[2014-2016] IIM Lucknow Essay/GD/PI Experiences

Dear call getters Now that the interviews have started, kindly share your interview experiences in the following format: PROFILE:AcadsX %,Board, yearXII%, Board, yearUndergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), P…

Dear call getters

Now that the interviews have started, kindly share your interview experiences in the following format:



X %,Board, year

XII%, Board, year

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.


Sectors, Company - Number of months

CAT 2013:




(category if applicable)

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay


Date :

GD Topic :

Number of Ppl present


Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Rate your preparation(0-5):

Rate your performance(0-5):


Panel Members Intro:


Rate your preparation(0-5):

Rate your performance(0-5):


Any other relevant detail.




X %,Board, year : 93, CBSE, 2004

XII%, Board, year : 92.8, CBSE, 2006

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : NITK Surathkal, Mechanical, 6.47 πŸŽ‚

Work-Ex: 41 months in Sales

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 96.62

VA/LR: 99.84

Aggregate : 99.7

(category if applicable)

Extra acads : Decent

Any other special thing abt u: GEM πŸ˜›

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 17th Feb

GD Topic : The only golden rule is that there is no golden rule

Number of Ppl present : 7

Time: 9 am

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Finished essay in 10 mins. Discussed examples from sports, business and our life. GD was decent, could pitch in 5-6 times. Concluded.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4

Rate your performance(0-5): 4

PI: Last person in my panel

Panel Members Intro: Lady(L1), Gent(G1), Gent(G2)


G2 : So, what did you discuss with other aspirants?

G2 : Where are you working?

G2 : You worked for only 8 months in ur last company. Why?? ( Got a better offer as BDM )

G2 : Is designation that imp to you??

G3 & G2 : Basic mechanical engineering concepts like thermodynamics, design, refrigeration etc. (Could manage thermodynamic questions)

L1 : Which other calls?

L1 : Hobbies? (Reading and Cooking)

G2 : What do you cook? ( Homely bong food, non veg)

G2 : How to make rasgulla!!!! 😁 ( Sir, I don't know about that)

G2 : You are a bong, every bong likes that! ( Sir, I prefer gulab jamun 😁 )

G2 : How will you cook gulab jamun? (LOL)

More grilling on gulab jamun preparation πŸŽ‚

G3 : Tell me about Bishnupur (Told its a town close to Shantiniketan, Tagore...blah blah)

G3 : Why is it famous? Any temple? (No idea Sir, I'm brought up in Mysore 😁 )

G2 : Ohh! What is Mysore famous for?

G3 : Who were the rulers of Mysore?

L1 : Do you read recipe books?


Rate your preparation(0-5): 4

Rate your performance(0-5): 3

My interview lasted for only 15 mins. Started on a gud note, justifying that my interview is about me and not about others. So no need to discuss. Then few qns on work ex. Then started Torture 1 - Acads. Didn't answer first 2 questions. So they asked about favourite subject. Was able to tackle most Thermodynamics related qns. Then Torture 2 : Gulab Jamun prep mg. Was okayish in this (Be very thorough about your hobbies). Overall, we were smiling and talking for most part. Very very chilled out. But, I got a feeling that either they had made up their mind of selecting me or rejecting me, before the interview itself.

Possible negatives :

Couldn't lead the interview.

Couldn't answer all acads related questions.

Couldn't describe each and every minute detail of gulab jamun preparation. 😠

Verdict : Not so hopeful.

Please share your feedback.


X - 89.3%,TN,2005

XII - 95.3%,TN,2007

Undergrad - B.Tech, IT, 81.1%, 2011, CEG, Anna University

Work-Ex: IT, Accenture, 31

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 89.55 %

VA/LR: 93.44 %

Aggregate 93.54 %

(category if applicable) NC-OBC

Extra acads : Part of some college clubs & NSS

Any other special thing abt u: Nothing much

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 17-Feb-2014

GD Topic : Can one become successful without a college degree?

Number of Ppl present 10

Time: 2 PM

Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

First started with WAT for 15 mins. Started with intro and concluded well. Could produce some good points and quoted examples on both the cases. Then GD for 15 mins. Everyone got chance to contribute. GD was decent.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3


Panel Members Intro: 2 male professors (Panel 5) (I really scared of one professor's behaviour during essay and GD. But he is really cool in PI. One more professor is cool right from the beginning.)


