[2013-2015] IIM Lucknow Essay/GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads X %,Board, year XII%, Board, year Undergrad Str…

All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


X %,Board, year
XII%, Board, year
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.

Sectors, Company - Number of months

CAT 2012:

(category if applicable)


Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay

Date :

Essay :
Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
Time given :
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5):

Panel Members Intro:
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5):
Any other relevant detail.


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Time & Place: 2 PM, 12th Feb, Bangalore

CAT 12: 99.28
Xth:- 94.08
XIIth :- 93
Grad :- 82.6 - (BE - CSE)

Workex:- 39 months in Cisco

GD/WAT topic:- Fame and riches are fleeting. Stupidity is eternal.

I was like for one minute 😲 . Completely blank. Then interpreted it correctly (which i found out during the GD) and wrote some stuff. Gave a couple of examples like Rakhie Sawant, Charlie Sheen and Praveen Kumar. Very touch y topic though. How you can accuse somebody of being stupid is kinda beyond me. Spoke the PK aspect in GD . Added to some others points and kinda gave the conclusion too.I would say 3.5 for gd and 3.5 for wat.

Holy GOD!! IIM interviews are IIM interviews.Period.

2 panelists.Both were seniors profs i think. The round table for the GD was still as is and I was asked to place a chair in front of the table for the IV. Then the trial by fire..

Prof:Intro yourself.
Me: Blah.bangalore.blah..bangalore.blah...bangalore.
Prof: Do you have call from Bangalore?

Prof: Then why will you join Lucknow? You'll join bangalore itself right.
Me: Gave justification saying I've been here all my life. Want to venture out and learn to live independently as well. Prof interrupted saying it gets very cold in lucknow n stuff. Till this point everything was chill (No pun).
Prof: Ok, tell me something about you not in the form.
Me: Mixed ethnic background. Connections to Kerala, TN and Karnataka.
Prof: Hmm, so what have you gained from this?
Me: Gave some fundas.diversity, interacting with different cultures. no bias in opinon,etc.

Prof: Hmm, I see you had a subject called Constitution of India in Engg.So, how many types of emergencies are there?
. Dont know sir.
Prof: Dont know? Do you know what emergency is?
Me: Yes. blah blah.
Prof: How many fundamental right?
Me: (Didnt wanna guess) Dont know.
Prof: Atleast, tell me the preamble.
Me: It starts with 'We, the people,' (Blank)

Prof: So what do you do at Cisco?
Me: Answered.
Prof: You have a good job, good salary. Why MBA now?
Me: Told them about product management.How i was on technical side and i wanted to get the complete view and stuff?
At this point, both profs started barraging me with various points about if there are no managers in Cisco, ill become manager in 2 yrs in Cisco itself if i continue (Yeah, right ),this was a coaching centre answer,etc.
Me: I want to do it cuz blah blah.period.

Prof: Have you read anything bout management?
Me: No. Only about the role i wish to pursue and what skills are required of it.
Prof: No. Show me something as to why you want to do management? I'm not convinced.
Me: I havent read anything sir. Have started reading about economics only recently. About fiscal, monteray policy, how the interest rates affect the economy and stuff.
Prof: Oh, so difference between those two?
Me: FP is determined by Govt. Monetary by RBI
Prof(Interrupts): Why both not by one body?
Me: Don't know.

Prof: Ok. So, how many times do hour and minute hand cross each other in a day?
Me: 23.
Prof: What??No.
Me: Sorry sir, 22.
Prof:So, what went wrong the first time?
Me: Didnt count 12-1
Prof: Ok. (Gave me another puzzle)
Me: Unable to solve.
Prof: Hmm, ok. Name a king from Kerala who was a painter?
Me: Ravi Verma.
Prof: Name one painting of his.
Me: Dont know.

Prof: What is the biggest criticism you received ?
Me: Told i tend to overcommit.
Prof: What is the biggest compliment you received?
Me: Great learning skills.
Profs: Ok, anything you want to ask?
Me: No, sir.
Profs: Ok, thanks.

Whew, my first IIM interview was done. never expected questions from Constitution of India. Was expecting to be grilled on work ex but
. Tagline for IIM IVs - Expect the unexpected.

