[2012] Ask ISB Hyderabad/Mohali: Admissions Director AM Kannan answers admission-related questions

Dear all, The tradition continues in its sixth year. On this thread, ISB’s Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Mr AM Kannan will answer all your questions about ISB PGP admissions, scholarships, placements, faculty, infrastructure,…

Dear all,

The tradition continues in its sixth year.

On this thread, ISB's Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Mr AM Kannan will answer all your questions about ISB PGP admissions, scholarships, placements, faculty, infrastructure, culture and student life with a view to admissions for the PGP batch 2013-14 at Hyderabad and Mohali campuses.

Use this thread to get Officially Valid answers to your questions on ISB admissions, curriculum, scholarships, faculty, placements, etc straight from the horse's mouth.

Mr Kannan says,

Dear ISB Aspirants,

The Indian School of Business (ISB) announces the start of admissions for the Class of 2014. The Post Graduate Programme at the ISB is being delivered simultaneously from our two campuses - Hyderabad & Mohali and we follow a unified process for admissions & placements. Through this column, me and my team at the Admissions and Financial Aid at the ISB, will respond to your queries on the school, faculty, admission process, placements, student life on campus and related topics. A online PPT is also put up here, that will give you an idea of what the PGP at ISB is all about.

Good Luck for your preparations
Warm Regards,
AM Kannan

Some DOs and DONTs while posting.
The DOs1. Please Go through the thread pages first, most probably your question has already been asked by somebody else and asking it again will be a redundant activity. By reading through the thread, you will also learn a lot of interesting facts about ISB through other users' questions.2. Go through the ISB Admission FAQ page for answers to the most commonly asked questions.3. If your question or a similar question has NOT been asked before, you can post your questions about ISB Hyderabad or MBA careers here by hitting the 'Post Reply' button on top.4. Mr Kannan and his team, who will watch this thread will answer all your queries on a regular basis. So once you post your question, you can come back to this thread in a couple of days to find your answer or even better, Subscribe to this thread by clicking on the 'Thread tools' link on the top-right side at the top of the thread.The DON'Ts1. NO PROFILE CHECK questions allowed - Please do not ask questions of the type: 'The following are my marks and my work experience so What are my chances at ISB?' - such type questions are not allowed and will simply be deleted. This thread is not meant to be a dipstick test to measure your admission feasibility.2. No asking redundant questions. First read through the thread. If you don't find your question already asked, only then ask.
ISB's eligibility criteriaTo be eligible to apply to ISB Hyderabad, you need:* A Bachelors degree* A valid GMAT Score* 2 years full-time work experience after graduation* TOEFL or IELTS score only if language of instruction during undergraduate education was not English
Mr Kannan's PG User ID is @[141361:ISB.Admissions]

All the best!


Hello Sir,

I am interested in applying to ISB for the FPM course. I see that the course was started last year. Could you please provide some more information on the course?
1) Is it necessary for a candidate to have decided on the topic in which one wants to do his/her doctoral studies? (not the area but the topic of the thesis/dissertation)
2) The topic I want to do my FPM studies on is an area related to the rural economy along with policy-making/strategy. However when I went through the areas that a candidate can pursue their FPM in ISB, I didn't find anything related to the rural sector or agri-business sector. As a result I am a bit confused about how the admission procedure would be. How would I be affected as a student because of this?
3) How many offers were made to students last year for the program? How many of these were accepted?
4) Can a graduate apply for the FPM program? If yes, what are the minimum requirements?

Thank You.

You may consider writing to the FPM programme office: [email protected] or call them at +91 40 2318 7936. They would be able to guide you on admission requirements in addition to the information they provide on their web-page: http://www.isb.edu/fpm

You can rest assured that the programme ensures close interaction with top business researchers from around the world who are renowned for cutting edge research on global management issues.

All the best!

Dear Sir,
I have 7 years of workex as on date with a sales background for 5 and entrepreneuship for past 2 years. I started with a gaming lounge and cafe in end 2010 and now have jointly opened a roof top restaurant with my father in law. This is not either his or mine family business in any way but a new venture altogether. As such only he is in the best possible position to evaluate my contribution to the group. Can I get a recomendation from him?

