[2013-2015] XISS GD/PI Thread

*XAT score has been published and XISS admission forum is flooded with speculations, questions, anxiety, complaints, inquiries… ****XISS GD/PI would be held between 18th Feb - 2nd March 2013 and aspirants would be called before 18th Feb…

XAT score has been published and XISS admission forum is flooded with speculations, questions, anxiety, complaints, inquiries.....

XISS GD/PI would be held between 18th Feb - 2nd March 2013 and aspirants would be called before 18th Feb....

Starting this thread to discuss points regarding GD & PI and also to practice some GD topics before D-day ...

XISS GD would surely address social issues for sure......

All the best to all the aspirants.....

Request to all PUYS :

I have checked many GD threads being messed up due to no synchronisation / labelling....

Hence, I have decided to add few GD topics with numbers.... Any one who replies pls repeat the number and topic and then your answers.......

1. FDI in retail and its impact on Indian economy and society.

2. MNCs. Are they devils in Disguise ?

3. Protest is the best way to fight corruption. Do you agree ?

4. Are women safe in India ?

5. Solution to rising inflation & commodity prices......

PUYS add in...... 😃 😃

Whats your XAT score in %ile ?

What do the panelists assess?

Interpersonal Skills: People skills are an important aspect of any job. These are reflected in the ability to interact with other members of the group in a situation. Emotional maturity and balance promotes good interpersonal relationships. The person has to possess good interpersonal skills and has to be less self-centered.

Communication Skills: Candidates will be assessed in terms of clarity of thought, expression and aptness of language. One key aspect is listening. It indicates a willingness to accommodate others' views.

Leadership Skills: The ability to take leadership role and be able to inspire and carry the team along is an essential requisite for a job seeker.

Persuasive Skills: The ability to analyse and persuade others to see the problem from multiple perspectives is also an important aspect sought by the employers.

Knowledge Base: GD is a test of your ability to think, analytical capabilities and your ability to make your point in a team-based environment. Making a good impression while speaking in GD is the basic skill every professional should have.

Following are 10 simple ways to crack a GD:

  • Maintain eye contact: Do not look at the evaluators only. Try to ignore their presence at all times. Keep eye contact with every team member while speaking. Begin speaking to the person sitting diagonally opposite to you.
    • Initiate the GD: Initiating the GD is a high profit–high loss strategy. Initiate the GD only when you have understood the topic clearly and have knowledge about the same. Speaking without proper subject knowledge will creates a bad impression. If you are not sure about the topic of discussion, it is better not to initiate. Instead, you might adopt the wait and watch attitude. Listen attentively to others. This might help you to come up with a point or two later in the discussion.
    • Speak clearly: Confidence and coolness while presenting your viewpoint are necessary. Do not keep repeating a point. Do not use more words than necessary. Do not be superfluous. Speak politely and clearly. Use simple and understandable words while speaking. Don't be too aggressive if you are disagreeing with someone. Express your feelings calmly and politely.
    • Allow others to speak: Do not interrupt anyone while speaking. Even if you don't agree with his/her thoughts do not snatch his/her chance to speak. Instead make some notes and put them across when it's your turn. Every GD provides you with an opportunity to question the others.
    • Positive attitude: Do not try to dominate anyone. Your body language should indicate positivity. Show interest in discussion. A formal posture (back straight), hands together in front/on the edge of the table creates a good impression. Body language must reflect enthusiasm. Be natural.
    • Bring discussion on track: If the group is distracting from the topic or goal, then take an initiative to bring the discussion on track. Indicate the group members about the fact that you all need to reach a conclusion at the end of the discussion. Stick to the topic.
    • Don't go into much detail: Some basic subject analysis is sufficient. There is no need to mention exact figures while giving any reference. You can use approximate figures and data at macro level (for instance population) but you need to give an exact number when it is micro level (like States in India). You have limited time. Try to be precise and convey your thoughts in short and simple language.
    • Listen carefully to others: Non-verbal gestures, such as listening intently or nodding while appreciating someone's viewpoint give a positive impression. Speak less and listen more. Pay attention while others are speaking. This will make coherent discussion and you will get involved in the group. You will surely make people agree with you.
    • Speak sensibly: Language use should be simple, direct and straightforward. Do not speak just to increase your speaking time. Your thoughts should be sensible and relevant. Power to convince effectively is another quality that makes you stand out among others.
    • Formal dressing: You must demonstrate the fact that you are capable and inclined to work. Do not take it casually. You should be comfortable while speaking in group. Positive gesture and body language will make your work easy.