IV was for a good 20 mins or so. They tried to break me but i think i held up for most part of it.
Prediction: 50:50
Verdict: Time will tell.
Hope A's gonna rock. ATB!!!
X - 93.2%, Andhra Pradesh Board, 2004
XII - 96%, Andhra Pradesh Board, 2006
B.Tech, ECE, 79.54%, 2010, SVU College of Engineering, Tirupati

Work-Ex: Wipro Technologies - 30 Months

CAT 2012: QA-97, VA-78.22, OA-93.47 OBC

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore
Date : 11-Feb-13, 9.00AM

Essay & GD Topic: Fashion fades, style is eternal
10 candiates and 2 interviewers per panel
Time: 15 min for essay and then 12-13 min for GD on same topic
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: While writing we should give only chosen ideas as time will be very less. you will be signalled before 1 min for essay. I have concluded 30 sec before and spent the remainind 30 sec on thinking how to start GD because of which I could initiate the GD without much competition. It went good, not like a fish market. Everyone listened to others carefully n responded. Moderators asked people who talked very less to summarize.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

Panel Members: 2
Questions/Replies: One was cheking my certificates and other started..
1) Why did u get so low in B.Tech %?
2) Why did u join s/w industry aft studying ECE?
3) Tell me abt urself?
4) What is ur dad's business? Did u give any ideas to him on hw to develop dat business?
5) ur a 'Project Engineer' in Wipro. What does it mean by project?
6) wats diff between project and an assignment?
7) hav u studies ever how to execute a project successfully?
8) wat r d prerequisites and conditions for completing a project successfully?
9) as I studied Accountancy in B.Tech, they asked if I did implement these accounts in my dad's business?

It mostly centered on business management, dad's business and qualities/conditions for any successful execution.. It went around 10+ min for me though it was 15 min for many ppl..

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4.5
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

******************** WISH YOU ALL THE BEST ***************************

X: 84.8%,CBSE Board,2004
XII: 93.8%,CBSE Board,2006
Grad: 79.3% (RVCE, B'lore Telecom)

Work-Ex: 31mths, Software developer

CAT 2012:

Quant: 97.34
Verbal: 99.93
Aggregate: 99.81

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore
Date :12/2/13- 2PM

Essay Topic: Fame and riches are fleeting, but stupidity is eternal.

The GD started off peacefully, but then people started talking all at once. I could make barely 2 entries. the GD ended abruptly when the time was over. The paneslist did not ask anyone to summarize.

Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 15min essay writing, 15min for GD

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 2

Panel Members Intro: 2 ppl (1 was alumni for sure(P1), other person was a prof I guess (P2)
P2: Can I have your marksheets?
me: Yes sir, here.
P2: Starts verifying and asks my other IIM calls.
me: sir IIMC, and new ones.
P1: Comes in and takes over.
P1: So, what do you want to do after MBA?
me: told
P1: Are you ambitious? Tell me how ambitious you are.
me: Said i was ambitious but not so much that I would be willing to sacrifice my ethics.
P1: says he doesn't care about ethics and to ignore the topic of ethics.
me: I start talking about my dreams and how I have worked hard for achieving them since my schooldays. Gave my achievements trying to say that I was ambitious and worked hard for achieving my goals.
P1: says he is not happy with that story. He wants a story so that he won't eliminate me.
me: I make a few more points
P1: said i made a few wrong choices in life thinking i was right. Tries to counter my points and says that till now he is not happy and its the RED button for me. (He was smiling the whole time though)
me: make few more points but i stick to my points that I made earlier.
P1: Tries to sway me and make me agree that I was stupid (gives me example of the GD topic :P)
me: I say that I might be stupid in someone elses perspective but not mine.
P1: Smiles, says thank you
P2: What other calls do u have?
me: tell him all the calls. s
P2: Thanks you
me: said Thank you and left the room.

Overall, I was just asked one question in the whole interview and this lasted for 20min. Did not expect this at all!!!

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 3
@BoringJob wat there was a WAT as well?

@athlon2005 : You had one interesting time over there in interview and you seemed to have handled the best. All the best to you
@CAT99.03 , Yes. WAT before GD.
@BoringJob My interview was screwed too. They didn't ask me anything. Only later, after leaving the hotel, did I realise that they were expecting me to spill the beans about myself. But I waited for them to ask things
Big crap! I hope I don't repeat this blunder in IIM-C!
10th: 80.33, ICSE, 2004
12th: 89.4, CBSE, 2006
UG: BE, Comp Sc, 74.2, 2010, SMVIT (VTU)

Software Developer, SAP Labs, 30 months

CAT 2012:
Quant: 88.06
Verbal: 99.92
Overall: 99.16
Venue: Bangalore
Date: 12th Feb,
2 PM

