5-2 times

Me : Sir, the marathon winners are all 5 foot something midgets ...

P2 : That is a different thing . This was between you & me . Okay , Why NITIE ?

Me : SIr , I visited the NITIE campus earlier & fell in love with it . The lakes , the campus ..

P2 : (Smiling) That is a personal reason , give me a profession one .

Me : Sir , Papa ne insist kiya ..

P2 ( laughing ) No , a serious reason .

Me : Sir, 3.5 yrs of Retail experience , NiTiE best option for Supply Chain Mgmt ...

P2 : Thanks Pratik . That is all .

Have converted IIFT Delhi , & I have a feeling will convert this one as well . Confusion has taken over the top floor of my head . 😠



X - 86.7% (CBSE)

XII -89.00% (CBSE)

Undergrad Major - B.Tech Manufacturing 9.18/10

Work-Ex: Yes

NIL/Sector -Manufacturing / L&T; Special Steels & Heavy Forgings

Number of Months : 45 Months (Working from July 2010)

CAT Score:

Overall - 95.5

QA+DI - 99.14

VA + LR - 69.93


Topic: Is electronic waste a menace?

Number of Ppl present :10

Time: 2 minutes to think+12 minutes to discuss+ 2 minutes to conclude

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

Discussion was ok. Few times discussion became fish market but it was ok.Everybody got chance to express their views. I chipped in 2 times during discussion and one time during conclusion. I put forward the point that problem with electronic waste that it can't be dumped inside ground as it causes land pollution,may cause radiation. It can't be dumped in water as it wil affect aquatic life. Cost of recycling is high,and we may have to invent innovative ways to develop it. I could rate my performance average,should have spoken more.

Other Salient Details: Although one guy didn't spoke at all,he was not asked by panel members to conclude unlike other groups.


Panel Members Intro: P1(In his 30's)+P2(In his mid 40s)+P3(He joined later half and was between 30 to 40)


P1:Introduce yourself. (told)

P1:So in which subject you won gold medal. (I told in my introduction that i am a gold medalist. 😠. I told sir i was overall topper of B.Tech for that i have gold medal not for any subject. No further question on that. Sigh of relief.😃)

P1:So you work in L&T; Special Steels and Heavy forgings. Which deptt and what is your work profile?


Further next 2 to 3 questions were on my company and my work profile.(Told all of them)

P1: So you are working in core company which perfectly fits your branch of engineering, then why do you want to do MBA? (When they were asking this question i smiled as i know this was coming,seeing me P1 and P2 also smiled. I told sir may be my work profile suits my branch of engineering,but i can't keep doing this all my life. I am an ambitious guy if i want to boost up my career i have to do MBA. Doing MBA not only plethora of other opportunities for me in different fields,i will also come to know about different fields of managment. Doing MBA will also convert my work from presently being technical one to managerial one.)

P2: While i was answering P1 questions he was watching me closely. Noe he starts questioning?

Tell me when do we use casting and when we use forging. (Told)

P2: What are different forging defects? (Told)

P2: You have written that you have done WMS nd TPM? What is that? (Told)

P2:What are 3 elements of TPM? (I tried to answer 2 times but P2 told i am not looking for that thing not that answer,at last i told him i don't know)

P1: Have you visited steel plant. Wht are the types of steel? (Actually he do not asked in direct way types of steel. First i do not understood what he was asking actually. After his clarification i answered it.)

P1: Have you heard of mild steel? where it is used? ( i told what is mild steel but he didn't see much impressed about its usage which i told him.)

P3:When i was answering these questions,P3 entered and was watching me since 5 minutes while i was answering questions. He asked "u told that any company which enter this business will have to prepare for at least 5 years to make profit". Why is it so?

(I told that it is highly risky business which requires high technical expertise which at present we do not have in India. Even if product has even with one defect whole product of several tons got rejected. Even our company has collaboration with many foreign players for technology transfer then also we are facing loss. )

P3: Which instrument do you use to measure composition of gases in fumes coming out from Steel plant? (I told sorry sir i didn't know answer as i am working in production deptt, EHS ppl in our company do that.)

After that they said they were done.

Duration of Interview: 15 mins.

Most of the questions were related to my work-ex,my role with few technical questions. Was a bit surprised to see no question being asked on final year project, academics fav subject, managment subjects,current affairs.

VERDICT: Awaited. Don't know what to make of my interview and GD. But hoping for best.

TEAM IMPACT was really helpful throughout the process of GD-PI. Also NITIE campus is really beautiful,calm and serene.

NOTE: Please ignore grammatical and spelling errors. rolleyes

GD PI Experience:


Xth: 87.2%

XII: 74.8%

B. Tech: 8.1 CGPA (76%), Mechanical Engineer, NIT Durgapur

Work Ex: 32 Months as Design Engineer (GE 12 Months; Schneider Electric 20 Months)

CAT Score: 99.4


GD Topic: Plastics - Boon or Bane

- Easy topic. It went well. No fish market

PI - 3 Panelists

Horrible experience. My 8th interview of the season. No technical questions, no current affairs, no operations related questions, no final year project. They only asked me text book economics (I have good knowledge, but what they asked was way over). They were laughing at me. Sorry to say, but this was not expected. The interview was over in 5 minutes. If you are calling a person to your campus from far places, please at least give him 15 minutes. Hopefully, I am waitlisted for operations at SPJIMR and converted IIFT, Delhi and IMT G.

Dream over for me. I seriously wanted to specialize in operations.

Anyways, all the best to all the candidates.

And thanks team IMPACT for all the support.