[2013-15] IIM Indore WAT/PI Experiences Sharing Thread

Since I don’t see any new thread opening up, I took the initiative to start it. The WAT/PI process starts today for IIM Indore. Please use this thread to share your experiences so that others might appreciate and learn from it. Follow the PG style…

Since I don't see any new thread opening up, I took the initiative to start it. The WAT/PI process starts today for IIM Indore. Please use this thread to share your experiences so that others might appreciate and learn from it. Follow the PG style of sharing. Since profile is important for IIM I this time, please share your profile in detail along with the boards applicable. All the best!

Writing an interview experience for the 1st time..

Slot 8th april morning one

X- 90.5 CBSE (They considered all 6 subjects instead of 5 otherwise it was 93)

XII - 85.8 CBSE

GRAD- 78.4 GGSIPU, Delhi

CAT- 97.88

WAT- will raising the legal age for driving help in reducing accidents? What other ways are there? Express your views in 300 words.. (3 sides of sheet were available)

Wrote a decent essay.. i guess

PI 3 people GG(Good guy) OG (Old guy) MG (Middle aged guy)

As i reached my chair, they told me to sit and made the first blunder..

Me- good afternoon sirs (10:45 am). (Immediately corrected it and said Good morning). only MG looked and smiled..

GG: Have you been placed?

Me: Aricent

GG: tell me about the company

Me: it has 10,000 employees and presence in 19 countries.. etc etc..

GG: didn't you try for any bigger company?

Me: (thinking he meant Samsung or Microsoft) those companies do not visit our campus..

GG: but they have off campus drives like Infosys generally holds such and you are from which college..

Me: BVCOE okay you are talking about TCS WIPRO

GG: yes companies with >1lakh employees.. if given a chance would you sit for them?

Me: our seniors told us that quality is work is better at Aricent and moreover it is a smaller company so growth opportunities will be more and I am happy with it..

GG: subjects during engineering?

Me: OS, Java, DBMS, Software engineering, C++, Java... interrupts..

GG: what is quad core processor (pointing to 2 phones on table) which one is likely to have one?

Me: pointing towards I phone that it does.. and then explained what quad core means..

GG: have you heard about optical fibre deal that was in news recently?

Me: yes sir, explained..

GG: you mentioned 4G .. what is it??

Me: explained in detail..some cross questioning in between ... but explained..

GG: heard about ICS?

Me: explained.

GG: apple uses IOS so it is more secure than android and why?

Me: talked about one being open source and other not.. etc etc..said apple devices are very secure from viruses.etc..

GG: Heard about Redhat?

Me: knew the answer but at that time blanked out and just said it distributes Linux..

GG: I am done..

OG: which business daily do u read?

Me: not any specific one but I get my fair share of business news through The Hindu only..

OG: Entering into a school and you do not read business daily?? Who publishes the Hindu?

Me: do not know..

OG: what are firms owned by 1 person called?

GG interrupts: have you heard about proprietorship, partnership, and family businesses in terms of ownership

Me: not much idea..

OG: (looked not pleased) what does your father do?

Me: told

OG: I am done

MG: you scored good in Sanskrit.. so what is the difference between sandhi and samaas..

Me: sandhi joins two words like vidhya + alaya forms vidyalaya and samaas gives one word for 4-5 words..cannot recollect much.. there are different types like dvand and bahuvrihi..

MG: any examples

Me: no (baad me kai saare example yaad aaye)

MG: you have written about your weaknesses.. can you please elaborate on them...

Me: did so and told what I am doing to improve on those fronts..

MG: any questions?

Me: I read on a blog that in 2012 batch some students got the opportunity to contribute to budget of MP government.. interrupts..

MG: generally govts do that etc etc..

Me: so how was the group of students chosen? Based on specialisation?

MG: it depends on interest of students..

Me: OK

GG: what is the brand of the tie that you are wearing?

Me: it is a local tie.. but yes it does have a tag.. but never paid attention to it..

OG: Sir liked your tie that is why he is asking..(smiling for the first time in the inetrview)

Me: Ok.. it is the first ever tie that I bought (Trying to convey my choices are good)

Me: Thank you very much sir..

I had read lots of stuff about economics and finance etc.. but still they found this ownership topic which I did not have the slightest of idea..

My evaluation: an average one..

Other converts: NMIMS Mumbai Core.. will join it if this does not happen..

I hope it does...

Best of luck..

CAT : 97.48(94.65 Quant and 96.91 in VA)

X : 89.73 Goa Board

XII : 90.00 Goa Board

Graduation : 78.46 Goa University BE in Electronics and Telecommunications

Work Ex : 28 Months, IT

Slot : 1:15 PM Mumbai

The process started with WAT. There is no summary writing this year 😁

WAT was followed by document verification and then PI. You need attested copies of all documents mentioned in the form. If you dont have they will take an undertaking for the same. One guy in the doc verification panel was even verifying the extra-curricular certificates.