Essay and GD:
Topic: Fame and riches are fleeting, stupidity is eternal
No of people: 10
Time: 15 minutes essay and 15 minutes GD
It was an abstract topic as usual. I did the essay quite well. I spoke about how riches and fame are not long-lasting and do not provide fulfillment. I quoted examples such as Satyam scandal, 2G scam and coalgate scam. I also contrasted it with people like Gandhi who was never after fame or riches but was a very righteous person. The time was just enough for me to complete my essay and also concluded it well.
Then, immediately after the essay, our GD started. We spoke on a couple of cases. Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods came up in the discussion. I spoke about scams and also quoted my Gandhi example. We had a well-rounded discussion and most of them got a chance. It was like a fish market at times when multiple people tried to jump in but it was not all that bad.
After GD, they announced the order for the interview and asked us to wait outside.

Preparation: 4/5
Performance: 4/5

Personal Interview:
There were two people in the panel, both were senior professors.
They started off with checking my certificates and cross-checked my marks.
So where do you work?
SAP Labs sir.
What do you do there?
I work for a product called Business ByDesign. I am working for the SCM team.
Can you tell us about SCM?
(Told) also explained that SCM is a vast area and my team only handles the Planning topics and Logistics.
What is a Circular-Linked List? Draw it. (He had handed me a sheet of paper).
I drew and explained.
Why is it circular? Can it not be a straight line?
Yes sir, it can be a straight line too. All that matters is the last element points back to the first element. I drew a circle for better pictorial representation.
Okay, what is an OS?
I told
Tell me two features of OS.
What do you want to do post-MBA?
I want to work in the marketing sector sir.
Why do you want to do marketing?
I spoke about my passion towards marketing blah blah
Which coaching center do you go to? Did TIME give you this answer?
No sir, I am indeed passionate. Told more about why I wanted to pursue marketing.
I am not convinced. I am sure TIME gave you this answer.
I said no.
Okay, which coaching class did you go to?
Vista Mind, Sir.
So, you said marketing. Do you want to go beg and plead customers? Marketing is all about selling.
No Sir. Selling is one aspect of marketing. It is also about recognizing a need in the market, and making a product to satisfy that need. When you create a product that customers need, you will automatically sell.
That is bullshit. At the end of the day, you need to plead and beg customers to buy your product?
We had a debate on this for some time. I held my views and I felt they were convinced eventually.
So you have calls from all 13 IIMs
No Sir, I do not have call from B and S.
Okay you can go now. Please close the door when you leave.
Thank you, Sir.
Preparation: 3.5
Performance: 4
The interview lasted for 15-20 minutes. Verdict awaited.


X %,Board, year 84.6, CBSE, 2004

XII%, Board, year 90.3 tn board, 2006

Undergrad Stream: B.tech+M.tech dual degree

Specialization: Biotechnology

Percentage 86.1

Work-Ex: 0

CAT 2012:

Quant 99.62
Verbal 99.74
Aggregate 99.93

Extra acads : Decent, but nothing extraordinary

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore
Date : 12 Feb 2 pm

Essay/GD : Fame and riches are fleeting. Stupidity is eternal.

Number of Ppl present 9 (2 absentees)
Time: 15 + 13 1/2
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
Good attempt. Explained how fame & stupidity are part of one's life and how they affect everyone. Gave some 2-3 examples. GD was decent. Everyone got a chance to speak and it was not a fish market at all. Conclusion was not perfect and could have been slightly better.
Rate your preparation(0-5): 2
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

Panel Members Intro: 2 professors p1 & p2

P1: Introduce yourself starting with your name.
Me: blah blah
P2: OK, then Biotechnology, what exactly it is?
Me: explained
P2: So, what are its applications.
: Gave some funda. Also included my Why MBA answer in this.
P1: So, do we call Louis Pasteur a Biotechnologist or a biologist.
Me: Explained about his works and how they play an important role in biotechnology.
P1: Asked about sterilization and methods which can be used to sterilize a room
Me: explained
P2(looking through my marksheets) He has studied french in his course curriculum
P1(starts speaking in french)
Me: I start replying in french
P1(laughing): Who taught you french, such poor pronunciation.
Me: Gave some funda like I know the basics of french and can read and write it properly. Speech is still a problem as I don't have sufficient exposure, but my knowledge will help me build upon it when I come in contact with other French speakers
P1: asked me some numbers in French
e: answered
P1: So, tell me more about yourself.
: Started again on why I would like to enter a management course.
P1(Stopping me in between) OK, I understand you are trying to sell yourself. tell us something else.
Me: told them some of my position of responsibilities in my extra-currics.
P1: (laughing again) What are your hobbies.

