(2013-2014) Chennai PG Meets

Yet another season of CAT is over I am sure CAT 2012 aspirants have done well and will convert the calls 2013 aspirants its ur turn now to prove urself… :mg: So be there to meet fellow pagals So who is this meet meant for? …

Yet another season of CAT is over

I am sure CAT 2012 aspirants have done well and will convert the calls

2013 aspirants its ur turn now to prove urself..mg

So be there to meet fellow pagals So who is this meet meant for?

1)Newbies : U have to be there.... Becoz later you would be attending a PG meet some point of time in your life..

2)Not a newbie but never attended PG Meet :P... You sure dont want to miss PG meets. wouldnt you like to meet people behind the id's you love/adore/hate? once u come u will love to come again.

3)veteran: Need i dont need to say anything..😁

all: why can't we have a google hangout within the next 2/3 days? v ll start discussing the plans for prep in these 2 months.. @vishal.das : request ur presence..

Guys!! planning for a google hangout tonight...those who are interested pls let me know and pm your gmail id..

When can we plan a PG meet? I am leaving chennai on 26th 😞

@ChanderIIM - Can we meet this Sunday eve at Besant Nagar?

I think there is a confusion here...lets clear it..Those who are interested in meet please specify the date, time and venue u prefer ..

Reply in this ping

Chennai PG Meet #2 Details:

Date - 26-May-2013; Venue - Marina; Time - 3:30 pm (Just to avoid the crowd which will start pouring as soon as the sun starts to set. My suggestion is to pls stick to this time). Spot - Near Gandhi Statue (i.e. Gandhi Beach) on Marina Beach Road.
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Few good suggestion to make the meets more fruitful: 1. Give about a week's time after finalisation of time, date and venue so that the news can be circulated. 2. Invite some senior PG/ non-PG CAT-toppers. 3. Discuss on mock CAT series. and 4. Only choose indoor venue for better discussions

Chennai PG Meet # for CAT'13: Date, Time and Venue is as below. Please do pass on the message to all Chennai Puys dedicated towards CAT'13 preparation.
Date - 8-Jun-2013
Time - 10:30 am
Venue - Pizza hut, Nungambakkam (Landmark - At the nungambakkam signal/ junction of sterling road and nungambakkam high road).
Points for Discussion: 1. Sharing of useful and unique material for preparation.
2. Discussion regarding AIMCAT and other mock CAT test series.
3. Appointment of a moderator for Google hangout for daily clarification of doubts/ sharing of novel ideas.
4. Open Discussion.
5. A.O.B related to CAT/ B-School Exams.

Before the meet, please confirm your presence by increasing the participant count as below.

Count = 1 (Sunil)👏splat👼

Chennai PG Meet # 2 was a very efficacious meeting. All the attendees (listed below) are more than certain that the outcome of the meeting was top-notch and are now working with renewed energy for CAT'13.

A few of the highlights:
1. Try to form a closed unit of 2-4 members to discuss the progress on a very regular basis (daily if possible). This not only keeps the motivation high but also provides novel ideas and info.
2. Maintain an error log book, it is a good tool for revision before the exam.
3. We decided that each member shall read THE HINDU and THE ECONOMIC TIMES daily. This is an absolutely must for verbal ability, current affairs knowledge, screen reading stamina etc.
4. An indispensable book to read for any person of excellence - As a man thinketh by James Allen.

We discussed a lot of points and have a neat plan charted out for us. I urge others to form their plan and work towards the same.

Participants -Balu, Ramachandran, Vamsi and Sunil (L to R in the photo) mg👼splat

Ppl near velachery who are interested in clinching CAT 2013. Lets meet up this Sunday.

Date : 16-06-2013.
Time: 11.00 am
Venue : McDonald, Velachery. (Near Velachery Railway station.)
Points for Discussion:
1. Roadmap laying for clinching CAT'13.
2. Discussions regarding CAT test series.
3. Unique ideas sharing in cracking the CAT sections.
4. Discussion regarding other B'school entrance exams.

Before let's meet, please confirm your presence by increasing the count value.
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naga and I were planning to meet tomorrow(i.e. 23rd June) at 12. If anyone is interested, please join us.
Venue is not yet decided. Will post the same after discussing with naga.

(am not able to tag naga. )

Any meet this weekends ?

Has anyone taken CAT before at APOLLO ENGINEERING COLLEGE in CHENNAI????

How about next weekend or on 15th Aug ?


Any meet this weekends ?

Hi guys.Im from T.nagar.Im preparing for cat 13.I have a lot of questions on preparation,strategies,approach,etc...Im sure there are many like me here in chennai who need to get their queries answered.So It would be nice if we can meet somewhere for this very purpose.😃

@vishal.das Whats happening puys... We are in the verge of Boss stage now...

Guys why this thread seems so dull?Start posting out some questions and as they say "Two heads are better than one "while trying to solve a question(not possible during the D day mgmgmg)

Hello everyone !!

i recently started using PG. so can we meet on weekends and have a discussion on the same !!
suggestions open !! thanks