[2014-16] Institute of Management, Nirma University WAT-PI Experience and Discussion Thread

All the best to everyone for their IMNU interviews starting within next few hours and please use thread to post your experiences.For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:PROFILE:_*Acads: *_X - XII -…

All the best to everyone for their IMNU interviews starting within next few hours and please use thread to post your experiences.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:



X -


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age


NIL/Sector - Number of Months

CAT Score: -

Written test Topic:

Brief Snapshot of your performance:

PI :

Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names )



Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc.


1. Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences of IMNU WAT-PI.

2. Please do mention your background and hobbies as it might help us understand why a specific question was put up to you.πŸ‘

3. For appreciating an interview post use the LIKE button, or if you want to show more, use PM.

4. Most importantly, no spamming 😠

All in all, keep this thread for what is meant! πŸ˜ƒ

Wishing you the very best for the process!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Best Regards,

Jijo George Joseph

MBA FT(2013-15)

Media Committee, IMNU

Can i fill the WAT-PI form with pen? And do i need to carry the call letter aswell?

With WAT / PI coming ahead, can anybody tell us what kind of topics to prepare for WAT..? @IMNU-Ahmedabad ..Pl help

post ur experiences guys?

I have not received communication for the wat pi centre.I only know it is in pune(dont know the exact venue),nothing else.I have my PI on 22nd March.Kindly help.

how should I fill WAT-PI form with pen or type it in word and take a print out??

Anyone for 29th at Nirma, Ahmedabad GD Pi?

I am going from Mumbai...

what is the P.F. NO in the work experience section.Please respond quickly. I have my PI tomorrow.

@IMNU-Ahmedabad I had my pi yesterday..now remember that I forgot to mention the number of subjects in the profile form..what should I do?? Is there any problem

had my essay-pi on 20th march..isi,delhi..arrangement was not that good..first essay took place..topic was 'imagination is more important than knowledge'..kinda easy one but i finished up revolving around the same points..then interview ..it was a little informal ,i would say.. questions were

1) how is the arrangement outside?? answered
2) why declining acads..3 points?? answered
3) hobbies answered
4) 5 indian ece companies.. answered
5) subjects of the previous sem..answered
6) advantages of optical fibre.. answered in a general manner..they told me to be more specific..
that's it..no gk no current affairs.. :(

How we will answer ..Why Nirma ..?

Can anybody tell strengths of Nirma..?

are koi sharif admi ya aurat apna experience to dalo 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

March 20, 1:00 PM, Delhi
WAT TOPIC- "Imagination is more important than knowledge".
I wrote about 0.5+1+0.5 pages. It was a nice topic to write on with many examples so did fairly well, not satisfied though as it could have been better.
PI - 3 Gentlemen who always smile when your answer is wrong or they think you are too stupid to study management. In my case they were smiling most of the time, now you can gauge my performance πŸ˜ƒ
(I had to catch a bus at 4:30 PM, so requested them to conduct it early. They accepted my request and I was called in at 4:15 PM).
I was in haste, sat down for interview with little or no confidence and totally blank (thankfully I remembered what my name was). I made irritating sound of ummm after every word because I was BLANK!
Q1: why do you want to leave early.
Me: Told
Q2: Tell us about yourself
Me: My name is x y (pause for 5 sec) then continued with all those things which even I didn't know about myself. Mentioned I have recently developed interest in mythology (I wish I didn't say that as with mythology they thought I know mewar and marwar and maharana pratap, which were the questions they asked later).
Q3: tell us something about your state, followed by questions on my city, why is it called so, etc.
Q4: what did you do after graduation (no work ex), followed by questions about my tution centre.
Q5: Favourite subject (I thought they asked favourite in CAT exam, so answered abruptly) then completed his question, he meant in graduation degree! (wow! I earned 5-6 more questions on a subject which I have completely forgotten)
Me: Tried to convince them but finally ended the parade of answers by saying "you asked favourite subject, I don't remember much of it as I studied it in my 6th semester but yes it was my favourite". (what was that!)
Q6: why poor score in 12th grade
Me: Tried explaining, intervened!
Q7: Then comes marwar, mewar, chittor, rana pratap, some more such questions.
Me: Gave horrible answers. (Imagine you asking me my name and I telling you that I am preparing for CAT, how would you feel?)
Q8: (all looked as if they wanted to tell me, Girl! This is your interview, please give us one reason to choose you). Okay tell me exactly what you are interested in?
Me: a quick reply economics, business, current affairs, GK (and some more synonyms of GK).
Q9: Tell me any 5 women business leaders of Indian companies.
Me: (I can name you 10 right now, don't know what happened to me there).
1. Chanda Kochhar (I admire and know everything about her)- HDFC Bank (with their smile I understood my mistake and corrected to icici)
gave two more names here after mentioning I may be wrong with combinations.
Q10: All bankers, you know anyone else in corporate sector.
Me: NO SIR (What a shame I follow many women leaders and keep an update on their work)
Q11: Finally they didn't say a word, just looked at each other
Me: At least now I acted smart by realizing they don't want to hear me any more and left the room with a dumb face and a question to myself "How could I be so bad".
I came out, looked at my watch, 4:25 it was! Jesus! so may questions in