When I mentioned reading books, the discussion went into the last book I had read(the thousand splendid suns) and particulars from that book, condition of the afgans, taliban rule, then led to the delhi rape case and so on.

P2(suddenly) Ok your marks are good, you know your subject well, but why don't you work in the industry a bit before a MBA.
blah blah blah
P2: OK, but still I would say, it will do you a lot of good. I'm not asking you to work in Deloitte, but an stint in any small company would give you an exposure to the corporate world.
Me: explained how IIM L would would give me more corporate exposure in 2 years than I can hope to get in any company in my industry
P2: You won't accept me at this stage, but keep in mind, industry exposure would do you a lot of good. You still have age with you.
Me (kept smiling)

P1: Looking at my form, so you're interested in ABM program too. Why?
Me: Explained my 3 year stay in a rural area and my grandfather's occupation as a farmer. Went on to explain my interest in genetically modified foods and the bio-agri industry
P1: asked me about my stand on GM foods and when I supported it fully, asked me on my stand on GM human beings
: Explained the ethics involved in it and the regulations needed and how sometime in the future a genetic modifications in humans are also possible to cure certain diseases.

P1: So, what other calls you have.
Me: Sir, I have calls from 11 of the 13 IIMs
P1: Which ones didn't call you.
P2(before I could answer) Must be Kozhikode, they wouldn't call him.
Me: Smiling, yes sir, Kozhikode and Shillong.
P1: thank you

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4
Any other relevant detail.

Was a chilled out panel. It was more of a discussion, rather than an interview. Both the panelists were smiling thoughout and gave me enough time to answer all questions.

VERDICT Waiting for the 2nd week of April. Hoping for the best.

X %,Board, year -- 83.4 (CBSE)
XII%, Board, year--91.3(AP State)

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.

BTECH ECE , 83.9 ,2012, VIT University.

Sectors, Company - Number of months

Consilting, Deloitte - 7 months.

CAT 2012:

Quant - 93.9
Verbal - 97.56
Aggregate - 97.16

(category if applicable)Preparation:


Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u:
Extra-curricular activities like organizing cul fest and other small coordinating things.

Interview & Essay

Venue: banglore
Date : 11/2/2013

Essay :
Topic: Fashion fades , style is eternal.
Number of Ppl present : 10

Time: wat 15 mins GD 15mins

Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
Wrote a decent WAT I guess. defined what fashion is and style is from my perspective. gave 4 to 5 different views and concluded (avg).

Had a good GD Every one had enough time to talk. came in 5 times at regular intervals. I felt I made good points. Even though every1 had time 5 to 6 ppl spoke only once or twice.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 2.5
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

Panel Members Intro: two male profs... seemed very cool.
lets take them as M1 and M2.
and me as

I am the last one in the panel.
M1 comes out to call me and sees me taking to the 9th member in the panel.

after entering the room.