WAT- It has been said that e-learning and coputer based learning will eventually replcae clasroom and teachers. Is it desirable and possible in India. What are your views? (3 sides of sheet were available. Word limit 300. Time Limit 30 minutes. You get a lot of time to think and write.)

Wrote a decent essay..atleast thats what I think.p

PI 3 people. All middle aged guys. P1-GK questions, P2 - Just started the PI and and asked a quest or 2 about acads, P3 -tech guy and asked a lot on acads. P3 was a bald professor. The guy before me was given a lot of firing saying that he was not serious about the process as his attire was not proper, as his tie was loose, shirt was not pressed etc etc. So when I saw P3 first though that came in my mind was this is gonna be Roadies.🎂

P2 - What is your work profile

Me - Answered in detail. No cross questioning on this.

P1 - What is a Datawarehouse.

Me - Answered. Mentioned about fact tables, dimension tables, Primary key etc

P1 - Why is data organised in datawarehouse

Me - Answered about how it helps in executing queries and makes the execution faster.

P1 - Then why is data organised in Databases as well? Have you ever created a datawarehouse

Me- Answered that I have never created one, although I use data from multiple datawarehouse.

P2 - What is artificial neural network.(Murphy's Law - Subject least studied is always asked🎂 )

Me - Answered whatever I remembered. P2 not convinced with answer.

P2- What is neural network composed of?

Me- Cant recollect.

P2- You had a whole course on it where you scored very good and still you cant recollect.😠

Me- Said 2 years have passed so not able to recollect it very clearly. Sheepish smile lookround

P3- So what do you remember from BE?

Me- Basic electronics, Analog comm, Electronics devices etc

P3- Asked difference between Power electronics and electronics. Why is it a separate field. How to convert a normal ckt to power electronics circuit and precautions to be taken.

Me -Answered to the best of my knowledge.

P2- What is a stepper motor

Me- Dinot study is. Said I am from electronic background not electrical.

P2 done. P3 looking at P1. Now the best part starts mg

P1 - Are you a native from Goa. Which place?

Me - Yes, born and brought up in Goa(with a broad smile 😁 )

P1 - Do u read newspaper, which one, which section of news do you like or dislike

Me- TOI, read the whole newspaper. I like to follow Indian politics

P1- Who is the most famous VP of congress. Why is he famous?

Me - Rahul Gandhi and supporting answer to why is he famous.

P1- Name some national parties recognised by ECI except congress and BJP

Me - NCP. Tried to confused by saying that it is a state party. I said its a national party

P1 - Tell me some more

Me - CPI. Asked which 1? Told CPI(M)

P1- Tell me one more

Me- Said I can take a intelligent guess and said BSP.

P1 - Impressed very much 👏 Said thats a very intelligent guess. BSP is a national party.😃 Then asked who is the Home minister

Me- Said PC first, immediatly corrected and said Shinde

P1- (Smiling) Who is the FM and who was HM before Shinde

Me - PC is FM and was HM before Shinde

P1- You are very good in politics and tempting me to ask you more. 😁 👏

P3-You can ask until he gets it wrong. Smiles all around 😃

P1- Which party except BSP follows on the ideals of Ambedkar

Me -RPI headed by Athvale

P1- First name of Athvale

Me- Ramdas Athvale

P1- HM before PC

Me -Shivraj patil

P1- Why was shivraj patil famous for

Me- Said infamous for his impeccable dressing sense and changing suits multiple times in a day even when country face crisis.

P1- Which constituency did he contest from.

Me- Not sure. But he came from Maharashtra. P1 finally done with politics and pretty impressed.

P3- What other calls you have got?

Me- Answered about calls from final convert from colg X, waiting in Colg Y and a call from Z. Told that I wont be joining X.

P3- Which campus of X?Why u wont be joining?

Me-Said they have increased capacity a lot without planning

P3- What if you convert colg Y

Me - Would like to join IIM Indore over that as colg Y is much more focussed on HR.

P3- Which specialization you are interested in?

Me- Inclined towards Finance. Thankfully no cross-questions on this 😃

P1- Why IIM Indore? What if you dont get placement there?

Me- Rehearsed answer about why IIM Indore. Said I am confident that I will get placement.

P1- Back to GK questions. What is choppergate scam?

Me- Answered it nicely.

P1- Which country is in news for it?

Me - Italy.

That was the last question. P1,P2, P3 looked at each other and said we are done. Thanked them all and left the hall.

Verdict : Not sure. Although have an XIMB convert.😁 So not much bothered.

And with this the CAT'12 season for me comes to an end. This was my first and last time to try for MBA. Thankfully converted a decent college like XIMB. So now is the time to relax and enjoy and wait for other results till the hectic schedule starts.

