[2014-2016] IIM Indore WAT/PI Experiences

Dear call gettersNow that the interviews have started, kindly share your interview experiences in the following format:PROFILE:AcadsX %,Board, yearXII%, Board, yearUndergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage,…

Dear call getters

Now that the interviews have started, kindly share your interview experiences in the following format:



X %,Board, year

XII%, Board, year

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.


Sectors, Company - Number of months

CAT 2013:




(category if applicable)

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay


Date :

GD Topic :

Number of Ppl present


Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Rate your preparation(0-5):

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Panel Members Intro:


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Any other relevant detail.


Interview & Essay

Venue: The Orchid Hotel (Mumbai)

Date : 01 April 2014

WAT Topic : Nuclear Power is unsafe or safe? Give ur views

Number of Ppl present : 18

Time: 8:30 am

Brief Snapshot of the attempt:


Panel Members Intro: 3 members in a panel, One mam and two sirs

Questions: It was a very smooth interview.

1st question was to tell about urself

then 2nd question regarding my work domain on 2G roaming

Then they asked my likes and dislikes

then they asked what i read books, newspaper etc.

then on cricket

then on politics

then they said all the best.. :)

Any other relevant detail- just be cool, confident and chill.... πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜›

25th April in delhi....anyone who got delhi centre???

Guys please pour in with your interview experiences!!

Hi PUYS and seniors, need a help. In the personal data form they are asking about class 11 marks. Now I have class 10, 12 and graduation marks sheet but I do not have class 11 mark sheet. Is it necessary to give class 10 marks.

No more experiences????

Date - April 4, 2014

Venue - Mumbai, Hotel Orchid (Damn nice place, but don't expect free meals)

Slot - Forenoon

My background - BE (Mechanical) with 21 months work-ex as a Quality Engineer in John Deere, Pune.

Round 1 - Documents' verification. (I carried attested copies).

Round 2 - WAT - To protect wild life, an idea to relocate traditional forest dwellers out of wild sanctuaries is being considered. With it or against it?

*absolutely baffled*

Round 3 - Interview (After about 3 hours of waiting and plenty of anxiety-induced bio-breaks):

3 panelists - P1, P2, P3 (Taking turns at interviewing me)


I see you are a Quality Engineer. Do you know the Quality characteristics?What is FMEA? (And some more related questions)What are Run charts?What are control charts?What are different types of control charts and where do you use which?When do you say a process is out of control?How is a specification limit different from a control limit?What is a process capability ratio? Difference between Cp and Cpk?OK I am done.


You studied Operations Research during BE. What do you know about it?What were the different topics covered?What is Linear Programming?How do you frame and interpret a Linear Programming problem (LPP)?Is LPP a variable based method or integer based? What are the differences?Why are there inequalities in the constraints of an LPP?Do you know about the history of Linear programming? Who devised it?OK I am done.


Questions related to John Deere, its products, size, market share, competitors, challenges, Deere Enterprise.Questions related to Automobile sector in India, top players, etc.OK I am done.

That's it! 10 minutes is all it lasted, while it ran for about 30 mins on average for others. I really don't know what to make of it.

Notable omissions from the interview-

Tell me about yourself (:D) Why MBA? Current affairs. History & Civics. Hobbies, other interests. Strengths & Weaknesses.

My penny of advice - Your interview questions totally depend on what kind of a panel you get. There is a myriad of topics that you can be quizzed upon. A few "I don't knows" really don't harm.

Good luck!

This is for those who are still confused about the attestation on the certificates. I called up the admissions office. They said if you are getting your originals, then self attested xerox copies are fine for submission. It is just for verification.

I'm guessing you need a gazetted officer's sign only if, for some reason, you cannot take your originals to the interview.

Hope that clears it.

Anyone 29th april in chennai ??

