[2013-2015] IMT-Ghaziabad Final Converts and related discussions

They have started sending mails… congratz to all converts… Plz share ur profile CAT/XAT percentile:X:Xii:grad:work ex: interview centre & date specialization applied for:specialization offered:

They have started sending mails.... congratz to all converts...

Plz share ur profile

CAT/XAT percentile:
work ex:

interview centre & date

specialization applied for:
specialization offered:
CAT percentile: 97.48
X: 70.8
Xii: 83.8
grad: 76.14
work ex: 2.5 years
specialization applied for: FT, Finance
specialization offered: PGDM IB
Interview date - 09 Feb Bangalore

I guess i havn't filled this course..

@pagalgarg said:
PGDM IB..i guess i havn't filled this course..
Same here dude.
@rv1589 same here
@rv1589 where can we see waitlist..any idea?
CAT/XAT percentile:
work ex:2.5

specialization applied for:Finance
specialization offered:Finance
yeahhhh 😃 :)

CAT : 97.59

I applied for IB but it was third after PGDM and PGDM-marketing

u ppl got mail in ur spam folder?

CAT-92.76 converted PGDM-IB not joining already converted NMIMS MBA Core 😃 waitlist moves by 1

anyone got call based on XAT score??

Puys..plz share ur profiles and also mention centres from which u appeared for interview and when..will help other anxious waiters 😃

CAT/XAT percentile: 97.27 ( CAT)
X: 88%
Xii: 88%
grad: 82.3% ( NIT)
work ex: 18 Months
interview centre & date : 6th Feb 2013 (IMT GZB)
specialization applied for: FINANCE
specialization offered: FINANCE ..
@rachitgoenka forget it dude!

Anyone has any idea about concept called 'waitlist' ?

Has anyone got a convert through XAT score??

Guys please mention the interview city along with call.

Crap. Why not just bloody declare a list . Now only those who'll be selected will get a mail . No one wud know whether they r waitlisted or rejected . And if they r waitlisted , then at wat number . The same stuff happened last year too. Why dont these guys learn

PGDM(Finance)..speechless me will be enough..just crying..:):)thank you GOD..