Best of luck to all the fellow aspirants. Please let me know of any specific queries regarding the process followed today. Will try my best to asnwer. May the force be with you all.😁

somebody from Mumbai plz share ur exp. I've mine 2moro @ 8am

My IIM Interview WAT/PI experience:
Venue : Dadar Catering College, Mumbai

Profile :
10th: 90 12th:81
BE: Electronics Engineering, 61% VESIT, University of Mumbai
MS: Electrical Engineering, 3.2/4.0 CGPA University of Southern California
Workex: 6 months , Analyst , IT
(Now assisting my father in sugarcane Agri Business)

Process started with WAT. Topic was "Should Driving age be increased to prevent accidents & how can we make our roads safer".
I wrote in the negative. It doesnt make any difference as its the mindset that needs to change more than the age.Adults are equally rash & rude when it comes to following road traffic laws.

Then the document verification. It took roughly 2 hours for everybody's documents to be verified. Dammn slow & irritating. Make sure all copies are attested & attached.

Panel : 3 members (2 elderly gentlemen & 1 young gentleman)

P1: Tell us something about yourself?
Me : Usual answer. Told him that I completed my MS in the USA & came back as I see great prospects in our country. Also about assisting my family business.

P1: So where were you working?
Me : Told him that I was a technical analyst for a financial services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

P1: So now what you do?
Me: Sir I left my job as I am assisting my father in Agri Business. We specialize in sugarcane & soyabean production.

P2. Which subjects did you do your specialization in MS?

Me: Sir telecommunications & networks.

P2: Your subjects of interest?

ME: Mobile computing, Pervasive computing, Parallel computing, Computer networks, communication systems etc.

P2: Okay tell us something about Kirchoffs law?

Me: Sir, there are two laws, Kirchoffs voltage law & current law. Which one do you want me to elaborate.

P2: Both.

Me: Sir the algebraic sum of the currents flowing in & out of a junction is 0. Drew the diagram & explained. Wrote the equation i1 + i2 +i3 - i4 - i5 = 0 (P2 seemed satisfied)

For voltage , the algebraic sum of the voltage or emf in a closed loop is 0. It will be like -i1R1 - i2R2 blah blah. As there was no time to draw that huge diagram.

P3. Okay tell me something about globalization.

Me: Told him that all the countries of the world have come together, Entire world is small place & unit now. Resources are limited , so partnerships are necessary. What we dont have we take from others & vice versa. MNC's have opened offices in India is privy to the fact that globalization has taken place.

P2. Okay. Tell me something about units of data in OSI reference layer?

Me: TCP is segments , IP is packets , MAC is frames & physical is raw bits.

P2: Any devices in Layer 1?

Me: Yes the Hub is layer 1 device.It is dumb device. It understands only bits.

P2: How many bits is IP?

Me: 32 bits.

P2: Then some story about subnet masking & class A, B , C etc etc ?

Me: Told him that in class C 3 slots are reserved for host. blah blah

P2: What does DHCP & MAC stand for?

Me: Dynamic host control protocol. MAc is medium access control. MAC address is 48 bits. Used in NIC cards (Network interface cards)

P3. Draw the characteristics for zener diode?

Me. Sir I dont remember (Man it was 5 years ago, how do I know). Drew the normal diode characteristics.

P1. Tell me something about WTO?

Me: Told him about the world trade organization. That it replaced GATT in 1992. Part of united nations.

P1: How many members?

Me: Maybe 177 (Balls) ..who knows these minute numbers.

P1: Headquarters?

Me: NewYork (actually answer is geneva, switzerland)

P1: Okay supreme court recently passed a verdict, what is that?

Me: (Haan ...now these guys are in my range). Told them about novartis being denied patent for glivec because basic molecule imatinib was only slightly modified. India accepts only true innovation. Generic medicine can now be used. 8500/year for generic whereas 2 lakh/yr for glivec. Supreme courts of other countries can take a note of this.

P1: What are GM crops?

Me: Genetically modified crops. Gave example of BT Brinjal.

P2: So why was there such a hue & cry for BT Brinjal?

Me: I guess that crop takes the nourishment out of the soil. (dont know man ....ask BT brinjal :))

P2: So are you using any modified crops in your business?

Me: yes sugarcane sub species like 262 265 & 82065.

P1: That will be all Vikrant ...you may go Thanks!

Me: Thank you sir.

Just back from the center.
Date & Slot: 9 Apr, 2013 : 8:15 AM (FN)
Hotel Golconda, Hyderabad
Work Ex: 9 months (Financial Services IT)
Profile: 10th: 93, 12th: 90.61 and Grads: 92.1, Certis at district level chess, basketball and athletics, part of start up, head of students chapter in college etc.

Just after entering the venue, you will be required to sign on the attendance sheet. Verification of all originals will be done meanwhile after WAT in parallel to PI. Please have the attested xerox. If you don't have any xerox attested or unable to show originals, you will have to sign the undertaking form that you will send the attested xerox copy to the admission office to reach there by 22 May'2013.

Time alloted : 30 minutes
No. of questions : Just 1 (Essay writing) : 300 words
Note: No summary writing this year
WAT Topic: is it better to have rational laws rather than have committees to curb corruption?