Discussed on my name and my personal things for 5 mins. How much the bachelor needed to spend in Bangalore? What is an EMI? What factors determine EMI? What if duration of EMI is long? How the principal and interest are calculated in EMI? What are the different ineterest rates of different loans? Why the interest rates fluctates between loans? Who is the risk free customer for Banks to provide loans? What about unorganised financiers? What are their interest rates? Why people going to them to borrow money?

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 4

After the pathetic K interview this was like the cakewalk for me. Most of the above things they asked were experienced in my life. So I could answer all well. More than an interview we were like discussing things and how it influences middle class family and all. All 3 were laughing throughout the interview. Overall happy with this performance. Hoping this is like boost for my upcoming big guns A and B 😁😁

VERDICT: Hoping for the best πŸ‘πŸ‘



X %,Board, year : 93, CBSE, 2005

XII%, Board, year : 92.0, CBSE, 2007

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : B.Tech, IIT - 7.95 (2011)

Work-Ex: 30 months in Supply chain management

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 98.6

VA/LR: 96.8

Aggregate : 99.09

(category if applicable)

Extra acads: Pretty Good

Any other special thing abt u: GEM

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 17th Feb

Essay & GD Topic : Is college degree important today for success?

Number of Ppl present : 8

Time: 2 pm

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Wrote short and succinct essay. Didn't take a general stand, justified with examples and concluded. GD was good. No fish market. Had a healthy discussion. Chipped in 5-6 times and mentioned valid points.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 4

PI: 2nd person in my panel

Panel Members Intro: Lady(L1), Gent(G1) (Panel 4)


L1: Going through the profile. Tell me about yourself.

Me: Told in detail. They didn't stop me.

L1: So you were in a rock band. What do you do? Do you sing?

Me: I play drums and I sing also.

G1: So I was going through your sixth semester grade sheet. You have studied the subject Industrial management. Asked few questions about that topic.

Me: Couldn't answer any. I told I faintly remember what was taught bt just the names.

G1: But you have undergone this course for 45 hours. You must be remembering something. We will not ask you about ur eng subjects (why? :() only other courses :banghead:

Me: No sir I don't remember in detail just the names of the topics taught.

G1: Asked about other subject.

Me: Sir I don't remember this exactly but I have done higher level research in this topic. Published paper on this this β‚¬Εš.

G1: Do you have the paper with you?

Me: Sir I have not brought it although you can find it on google.

G1: Asked to explain algo of my paper and to compare with other algo. [he had knowledge about that] *surprised*

Me: Explained satisfactorily. (1st positive about the interview and long one also)

L1: What is fixed cost and variable cost?

Me: Told

L1: Is labor variable cost or fixed?

Me: Told fixed :banghead:

L1: But suppose blab la gave some funda

Me: I think it depends on the nature of industry or business also.

L1: no it won't be. Again some funda

Me: Okay I am confused but I am more inclined towards variable now. :banghead:

G1: Asked smthing related to work. 2-3 Q's

Me: Told nicely

L1: Okay last Q. You work in a PSU. Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma?

Me: Told a case elaborately related to my work (bribe) and told about moral values and ethics.

L1: So you mean to say your company is corruption free? How is that?

Me: Yes it almost is as compared to other PSU's. Told about proper documentation, ERP, Internal audits, External audits, purchase guidelines, vigilance guidelines, ethics trainings β‚¬Εš bla bla

G1: (interrupted) Ok Thank you

Me: Thank you sir, Thank you mam

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4

Rate your performance(0-5): 2

Interview lasted for only 11-12 mins. Prepared all the subjects from my branch except the electives and they only asked about that. That part was very bad.

Didn't ask much about my job, Why mba even though my profile is SCM already.

Many a times tried to lead the interview towards that but in vain.

Verdict: Awaited but not hopeful.

Guys please tell what are the chances?



X %,Board, year 90.4, STATE BOARD, 2006

XII%, Board, year 97.08, STATE BOARD, 2008

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.



Sectors, Company - Number of months


CAT 2013:



Aggregate 94.25

Category if applicable : NC OBC

Extra acads : won few technical events at both intra and inter college level

Any other special thing abt u: not really

Interview & Essay


Date : 18/2/14

WAT/GD Topic : Patent for new medications should not apply for less developed countries

Number of Ppl present 8/10

Time: 15 mins for WAT / 15 mins for Gd

Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Initially blank for few minutes,

then wrote about how less developed countries reverse engineer already patented medicines

lack of infrastructure and research facility

lack of credibility of scientists

WHO need to have a process in place before providing patent..........

same points told in GD

Rate your preparation(0-5): WAT/GD : 2/3

Rate your performance(0-5): WAT/GD : 2.5/3.5


Panel Members Intro: 2 profs both were cool and calm ( panel 5)


where are you from?

i said Tiruchirappalli , they were asking about the place and the name details

which college?

which branch?

