[2013-15] IMT Ghaziabad - Dual County Program - Official thread

This is the Official thread for the* 2013-15* batch of IMT Ghaziabad (Dual Country Program). All doubts and queries regarding the admission process and selection criteria will be addressed here. You can also visit the official FB page for …

This is the Official thread for the 2013-15 batch of IMT Ghaziabad (Dual Country Program). All doubts and queries regarding the admission process and selection criteria will be addressed here.

You can also visit the official FB page for the same

The form we filled will suffice or we would need to fill another form for DCP program!? Also, it would help if you would throw some light on the placements and fees. Thanks in advance!

#the form for all IMT institutes is common. All you have to do is fill in the preferences for the campuses and their courses.
#as in for the fee structure it is revised every year.We do not know what the fee structure for the 2013-15 batch will be like. For IMT Ghaziabad's full time course, the fees turn out to be around 13 lakh for 2 years.
#placement process is still going on so we do not have the exact details for the 2011-13 batch.

what is the cutoff for dual country program...I hav got 87.25 in cat with 3yrs work ex in IT..wat r my chances?

At 83.29 cat OA what are the chances for Imt DCP

can the cutoffs for DCP be revised? @sidkej ?

@recklessdinesh last year's cut off for the Dual Country Program was 90 %ile. As of now we do not have any news of revised cut offs . Most probably there will not be any revised cut off because DCP being a flagship program of IMT Ghaziabad one needs to clear the cut off criteria for IMT-G.
@unisol @adi44

Could you guide us regarding the placements? Howmany of the batch have been placed already, highest package so far, average etc?

I remember reading last year that the regular IMT-G batch had issues with the DCP guys being made to sit alongwith them for placements. Has that issue been resolved?

Thanks :)

hey , xat scores are considered for the pgdm ?? whats is the cut off ?

@sharanyaramesh yes XAT scores are considered for the program . We have no intimation about this years cut-off's as the admission procedure is going go on till march
@Oromis2012 the placement procedure is common for the Full Time students of IMT-G as well as the DCP students. We do not have confirmation as to the number of students placed as the placement procedure is still going on.
95.03 overall in cat...va and lr 88.78, qa and di 95.73.. 60.1% in Comp Sc grad, Hans Raj College. 80.6% in 12th.. 75.4% in 10th. work exp on 31st jan 2013...60 months in HR Consulting.... no mention of any call from any campus... what should I do?
My application no is 104997, Applied in November, still no response, not even the prospectus

@snazzy.sunny u have a very good CAT score. The admission procedure in going on. If shortlisted you will get a mail from IMT-G. Wait for about 2 weeks more and if still nothing happens let us know.


What is the curriculum in DCP and the programmes offered.Ihave 93 percentile in CAT.
@shrutistar DCP is a flagship program of IMT-G . Firstly you should understand that only the first year is in Dubai and second year back in ghaziabad. There is no difference in curriculum of either years for the Dual Country Program. The programs offered by IMT-G are PGDM in marketing, finance, HR, IT, IB and DCP. The syllabus for the Dual Country Program is the same as the one followed in IMT-G.

Thanx sidkej!But what about Programes in GZB bcos what I have heard is that there is no more HR and IT seats.So Im little confused to chose my preferences in the form.Can u help me ?Im doing Bcom Hons.

@shrutistar what you have heard is wrong. All the programs that i mentioned are being offered by IMT-G. Please choose your preference carefully while filling the form because you will not get an opportunity to change your field once you have taken admission. My personal advice to you would be to pursue your PGDM in the same field as your Bachelors' specialization.

Sidkej I downloaded the form and its not showing HR and IT in it Only DCP, PGDM FT,PGDM finance ,IB and executive are there for IMTG.FT is marketing I presume.

@shrutistar just checked with the admissions department and we are told that IMT-G is discontinuing its IT and HR programs from this year on wards. FT is marketing.