(3 panel members) : All Gents
Details about interview panel: P1, P2 & P3 (from left to right wrt me)
Questions asked in PI: (Time : 25-30 mins)

Questions in no particular order:
1. tell me about urself (told)

2. software models - agile, waterfall, spiral explain (told)

3. XOR truth table. Give an application of XOR gate. (drew the truth table, recollect the application)
4. ER Diagram. draw and explain. (done)
5. Explain polymorphism and inheritance (done.. but a lengthy discussion ensued)
6. What is sanity testing? what is the difference between sanity and functional testing? (told)
7. what are the good qualities of a good programmer. 2 points. elaborate ur second point. (told and elaborated)
8. Chess notations. Draw a chess board and explain the notations. (said,drew and explained all notations)
9. What is king's gambit. (didnt know, said i have no formal training in chess , m self taught; they rebuked me saying you yourself said you are a theoretical person, then how come you dont know theory of chess)
10. first double centurion in ODIs (trick question: i said sachin tendulkar... he asked whether i was sure, i said tendulkar vs south africa at gwalior 200 off 147 balls.. and then he comes up with a master stroke.. have u heard about belinda clark? she is the first double centurion, he didnt mention men or women in his question..)
11. questions related to credit ratings. (told but not satisfied)
12. what are the parameters that are related to a country's credit rating. (told but not satisfied)
13. when was the company XYZ acquried.(told)
14. what is ur role at XXX? u dont code? then what kind of computer engineer are u? (told and explained clearly my role)
15. Achievements and failures in past 9 months (told)
16. 2 headlines of today. (told but misquoted one)
17. about narendra modi, his economic policies (told.. and in reply whom do you remember in current news regarding economic policies.. i blurted out margaret thatcher since she passed away yesterday.. he smiled.. they all smiled)
18. about margaret thatcher.

* As i was leaving, i asked them whether i can shake hands with the panel, they readily obliged. said a thank u to each one of them while shaking hands.

* this is all i could remember, got into lengthy discussions and was rebuked a couple of times because i mentioned that i got my job due to my theoretical knowledge of software engineering skills which most of the CSE ppl dont like. So whenever i got a theoretical answer wrong, they rebuked.

Note: Was a total stress interview. most likely not getting through with the 1:10 ratio for general seats and 2-3 questions gone wrong).I was smiling and agreed to my mistakes (belinda clarke one and gave up honestly in the XOR application, couldnt think of anything that time). might have to go IIFT only this year 😃

Verdict: Converted

Do we need to take out copy of the from we filled too and get it attested??

Date : April 9,2013

Location : Delhi

Cat : 91

Xth: 89

XII: 89

Grad: 70

Experience: 2.5 yrs (Ops/Finance)

Essay Topic: We should do away with multiple committees to curb corruption

and make out laws stronger instead.[30 mins,300 words]

like for majority, had a decent essay...sprinkled with examples, a good structure and solution.


3 members . p1 a young guy who looked at first like one of the juniors! p2 your textbook khadoos bhudda type and p3 a amicable smiling south indian.

interview started with my intro....unfortunately i had not done any coaching/practice or even a shred of preparation for this interview(one of my biggest blunders committed till date) and was hoping to leverage more from my recent run of investment firms interview i did plus my work there.

In intro, i started like i would with every other job interview of late with my professional experience...was intercepted by the young guy who told me to take it easy and explain in laymen terms.!!

other questions which were thrown my way..

1) couple of questions on my work.

2) top VC funds in india

3) yoy performance of them and investments done!

4) revised balance sheet schedule

5) difference btw stagflation and inflation

6) what is price index and types of index in india.

7) for how many years gold has been delivering positive returns and when i answered then the next one was how much return and current price of gold

8) ways to exit an investment for a VC fund.

9) what is seed capital

10) explain IFRS

11) how much percentage of coal india is available for gen public in public markets

12) who is the biggest shareholder in coal india.

11) my hobbies, if any.

to think that i would hv had a great interview had i answered all of it is true but the sad truth is my interview today resembled a train wreck. i was basically a operations guy in a inv fund who recently through the skin of teeth got into a better profile and then just assumed i have been working all my life in finance and hence the questions.

it skidded out of control the very minute i walked in and never really stopped...they didn't stop at a question until they got me all confused! in the middle i explicitly told them my background and what i did! but alas....they had other plans!!! classic stress interview and even though i didn't panic i was plain surprised with the direction my interview took and what all questions out of where all i had to answer!!! lol....

my mistake: they kept asking me questions where rather than play dumb and say i don't know i tried to think aloud and approach the answer in a logical n practical manner while they kept saying i should plain simple say no if i dont know the answer exactly.

do we need original documents as well at the time of interview ?