Date - April 8, 2014

Venue - Kolkata, Hotel Taj Bengal

Slot - Afternoon

My background - BE (Metallurgical and Materials) with 14 months work-ex as a Manager - Sales & Mktng (resigned)

WAT - unusual (generic) topic - "Bullying is a serious concern in our schools and abroad. Yet it id not taken seriously enough. What are your views on it?"

PI - 3 panelists (P1, P2 , P3)

Unfortunately out of the 4 panels, my panel was the one where most of the grilling was taking place.

(Within the 5 minutes from your previous candidate leaving, be prepared that they have gone through your Interview Form thoroughly.)

Just as I sat down, P2 - What is m-Seal?

How does it work?

Does it work on plastic, steel etc?

Have you used/seen it ever? (No)

Then, some you-either-know-it-or-you-don't metallurgy questions?

Probably they were convinced I had no interest in metallurgy at all!

P1/P3 - You've written "you want to identify the entrepreneur in you". Very high-sounding. Have you written it by yourself or borrowed it from somewhere?

What will you do if you don't get through?

Then blah-blah-blah about my future choices/course of action. Basically no current affairs or hobbies/interests.

I lost track of time. But probably went on for about 20 mins. No optimism at all regarding any chances of a convert.

Interview detailsSlot: 9th april morning kolkataProfile : Fresher B.tech electronics and instrumentationWAT :What kind of ecofriendly measures we can take to protect the environment

INTERVIEW3 palenists.2 profs and 1 person from industryQ.Tell me about yourselfQ.Asked about NGO I worked inQ Asked about extracurriculars.How are they befitting you.Told about working in teams,learning new stuff and bla bla....Q.What is your favourite subject?more questions on that.Answered almost all except one or two...Q Tell me about tour project.Why are you not doing anything new....Told our college gives projects from a list same stuff repeatedQ What project would you have worked on in given chance?Told i wanted to work on sensors...Q Tell me what other calls you have?how will you select an insti if you convert all?Told about Brand of insti,alumni,teachers and placementsQ how do you judge placements?Told about companies and profiles...Q no tell me about packages,which is a better measure mean,median,mode...more questions on that..(goofed up little )Q Asked me 3 points thet i would portray Modi if i were campign manager(with facts...as i had debating background)Told about corruption free govt,industry friendly image and strong decisive leaderQ lots of GK questions....what is micro finance?..tell me some indian noble laureates.....bharat ratna...chandra sekhar limit...CNR rao...Answered almost everything Q what do you do in sparetime...hobbies....what movies you watch..who is fav actorTold naseeeruddin shah,fav movie janne bhi do yaarQ Is the movie a comedy or satire...a discussion on comedy,satire and differences...Q last question draw a venn diagram representing comedy,satire....whuch is which..Drew the diagram...he was satisfied Ok you can leave....

overall 25 minutes approx...panell chilled out,not grilling too muchBest of luck to other friends..what do you people think?.keeping fingers crossed

How come nobody from Bangalore is posting interview experience?

Any interview experience today in Chennai? Can u please share 😁

Interview slot: Bangalore 8th april afternoon slot

Profile: Fresher B.E civil engineering (SJCE)

Xth: 92.16 (karnataka board)

XIIth: 81.16 (karnataka board)

Grad: BE Civil Engi 75% (2013 passed out)

work ex: nil

Cat: 85.18 percentile

QA: 70.77

VA: 90.95

Category: SC

Extra corricular: NTSE scholarship awardee both state and national level

WAT: bullying is s serious concern in the schools of India and as well as in the world.what is your views on it?

Interview panel 3: 2 young professors (P1 and P2) and one old (O1)

words in the bracket is my response to that question.

