[2012] [Official] Kolkata Dream Team

The Regional Dream Teams are back and so is the coveted KDT - “Kolkata Dream Team”. The names - prem_ravi, rik_12, skr_14, first_timer, the_bmr, ashish13dec, SKS, TnT, TargetCat, rohit_khedia…so many stellar performers, some current PGD…

The Regional Dream Teams are back and so is the coveted KDT - "Kolkata Dream Team".

The names - prem_ravi, rik_12, skr_14, first_timer, the_bmr, ashish13dec, SKS, TnT, TargetCat, rohit_khedia....so many stellar performers, some current PGDM students, and some have already dipped in the holy waters of The other side....
Known for being leaders, inspiring others....

Here we are to create a team based out of Kolkata, the city people say "Lost in Transition"...but over the years CAT results have proved otherwise, a city which repeatedly gives u cent %ilers.....and mock maulers......Here's a snapshot of last few years performers...

prem_ravi IIMC 2010-12
skr_14 IIMC 2011-13
bmr FMS 2010-12
TnT IIMC 2012-14
first_timer XLRI-PMIR 2011-13
great_timer XLRI-PMIR 2011-13
target_cat XLRI-BM 2012-14
satwinder FMS 2011-13
ashish13dec XLRI-BM 2012-14
rohit_khedia IIMC 2011-13
rik_12 IIMC 2009-11
a.sharma IIML 2012-14
SKS IIMB 2012-14

Before we proceed, please go through the following threads ( Previous years)





Team Format

11 official members
2 reserves
2 cheerleaders
1 manager
Section wise Mentors

The Process and Format for Nominations

The nomination process is fairly simple. One just has to show his/her interest in the team and tell us why (s)he should be considered for a position

One can nominate himself, any other person whom he thinks is fit for a position in the team and also if one wants he can nominate members for all the positions offered.
The following format should be followed for nominations
A brief introduction about yourself (including why do you think that you should be considered)
Mock Scores
Past Performances
Your Strengths (like VA, QA, DI etc)
Anything else that you would like to mention, specially the Kolkata connect(Refrain from forced links)


Nominations Start : Today, right after this is posted.

Nominations End: 05 Aug, 23:59:59

Results to be declared on: TBD

How do I put up a nomination? What is the criteria for getting selected?

Nothing much. Just a Statement Of Purpose as to why you should be in the team. Mock scores ( preferably a link to mock repository post of yours ) and past acads desirable. And obviously, your participation in threads, relevant contributions, and tenacity.

Nominate yourself or a Team u feel worthy of being the KDT or both.....

KDT2012( Declared on 07/08)
1. DebjitNag(captain)
2. Love_cat(VC)
3. Leon88
4 . s_k_
5. esgeebk
6. raven_007
7. PapaiNandi
8. atulmishra
9. allan89
10. nisroms
11. bluechameleon
12. saptarshi1985- Reserve
13. pratskool - Reserve
14. ankita14- CheerLeader

and here it comes...the Kolkata Dream Team 2012 :sigh:

thanks to Shaunakda for keeping our request :)

For all, let the nominations pouring. So called veterans like us will be here as always

Ahaa.....one of my favorite teams is up.....being a part of KDT'11 was one of the best things tht happened to me the previous season..... the bakar...the gyaan....the motivation...made some awesome friends......which helped on n off preps....

Pour in ur nominations.....will always be thr to encourage n help if needed.....this has been a team of fodu's n will be the same again....\m/
Cheers to the future KDT......KDT '12......:)

The big thing is back again. :mg:

This team has always lived upto the expectations and has been blessed with many a good people and awesome performances since its inception. I believe this year there will be no exception as well. I know a few people from my team were normalized,but the great thing lies in their indomitable spirit that compelled them to rule their destiny. Flipping through the pages of mock score repository thread stand as a testimony of fact in this regard.

Here I put forward my team in no order.
1.DebjitNag(a DT material)
2.PapaiNandi(a DT material)
3.sid2222000(Once again another DT material)
4.Allan89(Sincere about his goal and started picking up in mocks)
5.Bluechamelion(Very very consistent, so another one who deserves to be in DT)
6.Nishant_88(Captain) \___-__O__//
7.nisroms(This is his year.a mock mauler and a 99%tiler+ in CAT who dared to dream big) \__-__O__//
8.Raven(Already had produced good result in CAT '10 and the dream is on) \__-__O__//
9.Ash(Redemption time, another awesome mocker \___-_O__//)
10.Subhakimi \___-__O__//
11.tamal(In case if he takes CAT)
12.s_k(Is ready to strike back)
13.esgeebk(Great mock scores)
14.LeoN_88 (Very active)
15.Pratikk_24(Will do well)

1.Ganesh sir :mg:

PS: Though I have included a few people from KDT'11 but a team having a healthy mix of veterans and newcomers always produces a splendid performance.
Hello everyone,
I am Saptarshi Nayek ,an electronics & communication engineer .This may be my last attempt to cat.But this will be the first one with preparation . I am an electronics & communication engineer worked 2 years with a calibration laboratory in delhi and then after my father's death and I came back to Kolkata in April, 2009 to run our family business. Still not enrolled for any mock series due to financial problems.Hope to bell the CAT with full preparation only on PG itself.So here is my credentials for nomination of most honored team of PG of my city-
class 10-75.1%(Hare School,West Bengal Board)
Class 12-70.3% (Hare School,West Bengal Board)
B-Tech-7.63 DGPA(WBUT)
CAT 2008-85.71(QA-80.XX,DI/LR-97.65,VA-43.XX)
CAT 2009-85.16(QA-92.XX,DI/LR-98.76,VA-37.XX)
XAT 2009-87.43(DI/QA-94.XX,AA/DM-95.XX,VA/LR-47.XX)
CAT 2010-98.75(QA-99.4,DI/LR-96.66,VA-87.65)
CAT 2011-I want to forget