Date:9th April 2013
Location:Dadar Catering College Mumbai
Grad:76.21%(University of Mumbai)
Woek ex:9 months (Indian market research bureau)
Essay:With so many mergers and acquistions by big business houses in india,is there any future for small scale enterprises in India?Suggest ways to help out small scale enterprises.
Intro focused on why so many mergers and acquisitions by big business houses,Came with with facts and figures,scope and future of small scale enterprises in india.... body and conclusion were more focused on ways to help out small scale enterprises...
Interview:P1(bald professor in mid 50's),p2(old lady looked very sophisticated in her thought process)p3(professor in his mid 30's) (20 mins)
P1:Introduce yourself..
p2:So basically ur born n brought in mumbai....Tell me 3 good things n bad things about mumbai..
me:told....smiles all around...
p3:Seems ur a true mumbaikar known fr hectic schedules....elaborate ur daily schedule
Me:Told get up early arnd 7am...read newspapers...watch headlines...reach office 10am-8.30pm...reach home back by 9.30pm...10-12/1:reading papers,and watchig tv...(where is this interview heading to)
p1:See mr.rachit...in iim indore campus u will just have 3-4hrs for rest and ur daily activities...its a very packed schedule...will u be able to manage this...
me:yes sir have done dat b4,will surely give my best if i get this opportunity...
p1(Grilling rapid fire 15 questions while p3 stares hard at me):What is KPI....what are kpi's in ur market reserach.....how are they useful?
p3:who's ceo of unilver?
p3:in next 15 secs, tell me 10 products of unilver
me:(oh s**t)....told 8....
p3: oh come on i expected atleast 12 from u...
p1:what is SPSS?What is regression model??Chi square test... oh yes u must be using..whats d purpose??
me:SPSS told...fumbled in regression model...told chi square test purpose...
p1 laughs n tells p3:SPSS is a company..not a software...wat u have to say mr.rachit
me:sir SPSS software that we use is designed by IBM
p1:I feel ur job is more of variance analysis rather than extrapolating the future trends..wat u have to say?
me:told him how these two are involved in my role...
p1:gives a scornful smile..
p2 (chips in out of nowhere):ur hobbies?
me:told cricket,music,cars..
p2:hlds her head...says "v have one more sachin fan in this session"(i never said that anywhere)...tell me sachin's stats in detail
me:told in ODI n test...
p3:wat abt t20?
me:told he played jst a single t20...dnt knw the stats..
p3:Points fan regulator and fan..wat kind of device is it?
me:electronic and electrical respectively...can i have an electrical regulator?
me:told yes...but u will have less efficincy and shell out more money..
p3:explain electronics fan regulator
p2:wats ur place of origin?
p1:famous for?
me:told 2 things...i think they expected more than that...
p3 smiles,p2 absolutely expressionless and p1 stares hard....
p1,p2,p3...we are done...thank you so much....

P.S:Guys be prepared for the worst...stress interview can sometimes make u loose ur confidence in seconds...

Date:9th April 2013

Location:Dadar Catering College Mumbai

10th: 88.53(MH Board) 12th-86.83 (MH Board)

Grad: 71.03%

Woek ex: 26 months

Essay:With so many mergers and acquistions by big business houses in india,is there any future for small scale enterprises in India?Suggest ways to help out small scale enterprises.Intro focused on why so many mergers and acquisitions by big business houses,Came with with facts and figures,scope and future of small scale enterprises in india.... body and conclusion were more focused on ways to help out small scale enterprises...

Interview: P1 (around 35.. might be HR) , P2 (around 50-60), P3 (old one, might be technical guy)

All were very cooool... even they started discussing about gulf countries when interview was going on.

P2: Tell us about your work..

me: told..

P2: asked about parents.. what they do and about brother.

me: told..

P2: ok.. then how are going to finance your MBA degree?

me: told that I will go for loan.

P2: ok. IN the case, if you don't get job, then how will you repay your loan.. Its 15 lakhs sum..

me: I am not concentrating on job right now.. blaaaahhh..

P1: Placement is important and u also knw that.. what package r u expecting..

me: Sir, package is not imp for me.. for me..

P1: same question.. how will you repay ur loan..

me: .. same ans.. I am not concentrating on job, sir... blah blah..If you are good at something, then money will follow you..

P1: ok.. you are great fan of Amir Khan. you might have watched 3idiots..

me: Yes.. I am fan of him.. and whatever he said, its true.

P2: ok tell me what did u like in 3idiots..

me: told about education system and blah blah..

P1: ur academics are not that much strong.. rolleyes

me: told something

P2: Swapnil, it seems that ur are not suitable for doing MBA.. actually ur not ready for that.. How will u defend this..

me: 😠 😠 😠 its up to you to decide, Sir..

P1: Still how will you defend this..

me: told something..

Interval..🍻 🍻

P2 asked P3 to ask something..he was quite till now..

P3: tell me what type of job you do..

me: I do monitoring of cooling tower and RO.. and blah blah.. (why did I say RO 😠😠)

P3: ok.. means ur working on RO..

me: indirectly..

