[2014-16] WAT GD PI Helpline: Win last lap to enter Dream B-Schools with visionIIM-ACL

Dear all, I am back again this year with the Official GDPI Helpline. We all know that the ‘Battle’ is over but the ‘WAR’ to enter dream B-Schools is still on. And, this is the right time to ask all your ‘last lap’ questions to people …

Dear all,

I am back again this year with the Official GDPI Helpline.

We all know that the 'Battle' is over but the 'WAR' to enter dream B-Schools is still on. And, this is the right time to ask all your 'last lap' questions to people who have been there, done that and wish to share their experience and time with you.

On this thread, you can ask about...-

- How to start preparing for WAT/ GD / PI

- Customizing WAT GD PI preparation for different B-Schools

- How to be prepared about out of the box questions in interviews

- Tips for group tasks/ case discussions

- Customized WAT tips as per your performance in the discussions here

- Customized PI tips as per your background

If you have any questions related to above apprehensions or any other query, post them here and get them answered.

As we move ahead, will keep sharing the details of other features of this helpline, to help you prepare better.

So, let's conquer this phase together and convert the calls.

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Let us begin with practicing WAT first - crucial part of admission process of many reputed B-Schools.

WAT Topic #1 : Food Security: Demand of time or a political gimmick

Window Open NOW.

Window closes at 6 PM today.

Word limit: 300 words.

Feedback will be given to all before 3 AM on WAT, while GD will begin at 6 PM on the topic, but till 6 PM only WAT.


Check out the pointers to write an impressive SOP for B-Schools - Article by yours truly.

Guys, I wrote an essay on:
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Please provide any feedback/input and any other perspective of yours on the topic.

(Word Count = 475)

This age old proverb finds meaning and application in the contemporary society just as well as it did in the ancient times. Its interpretation can be both macroscopic and microscopic: from a country's welfare programs to its spending in infrastructure and education, from an educator's perspective to a nation's foreign aid spending.

The National Food Security Act, 2013 has revived the debate of subsidies versus empowerment of people through overall growth. Providing subsidies to the poor will provide them a temporary relief. But in the long run, adequate education and infrastructure facilities would be needed to make them self-dependent. While subsidies are needed in short-term, what is worrisome is the dismal spending on education in India. UNESCO, in 2007, noted that at $400, India had the lowest public expenditure on higher education per student among developing and developed countries. We need to empower the masses instead of spoon-feeding them for eternity.

A similar pitch has been made against reservation. Caste-based quota are unique to India, and many argue that the poor and backward sections of society should be empowered at the primary and secondary education level instead of 'ensuring' seats for them in colleges. But, the sad reality is that universal primary education and inclusive education in India is a lost cause. Teach For India reports that 4% of our children in India never start school, 58% don't complete primary schools, and 90% don't complete school. With increasing population this problem would only exacerbate unless the stakeholders intervene and restructure the system.

On another note, foreign aid to a country should cater not just to the welfare programs but to infrastructure projects as well. Both the receiver and sender of aids should envision long-term objectives such as investment in education, training and development of citizens and aim to lower the country's dependence on foreign fund. Similarly, a country should be able to produce basic and necessary goods by itself and not rely too much on the imports.

On a microscopic level, each educator should strive to develop analytical abilities of his students rather than giving them answers or just making them learn methodologies. Here too, the objective should be to empower the students and make them self-dependent.

Spoon-feeding can never be a permanent solution. Mr. Swaminathan Aiyar of Swaminomics argue that overall growth can bring about a change in the lives of many. He calculates and infers that if the reforms of the 1980s and 1991 were brought forth a decade ago in '71, 14.5 million infants would have been saved from death, India would have achieved almost 100% literacy by 2007 and 109 million people would have been brought above the poverty line by 2007-08. We have to work with a long-term objective in mind and ensure growth and human development for all, if we are to be a self-dependent country in the future.

Hola Puys -

Post your WHY MBA answers in the comments here and get the feedback from yours truly! 😃


Word limit: 300 words

Hola Puys -

Post your LONG TERM AND SHORT TERM CAREER GOALS answers in the comments here and get the feedback from yours truly!


Word limit: 300 words

Why MBA??

After working for more than 4 years in power sector following a degree in power engineering I learned a lot about technical aspects of the industry. In the long run, I aspire to be an entrepreneur in power sector running my own set up. As of Now, I wish to take my career to the next level while remaining in the same sector and work at managerial position where I would be in a good position to take independent decisions. My prior technical experience coupled with managerial experience will provide me an excellent opportunity to learn and equip me well to be a successful entrepreneur. In order to reach upper/middle management level from my present level I need to develop managerial/leadership skills and polish the ones which I already possess. Hence, I decided to go for a professional management education program which will enable me to achieve my short term and eventually long term career goals.

