(2013-2015) IIM Shillong GD/PI experiences

IIM Shillong interviews have kicked off this morning. :thumbsup: All the best to everyone and please post your interviews. :mg: Please try to conform with the format given below so we can all have idea why a particular question has been …

IIM Shillong interviews have kicked off this morning. :thumbsup:

All the best to everyone and please post your interviews. :mg: Please try to conform with the format given below so we can all have idea why a particular question has been asked to you. :thumbsup:


CAT percentile:
10th and 12th Marks:
Work Ex :
Date of Interview:
Location of interview:
GD / case discussion - topic
Duration of GD -
No. of people in the interview panel:
Questions in PI
Duration of PI
Overall Experience including your view of your performance.

Any other info which you would like to provide.

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no replies yet... got my iv tomorrow!!! 😃

@adigupt2 said:
no replies yet... got my iv tomorrow!!!
Do not forget to write your experience :mg:
@adigupt2 write your reply thn..

Looks like I am the first one posting my Interview exp here at IIM S thread..


Name: Visweswara Reddy
CAT percentile: 96.69
10th Marks: 90% CBSE
12th Marks: 88.2% CBSE
Work Ex : 4 Years 6 Months
Date of Interview: 1st Feb 2013
Location of interview: Institute of Hotel Management - Bangalore
GD / case discussion - Case based on Railway employee in Africa and what should he do.
Duration of GD - 10 Mins to write about the Case in a coherent paragraph. 15 mins to discuss the Case.
No. of people in the interview panel: 3 ( Old P1, Old P2, Young P3)
Questions in PI :
P3: Starts with Job. I had more experience and asked me to explain about my work and what I do.
Me: Explained.
P3: Further asks me about why me? whats so unique about me at work? whats the value that i add at my work.
Me: I try to give answers. He keeps saying that this is routine, run-on-the mill stuffs. Why you again. Finally I mentioned some achievement at work and he stopped there.

P2: Meanwhile was reading and evaluating my essay. He is looking at my certificates too. Didn't bother to see what P1 was doing.

P3: Asks about academics. Which is ur fav sub?
Me: Transformers
P3: What are the types and how is works
Me: Explained. He was not satisfied. I said i don't remember its been a long time.
P3: Is there any thing that u learnt at College that u use at work.
Me: No
P3: Asks about Micro-processor.
Me: I answered a bit. Not very satisifed.
P3: Asks P2 to take over.

P2: What did u read in the news.
Me: Delhi rape and Verma committee report.
P2: Asks my viewpoint.
Me: I give. He is satisfied.

P1: Comes out of his sleep as samosas arrived for all 3 professors.

Old P2 offered but i was too busy now talking to P1.

P1: Asks why now? is it not late.
Me: I said I had converted IIM S in 2010 but didnt join as my father was not well. So had to stay back and then look after him.
P1: Asks any other attemps
Me: Said 2011 was bad and no IIM Calls
P3: Interrupts and asks do u regret not joining IIMS in 2010.
Me: Not exactly but a little.
P3: Again the same Q
Me: Sir no. I am happy that i didnt take it up in 2010 as family was the foremost responsibility.

P1: Asks about what marathons i participated. I had mentioned that i run marathons.
Me: Mentioned all that i participated.
P1: Asks how i prepare for them.
Me: gave some funda
P1: Asks Why not a 1 year MBA
Me: No sir 1 yr MBA doesnt help me in internships as well as its too small program and it will be difficult to switch domains.
P1: More Q's on 1yr vs 2ys
Me: Answered mostly all of them.
P1: Which other calls.
P3: What if you don't convert any of the IIM's
Me: Sir, Most IIM's don't prefer ppl with more work ex. I am glad that couple of IIM's called me for interview. If i don't convert ill go to US for MBA. I have applied in about 7-8 colleges and have my interview lined up in the next month or so. I am sure ill go somewhere this year. Either here or US.
P1: Why do u think that IIM's here dont prefer students with more work-ex.
Me: Gave a funny answer. Smiles all around.
P1: So whats the revenue of ur company in India.
Me: Answered
P2: Makes some comment on my company and laughs about it. I too join in.