That was my experience.
Lessons learnt: Don't panic. You may not know answers to some questions but there will always be an opportunity to show your strengths, even I had when I mentioned biz and eco are my interests but failed to earn points here also. Most important learning is that not every day is my day, I am really not this bad! Its just I was stressed and panicked and my attention was on catching the bus at 4:30.

hii.... due to some reason i hav missed ma interview @ 20 march , can i get 1nce again the date n venue .... pls guide me as quick as possible.... n other options like whom i shpuld contact to??

Hello I just wanted to ask if u have to fill the confirmation coz I just did it 2day and interview is 2moro


Somehow i missed my interview yesterday due to medical emergency.Will it be possible to give it today.Please reply ASAP.

I had my WATPI on 20 March in Delhi at 9 AM.

WAT topic- "Human rights really exist"
The time allotted was sufficient to write down a 600 words essay.

Interviewing panel 3 consisted of 3 male cheerful and smiling interviewers (which in my case really helped)...
Q1. Tell us something about urself followed by 2 ques from the answer itself.
Q2. Why B. Tech?
Q3. Favourite subjects and then about 6 questions from those subjects.
Q4. Hobbies and interests and then cross questioning as per replies.
Q5. Current affairs known..... and then Crimea case.
Q6. Cryogenic engines
Q7. Something about my state and locality.
Q8. Industries in Haryana (as I am from Haryana) and then some personalities.
This was all and thus my interview lasted for about 15 minutes...



X -83.6

XII -91.4

Undergrad Major - 7.93 GPA


IT Sector - 4 Months

CAT Score: - 95.13

Written test Topic: Is population really a demographic dividend for India

Brief Snapshot of your performance: Wrote about both the sides of population

PI :

Panel Members :4


1.Tell us about yourself

2.Why MBA?

3.Instrumentation related questions: Digital Thermometer mechanism and all

4.Which football team do u follow? Wat is its current position in the UEFA champions league?

5.Nelson Mandella's works

Ans: Birthplace and freedom struggle

6.Economic Scenario of India at present

Ans:Told about the various schemes and reforms of Govt.

Hope dis helps everybody.... ATB puys πŸ˜ƒ



X -77

XII -72.8

Undergrad Major - 7.86


IT Sector - 36 Months

Venue : Pune

Written test Topic: Organization should harness the potential of social media to connect to customers

Brief Snapshot of your performance: write about 500 words 1.5 pages

PI :

Where you belong to (native)?

What is your job profile?

What books read recently?
One question from book I read...

Have you been to Nirma (as my training was in Gandhinagar)
What is embedded system? is computer a embedded system...(***no idea😠***)
What are your fav. subjects from engg.... ( its been 3 years... still I managed)
Why MBA?
Months you have been working?

Overall mixed experience ... not sure what to derive......😐