[2013-2015] LBSIM Final converts and related discussion

All the converts, kindly share your profile Cat score: Place of GD/PI: Course selected for: 10th - 12th - Grad - Work Exp (If any) - Extra Curr(If any) -

All the converts, kindly share your profile

Cat score:
Place of GD/PI:
Course selected for:
10th -
12th -
Grad -
Work Exp (If any) -
Extra Curr(If any) -

how will we know wat no we have in the waitlist?

Can't believe m selected! Neither my gd was great nor was i asked anything in the interview. It was more of a chit-chat session rather than an interview plus to add to that they dint even take my extempore the whole time time i was just laughing and thinking ki kya mazak chal raha hai mere saath i don't have a very high score in cat plus when i was asked to choose between another institute and lbsim i said i wud go fr the other one pata nahin kya dekh kar select kiya hai but anyways its their problem now...i am happy!!

Akshit Behera

Cat Score: 91.76
Place of GD/PI: LBSIM
Selected for: PGDM/PGDM-F

NAME: Nidhi Girdhar
CAT SCORE: 89.55%ile
Venue: Delhi
Course Selected for: PGDM/PGDM-Finance

Please tell the course is PGDM general/PGDM Finance na? I am not able to believe though that I am selected. Please confirm me.

"Your Roll Number is SR8256732
Congratulations NIDHI GIRDHAR! You are Selected for PGDM/PGDM-Finance for the Session 2013 - 2015.

NAME: Marikal Nitish Kumar
CAT Score : 85.80%
Venue: Hyderabad
Course Selected: PGDM/PGDM-Finance

hi applied for for pGDM only and its showing selected for pGDM/pgdm finance

this means i am in for pgdm.....
Name: Abhijeet Kashyap
Cat score: 91.26
Place of GD/PI: Bangalore
Course selected for: PGDM/PGDM Finance
My first convert of the season :)
Name:Abhishek Ghatak
Cat score:88
Place of GD/PI:delhi
Course selected for:PGDM/PGDM Finance
Name:Anurag Pattanayak
Cat score: 88.31
Place of GD/PI:Kolkata
Course selected for:PGDM/PGDM-fin

Probably wont join , so wait list moves up by 1

Name- Anubhav Varshney
CAT Score- 94.48
Place- Delhi

waiting for FORE and NIRMA to call....

Name: Amim Ahmad
Cat score: 88.63
Place of GD/PI: Delhi
Course selected for: both
first convert 😃 Alhumdulillaah...
Name:Varun Tripathi
Cat score:95.70(borderline case for iim call)

Place of GD/PI:New Delhi
Course selected for:PGDM/PGDM-Finance
i think extempore clinched the deal for me
@AnuragPatnaik please add a spreadsheet for future aspirants
Name:Sahil huria
Cat score:86.89
Place of GD/PI:LBSIM
Course selected for:PGDM-FIN

Name: Bibhu Prasad
Cat score: 89.55
Place of GD/PI: Hyderabad (06.03.13, 11.30 AM)
Course selected for: PGDM / PGDM Finance.
Will wait for GIM and XIMB results.
Name: Pulkit Kansal
Cat score: 97.59
Place of GD/PI: Delhi
Course selected for: PGDM/PGDM Fiance
@Way yes you are..congrats.. :-)

Name: Ashutosh Dubey

CAT Score : 85.8
Place of GDPI:- Mumbai
Course Selected for : PGDM/PGDM Finance

Do we need to make any payment?
When will the classes start?