O1: so u watch cricket , what is reverse swing (idk), carrom ball (idk),how outward swing will be bowled(told)

P1: name any 4 batsmen who had hit six sixes in a over(told), asked about my acads (could answer only a few )

I written in the form that i watch F1 race

P3: regarding to the pit stop in f1 race which medical operation is compared to that (guessed and it was correct) ,how do the formula one teams get money (told), question on mclaren mercedes tie-ups (coulnt told on this), Gnanapeet awards karnataka poets name (told ) and thieir works(no) and many more...(coulnt able to recall the questions)

overall 20-25 mins of grilling😠

WAT: preparation: 3/5

performance : 2.5/5

Interview: performance : 1.5-2/5 😠

Dont know whether i was the only one grilled like this or anyone who has experienced:

verdict: Dilemma

Friends light me up..how did i do?

X%-92.6 CBSE
XII%-95.2% Karnataka
Undergraduate-B.Tech ECE NIT-K Surathkal
Venue:Monarch Luxor Bangalore,Forenoon,10-4-2014

WAT:Whistle blowers raises voice against corruption and due to many reasons their voices are silenced.What is the role of a whistle blower in your view? Would you try to protect the whistle blower or not.

Interview Questions: 35 mins.

1.What all have you been doing these days ? What are the hurdles you faced in your college club and how did you overcome it.

2.Describe in detail how a cell phone works and how do you connect to a call.Complete technical description.You have to mention everything in detail including the frequencies used for gsm,cdma. What are uplink and downlink frequencies and mention their figures.

3.What are VLR's and HLR's in this scenario?Can you draw the GSM Model.How is GSM/CDMA helpful?

4.What is TDMA,CDMA,FDMA?Please explain in layman terms drawing a figure.What are the time slots and how it is prioritized.Which country has highest GSM and CDMA Users?

5.Narayan Murthy's son rohan Murphy has developed algorithm for spectral optimum use?how do you think algorithm works?What is the paper's name?what would be its impact?

6.Linking to previous? what are telecom auctions and how do you think rohan's paper would solve the problem for 2g auction recently happened?How much did auction net?

7.What do you know about aadhar project?give me complete technical details on how the whole system/infrastructure is built?Has any aadhar authentication been made till now?if so,can u brief me through process as what happens at back end when you try to authenticate?

8.How high MH370 was flying?In what circumstances and how would you had communicated with the ground to say there was an emergency?

9.Name three consumer electronics company in Indian market and give details. Market Share,Penetration,Revenue.What is market penetration and how it is measured.

10.Where are loksabha elections happening today and for how many seats?

11.Which country has highest watsapp users?

It was a blast but could answer 50%. 😟

B.Tech., Exp. - 15 months

Venue : Monarch Luxor, Bangalore, Forenoon, 08-04-2014

WAT : Animals are used in research for Drugs development. Some people think

it's an act of inhumanity. What's your stand?
30 min.s were given to write 300 words essay. Time was more than sufficient.
Document verification : you will be asked to give 5 best extra-curricular

certi with xerox.. other documents are mentioned in the mail.

Interview (Panel 3):

P1: Tell us about your job responsibilties ?
Ans: hardware design engineer, told about different roles in diff projects.

P1: Based on which parameters, you select the electronic components? Any industry standards u follow?
A: answered.

P1: Asked about Testing of electronic circuits, as i mentioned it as my

role in one of the projects.
Which parts you tested??? What was the tolerance of the circuit?? What was

the voltage rating??? +- what value??? If i will give 6.5 voltage which is

max acceptable voltage, will it affect the life of the circuit??

P1: Ok last question from your job profile- which instruments you used for

testing purpose.


P2: Tell us some points you found good in BJP manifesto.
Ans: Told about FDI.

P2: Ok. WHat is FDI? Is FDI allowed in Gujarat?
ANs: Told about FDI...(about Gujarat) I am not sure sir.

P2: Why Arvind kejriwal should not be PM? Why Rahul Gandhi should be PM??
Ans: Told about AK... I don't support Rahul Gandhi for PM sir.

P2: But then also you will have to tell us two points. From which loksabha seat he is fighting??? Who are the other people fighting from the same seat??

