[2014-2016] IIM Raipur call getters discussion [OFFICIAL]

Warm greetings from IIM Raipur :).The Shortlist for IIM Raipur and info regarding of consideration of calls from new IIMs is available at to all the aspirants who hav…

Warm greetings from IIM Raipur :).

The Shortlist for IIM Raipur and info regarding of consideration of calls from new IIMs is available at

Congratulations to all the aspirants who have been shortlisted for the WAT/PI round.

1.There will be only one WAT/PI round for the new IIMs. Final list will be prepared based on the scores the candidate gets as per the admission policy of the institute.

2. Conversion of call depends mainly on your WAT/PI performance. Other individual factors wont influence much. Check the weightages in admission policy for getting more clarity.


Any relevant queries regarding the WAT/PI process of new IIMs can be posted here. Feel free to shoot all your queries and get your doubts cleared. We, the students of IIM Raipur, will extend our full support in getting your queries resolved.

Official Facebook page for IIM Raipur Callgetters :


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QA & VA:


XII th:



work ex:


All the best .

Regards,Admissions Committee,IIM Raipur.






Hi all,All the shortlisted aspirants for WAT/PI process of IIM Raipur can join the official FB group. PFB the link for the same


Along with the request ,please fill the following from to join the group


Filling the form is mandatory to join the group..


CAT OA: 96.82 embarrased

QA & VA: 95.5 & 93.8

Xth: 81.6

XII th: 86

UG: 73.3

work ex: 35 months

Category: General 😃

@IIMRaipur Did any Gen-Engg-Male convert his call around 96.8%ile last year ?

I have been called for IIMK, so i need not to attend WAT-PI for all new six IIMs?

with 90% OA, good acads, and fresher male engineer, nc-obc, what will be the chances of convert?

With 93.28 OA, QA-94 and VA *$ tot work exp 26 months, 10th 66.67,12-62.80 BE-78.20 , what are my chances ?

My Last year Interview experience:
3 member Panel, All 3 male, (40's, 60's, 70's) around age..
1. Tell about your self which is not present in your profile form
A. Blah Blah Blah
2. Why MBA? A. Want to do business.......
3. Why IIMs/ Why not Private?
A. Because of the brand, and accreditation details.. fee, campus life etc...
4. Why want to do MBA after these many years of IT exp and Mech eng background
A. Told them that i had plans of doing MBA from the start and explained how my Mech eng and IT will help me in future after MBA
5. Where you want to see yourself after 5years
A. Told my business plan
6. Strengths and Weakness
A. hardwork, dedication, blah blah, weakness - how i can be more effective in utilizing free time..
7. Tell your Achievements, Challenges you faced in your job
8. If your company provides higher education policy and you get offer from top mba college from Singapore for 1year executive MBA and other option is PGP from one of the new IIMs, Which one will you choose?
A. Definitely new IIM, because few years of exp wont be enough to excel in business, where 2 years of PGP gives me more score and time for learning and for doing many live projects... so i will be benefited more if i take 2years PGP from new IIM than 1year exec. MBA from foreign college... 😉
9. Tell about your extra curricular achievements?
10. Which medium you use to get current affairs?
11. How many hours will you spend before news channels in TV
A. I said i dont watch any news channels, as i dont have much time to spend at home, most of the time i spend in office.
12. What news papers and magazine will you read. TOI, Hindu, India Today, The Economist.(There was a big exp in their face when i said The Economist 😲😲😲)
13. Do you really read The Economist? How good is your understanding in that magazine articles?
A. Told honestly that some articles i can understand but many are very difficult ......
14. What was the last weeks cover story?
A. Told.
15. What is the last page?
A. Told
16. What is the before last page?
A. Clean Bowled ... took some time and told Advertisements (Bingoooo!! 😴) (They seem impressed )
17. There is a big cricket match today, What is it and teams?
A. As my interview was around 9AM, couldnt cover the whole newspaper, but i remembered glimpses of some images, told them Women's world cup finals and teams
18. Which other matches are going on?
A. Stumped this time splat ... Sir, some test series is going on
19. Everyday some test series goes on ... which teams are playing?
A. Told 1 test match teams, and said dont rememeber others..
20. Old person: total 3 test series, dont you use any mobile Apps!!! 😲
A. yes sir, i use Apps, i told some names..
21. How many Apps does your phone have, how many news Apps you have, How many games Apps you have??
A. Told some answers as per my memory..
22. Final Question: If you get Admission into new IIMs, as they are new, what improvements and what changes, how can you make your mark there???
A. Toughest question!!! told them my plans in joining ---- club.. (not so good answer) 😠😠😠
My whole interview went for almost 1hr, and 70+ panel member was asking all questions with "WHY", other 60's guy asked "WHAT" and the other 40s guy asked about cricket and other psychological questions The whole experience was awesome, before interview i was tensed of how it will gooo, but after this experience i got lot of confidence that i will get through... And i did... Hope this helps..
All the Best guys...👍