Deloitte you are working at? something abt deloitte then

which software you use, i told teradata.

why dont u use excel ... i said advantages of teradata, processing speed and architecture

more on terdata and company

and what you do.....

any idea on business and economics??

shall i ask abt indian economy?

then array of questions GDP? inflation? GNP?

how inflation affects common man? what other factor along with gdp u need to calculate country economic growth?

grilled a lot on common man and inflation.... ( i tried to answer they were clearly not satisfied)

then shifted towards....why do you really want to pgp?

after that thanks...you may leave...

Rate your preparation(0-5):3

Rate your performance(0-5): may be close to 3....( not really sure)

VERDICT : fingers crossed (Indian economy went for a while not able to satisfy them on that, aprt from that all other went fine)

Any chances??? 😲



X %,Board, year - 92.6% CBSE, 2005

XII%, Board, year - 92.1% CBSE, 2007

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. - B.E Mechanical Engineering, 79%, 2011, SSN College of Engineering

Work-Ex: 31 months

Sectors, Company - Number of months: Automobile OEM - 31 months

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 81.77

VA/LR: 95.xx

Aggregate: 92.17

(category if applicable): NC - OBC

Extra acads : National Level Swimmer, State level medium distance athelete, College Place comm member and Syposium Event Coordinator...

Any other special thing abt u: Jack of all trades 🍻

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 17th February, 2014

GD Topic : Is a College Degree required for achieving success in life today?

Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 15 mins

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Started writing about how a degree helps building a foundation and also wrote about the exceptional cases where degree has not helped much. Wrote about the Indian scenario. Okayish essay overall.

GD went for a nose dive. As I did not have the opportunity to speak much. Thanks to one guardian angel sitting beside me who to gave me couple of chances to speak by interfering on by behalf. Was then able to come up with new points, but fluency and flow of thought took a big hit. I was just rambling at one point. But made some good contribution in terms of ideas.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5


Panel Members Intro: Both panel members were male . (P1) was looking serious and (P2) was chilled out.


P1: you should have spoken more during GD

me: Yes Sir! I had many ideas but an off day today.

P1: Were you happy with GD performance Today?

me: Overall an above average GD, but as a group we could have looked at the way forward too. (He kept nodding for it)

P1: Can you pick out some of the good performances in the GD?

me: Just managed to pick out 3-4 from the group who contributed well. Made it a point to name the guardian angel too. The prof smiled at this gesture. Wonder what he thought?

P1: What does your name mean and you think you are justifying it?

me: Was prepared for this question and tackled it with ease.

Meanwhile P2 was perusing my file all this time.

P2: Describe your role:

me: Safe question. Launched into well mugged Bakwas for the next min.

P2: You are a mech Engineer working in a Core job. I respect that. I am a Mechanical Engineer too.

me: Thank you sir!

P2: But now, you have applied for MBA. Like others you too will be attracted to marketing profiles and companies like HUL and P&G...;

me: I cut him off saying, I was not looking at a marketing profile. I wanted to continue and further my knowledge in Operations. I said I was looking at switching to SCM or a logistics role.

P2: He appeared quite happy at this. He said, "Well, My interview with you is done".

me: Appearing hopeful, mumbled Thanks

P1: Took over and asked me what my role at work was

me: Same bakwas again..

P1: Being in a manufacturing company, you must be dealing with labor Problems,

me: I launched into a patriotic speech lauding all our labor practices and included my bit in bonding with the guys. I spoke about how I took sessions for my team on Personality development and Income tax savers: 😠.

P1: He started asking now about income tax and tax laws.

me: Managed to some how wade through it. Inadvertently made them laugh in the process.

P1: Thank you. Do you have any questions for us?

me: Thought for a sec and asked some mundane question on Strategic Change Management. and left with Thanks

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5 (maybe)?

Any other relevant detail.

Time: One of the Shortest interviews in the batch at only 6-7 mins. That includes time of getting in and out. Could turn out both ways...


