[2013] IIFT GD/PI/Essay Discussion 2013-2015 Batch

Hi all, The GD/PI/Essay round of IIFT batch of 2013-2015 will start today. I request all the candidates who attend the process to please pour in their experiences on this thread. Follow the format below:- Your profile: 10th marks …

Hi all,

The GD/PI/Essay round of IIFT batch of 2013-2015 will start today. I request all the candidates who attend the process to please pour in their experiences on this thread.

Follow the format below:-

Your profile:
10th marks :
12th marks :
Graduation marks/Stream/College :
IIFT marks :
Work ex :
Extra curricular :

Interview Centre:-

Essay topic:-

Comments about your performance :-

GD topic and a description:-

Personal Interview:-

Any other comments :-

All the very best.

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All the best to all candidates... Rock it!!! \m/ 😃

On lighter note plz don't do this in GD or PIrant
make IIFT guys say this for you Uncle Sam

people already done with the process, plz post the weightage breakup of final selection for this year..

Done with my interview today..
Essay Topic: Nuclear Energy is necessary for India to attain Energy Security
Time: 20 mins
Gave a decent attempt
GD Topic: Social Networking is disconnecting more than connecting people
2mins were given to prepare ourselves and then everyone is given a chance to give their views for about 1-2 mins. Then the actual gd started
It was a very civil and a decent GD. Everyone pitched in and it was nowhere near a fish market.
We discussed for about 30 mins and then the panel asked one of us to summarize the discussion.
Interview Experience
I was second last in my slot. As it was already 1.30 our interviews were very short when compared to the ones at the beginning
Panel: Two Ladies(L1,L2) and an Elderly Man(M1)
L1: So tell me what your name means(she asks and leaves )
Me Explained something)
M1: So..you've worked in this company..tell me about ur work
Me: (Explained..)
M1: So tell me about LAN and WAN
Me: (I explain a bit and say that its not the area of my work and he asked me to explain about my work. I did it pretty ok)
Some more questions on my company and how it helped me..
L2: So, cooking is ur hobby. What kinds of dishes do u cook
The discussion goes on about the various dishes I cooked and what dish is famous in andhra
M1: What is Haleem
Me: I screwed up this answer. Sir, I think its made from mutton ..
M1: I dunno anything about it.
Me: Sir, its made of mutton and rice..its like biryani
(Later I came to know that its nothing like what i said )
L1 comes in
M1 gestures to L1 if she has anything to ask..She says no and thanks me
I thank them all and leave..
All in all an ok interview in the sense that I was able to answer all of their questions convincingly except for one...
Now I, like many others, have to wait for the results to know how my day went
ATB to all!!!

Just done with process at 1.15... And have come to the office now.. Will post it by tonight 😃

10th marks : 83.33
12th marks : 82.50
Graduation marks/Stream/College : 68.74/IT Engineer
IIFT marks : 52.917
Work ex : 27 months
Extra curricular : Not significant

Interview Centre:- Mumbai

Essay topic:- Role of Nuclear Energy in India's Energy security

Comments about your performance :- Had to write a 2 page essay in 20 mins. Not sure how it went. Overall OK.

GD topic and a description:- Social networking sites disconnect rather than connect people.
Each one of us was given 2 mins to speak initially (I exceeded that time and the moderator rang the bell to indicate that it was time-up). After that the house was thrown open for discussion. Having covered most of the points during the introduction, the open GD seemed like a repetition of ideas. But everyone chipped in. No fish market. Overall a smooth GD.

Personal Interview:-
I have never had a PI shorter than this in my life. It did not last even for 5 mins . A completely CV form based interview. Nothing else.
State 3 things that you learned during your work-ex ?
Explain who inspired you to pursue a career in business and how ? (CV question)
You've written a lot about ethics. What acc to u is an ethical decision ? Give an example.
What business is your father involved in ?
What are you planning after mba ? own business or joining father's business or what ??
Indirectly asked about what after 5 years and 15 years ?

And this was about it. A few more questions here and there but overall a very short interview. One of the panelists did not even ask a single question...

Any other comments :-
The moderator part that people mentioned was not there. We were not given any bell during the GD. It was the panelists who had the bell :)

A mixed experience overall, PI was shocking... did not even realize when it started and when it got over.....
Now lets see... ATB everyone..!!!..

are the essays evaluated during the interview...... i mean do the panelists have the copy of ur essay....kindly any1 clarify

What documents are we supposed to carry?

@targetiim123 no, it will be evaluated later
@surprisedeal just ur call letter
@RedemptionTime : No certificates, prrofs... nthn? :O
@kanu.kt nothing at all needed.. U can carry them to be safe.. But they generally ask from the cv form that we filled
@RedemptionTime What if i do not have a copy of it? (i forgot to keep a copy 😞 )

U don't need to submit ur cv form.. They already have 3 copies.. U just go with ur call letter .. They ask fr the cv form(hope u remember what u wrote)

@RedemptionTime : yes... Fortunately i do.. :)
@RedemptionTime ....which center u hd ur interview........n i dnt hv the copy f my cv form......wat specifically dey askd from the cv form........

any word limit for the essay??