M2: Can I please have a look at your cetificates?
: (Gave them).
M2: (See my company and asks). Deloitte is a very good company why do you want to do an MBA ?
: Sir, I work as a technology analyst and having knowledge of the business processes is very advantageous and adds credibility to my perspectives while discussing business problems ( M1 cuts before I complete ) .
M1: So what were you discussing outside with him?about the questions we asked?
yes, sir.
M1: so what did they tell you?
sir, they told ques were asked on statistics, acads , HR and some general awerness ques.
M1: So you are not inerested in ABM?
No sir I am not.
M2: Then why did you tick in the Cat form man.?
: Sir, I am sorry I did not know much abt the course back then but now when I inquired I wasnot sure whether I will fit the profile
M1: hmm..that a good thing man that you know. 😃 :).
M1: (ASKS ME TWICE) So you are going to quit the job to do an MBA.
: I told yes sir (Both the times,have no idea why he asked twice like that).
M1: so ur an ece graduate tell me how much voltage does a Laptop needs to run.
110 volts sir (Told confidently 😛 ).
M1: hmmm tell me how much is the voltage that comes to ur home plug ins.
220 V sir.
M1: tell me how many laptops can we connect to a socket if I give u any number of extensions.
sir, We cannot tell unless we know the impedence of the laptop from which we can find its power consumption and then we can divide it with the power comming in and find out.
M1: No I am not giving you any more values than this tell me how many fast we are running out of time?
I am not sure we can find out with the limite info.
:(in the process of switching off told) I really apologize sir as it was getting late than I thought I called my father asking him not to wait just before and forgot to switch it off sorry sir.( which I made it up though).
M1: hmm Its ok. What is your job profile.
told mostly code implementation.
M1: which tool do you use?
SAP sir.
M1: What is the full form of SAP.
SAP has a german ful form which I can recall.
M1: You use that daily right...ok fine....what is that you do newaz which module you work on.
I work on BILLING and INVOICING modules sir.
M2: So what do you make a report of the data they send you thats it even a 12th class guy can do that?
No sir the client is facing a problem ( was explaing the business pbm and M1 cuts me off).
M1: No NO dont tell me all that tell me what you do.
(told the solution I gave and told what I implemented).
M1: Who is you project manager in deloitte.?
took a 2 sec pause to process it was project manager he asked.
told Amol Deepak sir , He work from US.
M1 WHo is your lead?
M1 What is future prospect in deloitte?
sir, 3 years is the avg time for promotion. in 3yrs I will be technical consultant, after 3 more yrs senior consultant and after that it depends on you work when you will become a manager.
M1 what is the revenue of deloitte this year.
31.3 billion dollars , second highest of the professional servies firms.
M1 asks M2 do we have anything more to ask.
M2 says no no we are good we are already running late.
M1 thanks you young man you can leave.
took my certificates told thank you and left.

no tell me abt yourslef, short term goals long term goals.The interview was very brief 10 to 15mins I guess.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

Any other relevant detail. be cool and confident thats the key... 😃

VERDICT ............***CONVERTED***...........

Hi guys. When the final merit list are expected to be announced??

X -86.6%, Matriculation, Tamilnadu
XII - 86.7%, State Board, Tamilnadu

B.Tech(IT) - 81.4%, Anna university.

Aricent group, 2.5 years, joined aas a fresher

CAT 2012:

Quant - 98.29
Verbal - 92.68
Aggregate - 97.97
(category if applicable) - NC-OBC

Any other special thing abt u:
District level shuttle badminton winner
Served as placement representative in college

Interview & Essay

Venue: Hotel Monarch luxur, Bangalore
Date : 13-02-2013

Essay :
Topic: Not all who wanders is lost
Number of Ppl present: 6
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
Topic was abstract, so in WAT wrote about how wandering has helped people in business.
Before the start of the GD/PI, our panel candidates had a brief talk with one another.
Started the GD as no one started for 15-20 secs.
Made 3-4 entries.

Time given : 10-12mins
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

Panel Members Intro: one lady(L) and one gent(G) ( They were really chilled out.)

Entered the room.

G: Please have your seat and give me your file.
L: You look very anxious.
Me: No Madam. ( Actually I was not at all nervous)
L: It is just a conversation, we want you to know better.
L: Tell about your family.
Me: Started from I am from this place, L cut short told me to say only about my family. Told about my father, mother, and Brother. I told my mother is Domestic Engineer.
L: Domestic engineer..? G was checking my certificates.
Me: yes, She is a house wife
L: Laughed, Thats cool
G: From my college mark sheet he asked me about the subject codes. Why these subject codes are different
Me: They are electives.
G: Handed over the sheet and asked me to read the name of the subject. He said he was not able to read it.
Me: I took the certifiacte and read it.
G: Ok. In final year, you had only four subjects, then why you have not scored well?
Me: I was involved in the placement activities in which I spent lot of time. I took care of other department placement activites as well
G: Prime thing should be your studies and your department.
Me: I smiled and said Ok
L: What is the force that pushes you to move forward?
Me: I want my work to touch the lives of people. The products I make should influence the way the life of other people.
L: Ok. What is hampering your progress now?
Me: I think I should broaden my perspective and paused for few secs.
L: That's it?
Me: yes, as of now I can only think of that
L: Do you read books?
Me: I am not a voracious reader but I do read some biographies and auto biographies
L: What was the last one you read?
Me: Bio graphy of steve jobs
L: Steve jobs is quite famous among youth right. Why do you think so?
Me: I think it is because of the connect people have with the products. The way he gives the presentation etc..
L: So you would have seen his commencement speech and other videos?
Me: Yes, Madam.
G: Tell me about your company and what you do there?
Me: Told
G: Have you done something innovatively in life..?
Me: told about a funny thing I did today
G: tat's fine, something in work?
Me: Messed up here
L: Have you seen the movie " Life of Pi"?
Me: No, I haven't.
L: You will watch only south indian movies?
Me: Not like that. if some one recommends me I will watch. I have seen chakde India, Om shanti Om
L: so you are conversant with Hindi?
Me: No, I saw that with english subtitles.
L: Have you been to any part of India except tamilnadu and bangalore?
Me: I have been to gurgaon. I was there for 3 months.
L: So how you managed there without knowing Hindi?
Me: I had problems first, then I managed to learn few words with which I can manage daily activites
G: Have you been to any other place other than demanded by work place?
Me: I have been to kerala once.

