2013-15 GD PI Thread

Hi All, After having a successful 2012-14 GD PI thread, I have decided to launch this year’s GD PI thread. As events around the world continue to unfold, lets bring them to this forum and discuss. I have started a GD PI 2013-15 google gr…

Hi All,

After having a successful 2012-14 GD PI thread, I have decided to launch this year's GD PI thread. As events around the world continue to unfold, lets bring them to this forum and discuss.

I have started a GD PI 2013-15 google group. Send me your email id so that I can add you all to that group.
Email me at kar.shovik at gmail

Last year's thread

Hi All,

I just conducted a GDPI bootcamp for CL in Gurgaon. From my experience, I would like to share some dos and donts for GDPIs.

1. Do not wait forever to make your point. If you have an idea or a point, make sure to seek the earliest opportunity to do so. Waiting will not help your cause.

2. Be articulate. You will get an undisturbed stretch of around 20s of footage at a time before your next shot, make sure you hit your point in that time frame.

3. Dont go one-one in a GD and never look at the evaluator. He/She is not a part of the GD.

@OrganizedChaos what if i don't have any knowledge of the topic...what am i supposed to do???
In that case, be the best listener you can in the first couple of minutes or so. If you are well-read and listen carefully, you would be able to link topics and build a perspective. Like I have mentioned you would not get more than 15-20s stretch of footage at a time, so be very articulate and put your ideas through cogently in that window.

Some of the popular topics for GDs that have been conducted were on Hunger Strikes, Indian economy, politics, legality of mass communication etc. There are going to be more which will be conducted in the coming days. I have conducted case studies as well.

I conduct these as a part of CL.

Apart from answering queries, I would also try and share some of the highlights of the GDs and PIs so that you guys understand the dos and donts. But again the best practice is to take up as many GDPIs.

Case study

I recently conducted a case study and was appalled at their performance. I gave a poor feedback to all of them. Their was no outcome at the end of it. It was a fish market !! Imagine that, a case study becoming a fish market. There was no output. Shocking.


1. Case study is not a GD. There has to be some final concrete output. The group should come up with solutions. That's the point.

2. The case study is checking for group problem solving approach. The situation is clearly defined, questions are put forward and the group must give solutions to the problem.

In my case, the group treated it like a GD (probably because they had a couple of GDs before that). But that is no excuse. They had to be mature enough to understand what is the point of a case study, its not about how good your points are and how articulate you are, the fundamental point is the group MUST come to a/many solutions to the problems given to them. On top it, there should concern regarding your contributing to the solutions, putting your solutions forward in an articulate manner. etc

@OrganizedChaos do we have to come to a final conclusion in a GD ?
@OrganizedChaos Thanks a lot sir..

How to react if you find that someone's point has made mine point really weak...
It would be great if you can come up with a final conclusion in a GD but that is not essential. Watch some of the debates on NDTV and more importantly see how the moderator closes the GD. He/She would highlight the key issues where the group has agreed upon and also highlight the moot points but in a very different manner.
See these are standard GD situations but there are no formulas to handle them. Keep in mind that every side has multiple ways of looking at things. So if someone's point has made yours weak, use the logic in your argument to counter that.

Could we discuss the main topics for gdpi ! To start with, I'll list some:

Eurozone crisis
FDI -boon or bane
Lokpal Bill ( yeah)
the recent tax debate at Davos
India's increasing fiscal deficit and poor growth

( I am more into economics topics, if someone could bring out the important events of 2012 from any domain, would be extremely helpful)

Hi can anyone give me information on how to contact or enroll in Mr. Malay's GDPI prep classes? It would be a great help.Thanks


@OrganizedChaos : Your youtube does not all of your videos. Please share.

The five videos should be visible now.
You will have to google that out. For macroeconomic i.e. country related data like inflation, GDP, interest rates etc, you can try tradingeconomics.com
hello all
i wnt to get your advice on my profile. i am btech graduat in comp scienc and engineering(2011) and since july 2011 i hv been working in a startup( a packaging company) as sales manager. now what i was asked in my imt -g interview was why did i get into mechanical sctor and not it.i could not justify that very well...could u guide me as to what shud be my answer in such a situation..personally i joined in there bcz there were no campus placements at my college that year.
thanks in advance