    Points to remember

    • Most students consider GD to be a debate which is not true
    • Participants akin it to a wrestling match and try to score points over the other participants
    • What is actually expected in a GD is participation in a systematic way on a particular topic
    • The purpose of a GD is to help you come across as a person with sound, logical reasoning who respects the viewpoint of others
    • Most of the institutes conduct a GD because, as a manager, you will be required to attend and conduct innumerable meetings. Their aim is to train you for the future
    • As part of your preparation for a GD, participate in few mock discussions
    • Whenever you come across fellow aspirants, don't look upon them as competitors
    • Maintain a positive attitude
    • Maintain eye contact
    • Be the first to begin proceedings during a GD if you possess knowledge about the subject
    • Be confident while expressing your views
    • Do not interrupt a person if he/she is in the middle of saying something
    • Do not let the group digress from the point of discussion
    • Stick to the basic points
    • Non-verbal communication like a nod while someone else is speaking is a good sign
    • Most students consider GD to be a debate which is not true
    • Keep your language straight and simple
    • Dress in formals to create a good impression.

    Nice work.. Few more queries by me....

    Some questions regarding GD/PI:
    1. Is essay writing a part of Gd in Xiss?
    2. Are Gd & Pi held on the same day or only the selected students from GD go for PI?
    3. If someone applies for more than one course,is there a chance that Gd dates would collide?
    4. We should wear formals, however do we need to wear a suite as well?
    5. How long does it take to know who are shortlisted for the admission?
    Please clarify..

    @Faizex Please find the points :

    1. Essay writing part of XISS GD/PI.

    2. GD/PI are held on same day.

    3. Saw last year thread, many aspirants had GD for 3 specialisation on same day. In that case, they finish one by one GD then proceed for PI finally. Each course would have separate GD & Separate PI.

    4. No need of blazer / suite since you are student right now. You would be asked to wear blazer during campus recruitment.

    5. Post GD/PI, it takes usually 20-30 days for final admission list.


    So U mean only the shortlisted students from GD go for PI?

    @Faizex No ....

    All aspirants go through GD & PI....

    There is no elimination in GD 😃

    Wow..good to know.. Thanks for the info buddy..


    Great Initiative..Are u sure v wont have a Written Ability Test??It was conducted last year..



    Got to know from senior students that essay was conducted last year as part of GD/PI process....

    Hence apologies for the miss in information....

    So,again an essay.. God! I hate to write..

    @pankaj.jena1988 thanks for the detailed information about gd.. do give more gd topic ideas as and when they pop up to u.. i am new to gd's so dnt hav much ideas.
    Also what type of essays?? like we wrote in xat??

    @Swt11 Yes.... Similar kind of essays...

    Be prepared regarding all current affairs and happening news of India.

    I am sure XISS will give essay on social issue, viz, corruption, FDI, Corporate Social Responsibility etc....

    I got 79.6 percentile in XAT. What are the chances of me getting a call for GD PI??

    @Siddharthjsr You will get GD/PI call for XISS HRM....

    with 80.35% can i expect a call for finance??

    @catboykhalsa You will definitely get call for GD/PI for XISS Finance with 80.35%ile XAT score...

    I hope you are talking about XAT score....

    @pankaj.jena1988 exactly.... one more query. are u a student of XISS??
    @catboykhalsa I am an aspirant of XISS...