I dont remember the last 2 Q's 😃

Offers me candy.
Shake hands all around.
Smile and leave.

Duration of PI : About 30 mins
Overall Experience including your view of your performance. - Good.

Verdict: Awaited ( Should be converted. Don't see any issues)

CONVERTED - Not Joining. Going to IIM B

@Visweswarareddy where do u work ? which sector ..
@soSha - Delphi Automotive Systems - Automotive Software Development.

@Visweswarareddy Thanks for the share bro All The Best :)

A short glimpse of my interview today at IIHM, Bangalore

Case study topic: About a lady Lata quite competent in her present work, having 5 years + experience , switches her job in a with a large customer base.She was made trainee in a small territory and she performed exceptionally well , and received accolades from everybody, that she was promoted to a major business unit in different territory, where her boss complains that she is not that efficient. Lata responds to it saying that she was the first woman employee in that territory and its a male dominated environment , hence the existing male supervisors are not entertaining any woman candidate.
You are the Head office and resolve this problem.

Rest interview panel was chill.... questions typically based on my work and experience, especially why do you wanna leave such an awesome job at cisco when you are so satisfied and already earning pots and pots of money here.. 😉 :)
Other questions revolved around my work experience , performance of cisco, info abt company.
Some technical questions on networking .. Nailed them.. 😃 :)
Nature of education in India...why many engineers not pursuing PHD in their field etc...
Also I was asked about my stand in GD, as well as the essay written in form about the incident.

Overall , it was a good interview , with the panel being very supportive.
No drilling interview for me at all.. 😃 Duration of interview: 25 mins
All the best guys.... PM your queries if any..

Hi Puys..

Here is the second review ... :)

Was in same slot and in same GD as that of Visweswarareddy ... ;)

My Interview :

Mostly it went on the stuff related to Work Ex . Strangely more emphasis on the work I had done in my Ex-Company and less on the one I currently working ..

Then, moved on to questions on extra-curricular activities, HSC marks and very few questions on acads. Almost, no questions related to current affairs for me.

Puys.. I suggest to brush up all the projects you have done and also acads(any 2 fav subjects).

One panelist looked like he has all the knowledge in the world.. atleast he looked like that.. 😛

ATB .. 😃 :)

@gokul.m - Good man.. Prepare well for B now. I guess its on Feb 25 na?

Glad to hear that ur interview went well.. All the best for your results.

I am sure the panelist whom u felt had all the knowledge was the youngest of the 3 we had. am i right??

CAT percentile:10th and 12th Marks: 99.44, 80, 77
Work Ex : 3 yrs
Date of Interview: 1st Feb
Location of interview: SJ Polytechnic, Institute of Hotel management, Bangalore
GD / case discussion - topic : Case study based on a female sales executive.
Duration of GD - 10 mins writing, 15 mins discussion
No. of people in the interview panel: 3
Questions in PI

P1: mainly current affairs. Asked for recent happenings in the news and elaborated on a few.
P2: mostly asked technical questions related to software industry.
P3: Few ethics related questions, some more elaboration on current affairs and some maths related questions after seeing my maths Olympiad certificates.

No questions on why MBA, goals, Extracurriculars or hobbies.

Duration of PI 15-20 mins
Overall Experience including your view of your performance.:
Overall, GD seems to have gone well but I ran out of time in the written assessment.
I answered almost all of P1s questions (current affairs) and he seemed satisfied.
P2 made me feel like I don't know anything and I have been just wasting my time in IT over the past three years.
P3 again I did ok although was confused at a few places like whether rational numbers are countable

All the best
Hey just one qn, given ur 3 yrs of work ex, didn't they ask you something like, wat's ur job profile ? and is there anywhere in ur CV, u mentioned, hobbies like reading newspaper pr u have shown any interest in current affairs ?
@ankur_tiger They asked me questions based on my job profile from whatever I had filled in the job responsibilities section in the form. But most of the questions were not related to what I actually do at work. They asked me more of definitions and 'tell me the difference between' kind of questions.

