[2013-2015]TISS Social Entrepreneurship PI discussion

This thread is for PI round of Social Entrepreneurship program of TISS.Also chip in with information you have regarding this course. link to 2011-13 thread http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/xat-snap-iift-and-others/tiss-social-entrepreneurship-

This thread is for PI round of Social Entrepreneurship program of TISS.

Also chip in with information you have regarding this course.
link to 2011-13 thread http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/xat-snap-iift-and-others/tiss-social-entrepreneurship-2011-13-pi-discussion-t-62133/p-2473256/r-2776388?page=1
(found only one as it was on 1st page of 'search' if other previous threads are found please do mention)
Seniors @vamlaal and others please guide us to achieve success.
Let the discussions follow.....
Two videos which may be helpful as introduction:
@vamlaal said:We made a video shoot regarding SE to provide basic insights about course like the way Se will be taught at the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. And the students perspectives about course...YouTube - Social Entrepreneurship_TISS Course Info-Part2.wmvYouTube - Social Entrepreneurship_TISS Course Info-Part1.wmv
@mayank.gandhi 87 gn
for results appln-admissions.tiss.edu
😃 got a call... @seniors...............................help me with the next process....

@seniors please help us ..

Hey is the DAFMA available yet?

@ seniors ......please guide to the next process

@ seniors ......please guide to the next process

Hello All!
Firstly Congrats for clearing Round 1!
Secondly, I have been thorough with the thread discussions on all other TISS threads since the results are out & this thread is in its infancy wailing out to seniors of SE. I have tried to get to them for the last 2-3 days but due to their engagements or other reasons, there hasn't been any response from them. So going by my signature, I believe that it's time we go on by ourselves & begin to show some REAL entrepreneurial spirit right from here on! Let's begin with our own prep solely by ourselves.
Thirdly, pls do NOT pollute the thread with ANY TALK ABT PLACEMENTS!

PS: Due to shortage of time right now, I am unable to post the way forwards right now, but as a kick-off, go thru TISS threads of HRM & download some attachments that have been put up there. Start reading newspapers & mags thoroughly. Start writing Essays & ur Bio sketch. & put up suggestions here on how to move on- like other ppl are taking up topics like AFSPA, spending 1 day reserching them, putting up their topics the next day & then discussing the pros & cons of the essay quality thereafter. Similar thing can be done here too.

Good to see SE thread running.I just called up TISSCARE(02225525252) to inquire about PIT for SE.I have been informed that it would be either GD or case study.Further,when asked about notification(formal communication),I have been told that we would be notified about PIT process,schedule by 20th feb.

@paps3535 Well abt the "GD or Case Study" part, I am not sure as the Brochure says 'for Social Work ppl it is GD, for all else it is Written Test'. Case Study is given in HRM....?


Yes.Thats why I asked the lady on call about written communication.

Hey guys, i messaged some seniors too .. but, no reply . Thinking there will be no guidance from seniors .bcoz, they might be busy oe something else. Best thing "Help yourself" .. lets move on guys .

i've got a call for SE - TISS mumbai .......pls help me out to convert this call ....

Hey Guys , one of senior from MASE programme suggested following books
1. I have Dream - Rashmi Bansal
2.How to change the world : Davis Bornstein
3.Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid by C K Prahalad
4.Banker to the poor, World without poverty - Muhammad Yunus.

6. Some other online sources

Hey so let's start the discussions?

Lets start it right away ! !

So let's start posting!Let the first topic, as @Unmukt suggested be from the HRM thread.

The topic can be "Is the AFSPA truly a Draconian Law?"

And I have written something on it assuming that the essay should be of around 400 words or so.Give me your reviews and let's start posting guys!

Is the AFSPA truly a Draconian Law?

The armed forces special act is an act that empowers our Armed forces to arrest without warrant,shoot and enter any premises without any legal liability.A lot of times Afspa is assumed to be the the antonym to democracy and a lot of other times the necessary evil.The forces have the tyrannical power to do whatever they wish to do without any consequences.Many committees like the Jeevan Reddy committee have asked for its repeal, recently the Justice verma committee asked for amendments in it and many international organizations such as UNHRC,Amnesty international have time and again questioned the act.
What the government seems to forget is that this unquestionable authority is given to the forces without any visible responsibility.We forget that people form the forces; people who carry the same kind of prejudices,dishonesty,doubts,valor,integrity and fear that we all carry and that is exactly where the Act fails.Unlimited power in the hands of an individual could corrupt him.We have seen that happening time and again.The repercussions are in front of us the- Kashmir Valley protests, Irom Sharmila a woman whose fast has been going on for twelve years after witnessing injustice of our own countrymen against our own countrymen.
AFSPA is of course necessary, after the September 11 attack The USA brought in the strictest anti terror laws. The US Patriot Act is even more stringent than our AFSPA.The UN security Council have themselves asked member states to ensure legislative reforms to combat terrorism.This act is necessary in areas where the innocent need defense against those armed.A strict stance against the terrorists is what will keep them from taking us as a jape.
We require reforms,a greater sensitization of the personnel and to create trust amongst the personnel and the residents they protect.We need accountability, but not one that limits preventive action.Community participation in the operations of the forces can possibly change the way the personnel look at the civilians.An act cannot remain draconian if we resolve to reform it and make it humane. We require the right kind of opposition and support for this act to achieve what it was supposed to achieve in the first place.