[2012-2013] Jaypee Business School (JBS), Noida - Official Admission Thread

OA: 83.23

QA: 62.61
VA: 92.68
B.Tech: 71.74%
XII: 73%
X: 81.4%
Worx Ex: Nil
SHould I apply?
What are my chances?

hello puys,xth-68
xii- 65
b tech-74
work ex-3 yrs
mat sep-84%.may-87%
what are my chances to get admission in JP????/

@erpunit21: First of all many many congratulation for scoring such a good percentile in MAT both in May and Sept.

As you have work experience of 3 years and your academic background is well. I think you will not face any difficulty in getting admission in Jaypee.
XII- 58%
X- 76%
CMAT- 128(score), 16k AIR
What are my chances to get admission in JBS.
Joe13 frankly speaking i don't have any idea about the cut off of CMAT. As you have good percentage in graduation. chances are there to get the call letter for GD/PI. Then it would depends on your performance in GD. So you have to take the risk of filling up the form.
@mohitvermakool : I can only suggest you to please don't wast your money in filling the JBS form. First of all appear for FEB MAT and score well.
Wait for the second round of GD/PI of JBS.
All the best from my side for your future
@shashank7dec thnx,i will apply after feb result.

mohitvermakool: Welcome my dear.

For any further queries Please be in touch
Hi Puys,

hen the shortlisted candidates list to attend GD-PI will be out? What is the date for GD-PI?

Thank you

This information can be collected from the Admin department. You will get mail and the letter from the JBS. If you are more eager then you can contact to admin department personally or through phone.

over all 85.01 percentile
va/lr = 82 percentile
qa/di= 84 percentile

10th = 79 %
12th = 70 %
grad= 65% (BAMS)

what are my chances if i apply...

goodveer: Many many congratulation for scoring good percentile in cat. As you have good cat percentile which will overcome your average academic score. so the chances of getting the call for the GD/PI is very high. Please fill up the form and go ahead.

All the best from my side
@shashank7dec thnx u sir.....i have one more query ...i know jbs is a very good b school with a strong corporate backing but i dont have any info regarding packages being bagged by students ...can u plz shed some light on this point ..i mean can u plz tell about the avg package and the highest package offered to the students of jbs..

goodveer: The placement session for this year is still going on. I can provide you the name of recruiters who all have offered decent package this year.

1. Smart Cube
2. Capital iQ
3. 99acres.com
4.Pearson Education

We all are waiting for the Jaypee which is the mass recruiter as well as good package provider

HCL is also a good Package provider but they haven't visited the campus this year till now.

The average and highest package is calculated after the placement session gets over. so its really difficult for me to provide information to you on these two parameters.

@shashank7dec thank u shashank sir for all ur help......if not for this year..than can u plz give me a rough idea for last year.....m sorry for all the troubling...but i just want to clarify this issue before finally applying....i will be really greatful if u cud help...
Goodveer: Definitely the highest package for the last year was 10lacs and Average was in between 3-4 lacs.
The highest package was through offcampus
Through the on campus the Higheast package was around 6.5lacs.

mat score 594

graduatin 68
10+2 55
what are my chances for jbs............

proudaries: can you please provide me your Mat Percentile. From the percentile its easier for me to guide you whether you should apply for JBS or not?

@shashank7dec mat score is 69

proudaries: You can take a risk of filling up the form. As u have average Mat score and Average Academic background. there might be possibility that you can get a chance to appear for GD/PI.