[2013-2015] IIM Lucknow GD-WAT- Interview experiences - PGP & PGP ABM

:: :: Hi Puys,I have started this thread for IIM Lucknow ExperiencesHere’s my experience in crisp Date:- 11 Feb 2013 Venue:- Bangalore - Hotel Monarch Luxor *Time:- 9 AM**Genaral tips : *There were many interviews&exams; goin…

Hi Puys,

I have started this thread for IIM Lucknow Experiences

Here's my experience in crisp

Date:- 11 Feb 2013
Venue:- Bangalore -
Hotel Monarch Luxor
Time:- 9 AM

Genaral tips :
There were many interviews&exams; going on apart from IIM - L

Be sure you are a bit early or else u wont find a seat to sit.

The entire process started on time.

First they put up a list in noticeboard, which batch u belong too. At 9.10, person incharge sends batches to allocated floor and panel.

Stage I :- Writting Ability Test(WAT) - 15 Mins

Each batch will be of 9 members as far i saw.

It will be like a round table conferance with 2 persons(for me - 1 M,1 F) as evaluvators.
We were made to sit around a conference table according to a sequence they had.

A sheet size of A4 size was given to us. It had the no topic , space for personal information and one & half side ruled for essay.

Topic:- Fashion fades but style is Eternal(Max 300 words)

15 mins to write, not a second more.

My was a decent attempt. I wrote comparision between fashion & style giving examples like Gangnam style,Rajnikanth & Sachin.
Overall nice attempt.I didn write more than 250 for sure.

Not much time, but i felt around 250 was wat everyone wrote.

Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5):2.5

STAGE II:- Group Discusion:12 Mins

Moment they collect the paper and evaluvator return to table. He announced 10-12mins GD starts.

Same topic.I started the GD , since the topic was same & on consensus, we had ample time for each and everyone to speak.

Infact we had many short pauses for 5 sec each(too much in a GD).
All were giving time to each other to speak.

Finally we arrived on consensus. We didn even sumarize, but all were happy with it.

Preety decent(Not a fish market at all).

Rate your preparation(0-5):4
Rate your performance(0-5):4

Hotel People served coffee and biscuits

STAGE III:- Personal Interview: Ranging between 20-25 Mins - Didn't see exactly.

We were called in the same sequence. My turn was 5th.
People before me were having very general interviews. Nothing specific.

Same 2 persons.

Lady(L),Man(M) , Myself(I)

I do not remember the exact sequence of questions. But more or less it was this.

I:- good morning


L:- U have mentioned Stock market simulation game, what is that all about?
I:- >

L:- U are from ???? Whats famous for that??

I :- Some background on my hometown. Sort of dragged her into why MBA..

L:- So you have gap betwen grad completion and work exp- 8 months why?

I:- 2009 recession & gave her i was working in BPO for communication skills.

L: >> So mentioning communication.. what do u feel is important? Comanding voice or Clear thought?

I:- Told her with examples, Kalam & PM.Manmohan both doesn have commanding voice, but are good communicators.Used Obama's remark on Manmohan abt G7 conference.

M:- >

L:- What did u learn from ur Company??

I: Some Gyan abt my company. Spoke in a positive manner.Gave her my carrer path Lady was happy with that as i never spoke a word bad abt my company

Now the Male enters in to conver..

M:- So how do u rate ur company in both quality of ur work & Salary wise

I :- I was truthful with mmy answer(1st in software and didn mention any number but said its correct with economic stands)

M:- so give example of ur branch of study devices in day to day life(Mechatronics Engineering)

I:- Gave 1 on the moment, he accepted. Then 2nd one i was dragging him around like giving other options which are subset of 1st. Then finally gave 2nd.

M: Give me some what all house holds have and use.

I: i was dragging like electric scooters.

M: Camera cell phones...>

I: i will add it up next time and i smiled.

M:- So how is ur work related to ur Engg??

I:- explained him with examples.

M:- >

L :- What is stepper motor?

M: So whats its torque and load capacity?


I: - I said i may not be clear abt its torque and specs. But i said i wil explain them basic functionality of Stepper motor.
i gave them examples like scooter starter & mixie.>

M:- Last Question, Have u done any project on Mechatronics??

I : I explained my project and where i saw it live after 3 years in a 5 star hotel.

M: > Gave back the file.

Thank you,

I smiled and left!!

P.S: I might have left some questions here. But all was general. nothing much in acads or work exps. I felt they tested how u take things in life.Calm.