I certainly cant expect my patrons to call a give a reco so that option is out. So who judges my current work?


Your direct supervisors at your previous employers would be ideal as your recommenders. Their titles are not relevant - but the fact that they have directly supervised your work & performance is. Another option would be to ask your chartered accountant, bankers or business associates - excluding any of your suppliers - for a recommendation. If you have corporate clientele, they may also be good recommenders.

Recommendations from relatives do not add strength to an application in view of the quality of professional recommendations of other applications.

Dear sir,

Please address my question - if one of my evaluator(my manager) has retired and has not having any offciial email address how can I provide evaluation through him

Hello Sir,

I have close to 5 years experience in the IT industry. One of my recommenders is a supervisor from my time in the IT industry. We started our own business 2 years ago and my partner (who is also my life partner) has been as involved in the start up equally. Can the other recommendation be from my partner?

Thank You

Hello Mr.Kannan,

I have few doubts regarding PGP app.

1. I have one year gap in my education between XII and Undergrad, where should i include that gap in the application, in XII or Undergrad page ?

2. I am self employed from past 1.3 years. I have not submitted my company IT returns as of now, as i have time till September 2012. Is it mandatory to fill Annual income in the current employment page ?, if so what should i mention now ?

3. Do i need to consider my post graduation tenure in my over all experience as of March 2013 ?

Plz do clarify at the earliest as i am close to submit my application. Thanks a lot.

Hello Sir,

I have booked my GMAT date as 3-Sep-12 and I am interested in applying in the 1st round.. Just in case I don't get my official score report by 15th Sep, can I upload the scanned copy of the scorecard provided to me by the exam centre? will I have an option to update it as and when I get the official scorecard?

Thanks !

Mr. Kannan,

Thanks for your Valuable Time.
I have 8 years of experience in IT, I just want to know the remuneration range that people with similar experience are getting after they graduate from ISB ?

Dear Sir,

I wanted to know which cycle, first or second, is better to apply for in ISB. The ISB website along with the other sites mention that there applying in first cycle is better. Please let know if the chances of getting through depends on this factor? What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying in these 2 cycles?
Hi Sir,

First of all thanks for showing keen interest in helping prospective students to know further about ISB and its admission procedure.

Can you kindly clear the slight confusion I have between applying for 1st round and 2nd round. The only valid reason/advantage I heard till date is that ISB looks to get a batch of diverse profiles and just in case I apply for 2nd round and if ISB already confirms students with profile somewhat similar to mine in first round then things will seemingly be a bit difficult for me in second round because ISB already got enough number of people with my kind of profile. Is it true sir?

Raghu Prodduturi

hello sir,
i m right now doing job in a mnc pharma company as a sales representative from last 7.5 months.
Sir, in future i also wanted to go with pgp program in marketing and sales so i needed your extreme guidelines that how should i develop myself for this course.
and after what time exactly i can apply for this program.


You can provide your retired manager's postal address & unofficial email in your application. We shall contact them regarding your recommendation.


Ideally recommendations should depict a professional relationship. If you are in business -You may consider a customer, investor, accountant instead of using a relative.


1. Mention the gap in your undergrad section

2. A statement from you on official letterhead stating your income will suffice

3. Yes, your total workex post your graduation until the expected date of entry into the PGP is used to determine workex


Yes the unofficial test-centre score will suffice. Please also ensure that you have requested GMAC to send your official scores to us so that we receive it on time.


Please review our placement data for information on industries, types of companies, geographies, etc that our graduates work-in immediately upon graduation: http://www.isb.edu/pgp/Placement_Highlights.Shtml

Companies coming to ISB do not necessarily look for specific profiles - they are more interested in candidates who have a strong sense of where they are headed, have prepared diligently for a specific career move and who fit in well within their organizational culture and business needs. You may want to think more in terms of what it is that you want as a career - short term and long term post your MBA. That way you can derive most benefit from a program like ISB's PGP and from the career possibilities available through our placement services.



There is no advantage or disadvantage in applying in either of the cycles. However, you should ensure that you give yourself enough time to prepare your application well instead of waiting till the last day- a well thought out application is what distinguishes successful applicants.