(G and L saw each other, nodded their head)

G & L: Thank you.

Me: Thank you Madam and Thank you Sir.

as G was writing something, I smiled at L and said thank you again.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5

VERDICT: Fingers crossed

Time n place: 9 am feb 11.Venue: monarch luxur.

Cat score: 93.68 wirh 93.01+89.9

Nc obc fresher with loads of extracurriculars.

Acads: 95, 93, 89.8

Make sure u take the print outs well before reaching the venue. Process starts sharply on time. I was placed in 12th panel, exclusive for abm only call getters. 7 members in our panel and two male panelists. One was old and the other was considerably younger to him. He read out the instructions and gave the wat/gd topic." Fashion fades , style is eternal". No word limit. Mentioned. Time limit was 15 mins.

I took a minute for thinking . Started writing my ideas on various issues like wardrobe ,Ascent ,decent, sports n entertainment. And wrote" style is mother of all fashion and fashion is the result of man's deprivation towards fancy things." and quoted a real life example.
Neatly written 5 paragraph essay. Denoted my stance in first para itself. Finished well with in time
Started reviewing. Found out couple of errors and changed it. Underlined the supporting arguments.
Then they.told us to stop writing nd gd started in a second.

The gd:
Gd started of well. I spoke thrice. Went on smoothly. But the panelists were busy with an ipad. The young prof (yp) took couple of notes here nd there. The gd finished w/o a conclusion.but was ok.

The interview:
The yp came and called my name. And after the all the ceremonies he checked the obc reservation certi first. Then started d session. ASked me how I managed a good acad and good extra curricular at the same. Time. Asked me how paddy is cultivated. Then few basic math questons.

1) Whether a function which is differentiable is a continuous one?
said all diff'ble functions are continuous but not vice versa.

2)how do u check continuity?

3) can u draw a sine wave ofrm.?

4) what is differentiation of sin x?

5) are u sure? cosx or -cosx?
cosx only sir.

6)sinx is continuous or discontinuous ?
continuous everywhere sir.

7) what is the derivative of sinx at x=0?
1 sir.

8)Then y cosec x is not continuous?
The tangent will become parallel to y axis at a point sir. We cannot find the slope then.
9)Give an example of a function which is continuous but not differentiable.

10) Prove.
Drew the V shaped graph and started finding LHD and RHD bt he stopped and said |x| only takes positive values. I was shocked!! and said anyway u dont know and asked the yp to take forward the interview.
I assumed that they r tryin to stress me out and continued. Finally they asked if u r admitted what will u do ? Said something. They asked me to update the current business news. Did with ease. In the middle often spoke about agri situation in india. Like lack of marketing, transportation, cold storage etc.
Interview was finished in 20 mins.

P.S. No Candies..
Verdict expected: w/l
Final verdict: tba

especially for engineering guys ... if you had any management subjects in you curriculum ... brush it up and go ....


X %,Board, year- 91.18,TN(matriculation),2005
XII%, Board, year-95.33,TN(state board),2007
Undergrad Stream-BE Specialization-MECHPercentage-8.72, Year-2011, Institute-College of engineering anna university chennai.