Not very hopeful due to the screwed up GD. If only had done that better. Interview was quite chilled out though. But missed on creating an impression.

One down . Looking forward to the next one. Peace out.. mg🍻

Quick question @ignicion2014 : I have a call for both PGP/PGP -ABM programs at IIM-L. Now, there was an email sent by Admission Committee, IIML, which asked whether and if we want to apply to ABM, if no- then reply back with a no. So in the hardcopy form which we need to fill and bring to GD/PI centre, should / can i leave the section 'E' as blank and empty?

My interview is tomorrow, will appreciate speedy response πŸ˜ƒ

if we have complete graduation we dont have to fill bachelor's degree year wise marks ???it says if incomplete so kinda confused

We would like to request you all to keep this thread for GD/PI experiences only. Use this thread for your queries:



Acads :

X %,Board, year : 90 + 2006

XII%, Board, year 90 + 2008

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : B.Tech, CSE , 8 ptr , NITW, 2012

Work-Ex: 19months

Sectors, Company - Number of months : Oracle

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 98.7

VA/LR: 92.9

Aggregate : 98.3

(category if applicable) General

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u: Nothing much except for few club certificates n school competition certis

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 18/02/2013

GD Topic : Patents on medicines should not be applicable to under developed countries

Number of Ppl present : 8 on 10


Brief Snapshot of the attempt: GD went decent , everyone got a chance to speak,no fish market scenario.. not many new points were made.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3


Panel Members Intro:


Rate your preparation(0-5): 2

Rate your performance(0-5): 4


Any other relevant detail. Almost all the questions were on Current Affairs - Telangana-AP ( My homestate ) , AAP , Arvind Kejriwal Resignation, Novels ( My hobby )


any handicapped profile plz....

Do we need to take a CV for the interview..? Can anyone kindly confirm this ?



X: 91.6%, MP Board, 2004

XII: 85.6%, MP Board, 2006

Undergrad: B. TECH in Electrical Engg., CPI 7.9, 2011, IIT Kanpur


Sectors, Company - Number of months: 31 Months, Sales and Marketing, Petroleum sector

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 99.86

VA/LR: 92.53

Aggregate: 99.61

(category) General

Extra acads : Not Much, Debates, Robotics, Some voluntary CSR work

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 17th Feb, Morning slot

Once we were in the allotted GD rooms, Personal data forms were being collected, along with that they also verifying our ID proofs and CAT Score cards. I had left a specific portion of the form blank, this was pointed out by the profs and they asked me to fill it up before coming to the interview 😠😠, I was also not able to find my CAT score card at the time (by mistake kept it in my carry bag) they asked me to produce it at the time of interview 😠😠😠, before the process they asked everyone to keep cell phones in power off or silent mode and said that the profs will take strong exception if the same was not followed

GD Topic : The only golden rule is that there are no golden rules

Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 15 Mins

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: I felt that I was able to write a well-structured essay, wrote about why we come up with golden rules, about personal rules and rules imposed on us by society, what will happen in their absence, how certain self-imposed rules can prevent us from getting better, how success can never be achieved with a predetermined set of rules, on the contrary about certain rules like hard work and dedication and discipline being universal, made a balanced conclusion, (But after the GD I felt that I could have done better, could have come up with many more perspectives to analyse the statement)

Rate your preparation (0-5): 2

Rate your performance (0-5): 3

Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 15 Mins

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: I felt quite confident after the GD, everybody got a chance to make their points, the good thing about abstract topics is that there will never be a situation where multiple people are speaking, also people will not feel very passionate about the topic and there will be a much greater degree of agreement in the group, I was able to pitch in almost on a continuous basis every 2 mins, there was one guy who did not get a chance to come into the discussion, in the end the profs asked him for his concluding remarks

Rate your preparation: 4

Rate your performance: 4


Panel Members Intro: 2 members, most probably professors, A very serious and senior prof and another cool and younger prof

A very friendly interview which lasted for only about 10 Mins, I guess they were simply trying to gauge what kind of a person I was, how articulate I was and whether I was able to clearly put across my points, there were no GK or current affairs related questions or grad questions 😲😁

The specific questions might really not help any of you, so I am just giving a general idea about the flow of questions. Started out with what is the nature of work that I do, our company's competition in the market, our market share in the sectors we operate in, what specific marketing roles have I done, apart from my regular work any other additional responsibilities I have undertaken, other IIM Calls, why didn't you get a call from IIMA and I, certain questions related to family. Then they said that they are done!!. I was surprised, so smiled and politely asked them if that is it.. they said €œyes that's it €?! I have the feeling that I managed the interview well without fumbling or getting nervous. 😁