P3: What is RO?

me: told.

P3: do we use it in filters which we use at our home.

me: told something..

P3: tell me specifically.. do we use it or not..

me: not sure.. I think in low cost filters, we dont use it.

P3: ok.. tell me about one application of RO in gulf countries..
me: told..

P3 started discussing with other guys about gulf countries and how do they use it..

P3: of which subject should I ask you from ur curriculum? last sem?

me: I dont remember much about subjects but I would try to give ans..

P3: asked about process control.

me: sorry sir, can you explain it more?

P3: explained

me: told ans.

P3: ok.. u dont remember anything from your engg subjects.. should they stop teaching it..can i ask about electrical subject from ur third sem.

me: Sir, I am weak in that subject.

P3: See.. U should atleast remember something from ur curriculum.. Ur not using it in your present job, it doesnt mean that others are not using..

me: told something.

then suddenly p1 jumped in.. asked P2: lets ask him about gk.. are you interested in politics.. international, country or state?

me: country or state?

P1: Who is chief minister of maharashtra?

me: told.

P2: from which constituency he is?

me: I dont know,Sir.. may from Sangli are ( a big mistake 😠 😠) ( he didn't contest election. he came by back door of vidhan parishad.. I knew this but its IIM interview.. tensn ne mar dalaaa..)

P2: Is he a good CM?

me: yes..

P2: Where was he working previously?

me: told

P2: was he state minister or cabinet minister?

me: dont know sir..

P1: Who was the first CM of MH?

me: told.

P1: do you know Vasant Sathe?

me: rolleyes rolleyes No sir..

P1: he was from Vidarbha.

me: dont know..

P1: primeminister and president of Pakistan?

me: told..

I dont know about result but exp was awesome..🍻 🍻

OK Swapnil, you can go now..thank you..


I didn't read anything..😟 not even about my subjects..But arm urself.. dont commit this mistake.. they are very cooool...

ATB!!! ATB!!! Check de!!!!

mg mg mg

I welcome your suggestions, if any...👍

Seems, they haven't started PI at Kolkata Center. May be the same panel will interview at Kolkata.


X: 83.8% Maharashtra board

XII: 91.3% Maharashtra board

Graduation: 81.2% (BTech electrical)

Work ex: 21 mnths

10th april, dadar catering college, 9.00 am.

WAT: with the recents nuclear disasters, the demand for re-evaluation of risks related to nuclear energy has increased. give your views on this.PI: P1(middle aged guy-HR related), P2(young guy-technical guy), P3(middle aged-technical+HR)

P3: So u have a work experience- what do u do exactly

me(vry nervous; though had prepared an answer I could only say lil) : told

other work related questions, technical questions related to work

P3: What is it that u will learn in mba and not in ur job

me: again blabbering something abt curriculum, etc.

P2: what is kirchoffs law

me: told, (nw gaining confidence)

P2: what is thevenin theorem

me: told

P1: what do u other than ur job

me: told abt hobbies,

P1: other questions abt hobbies

P1 always interrupted in between n neva looked convinced.

P1: do u read newspaper

me: yes

P1: what is the real estate scenario in india

me: told partly n again interrupted.

overall performance: much less that wht I expected. I don't knw what are my chances. bt appear bleak.

Date: 10th april, Location:Dadar Catering College, Mumbai

Profile: 10th-76.4, 12th-83.4, Btech- Electronics and Telecom-82.9%
Work Exp- 21 months accenture
Category- OBC NC

Three pannel- P1, P2, P3

P1- Btech in Amity not a good college...
Me: Told about its not so and given some points how its diffrent from other

P2: Ok tell me about work what u do?
Me: Explained about what i do fr what client i work.

P2: There is written testing in retail product and services what u do exactly there?
Me: Explained

P2: Tell me how product is delivere in live and what role u play? And what power u ahve in tht role as a software tester?
Me : Explained

P2: Ok as ur college is good let me grill u on technical.?
Me: K sure

P2: What is GSM, CDMA? How they are diffrent?
Me: Explained about gsm cdma, cell , cluster , frequency reuse concept in gsm and how same freq is transmitted in all cell in cdma using code explained everything related to that.

P2: How call set up in GSM?
Me: Explained

P2: If your mobile is on . Can it be tracked?
Me : Yes and explained VLR, MSC HLR concept

P2: How customer authenticated.. Basically how secure and how u find out when mobile is lost?
Me: Explained all authentication process . Concept of IMSI TIMSI how cyphering key and authentication key work to create RAND and SRES Signal. Explained about EIR also in this.

Then he was happy

P2: The asked about channels in cdma and gsm ..
Me: Explained
Then he laughed

P2: So u got this knowledge now for interview or studied in btech?
Me: Studied all these in Btech. That's how it's diffrent from other college

Again P2 smilled.

