[2014-16] NITIE GD-PI Shortlist and Related Discussions

Hi All, Congratulations to all those who have got the calls. *You can download the shortlist from this link:*http://www.nitie.edu/IMISM_GDPI_260214.pdf Please post your CAT scores in the following format. Course : CA…

Hi All,

Congratulations to all those who have got the calls.

You can download the shortlist from this link:


Please post your CAT scores in the following format.

Course :
CAT Percentile :
Section 1 Percentile :
Section 2 Percentile :

You have just cleared a big hurdle in your B-school admissions process. Now the next big obstacle to overcome is GD-PI. The process starts on the 31st of March, so you have barely a month to prepare !! So we suggest that you pull up your socks and get to work !! Rest assured that we will be with you, guiding and helping you all the way up to your interview date.

You can connect with us here as well as on the Facebook group for 2014-16 call-getters:



You will receive a mail from NITIE within 2-3 working days with further instructions.

Please tag @sim-ba , @MonkeyBusiness or @swagat.sid while posting any query on this forum, so that it will be easier for us to track the queries and provide quick reply.

Few questions you might have at this point :

1. What are the cutoffs?
Sorry, but we haven't received any official word from the authorities. This is revealed only as a mandatory disclosure later, on NITIE's website.

2. Rescheduling of dates : Authorities are still in discussions as to the conditions under which rescheduling requests can be considered. Genuine cases i.e clashes with the processes of other b-schools may be taken into consideration. We will provide details on this within few days.

3. How to get to NITIE and can you stay here?
We will be giving you guidelines on how to reach campus through email. You may avail for accommodation here in campus on the night before your call date. The procedure for this will be told to you soon.

List of documents (and answers of queries pertaining to them) you need to bring with you during GD-PI process: (Original and One set of photocopy)

1. Duly signed application form ( Login here to print it : http://www.nitie.edu/applyonline_im_isem_itm/index.php) - (Extra tip : If it getting cut during printing then print in landscape mode).

2. Bank Challan (in original) or Transaction Id (for I-collect) receipt whichever is applicable (Candidate's Copy) (Extra tip : If you have lost the i-Collect receipt, you can again download it from transaction history, if you have lost the Bank Challan , you can get a duplicate issued from the branch where you made the payment by paying around Rs. 150)

3. Caste Certificate in case of SC/ST candidate/latest OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate in case of OBC-NCL Candidates (Extra Tip : The certificate should have been issued within last one year)

4. Physical Disability Certificate (If Applicable)

5. CGPA conversion formula of the University/Institute (Extra Tip : If your university don't have conversion formula then get a proof of it written from University/College authorities)

6. Experience Certificate (if applicable) (Extra Tip : Joining letter , and last salary slip will do for GD-PI, but you will need experience certificate while taking admission)

7. Original Certificates of qualification and marksheets (from Xth onwards) - This includes all the semesters of B.Tech, you need to bring all the marksheets. (Extra Tip : Provisional degree will do for 2013 passouts, but you will be needed to sign an undertaking that you will bring final degree while taking admission.

8. CAT Score card

9. Equivalence certificate from Association of Indian Universities for candidate with foreign universities' degrees (if applicable)

P.S: Bring some passport size photographs along with you, sometimes they are needed.

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All the best and may the force be with you.

Team Impact,

Shortlisted guys from Chennai .... can join here... !!!!!:)

Does NITIE provide accommodation during the GD/PI process? @sim-ba

in :) @sim-ba will we get our gd/pi details in the account? Or the above PDF screen shot will suffice? 😃

cutoffs kitna gaya isbar??sectionals any idea?

@sim-ba : IM, oa: 96.36, quant: 97, va : 89.8

What is the criteria of selection further? Please let me know the weight-age on each criterion. Thanks in advance.

Hi ...got in ....but there is a small problem for me..... when i applied in online portal, they asked me to enter the semester-wise percentage/cgpa....i entered the cgpa out of 10 for each semester.....when i clicked "compute".....the over all percentage had been taken as 79.4 ( i think they simply calculated the average) .....actually the method to calculate overall cgpa is to consider all the papers (in 8 semesters) and not by finding the average........my actual cgpa overall is 7.89 and equivalent percentage is 78.9....please help me......\In my application form it is 79.4...

Since the 2nd slot begins at 12.00 can it be safely assumed that all the people from the 8.00AM morning slot will get free by 12.00?


Got in 😃

CAT Percentile :99.56

Section 1 Percentile :98.49

Section 2 Percentile :99.07

Applied only for IM....

Last person in the list... interview on 4th April in the afternoon

Hi,I have my IIM K interview on 2nd April at 8.30 in morning and NITIE on 1st April,12:00 noon slot.How can I get it changed to either 3rd or 4rth??

shortlisted 😃

Hi , I have IIT kgp and nitie on the same day .
1)Can nitie schedule the dates as the shortlist came out today? or sud i schedule iit kgp dats .... (iit kgp had announced dates much earlier)
2)i hav iit kgp on hyd and whr is nitie gdpi venue any idea guys . i didnt get any venue details.

Hi Seniors, Can you please let me know the weights given to components like CAT score, GD, PI, any other (work ex, acads etc) for final conversion?

I have my interview on 4th April (Afternoon slot). By what time I can expect the procedure to get over?Also if I'll reach on the afternoon of 3rd April ,will it be possible to get any accommodation.

@MonkeyBusiness Not shortlisted at 98.11% with sectionals above 95+ %.Can you please tell me the reason.people with less percentile than me got shortlisted 😟

Woooohoooo.....called on April fools day !!!!!

PI Question: Why this day is earmarked as April Fools day ??????

Prepare krlo 😛

All the best everyone 😃

can anyone provide the link to download the GDPI form ?

Whats the procedure to change interview dates..? Its clashing with my IIM K interview.. Please help seniors..

Shortlisted... 😁

Course : IM

CAT Percentile : 99.89

Section 1 Percentile : 99.55

Section 2 Percentile : 99.47

Interview on 3rd April.. 😃

Hi... My college (NITK) doesn't provide any conversion formula to convert CGPA to SGPA. It's written in our grade sheets that there is no equivalence between CGPA and percentage. So how do I convert my cgpa to percentage? Is there any formula provided my NITIE for the colleges who don't provide any conversion formula, or should i just multiply my CGPA with 10.
While filling up the form I entered sgpa out 10 and it calculated the percentage, which in effect was my CGPA * 10.