Rate your preparation (0-5): 4

Rate your performance (0-5): Dont know what to make of the interview

Misc: After a very disappointing IIMK interview, I felt quite content with this one, I had tried to prepare everything under the sun after the IIMK experience but it didn't really matter. But I guess the prep will come in handy in next interviews! 😁 😁

VERDICT: Hope to get the prestigious IIML call, but I am slightly worried also, what if they had already made up their mind for rejecting me after they saw my carelessness! Or if something in my answers pissed them off! I feel the outcome can be dicey coz they didn't give me much time..!

Anyways, hope this post helps other puys. ATB to puys who have their interviews in the coming days!! πŸ˜ƒ




X 92.4%,CBSE, 2005

XII 94.6%, CBSE, 2007

Undergrad Stream :BE,EEE, Anna University , 74.1, 2011, SSN College of Engineering.


IT, 2 years

CAT 2013:



Aggregate : 99.81 NC-OBC

Extra acads : National sportsperson, Math teacher, NCC A certificate, National level skit competition winner etc.
Any other special thing abt u: I am Anand Ganapathy.

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 19.2.2014

GD Topic : Live debates are a waste of time.

Number of Ppl present: Around 9. One was sent off as he was late.

Time: 2 PM.

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: I took a stand favouring the topic and put forth my points. But others took a stand against it. It was a healthy discussion. Time limit was 13 mins.

Rate your preparation(0-5):3

Rate your performance(0-5):3


Panel Members Intro: 2 members (From Finance and Statistics)

Questions: The Panel members were very friendly and made me very comfortable. Questions were based on my workex, statistics, finance(as I had done few certifications), macroeconomics etc. They were also giving some gyaan on certain topics. The interaction revolved around what I had done predominantly in the past two years. No Grad questions, No GK questions, No Grilling. Very cool atmosphere.

Rate your preparation(0-5):3

Rate your performance(0-5):3


The interview revolved around my strengths.

Any other relevant detail. Puys, concentrate more on your work ex. Remember in the IIM L form, there are only two things specified. One your job responsibilities and the other your extracurriculurs. All the BestπŸ‘


If there were an interview which was ideal for me, it would have been this one.

How much time will it take for the whole process? I have my Gd/PI at 9:00am in the morning at Hyderabad, I have to reach Mumbai next day for IIT Bombay interview, so I need to catch a train on the same day and preferably at around 3 pm, so I want to know if process will complete in 5 hours(9:00am-2:00pm)?



X %,Board, 88.4%, 2004, CBSE

XII%, Board, 90%, 2006, CBSE

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc): Dual degree in Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology

Percentage: 7.84/10


Institute: IIT Delhi

Work-Ex: 31 months

Sectors- Consulting

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 99.9X

VA/LR: 98.xx

Aggregate: 99.67

Extra acads : Nothing much

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date :20/02/2014

GD Topic : More businessmens should join politics

Number of Ppl present: 9/10

Time:2 PM

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: 15 mins to write and 1.5* Number of students (13.5 in my case) for GD. Couldn't write a coherent essay. Wasn't able to provide a suitable ending either due to time restraint. Performed well in GD. Entered second and raised points such as running a political party is similar to running an organization. Business-men if they come to politics will reduce inefficiencies in our system etc. Example of Nandan Nilekani. Made 4 to 5 entries.

Rate your preparation(0-5):2.5

Rate your performance(0-5):3


Panel Members Intro: Two male professors (P1 and P2)


P1: Are you originally from Karnataka?

Me: No Sir, i am from Patiala, Punjab. Did my schooling there

P1: What does your parents do?


P1: How come this shift from Biotech to Consulting?

Me: Told them there are not much core biotech companies coming to college for placement. I was attracted by the consulting sector as it provides better growth opportunities

P2: Tell us something about the projects u have done.

Told about some of my projects for around 4 to 5 minutes. They seemed pretty interested

P2 started going into details of elective courses i have done in college. He was happy to find that i have done some economic courses and started asking questions on economics after that

P2: What is the Law of diminishing marginal utility?