Till now all fine then the worst time started
P1: why MBA?
Me: Told my plans

P1: What your annual income of family ?
Me: Told about father income 3,15,000

P1: Then how you will pay 13,50,000 in indore?
Me: Told will take bank loan

P1: You get 3.5 lacks placement in end then u r gone from where u will pay in emi. Tht's a huge risk?
Me: Tols that i have believe in mysef and i am sure the way i am going and things what i want to do this case wil not come.

Not much satisfied with the answer

P1: Tht's huge risk u r taking.. and make tensed mood.

Now P3 bouncer started:
P3:In your form u have written weekness is english and we are seeing it. You are very poor in english?
Me: Told about it that yes this is the biggest weekness which i am facing/

P3: How u r working on it?
Me: Told

Then another bouncer.
P3: In form u have written i believe that there is no other course in India which can help me in achieving long term goal. This is very flashy statement . You are bluffing us?
Then P!: Symbiosis is there for mba in telecom , IIT D is there these are the colleges which ahve what u want. How u can write this?
Me: Sir question is about if not MBA then what. It is not about IIm Indore course i answered according to if not mba . IIT D and Symbi are having mba in telecom management and my 1st try was to iit delhi only. But i not able to clear its cat cuttoff.

Not so much convinced wth answer.

P1: Read one statement from form . Your written english is also too bad.
Me: I ahve nothing to say . I knw sir and i am working on it.

P3: Who is amartya sen?
Me: told

P1: Who is nappolean?
Me: Sir read in history but no idea

Ok you can leave now.

I am seriously worried after this interview about result.
One thing for all of the people who are going for interview.

See your all subjects which you are mentioning in pre interview form as they are going to grill u on that. All the best everyone


X: 91.8% AP board

XII: 97.8% AP board

Graduation: 7.31 (BTech ece VNIT nagpur)

Work ex: 9 mnths(IBM india pvt ltd)


11th april Hotel golconda 8.15 am

WAT:innovation in e learning is leading to less demand of Public libraries(smething like that)

P1(tech guy),P2(HR guy),P3

Entered room and said good morning sirs

P1:Ok nikhil tell me something about yourself


P1:tell me something about Visvesvaraya(As iam from VNIT)

me:told everything about him

P1:asked my fav subjects

me:electronic devices,digtal logic,microprocessors

P1:tell me about MOSFET

me:explained in detail

P1:What is impedance


P1:what is capacitor,inductor and resistor

Me:couldnt explain well about capacitor

P1:Consider current is flowing through through a conductor what will happen,magnetic field and all

me:I gave my view

P1:asked formulae to find magnetic field around a current carrying conductor and coloumbs law

Me:gave the formulae(thank god,it was correct),explained coloumbs law

P1:asked whther we can apply coloumbs law to current carrying conductor


P1:what are faradays law

me:said i dont remember 😞 😞 😞

P1:asked about probablity

me:explained with example

P1:kept and bottle at the edge of the table and asked whats the probability of it falling down

me:explained with different reasons

said iam done,P3 started

P3:so what u do at job

Me:explained( i work in testing)

P3:what are the different kinds of testing

me:talked for 2 min(explained everything)

P3:asked whether u contributed anything in ur tenure at ibm

me:told some crap

P3:which tools u use and all


then P2 started

P2:started with my weakness i wrote in the form(i get irritated with lot of work),u get lot of work in IIM,what u will do

me:it happens sometimes sir,But i structure my work,said that during 12th class i had lot of assignments to deal at narayana college and how i handled them

P2:asked about narayana college,what will happen if these BIG gaints are banned in AP

me:told(the impact of faculty and all)

P2:asked if a student is studying in school at 11th and 12th at school instead of narayana college,what he gains loses and all

me:told(that he wont be exposed a lot to outside world except maths physics and chemistry)

P2:why mba and all

me:Jo pata tha,jo ratta mara tha(faculty,students,growth opportunities and all)

P2:asked how can u get same exp in MBA and did u take any coaching

me:told that i took coaching in time for few days

P2:Now that ur out of narayana tell me who is the chief minister of bihar


P2:why was he in the news recently

me:told i dint read anything about him recently....:( 😞 😞

P2:where is hindu published

me:told but it was wrong

Overall a good exp with some no,i dont know,wrong answers here and there

Verdict:Fingers crossed

m in my final year , wht m i suppose to do for final sem marksheet, i wont b gettin it nw....😟

Profile: X- 94%

XII - 86.4%

Graduation - B.Tech(IT) 86%

Work Ex- 9 months - SAP Labs.

Location - Delhi


Tell us about your work at SAP Labs.

What is so great about it, it is pretty boring..?

Which product you work on?

What did you learn on your job that will help you in MBA?

Software industry lacks in quality unlike other industries like automobiles..cars don't stop mid of way due to brakes fail..what are your views on it?

Coders are stupid that they leave errors in code..they don't take responsibility for their work.

What is your great accomplishment in office?

Who is SAP's biggest competitor? What is each of its market share?Their Positives and Negatives.

Which country is SAP based? What is its area? Which is the largest country in Europe?