P3: Can booting time of a PC be reduced to 0??? Told but couldn't convince.

P2: What are the differences between Laptop and Desktop?? I told about size, and about the difference in structure...They said these days we have desktops also with laptop size and we can place them on Lap. SO tell us another difference. I tried to convince them but they were not looking convinced till last.

p3: Tell us any 3 laws from physics and their practical applications.
Told newtons law... he said apart from Newton's law... Then i said coulomb's law.. told about practical applications. but this time also couldn't convince them... Then they asked about Newton's laws.. I told..

This was my interview. May be i missed out some points. But it will be enough to give you people a brief idea.


X %,Board, year :91.2

XII%, Board, year:90.5

Undergrad Stream:B.E ,82.3% (E &C;)

Work-Ex: 7months

CAT 2013:86.95

(category if applicable) :NCOBC

Extra acads : Rajyapuraskar in scouts , and sports related.

Interview & Essay

Venue: Banglore

Date :10 april

GD Topic :These days parents are busy in earning daily needs for long hours . Do they lack responsibility of parenting?

Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Rate your preparation(0-5):2

Rate your performance(0-5):4


Questions:What is dynamic gear ? what is handoff ? Range of mobile tower? CM of MP , CM of Bihar? Semiconductors ? Types ? Explain doping ? nmos ? Height of MT everest ? GDP ?personalities of karnataka?

Rate your preparation(0-5):3

Rate your performance(0-5):2

B.E in Electronics and Communications. (2012)

Work-Ex:21 months

Working as a Software Developer in Identity and Access Management domain.

Interview & Essay

Venue:Hotel Monarch Luxur,Bangalore

Date :10 April

WAT Topic : There is a view that increased stress due to long working hours of parents to meet the needs has resulted in neglecting their parenting responsibilities.What are your views??

Rate your performance(0-5):2


Panel Members Intro:PI(Mainly interested in my work related stuff.)

P2(Concentrated only on my graduation subjects)

P3(Was only observing all the while.Not many questions asked)

P1:So you work in XXXXXX company.What do u basically do?What are your job responsibilities and your role?

P1:Please explain what your product basically does?Then there were questions asked based on the replies i gave?

(My product basically deals with managing identities of users.There we lot of questions posed regarding the use of biometrics in identifying.)

P1:How does the authentication usually happens in case of fingerprint analysis.

(Then focus shifted to Aadhar project..)
P1:Having worked in similar domain,Do you think the project is technically feasible?

P1:The challenges that one might face while implementing my product in managing such massive database.

P2:Why is there need for so many different numbers to track identity.Why not have single unique id for all purposes.

P1: What sort of companies use your product.(Basically the customers info)

(All this while it was about my work related queries being asked.Next the focus shifted to graduation subjects.)

P2:Have you come across Microwave communication?

P2:Why is it not extensively used in communication?

P3:Why microwave food is not good for health?

(This is where i was completely lost.Couldn't answer most of the questions.Sensing this interviewer asked for my favorite subjects)

(Digital communication and DSP i said.)

P2:What is modulation?

P2:What is sampling?State the sampling theorem?

P2:Questions related to cutt-off frequency? 3db attenuation related stuff?

(managed to answer all these questions)

P2:What did you learn in project management and Operations research?

P2:Expand PERT and CPM?

(Sensing that i had studied Kannada in my 10 and 12.Focus shifted on to that.)

P1:So are u in touch with language now? (said yes)

P1:Recently there was controversy regarding UR Ananthmurthy and Girish Karnad(well renowned kannada writers)? what was it about?

(Kind of expecting this question.People from Karnataka should be aware of this.Also there was an article in todays newspaper regarding this issue.)

P1:Why are they famous?(Both have won Jnanapith Awards.knew this).Questions followed on the work they have done.

That's it.Done with the interview.Hoping for the best..

Rate your performance(0-5):3

interviews dates for hyderabad venue call getters???