Me: Didn't gave the definition. Explained with two examples such as a hike of 1 lakh doesn't mean much to somebody somebody earning 10 lacs as compared to somebody earning 2 lacs. Utility of the same increase in not that much. P2 didn't seem very happy. Then i gave an example on chocolates. If u are given a chocolate u will relish it the first time, but if u had 5 and given 1 more it doesn't seem that tasty. Now he seemed satisfied.

P2: Give me example of commodities for which marginal utility doesn't decreases.

Me: couldn't find one

P2: Tell me about supply and demand elasticity

Me: I said i know about supply and demand curve. But can't recollect what supply and demand elasticity mean.

P1 (jumps in): Give me example of commodities for which demand increases if we increase the price.

Me: Sir, basic necessities for which we don't have substitutes. For example, if u increase milk prices, its demand would not decrease but will keep on increasing as population increases. Whereas if u increase tea prices, some people will move to coffee and hence demand will decrease.(Don't know if i answered this properly or not)

P2: What are foreign exchange reserves?

Me: Dollars which RBI maintains. (Couldn't say more)

P2: How do dollars come into market?

Me: Import Export

P2: If rupee value decreases, who will gain?

Me: Exporters

P2: Who will loose?

Me: Importers.

P2: Example?

Me: Oil companies

P2: Which is the most imported item in India?

Me: Sir its either gold or oil

P2: Its Crude Oil

Me: Sir, i included gold because of some of the recent import restrictions.

P2: Which all other calls?

Me: Sir C only. A and B didn't shortlisted me. There is a clash of K with C. Same time same date.

P1, P2: You haven't asked them for change?

Me: Yes sir. I have emailed and called as well. But they said no empty slot is available.

P2: They have to interview 4000 students, they must be running tight. Ask for a venue change to bombay or something.

Me: Sure sir. I will do that.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3


Any other relevant detail: Panel was pretty chilled out. After going through IIML website, i found that both of the professors were from Finance (explains why they grilled me so much on economics). They didn't try to stress me out. Interview lasted for around 15 minutes.

VERDICT: Converted πŸ˜ƒ


Acads : X - 83% CBSE Board, 2005 - year

XII - 71 %, CBSE Board, 2007 - year

Undergrad Stream- B.TECH, Specialization - EEE , Percentage 73 , 2012 - Year, IIT.

Work-Ex: 18 Months

Sectors, Company - IT

CAT 2013:

QA/DI: 96

VA/LR: 94

Aggregate - 98

(category if applicable): NC-OBC

Interview & Essay :

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 17/2/2014

GD and Essay Topic : The only Golden rule is that there are no Golden rules.

Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 15(WAT)+12(GD) Min

Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Gave good examples of innovative companies, about situations, Every lock has different key to unlock it,.... blahblah.. Spoke for 3-4 min and encouraged others to speak by looking into their eyes.

Was very healthy discussion. No fish marketing.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3


Panel Members Intro:2 (One around 50 and other was around 40's)

Tell us about your educations😁 .... I did .. blah blah 😁

Why MBA ? ... Told about entrepreneurship and how it will come from MBA. Gave examples of Kunal Bahl of Snapdeal and LensKart founder.

Hobbies : YogaNidra.. What is that? I taught them how to do it. Young interviewer .. very interesting😁😁.

Interests... Told them

Which would be your major if you are selected ? Sir, at present I don't know. But I got 2 offers from IIML(PGPM+ABM). I see a lot opportunities in PGPM and ABM also.

What opportunities in ABM. I told them. They asked, What are the problems in your village regarding agriculture?... I told many... lookround

Who is the Water man of Rajasthan? .. Discussed about Rajendra Singh.. One person was very happy.

Anti incumbency in Rajasthan and Karnataka why ? .. Told about the work done by Shm. Vasundhra Raje, Sh. Ashok Gehlot and Sh. Yeddyurappa.

Which political party is good and why, What about AAP? ...I told my opinion

Corruption agendas.: Told about Professional and unprofessional corruptions.

Give example of professional corruption: Give wrong one 😟. Interviewer said ... this is wrong one.

Tell us about your family... Told

How do you relieve stress ? .. told them

There were some more Q's but unable to remember.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3

Any other relevant detail. No toffee , was very cool, No nervousness.



1 Girl from Christ college before interview .. Very calm and beautiful. I told her ki" You will be surely in IIML". She 😁😁😁

After interview: Wasn't in good mood. Interviewer told her that she was very young for MBA so took less than 5 min for her interview.
I felt unhappy for her. rolleyes

Anybody with only ABM call... How was your experience?