You have never stayed away from home..will you be able to stay there for 2 years..how will you build rapport with people?

What is the most exciting thing you have done? Have you done any social service?

What is full form of ERP?

Explain your work in detail.

Which sector your college is in..what is its area?

What does your manager say to you about your weakness

What do other people in office like about you..or for what they take your help?

That's it..All questions around Work -Ex..no academics..no general awareness..

Though candidates before me were asked a lot about international events..

Don't know how it went..

Date & Slot: 11 Apr, 2013 : 1:15 PM (AN)

Location: Indian Social Institue, New Delhi

Category : general

Work Ex: 9 months (EDA)

X : 93.6% (CBSE-06)

XII: 90.2 % (CBSE-08)

Grad : 89.5% electronics and electrical communication (CGPA 9.45) PEC


Time alloted : 30 minutes

No. of questions : Just 1 (Essay writing) : 300 words

WAT Topic: regarding commercialization of sports

wrote a normal essay ; should have been better ..anyways!!

PI: (3

3 panel members) : All Male panel

Details about interview panel:

P1 (sleepy guy ~50 yrs)

P2( current affairs guy ~60 yrs)

P3 (shrewd technical guy ~ 40 yrs)( from left to right wrt me)

I was the 3rd candidate of the panel 2. (6 out of 7 ECE background)

Questions asked in PI: (Time : 20-25 mins)

Entered the PI room, greeted panel members, got response. They asked me to take my seat.

P2 : please tell us something about yourself

Me:Told ( gave a lengthy intro 3-4 mins I guess)

P3: so what are passive devices??

Me: gave a decent reply ( but missed some imp part in the definition :😠😠)

P3: I guess u are missing something imp about passive elements

Me: couldn't remember (a big big mistake at the start of PI)

P2: why u want to leave EC and come for marketing

ME: explained ( counter questions)

P3: asked about CRT and led ; which has higher longevity?

ME: explained basic ( but got confused with longevity part ) ( counter questions)

P2: what is electrical communication??

ME: explained ; but he kept on coming back to why degree is : electrical communication and not just communication and I kept on beating about the bush :P

P3: what is ionosphere's role in communication

Me: explained

P3: is it refraction or reflection

Me: refraction then explained

P2: what is gdp ; what is current gdp; why low ; what is per capita income; india's pe capita

Me: explained

P3: NRI remittance part of GDP ?

Me: no ; explained well

P2: current rate of growth in agriculture sector, service sector?

Me: didn't know

P2: use ur electronics to improve agricultural output in Punjab; which is largest growing crop in Punjab

Me: another story (( counter questions)

P2: Chandigarh UT ; should it remain UT or change it ? why ?

Me: anotherexplanation

P2: Mp from Chandigarh

Me: Praveen kumar bansal

P2: Praveen or pawan

Me: said PAWAN 😛

P2: more about pk bansal and rail budget

Me: explained( counter questions)

P1: (first entry) u said VLSI ? what is it ?? what are present trends in VLSI

Me: explained well

P3: asked about why merck pharma in news

Me: didn't read 11th april's newspaper well so had bleak idea; confessed and starting teilling about Novartis and general stuff about patent issue

P3: interrupted ;no u would have prepared Novartis ; I need to know about merck only

Me: ” COME BITE ME” 😠😠

P1: what is vaccum tube, uses

Me: explained with examples

More or less that was it ; don't remember 2-3 remaining questions asked

P1, P2, P3 Thanks we are done. Me : Thank you. Interview Experience: Unable to answer some questions...lot of interruptions by P3 ; counter questions; not sure about the performance..

General advice :

don't ignore your acads even if u have work experience

take time to think before answering ; any wrong or inappropriate word used while answering can be sufficient to turn PI into a nightmare,

read newspaper of the day of interview

hope u find it useful.

all the best folks!!

Profile:-10th 92.6(CBSE),12th 94.7(AP Board),Btech-9.2(NITW),work ex -NIL

Venue-Hyd golconda hotel 10 apr 8.15 am

WAT-Nuclear disasters are increasing present your views on this issue.

I wrote a very good coherent essay thanks to Byju

I was the first one to be called for interview.

The panel had three profs P1,P2 and P3.

P1:Tell me about yourself

Me:told about my internship experience.

P1:-Interrupted and asked you seem very clear abt your career(I had mentioned that I was interested in oil and gas sector in the interview form in the column for othr career options) why MBA?

Me: I want to specialize in operations were my domain knowledge could come in handy

P1:grilled me with ques why dont you join after two years with work exp

Me: tried to convince

P1 : explain abt fractional distillation unit

Me: Explained

P1:Tell me abt water purification,membranes RO and UV


P1 was done

P2:Tell me why oil prices are rising

Me : tried to answer but he was nt convinced

P3:asked abt computational methods , few questions on chemical bonding

Overall:Nice interview the main focus was on acads and y MBA So freshers be thorough in your acads............