Rate your preparation(0-5):4
Rate your performance(0-5):4.2

Experience: Overall mine was a good & decent one. No hiccups anywhere.No grilling.No back firing.
I heard - Interview "L will be Hell..." But nothing of that sort happened. Its all how u take ur interview.

Any other Info:

1)Be calm and composed in front of panel.Smile.Do not show anxiety. They really check on it. All is in your hand on how u approach the interview.

2)The panel was very nice friendly and helps u if u stuck.
3)Since im 3 years of exp. we spoke about 5 mins for my company and my roles.Ppl with workex - dont think u wont have acads question. They might ask. But they don grill on it. Drag into ur comfort zone.

4)Be honest. If u don't know, say no.

5) Prepare yourself with confidence. Dont load with all the stuffs from ur acads.Bcoz for my batchmates question were like this *)GDP of South africa *) what is Multi ***** -- some question on economics

6) For freshers - why now? do after 2 years? questions on TQM & Princlpes Of Management

7) No question like Why MBA? Carrer goals?? came from my panel. They may ask for urs. God only knows.

Key To Success:


Result : 2 more months to go...........Awaiting...


Time n place: 9 am feb 11.

Venue: monarch luxur.
Cat score: 93.68 wirh 93.01+89.9
Nc obc fresher with loads of extracurriculars.
Acads: 95, 93, 89.8
Make sure u take the print outs well before reaching the venue. Process starts sharply on time. I was placed in 12th panel, exclusive for abm only call getters. 7 members in our panel and two male panelists. One was old and the other was considerably younger to him. He read out the instructions and gave the wat/gd topic." Fashion fades , style is eternal". No word limit. Mentioned. Time limit was 15 mins.
I took a minute for thinking . Started writing my ideas on various issues like wardrobe ,Ascent ,decent, sports n entertainment. And wrote" style is mother of all fashion and fashion is the result of man's deprivation towards fancy things." 😛 and quoted a real life example.
Neatly written 5 paragraph essay. Denoted my stance in first para itself. Finished well with in time
Started reviewing. Found out couple of errors and changed it. Underlined the supporting arguments.
Then they.told us to stop writing nd gd started in a second.

The gd:
Gd started of well. I spoke thrice. Went on smoothly. But the panelists were busy with an ipad. The young prof (yp) took couple of notes here nd there. The gd finished w/o a conclusion.but was ok.

The interview:
The yp came and called my name. And after the all the ceremonies he checked the obc reservation certi first. Then started d session. ASked me how I managed a good acad and good extra curricular at the same. Time. Asked me how paddy is cultivated. Then few basic math questons. Then asked me to draw mod(x) graph. As soon as I drew the. 'V' he said it was wrong . I asked y sir. He said mod x means only positive values, the op. I was like, omg. What wrong withese guys I assumed that they r tryin to stress me out and continued. Finally they asked if u r admitted what will u do for the nation? Said something. They asked me to update the current business news. Did with ease. In the middle often spoke about agri situation in india. Like lack of marketing, transportation, cold storage etc.

Verdict expected: w/l around 20
Final verdict: tba

hi can u please share the basic maths questions the areas asked

Thanks for sharing the exp guys would love to see others doing the same 😃 !!

Hey can you elaborate on the maths questions asked?

@RichaNarayan said:
hi can u please share the basic maths questions the areas asked
@nikita105 said:
Hey can you elaborate on the maths questions asked?
1) Whether the function which is differentiable is a continuous one?
said all diff'ble functions are continuous but not vice versa.
2)how do u check continuity?
3) can u draw a sine wave ofrm.?
4) what is differentiation of sin x?
5) are u sure? cosx or -cosx?
cosx only sir.
6)sinx is continuous or discontinuous ?
continuous everywhere sir.
7) what is the derivative of sinx at x=0?
1 sir.
8)Then y cosec x is not continuous?
The tangent will become parallel to y axis at a point sir. We cannot find the slope then.
9)Give an example of a function which is continuous but not differentiable. (again.
|x| at x=0
10) Prove.
Drew the V shaped graph and started finding LHD and RHD bt he stopped and said |x| only takes positive values. I was shocked!! and said anyway u dont know and asked the yp to take forward the interview.

Time:2.00 p.m
Venue Monarch luxur
Panel: 2 staffs...both are really cool
GD & WAT:India is a rich country but its inhabitants are poor

NC_OBC: 94.29
20 months exp in IT
acads:85.4 96.33 7.14(X,XII,B.E-CS)

Wat :started with Sivaji the boss dialogue "Rich get richer poor become poorer "written abt 10th in GDP with 1.85trillion,per capita income at Rs.5700 , 29.8% BPL . schemes not reaching intended people then spoke abt causes unemployement,poverty,illetracy...then finished with if existing schemes like sarva siksha abhiyan,MNREGS and DCT shud be properly implemented .