Current affairs: I hadn't mentioned in my hobbies. But in my panel, for most of the people the interview started with "Tell me what's happening in the news over the past 3-4 days"
@Visweswarareddy @gokul.m Blazer necessary guys? Anyone wore?
@nitin.reddy said:

Name: Nitin Teja Reddy
CAT percentile: 92.27
10th and 12th Marks: 82.4 & 86.6.
Work Ex : 3 years and 1 month (Role: Implementation Manager for P&G; Client at TCS)
Date of Interview: 1st Feb 2013
Location of interview: Institute of Hotel Management
GD / case discussion:
Case of Lata who worked and excelled in Insurance Company for last 5 years. She switched her job now to a consumer product company. She is the only woman in this industry or something ans she is Sales Manager for a terriority and she is not doing well. The company gets someone (Ramanathan) to review her work. He informs her boss that she is not able to handle customers well etc. Boss gives this feedback to Lata and she defends by saying it is male-dominated and not being appreciated or something (can't recollect). This issue was referred to Head Office.
What should Head Office do?
Duration of writing task:
10 mins to read the case & write an essay about what Head Office should do.
Duration of GD: 15 mins.
11 members in my GD - 4:7 ratio (figure it out! )
A note on GD:
GD was decent. At times, I found multiple people talking at the sametime and I could not find a window of opportunity to speak!! I tried couple of times to speak but some how my voice was not audible to my friends Finally, got a chance to speak and immediately got few people's attention and they counter attacked me and I got more chance to speak! There was one incident where a gal sitting 1 place away from me to my right, trying to put forward a point but no one was allowing so I became "the guy" who says "let her make her point"
The guy sitting next to me (Aditya) was loud and outright dominating solemly because of his voice!!! At one point I was worried and scared thinking if I ever gonna speak!!! I mentioned this to him after the GD
Please carry your CAT admit card. I was carrying IIM Shillong Call Letter which sufficed. Also, before they start the process, they check your Valid Photo Id proof.
And once, GD is complete they'll ask for your inteview form (1 copy). I was carrying 3 copies of it just in case, 3 copies of my resume and 1 copy of CAT score card. (Waste so many papers).
No. of people in the interview panel: 3 Left to Right (Middle aged guy, Middle aged woman(from North-East), Old guy wearing IIMA jacket!!) Abbreviations -- M, W, OG
Questions in PI
M - India should be proud of what recent incidents?
Me - FDI
M - Any other incidents?
Me - I can't remember anything else.
M - Not many eh? "Smiled". Any incidents India should be ashamed off?
Me - The recent Kamal Hassan issue sir. (I think it is a shameful incident, not sure.
M - Why so?
Me - The board cleard the movie and certain religions section of people have issue with the movie. (Added more to it, how individual section will have issues on other movies and we will end up not screening any movies)
M - But Tamilnadu government government says it cannot protect people etc...
Me - (Can't rememeber what I said, he added something more to that question, which made me answere specifically to that)
M - Kamal Hassan stated that he would leave the country, do you think he should take the exile and not come back?
Me - Sir, if he is not happy living in this country he should leave the country. It is his decision and end of the day he should be happy wherever he is.
M - "Clicks the stop watch" and asks W to ask something to me.

W - Post 2008 has seen downfall of IT industry, how has TCS done?

Me - TCS has done well and slight downfall if Infy and Wipro has helped gain more clients and projects. Also, mentioned that infy share price went down etc. Also mentioned about restructurization at Infy and Wipro so stability is not there and it would take some time for them to bounce back.