Your precious feedback puys??
@visionIIM-ACL Hi will you suggest if my answer to why MBA is appropriate?

Be it at Wellknown Trading, the small trading business of my dad or at Gister Pages where we pursued projects for clients sitting all over the globe, i learnt the key success parameter was trust of our customers and clients. I did believe building this trust was all an art until my brother convinced me that there was a science behind it. I believe my pursuit towards this continued excellence would need me to understand the science behind the art of management. Though we both are convinced are that this science will not assure complete success, this science would surely help us understand where we went wrong in case of failures.

as a fresher from ECE stream , i want to enhance my technical knowledge with managerial skills. Having organised the event exhivision in college , i gained experience in planning and organising and hope to work in an organisation using these skills .MBA will help me hone and refine these skills and identify new ones. it will also help in my goal towards leadership in a company in a short span of time.

feedbk plz 😃

Hi, I am a passout from the year 2013 in Elec. and comm. and have been preparing for IES this year. I did not go for the job. I gave CAT too. Is not having working experience a great deal for an MBA programme.

BE grad, 2 years experience in IT, 1 year in an NGO.

My fascination with business, direct interaction with clients and prospects/donors to identify and solve their requirement has motivated me to move to business positions. My current position as a volunteer coordinator of ****, requires me to strategically plan and implement sponsorship drives across companies. As more sponsorship funds means more beneficiaries, this requires me to look for innovative methods to attract potential donors. While today I use intuition and experience to guide my activity, I plan to strengthen my skills by learning formal methodologies at a b-school.

Solving business case studies will give me a chance to think through a wide range of business problems in a wide range of industries. This way I'll gain skills needed to perform a variety of specific job functions and expand my career options.

My long term career goal is attain Senior Executive position of an organization where I can take high-level business decisions. An MBA from a reputable B-School will give me a career edge and a sense of validation and self-confidence to become a good business leader.

Feedback Please !!! 😃 @visionIIM-ACL @Rahul-Srivastava

B.Tech. grad,13 mnths exp in production/mfg.

After completing Mechanical Engineering from SVNIT Surat I worked in XXX organization . My core activities encompasses PPC,SQDCM Control, maintaining documents and following procedure related to ISO/TS 16949:2009 and setup of XXX Project NGC. I have developed an avid interest in operation management after working in these areas. I felt it is ideal time to move from shop floor to class room to acquire the necessary skill sets which will enhance my managerial skills and management knowledge. MBA course will provide me breadth and depth of management tools of management and then give me suitable platform for advancement of management knowledge to complex situation. Learning in disciplined fashion with future leaders will instill confidence in me and help me achieve goal of working as operation manager in manufacturing firm.

Feedback Please !!!

Hi I have just joined Pagalguy...i have got a call from IIM-B. I want to know what are the essay topics being given this year....and any other info helpful
(interview experience)..???? Please help... 😃

hi, i have an interview on 25th feb for 6 new iims...i am a final year student of b.pharmacy all my certificates are with my college...are their attested photo copies not enough?? pls help me...

My profile

X - 87.0
XII - 87.2
B.Tech (CS) - 69.02 😠😠
3 years workex in TCS
CAT'13 - OA 99.52 QA 98.82 VA 98.51
I have two dream calls as of now - IIT-B and NITIE..
Seniors pls guide on how to prepare for GD/PI..
Does NITIE have topic based GDs ?
Also what is the nature of PI at these two colleges..

Hi Puys,

How's the following answer for Why MBA question. Also let me know what questions can be shot back at this? This is just the first draft. I'd more than appreciate a critical feedback.

I joined XXX organization as an Associate IT Consultant. I started with preparing technical solutions for the client. But soon moved to the Consultant role where we used this technical knowledge to provide strategic planning & consultance to clients regarding the best possible solution for their IT needs. As part of my responsibilities I have gperformed many activities like: Giving demos to prospective clients, Trying to sell our product and Engaging in other pre-sales activities as well. And it was during this phase that I developed a keen interest in business and realized about the goodies that an MBA can bring me. And having around two years of technical experience I believe it's the right time to take steps towards higher roles. As a short term goal I would like to be in a position which can actually create an impact on the business. And in the long run I plan to be an entrepreneur.

How to prepare for Vocab????

What should be covered in 'Tell me something about yourself' especially when youre a fresher because then you dont really have much to say.

Can anyone please suggest me how is SOIL..Is it worth investing?