GD was a fish market...with 9 memebers .Started the GD.made 4 entries and also tried to bring some order .

1)What is relation between cricket and BPL(i mentioned 28 rs fr BPL)?
answer tendulkar committee didnt answer this
2)discussion on my name and asked don't know abt greek gods atlas he has the same meaning as yours?
again don't know
3)who is anna?(anna university)?told
4)what is demographic dividend? told
5)what is inclusive growth ? told
6)what is the value addon?told
7)discussion on GD saying you were trying to control the group as a leader but no one listened to you? managed it ...(he advised if everyone do like that whole group would be out -saying abt the fish market)
8)No 1 in .chess & his country?(chess in extra currics)
don't know.
9)any other calls?
new iims (low acds)
10)some two qns regarding me..

Interview:20-25 mins

All the best to all.

Verdict :don't know how to predict?

@jesuswithme dude number one in chess is viswanath anand. right now
@nijanchess : nope it changed some days back http://chess.liverating.org/ its carlsen i told this change had happened and he dropped to second but couldn't name carlsen and his country
@nijanchess said:
@jesuswithme dude number one in chess is viswanath anand. right now
No 1 in chess is Magnus Carlsen from Norway. Vishy is the champ but not number 1. Magnus is way ahead.
@jesuswithme Hi there. If yours was on 11th then I think we were in the same GD. The panel was too relaxed if you ask me. They were literally passing time with me.. I think my GD-PI got pretty screwed. Meanwhile whats your name? Mine is Amit,
@albiesriram @jesuswithme Hii.. is it fine if we take print out of the form filled up..??? Or Yellow one is mandatory?

it is fine. fill any one. Remove the first page (i.e) the call lettr from that form. Otherwise u will be asked to do so.

Venue: Hotel Monarch Luxur, Bangalore

Time: 2.00 PM Date: 11th Feb

X: 91%
XII: 97%
B.E: 88% (Mechanical)
W.E: 40 months as of Jan 2013 in Automobile
CAT: 99.54

GD/ WAT Topic: India is a rich country but people are getting poorer.
Was able to bring out a good essay supported by stats but did not write much on solutions.
Not sure whether I was within the word count(limit was 300). Pegged in GD 4-5 times with reasonably good points. It was not a fish market.

PI: I was the fifth person.There were two profs (both Mechanical Engineers).

Was asked about my rank in class and university level in B.E.
Whether I remembered my college stuff since I am 3.5 yrs into job for which I said no.
They were asking if there were any management subjects in my grad. I mentioned TQM and Principles of Management. But they didnot ask anything from that.
Asked about my current role which I explained. They didnt seem satisfied.
About any special assignment I handled separately.
What is QFD
What is PLM and their user groups (was not able to answer properly)
why PGP when you can go for EMBA after 1 yr
What other calls you have.

Thats it. The interview got over in about 15 mins. Cant infer anything. Was hardly asked anything.

All the best for others.

@albiesriram hey when it comes to rating it is karpov and kasprov. and number one is not based on rating. dude im a professional chess player and also having a international rating. :)
Venue: Hotel Monarch Luxur, Bangalore
Time: 2.00 PM Date: 12th Feb
X: 92%
XII: 91%
B.E: 79% (ECE)
W.E: 55 months as of Jan 2013
CAT: 99.51
GD/ WAT Topic: Fame and Rich are fleeting. Stupidity is eternal
Struggled to write 300 words on the topic. For GD, we struggled to come up with decent examples
Was grilled regarding Work Experience being too much.
The panel was indicating that one with so much work-ex cannot handle the academic pressure of IIMs after being out of touch with studies for so many years.
One Prof even said that my post MBA salary would be less than current salary.

The other Prof looked at my mark sheet and of all the subjects he selected Constitution of India to ask questions on. The questions were on Directive Principles and 73rd Amendement but could not answer either.

Then was asked couple of questions related to Statistics. I could answer the basic one and the unanswered were regarding terms I have never come across.

Then there was a small discussion on the novel i am currently reading.

On a whole, the questions asked did not come in academics, current affairs or wrk-ex related categories.
@quaker.psycho Were you in panel 1? My IV experience was strikingly similar
@quaker.psycho please give the details of questions asked in stats it will be really helpful :)
@quaker.psycho yeah man... details about statistics questions...