Work-Ex:20 mths
Sectors-Manufacturing Company-Family business

CAT 2012:

Quant 99.11
Verbal 98.38
Aggregate 99.56
(category if applicable)-GENERAL


Extra acads : none

Any other special thing abt u: nothing i can think of

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bengaluru
Date : 12/02/2013

Essay :
Topic: Fame and riches are fleeting. Stupidity is eternal.
Number of Ppl present-9/11(1 girl)
Time:15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: the topic was abstract and hence it took me some time to gather my thoughts and start writing. was not able to conclude properly. I just left my essay incomplete in the middle of a line

Time given :
Rate your preparation(0-5): none
Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5

Panel Members Intro: both male one young(YG) and one middle aged(MG)

First they asked me for my file. gave them and then asked me to sit down.
YG: tell me about yourself
Me: told
YG: you talked about shakespeare in your GD who is he
Me: told him
YG: you told he was a poet but he had written only two poems.
Me: sorry sir he was an author
YG: he is not even an author. he is a playwright. tell me his poems
Me: dont know
YG: what are his plays
Me: I have read his plays in 10 th standard but cant remember. told them only macbeth and julius caesar
YG:(had a surprised look in his face)
MG: what is macbeth about
Me: I dot know sir but i think it is about a king called macbeth
MG: what does your company do
Me: told them
YG: are you just going to your company or do u hve a designation there?
Me: told i am going full time and i am the director because it is a family run company and my parents and i are directors
YG: so you must be paying sales tax
Me: I told yes we are also paying excise since our turnover is above 2 crores
YG: is it paid in your name?
Me: no my mother's
YG: what other hobbies do you have do you find time for hobbies?
Me: I told football and about manchester united
YG: why do u like manu
Me: was about to answer he went to next question
YG: tell me five advantages which manu has over other clubs
YG: tell me five legends in manu
MG: (sees our company brochure) your products seem really good.why do u want to do mba now you can spend some more time developing your company
Me: blah blah
MG: still i think you are running away from your company
Me:blah blah
MG: but i feel india is lacking in entrepreneurs if you are going to get a job with jp morgan in singapore i am sure you wont return back to coimbatore.
Me: justified my stance
YG: which subjects do you like
Me: R∾ and energy conservation
YG:diff between window and split ac?
Me: told
YG: why the cost diff?
Me: told
YG: what are refrigerants used?
Me: told
YG: what is the chemical formula for freon
Me: dunno sir
YG: you are a mech engg. you must know
YG: what other calls do u hve?
Me: A,L,S and newer iims sir
MG: you dont hve K and I? why
Me: maybe because of normalization sir. I belong to TN board
MG: what is your cat score
Me: told
YG: so you seem to be interested in abm also?
Me: yes sir and i told about my mother being an agri officer and our plantation in kerala
YG: why kerala when ur in tn?
Me: told about climatic conditions
YG: (saw my house address) it says kalidas street here. who is kalidas?
MG: ha ha you caught him finally!!
Me: a poet sir
YG: do u know his works?
Me: cant remember sir
YG: you are in ram nagar who is ram
YG: tell me his brothers name
Me: i can remember only of laxman sir
YG: is it arjun?
Me: no sir
YG: nakul and sahadeva?
Me: yes sir. i knew it but i forgot
MG: so arjun is not ok but nakul and sahadeva are ok??(then laugh among themselves)
MG: ok we are done
Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5):2
Any other relevant detail.
interview was for 20 mins. nothing about current affairs , not even work!! being an entrepreneur i was expecting them to focus on my work. also they were very reluctant to ask questions. whenever they ask i question i would answer for 30-40 seconds and then stop expecting them to ask the next question. but they would remain silent. then i would start up after some more time. this happened throughout and it was embarrasing.

ABM- converted( maybe due to my score)


