[2014-2016] IIM Lucknow Queries

Welcome to IIM Lucknow… red building is waiting for u … stakes are high,… brace urself in the gruelling GDPI to place ur hands on the coveted IIM lucknow seat…Start posting ur queries on this thread… i will try my best to address t…

Welcome to IIM Lucknow... red building is waiting for u .... stakes are high,...... brace urself in the gruelling GDPI to place ur hands on the coveted IIM lucknow seat...

Start posting ur queries on this thread... i will try my best to address them

For all those who have got shortlists... this is what u have to do over the next couple of weeks....

1. Read the news paper daily... preferably economictimes and business standard(professors' news papers )

2.have opinion on the current affairs... as elections are approaching... u will definitely have questions on elections... have opinion abt who wud win this election and why?

3.Read abt the currency flutuations, Current account deficit,Raghuram Rajan etc......

Excellent sources for GDPI prep:

Hi my 10th-90.5%,12th -95.4,btech-71.5,cat QA/DI-97.5,VA-66.8,OA -90.6 PERCENTILE, 1n half yr experience and belongs to NC-OBC CATEGORY(MALE) ANY CHANCES OF GETTING CALL.

Any chances for ABM Call?

Overall - 98.52
Quants - 99.73
Verbal - 80.56
X- 81.6
XII - 81.4
Grad - 81.3

Hi Friends,

QA:95.59 VA:91.52 OA: 96.03 10th: 92.66% 12th: 92.66% 14 months work ex.
Any chances of a call fromm IIM Lucknow ..
Thanks in advance ...

HI I have 91.86 qa 96.86 VA 96.67 OA , PLUS 1 yr 7 months work ex plus post grad in economics 10th marks 86% 12 th 87% grad(eco) 77% , any chance of a call from IIM L ?




10th:79.4 12th:85.6

Grad(Engg.):8.2 GPA

any chances? pls tell

(General Category, Engineer , Male)

Overall 94.25 , Quants - 90.88 , Verbal - 92.99;

Grad: CGPA 81% ;

10th - 90.6%

12th - 91.6%;

Work Ex: 7 months.Any chance of IIMS ?

QA-97.61,VA-93.44,OA-97.81 10TH-86 12TH-81 B.E-64.3 19 months work-ex(Till jan 2014) any chances of L or other IIMs?

97.91(total), QA(89.8),VA(99.07), X- 86%, XII-77.5, BTech-74.5, work ex- 25 months, from which IIM's shud I expect calls? I have not recived calls from iim-a and iim-s, pls help


QA:95.59,VA:92.53,OA:96.36..10th-92.3,12th-97.9,btech-75.76...28mnths wrk ex,general,female..do i have any chance for L

QA: 96.85 , VA: 89.76, OA: 96.36, X-90.8, XII- 87.8, Btech- 79.10 Work Ex- 30 months. any chnce??? :(:(

oa 95.85.. qa 92.17.. va 94.27

nc obc
10 79%
12 78%
Btech 76%
3 yrs wrk ex.. any chance for me??

QADI - 97.23, VALR - 96.32, OA- 98.37. X and XII-85%. 3 years of work exp. General category. Any chance?

oa-97.91, qa-97.05, va-95.02 x-90, xii-85.6, grad-72.5, gen female...do i have a chance in any old or new iims..??

overall 98.29...



10th 87.8

12th 90.5

btech 8.6 IIT indore... working in since 8 months... what is the possibility and what are other iims possibilites

Quant: 92.76,Verbal: 89.76, Overall: 93.78
NC-OBC, Male
10th - 92.2
12th - 92.7
Btech - 67
Work ex - 30 months.
Any chances mate?

@yaminisandeep OA(98.80) QA(98.09), VA(96.6)....X-82.80 XII-87.80 B.Tech-91.00........any chance for IIM L and I....?

12th 78.6
B-tech 72.4(UPTU)
any chances???

i have scored 93 percentile in cat 2013......QA/DI 90.36%ile and VA/LR 91.75%ile....do i stand a chance in any of the IIM's ?