Could any one tell me by what time afternun session at 2pm will be overe? venue is in bangalore.

This is for the freshers.

My interview was very short, of hardly 15mins as far as I can remember. My CAT details, Quants-89.2%ile, Verbal 93.4%ile and OA-89.86%ile. Acads, 10th-88.33%, +2-91.3%, Graduation(B.tech, ECE)-7.2 CGPA. Work ex-0 months 😃 , fresher.

The panel was of 3 members, all must be in their late 40's. One guy didn't talk at all. He was just observing me.

Q1. Why do you want to do an MBA?

A. Sir, until a couple of years ago, I didn't give much thought to my career. I took MPC in +1 and +2 because my friends were taking it and I took ECE for graduation because everybody is doing it. Only in my 2nd year of graduation I thought of my next step towards my career and an introspection into myself and my co-curricular and extra curricular activities told me that I'm more of a manager and less of an engineer. I always loved to supervise, organize, co-ordinate and conduct events from as far as I can remember. Even in my college I was one of the coordinators for our national tech fest for the last two years. So I wanted to hone my skills and become a good manager.

Q2. What do you do in your free time?

A. I play games on my PC a lot and I read fiction.

Q3. Do you play Counter Strike?

A. Yes, sir. That is the game we play the most.

Q4. What is the newest version of temple run?

A. Sir, temple run 2.

Q5. Do you follow news?

A. Yes sir. I have a news reader app on my PC and I go through it almost daily.

Q6. Did you see the union budget?

A. Yes sir.

Q7. Tell me two things you liked in the budget.

A. Sir I didn't like anything in the union budget. Infact I can tell you two things I didn't like.

Q8. Why didn't you like it?

A. Sir, the taxes have gone up on almost everything we need to buy. People are already struggling due to inflation and recession. This is only going to make their life difficult.

Q9. What do you know about the new taxation?

A. Sir, I don't know much about the mechanism and working of tax, but I know that from now on if I want to buy a mobile or a watch which is above Rs.2000, I have to pay 20% extra due to the increased tax. I am not a taxpayer but still I'm affected, so I can imagine what a tax payer must feel like.

Q10. Why don't you get a couple of years of work-ex before coming here?

A. (I was quite free with them and laughing with them by now because of the questions I was asked. Even the panel was quite friendly and made me feel at ease...) Sir, I got placed in ***** (Can't say the company name on a public forum guys!!). But if I gor for work, the first 6 months will be spent in training and for the next 6 months I'll be put on bench. I know this from my seniors who are also working there. If I decide to continue for another year, I might get one project and I hae to start preparing for CAT inbetween. Ofcourse it will help me but I will acquire more technical knowledge than managerial skills which I don't think is much important for me. So, I am coming for an MBA.

Then it was, Ok Gautam, nice speaking to you. Hope you make it to the IIMs.


In CAT form i filled the percentages(excluding the optional subject) but while considering all the subjects there is slight variance in Class X and XII percentages..Does this info needs to be communicated to individual iims or informing only iim trichy(co-ordinating IIM) will suffice?