X AP Board: 86.5%
XII AP Board: 96.1%
Grad: B.Tech Eng Phys IIT Madras: 6.53/10

Work ex: 18 months
Sector: Finance Trading

CAT 2012:
Quant: 97.1
Verbal: 97.6
Overall: 98.5


GD and Interview

Bangalore Hotel Monarch Luxor
Feb 11th 2013 2:30 PM

GD&WAT; topic: India is a rich country inhabited by poor people.
WAT: wrote a decent but small essay( not sufficient time 15 min) agreeing with the topic and emphasising that it is not the case just in terms of financial standing but also socially and culturally.
GD: 12 minutes 8 participants. Entered 4 times made good points and finally came to a conclusion that it all boils down to infrastructure, lack of transparency etc.,
Was an idiot to not realise that there were places that I had to fill in some data and paste a photograph too.
Interviewer1: Why are you so careless? Why this carelessness?
Interviewer2: €œIts better late than never €œ asks me to fill them while he went through my certificates.
Interviewer2: Why this sudden steep fall from 96% to 6.53CGPA in graduation. (before I could answer) oh Physics.
Me: Sir, I felt physics was a fun subject solving mathematical equations and interpereting problems but the physics that was taught to me was completely different, classical mechanics and quantum mechanics etc went against what I knew
I2: cuts in, physics you are different, all the people we have seen so far are engineers. So tell me is it an integradted course? What degree do you get M.S?
Me: Sir, I am an engineer too sir, I recieved a B.Tech Degree. My engineering was in Physics.
I2: So have you heard about this indian physicist? Some sen, he is just around 56 very young recieved a huge monetary grant? Do you know for what he got it??
Me: Sir, I dont about this person but there are 2 ground breaking breakthroughs this year in physics and both happened outside india. One was neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light.
I2: according to einstein nothing can travel faster than the speed of light
Me: yes sir but later they announced that it was an experimental flaw and it didnt happen. The second one is the possibility of reaching temperatures lower than absolute zero. Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature theoretically where energy is zero.
I2: cuts in, can you tell me the law of thermodynamics? Need not be word to word just explain me
Me: sir the essence of it is no work can be done without energy, a perpetual machine cannot be realised.
I2: what type of perpetual machine?
Me: (didnt know what to say) sir of any kind, but after the present breakthrough its not the case any more.
I2: listening intently
Me: sir what they are saying is temperature is not a linear scale but a loop below absolute zero the temperature reaches infinity.
I2: What is this cource professional ethics in your final semester?
Me: Sir it is a compulsory course in our curriculum.
I1: So have you ever applied anything from the course in your job?
Me: Sir, I have not faced any situations where I had to use some thing from the course.
I2: So, what did you learn in the course?
Me: I learnt a lot sir, I learnt about various types of ethics like Deontology, Utalitarianism. For eg., in a lift with 10 people where killing one person is a must for the survival of the remaining 9 Utalitarianism says kill that person for the greater good while deontology says for whatever be the reason a crime should never be commited and hence dont kill that person.
I2: now tell me why a sudden jump from physics to management?
Me: sir actually its not a sudden jump; I am a foreign exchange futures trader.
I2: what are futures?
Me: sir they are contracts where two party €™s agree to exchange a good for cash sometime ahead in the future.
I2: how did you go from physics to trading?
Me: Sir, i got placed for two companies on the same day one was this and the other was a core company, but the everyday challenege involved in this job appealed to me.. there is no guarantee that a thing that worked one day need to work the next day.
I1: So what is the risk that you take everyday?
Me: Sir, I dont understand if you are asking about my profit or loss on an average its about
I1: No i am asking the amount of risk you take?
Me: (I understood then what he was asking) Sir I trade on an average 32 trades per day and each contract is worth around 12.5 times 13244(I was strugling to calculate)
I1: On what basis do you trade?
Me: Sir I trade based on technicals. Charts, bollinger bands etc.,
I1: So its gambling..
Me: Sir its calculated gambling.The risk can never be zero and because most of players in the market are constant, so patterns appear in the market. And the probability of the pattern repeating or failing varies from pattern to pattern. So your risk is calculated.
I1: So you dont trade based upon news?
Me: Sir, the time frames that I trade for in the market are not largely effected by news flow.
I1: So why mba?
Me: Sir, the exposure in my company is not much and I cant trade for positions on longer time frames where i think lies the maximum potential, and I also want a basic understanding of economic factors so that I cant take calls and an MBA will give me credibility when compared to a B.Tech in Physics if I were to be recruited for a hedge fund.(Sounded very desperate)
I1 and I2 looked judgemental and unconvinced.
Me: Sir I also want to do a CFA (wanted to say the full form too but restrained myself from doing it).
I1: I had a friend who was a trader like you he also wanted to learn all the theoretical stuff and did an mba but it didnt help him he got confused even more.
I2 smiled I returned it.
Me: Sir the flair lies in interpreting the news like the maximum population is going to, then you will be profitable. I2 nodding his approval. If you are alligned with the minimum side chances are you will lose. The risk can never be zero sir but an understanding of the macro and fundamental picture can be helpful.
I1 and I2 nodd
I2: okay thank you.
I shook both their hands thanked them some 4 times (I loathed myself for being so shabby)

Verdict: Expecting a Waitlist or Reject.
@yokesh90 Hi yokesh. Congrats. I just want to know whether they had announced the list. Cos u have have mentioned that converted for abm and W/l for PGP.
@yokesh90 Bhai the arjun,nakul sahdeva part was hawlaarious.I am rolling over the floor laughing.All the best for result.