@[473289:SAPTARSHI1985].....Respect buddy.....\m/

Thanks a lot @[222373:Love_CAT] sir for the nomination......i had a wonderful time last year interacting with everybody.......But sir i feel there are a lot of ppl who being in kolkata will benefit more from the team than me being in mumbai.....moreover i ll always be a part of the team.....hence i want to be an active part of this team but with one extra member in the team.....:)
Also a lot of controversy was created last tym bcoz of me being in 2 Regional DT's last year.....n i dont want tht to be repeated.....just want this team to be clutter free.....n i ll be there with all my might.....n will try to be more active than i was last tym....:)
This team is very close to my heart......n i hope to help n be helped as i have been....:)

Here comes the nomination again for the most "fatafati" team...

This team has produced stalwarts time and time again.And this year it is going to be no different.My choice in no particular order-

tamal da

There are two more members that I would like to nominate if there are no problems,as they have shifted base to their new "karambhumi".
They are not present in Kolkata but have always been an inherent part of this study group.They are


Ganesh sir

Everyone has the potential to ace it on the the big day and i sincerely believe that all of them will.

My nomination:

It would be nice if I get a privilege to be part of this team.
My name: Subhro Mukherjee
pg id=raven_007
Grad-2011-BE in IT from BESU, at 76.3%
Working at IBM for 13 months at Kolkata

this will be my 3rd attempt:
Previous attempts:
CAT 2010-97.7||CAT2011-91.xx(VA-30 percentile )||XAT 2012-98.7||Calls: XLRI(HR), SPJAIN||Yet to Achieve my dream

My mock scores:

My nomination for KDT(Considering DT nominations and UDT nominations and Mock scores)

1. Debjit Nag
2. Love_Cat
3. Tamal220187
4. Nisroms
5. PapaiNandi
6. ash
7. Leon88
8. allan89
9. Bluechameleon
12. @atul_mishra
Missed few names earlier:
will update more as and when i find others :)


Names are in no particular order. One request to selectors, please include most of the people here. I know the stakes are high and it might not be possible to include everyone but lets make a big team and all of us succeed together. :):)

PS: I am not nominating Nishant_88 because he will be part of DT this year.
Sid has decided to stay out of this process and I respect his decision.
Their help will always be required for each one of us.
Debjit might get into DT too. So fingers crossed for him. ;);)

I don't know most of them but heard a lot about them and they are a source of inspiration for me. Would like to meet all of you some day.

Subhro Mukherjee

Kolkata ke purane niwasi log....yahan spam karenge..... :

@FSOG said: Kolkata ke purane niwasi log....yahan spam karenge..... :
koi baat nehi...sirf @[316381:visionIIM-ACL] aka hamara super active mod sahab ko pata nehi chalna chahiye
ps : this is the first time I am liking this 'tagging individual people' part in new PG. can't use it in any better way

@tamal220187 said:
koi baat nehi...sirf @visionIIM-ACL aka hamara super active mod sahab ko pata nehi chalna chahiye ps : this is the first time I am liking this 'tagging individual people' part in new PG. can't use it in any better way

...kisi ne bata bhi dia unhe mere spams ke bare me to bhi I am sure @[316381:visionIIM-ACL] apne budhape ke karan jaldi bhul jaenge


E bochhorer KDTr jonye amar nomination.
First up, a very big THANK YOU to @[222373:Love_CAT], @[375104:s_k_] and @[350021:raven_007] for nominating me.
Also, cheers @[350021:raven_007] for the sentiments expressed in your post. They pretty much sum up what I had to say.
Being selected into the hallowed portals of KDT 2012 would represent a great honor and a privilege, and I shall be looking to use this opportunity to connect with and help my fellow puys, to the best of my ability, to reach their MBA related goals, while working towards reaching my personal goals.

My nominations for the team would be:
1. Tamal220187
2. Love_Cat
3. subhakimi
4. Papai Nandi
5. @[375104:s_k_]
6. @[350021:raven_007]
7. Nishant88
8. Debjit Nag
9. Leon88
10. esgeebk
11. prateek24
12. allan89
13. saptarshi1985

Coach: Ganesh_87

Also, hope to have sid2222000 around, even if, as he says, he can't be part of the 11.

To conclude, a note on my profile:
This will be my 3rd attempt, and the 3rd avatar too. The first time I took it (in 2008), it was still a paper pencil test
I'm currently employed with TCS, where I've been working since March 2010.
I completed my graduation in 2009, at ECE, from IEM. My DGPA is 7.5.
I cleared my boards from LMB: ISC 2005 (87), ICSE 2003 (94)
Extracurriculars are okay.

@[230652:bluechameleon18].....lol......mentor....i am as much an aspirant as all the posters here are......an aspirant.....abhi uss kabil nhi hu....

@[411127:sid2222000] What role would you prefer sirjee??

@bluechameleon18 said:Bondhugon,
5. SKS ..........aka...Souvik ?

@[520788:LeoN88] Hmm Souvik.. isn't he taking CAT ds year?

@bluechameleon18 said: @LeoN88 isn't he taking CAT ds year?

I think he converted B

@[584040:FSOG] my bad 😛

@bluechameleon18 said:@FSOG my bad


@ others , @[298272:sbk1337] ki CAT diche eibar ?