OG - (hearing infy is not doing well) Infy posted good results this Q3, how are you saying they are not?

Me - Sir, they acquired a large consulting firm in UK and this has helped them post better results. But last one year, they have are not doing so well.

W - Question on global warming and how is India looking at when compared to US.

Me - Said we are not concentrating on it as much as rest of the countried in US UK and China. (Not sure if I was right)
OG - There was a important decision taken by RBI recently.

Me - Repo rate cut by 25 basis points.

OG - What is repo rate?

Me - Interest rate at which money is borrowed from bank. Answered partially)

OG - What do you mean by basis points?

Me - I am not sure, sir.

OG - He tried explaining about how it is .25 etc. If you are pursuing Management degree, you should be knowing this. (had a smile)

Me - I agree sir. Finance has not been my strong area but I'll learn. (not exact words, something like that)

M - Do you invest in shares?

Me- No sir. Talked about my dad and uncle losing money and mentioned how father used to get a cheque of 0.75 for his investment when I was child!

M - Would you invest?

Me - I would like to understand the industry, how it is moving and then invest. I do not have the financial stability to invest, right now!

OG - So you have 32 months of work-ex?

Me - Sir, it is actually 36 months.

M - It was 32 when he filled the aplication form.

OG - What are 3 things you have learnt in during these 3 years?

Me - Networking skills with client.

OG - How is that important?

Me - Having good relationship with clients provides better understanding of their requriement and opens up space to create new business.

OG - So, it is more like mainting relationships...

Me - I try to answer and he changes it by asking what is the second thing..

Me - Leadership skills

OG - Every guy who walks in here talks about this, so he quizzes me more on this. Talked about Mahatma.

OG - Last one

Me - Negotiation skills

Something happend, M steps in asking me to negotiate why I should be taken etc...thought I was doomed!

Explained it to them.

A pause...

W - Are you aware of issues in North-East?

Me - Mentioned about Boda and also about Telanga..how section outisde will always think there is better development other side and this will keep on going..

M - How comfortable are you with Civil Engineering?

Me - Not all sir, but I'll try answering your question.

M - Cantilever beam.

Me - Drew it and showed how load bearing is done. Load depends on width of the beam.

M - How much load can it take?

Me - Smiled, I don't remember sir.

M - Heard of Earthquake resistant buildings?

Me - yes sir.

M - While designing such buildings, what do you need to structurally?

me - We consider a factor while designing.

M - What is this factor?

Me - Sorry sir, I don't remember.

Can't remember anything after that --drawing blank (too tired to recollect)

We had some disucussion on being morally correct and ethically wrong..

could not give an example for this..

Then they say, "Nitin, I think we are done here. Thank you". I thank them too. Did not get an opportunity to shake hands. I was asked to take toffee. Took toffee. Closed the notepad which I'd used and left it there. Slowly closed the door with no "noise".

PS : The entire PI was with huge "smiling". I smiled a lot and expressed a lot. Naturally expressive. They smiled as well. It was good!
Duration of PI : 20-25 mins.
Overall Experience including your view of your performance: I would give myself an "average". I could have done better but I'm happy with how things went. I was confident when I answered. I was very happy that I was there. Let's see how things go!

Also note -- Not all questions are in same order. I'm sure I have missed some and answers are not same as I wrote here.

Any other info which you would like to provide.
Thanks to few people I met, never realised the long wait I'd after GD. Thanks to Vikas, Aditya, Manohgyna, MU-sigma guy, Goldman guy, VIT final year, Ayush...

Please do share your feedback. Nice to hear it.
@nitin.reddy Thanks for sharing buddy....ATB :)
Going to face the i/v on 26th
@Hopefulram - I did wear one. Many did come in suit. But not an necessity. If u cant buy or arrange one a formal shirt n tie would suffice.

Its more about the content in you. ATB :)
@nitin.reddy bhai thanks for your detailed post.