Can you tell me the batch size of IIM-Raipur?

@IIMRaipur I have call from old IIMs and I have also been shorlisted for the New IIMs ,I have filled in the personal data form .. Do I need to fill form separately for IIM Raipur PGP.

I dint get any email notification regarding filling the form neither could find anything on the site


The Graduation percentage that i have mentioned in my CAT application form slightly varies with the percentage i have mentioned in my new IIM application form. The reason being, my university donot consider the marks of 2 subjects while awarding degree. I have mentioned the same in remarks column. In addition, should i send a mail communication to all the new IIMs ?

my cat score - 96.82 , gen catagory , x- 85% , xii -59% , b. tech - 72% , work ex of 4 yrs in a psu . what are my chances

1. New IIMs are doing gud in everything, they have international placements, student exchange programmes with many best colleges in the world, excellent faculty, (visiting faculty from old IIMs, corporates, researchers etc.. ), high packages in final placements...
2. 2013 stats shows IIM Ranchi - Avg 12.67 Lakhs,IIM Raipur - 12.03 Lakhs, IIM Rohtak - 9.03 Lakhs, IIM Trichy - 10.95 Lakhs, IIM Kozhikode - 12.31 Lakhs, IIM Indore - 12.1 Lakhs, IIM Shillong - 11.03 LakhsSource: www.mbauniverse.com/article/id/7385/IIM-Raipur-Admission-Criteria-2014...

Click on each institute criteria to see their details
3. IIM Raipur did 2 International conferences, 7+ international exchange college tie-ups, for other details - www.mbauniverse.com/search/search_results.php...
4. Article on last minute tips by 99.16 percentile student of IIM Raipur -


5. RBI governor Dr Raghuram Rajan speaks at IIM Raipur on future of Indian Economy


Can we get self attested photostat copies?


i hvnt filled online personal data form. wat shud i do.?

plzz rply asap...

WAT/PI experience:Fresher 10th- 91 12th- 86 UG- 78 Industrial Engg & Management NIT Kurukshetra

Date: 3/3/2014

Location: IIM Lucknow Noida Campus

Panel 5

Time 2 pm

WAT Topic: Is privacy really possible in this age of mass media? Is privacy really important? Does the rise in mass media mean decline in privacy.

Interview began at 4: 40, I was the second last person to be interviewed in my panel.

Panel: Mam & Sir in their 40's & 50's.

Sir : (after reading my form) You have written Aaghaz in your form. What is it?

Me: Sir it's an institute level society working for the betterment of the poor.

Sir: What does Aaghaz mean?

Me: It's a call for the youth to come join us in social welfare.

Sir: Explain your activities.

Me: told.

Sir: What have you done in EDC?(Entrepreneurship Development Cell)

Me: told.

Sir: You have won B-Plan competition in collage. Explain.

Me: (Described my B-Plan to them)

Mam: Tell us the relationship between social activities & businesses.

Me: Began to explain how Indian companies in 1970-80's had better focus on society while companies nowadays are more profit oriented, but they should also work in social sector.

Mam: Have you heard about CSR? Tell us about CSR activities being followed by companies.

Me: Told.

Mam: There is a firm which is performing bold CSR activity in agricultural sector. Which is it?

Me: I do not know mam.

Sir: Is it possible to unite people who are divided on the basis of religion, language & culture?

Me: Yes.

Mam: Can India, Pakistan, Nepal , Bangladesh & Bhutan be united?

Me: (tried to reason with them)

Sir: Give me an example of such a unification.

Me: (couldn't think of an example)

Sir: The European Union!

Mam: What's the condition in Europe?

Me: (Had a general discussion over Euro & PIIGS)

Mam: Do you have any question.

Me: No maam.

Experience: Panel 5 was cool. They listened a lot and did not convert the interview into a stress interview.

Best of luck to everyone for their interviews

Thanks a lot seniors for your support & guidance.

IIM Raipur releases PGP 2013-15 summer placement report.