[2011-2013] Goa Institute of Management (GIM) GD/PI Experiences

Hi All The GIM GD/PI has started today and its time to tell your experiences to puys and us so that others can understand better. Please follow the below mentioned format for posting experiences:* Process:A Group Discussion followed …

Hi All

The GIM GD/PI has started today and its time to tell your experiences to puys and us so that others can understand better.
Please follow the below mentioned format for posting experiences:

Process:A Group Discussion followed by a short write up on the same topic for 5 min, and then the Personal Interview.

XAT Percentile:

Batch of Interview:

GD Topic:

Any other interesting thing:
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2.Use 'Thank' option, instead of posting it.Even if you are quoting ones post dont post whole page, make it short.
3. Dont ask admissions queries or discuss any GD topic here.

Contribute and hone your knowledge on topics on http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/gim-gd-pi-discussions-2011-2013-25062943

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Make this thread a good learning experience and a legacy for your juniors.


So here comes the first bouncer from GIM,Goa GD panel.

The topic for both the panels were :

Is Demographic dividend, in India, an outstretched idea ? :splat:

People will start posting their experiences soon.

Interviews, continue with same pattern as last year. Academics for freshers, workex related Qs for people with workex. Why MBA after whatever u did?. Why GIM?etc , Views on some of the recent happenings like Egypt issue etc. Not much Grilling, Interviews are going on in a cool manner. Same applies for GD, you eill get your chance, so be calm. And need not fear much about GD topics, a hard topic is hard for everyone 😃

Any preferred ans for Why GIm for outside Goa..like Delhi??? n defendin weak acads?

ruchirkhanna Says
Interviews, continue with same pattern as last year. Academics for freshers, workex related Qs for people with workex. Why MBA after whatever u did?. Why GIM?etc , Views on some of the recent happenings like Egypt issue etc. Not much Grilling, Interviews are going on in a cool manner. Same applies for GD, you eill get your chance, so be calm. And need not fear much about GD topics, a hard topic is hard for everyone :)

Ok...this is an easy GD topic from GIM,Sanquelim

Privatization in India has not worked

Take a chill pill

Any puy from other place please post your experience and let the souls of other puys have a good day 😁

editing it as wrongly posted here.PUYS please stick to GD/PI experience only in this post.


Done with GD/PI.Following are my expriences :D

XAT Percentile: 93.96

Graduation:71.86-Btech (EI)
Work-Ex:33 months till date power sector
Batch of Interview:28th feb 8:30 am delhi

GD Topic:
Is Demographic dividend, in India, an outstretched idea ? :splat::o
We were nine people in the group.They decided to arrange GD for 9 people together.The other 10 people in group 3 were divided in to two groups of 5 each.The topic was a bouncer but thankfully one of the guys asked the moderators what the topic actually meant.So finally we all were relieved after getting details.So the moderators gave 30 seconds to each of us to have a say on the topic.So everybody gave a 30 seconds starting sentence on the topic.Then the GD went on very smoothly because i think people did not have much to say on the topic so everybody was getting turns to speak.I was the third person to chip in with few points .Overall people raised good points & the junta in the GD was very cordial.No fish market at all.Then everybdoy was asked to make a concluding remark on the topic.Now the order of speaking got reversed(the person who spoke first in the opening sentence was given the last chance to conclude)
Then we had to write an essay (kind of synopsis)on the GD topic of about 200-250 words in 5 minutes.The moderator said that the essay would be a kind of eliminator if one doesnt write it well.:shocked:

All in all a good experience thanks to the guy who asked the moderators about the details of the topic because as I got to know afterwards that the other groups did not have any clue about the topic & still discussed whatever they could

Before my PI i heard that even work-ex guys were being asked about academics and all.Moreover the panel was looking at the folders which they brought with them & cross-questioned them about the low scores/grades.:o
But for me nothing of this sort happened.
The panel P1 consisted of a professor(old age) who looked somewhat like director Sudhir Mishra & another person P2
p2:tell me something about yourself?
me:gave me ample time to speak so much so that i got bored of speaking
p2:Whats ur job profile..What does ur company do..
me :answered
p2:Who are the main competitors.
p2:Whats the difference between your company & the competitors.
p2:any hobbies?
p1 interrupts & says :Which book you last read & any learnings
p1:do you read news papers?
me:I said I read but im not an avid reader.But yes I read it regularily.
p1:sarcastically: that means u read it only when somebody persuades you to read.
me:I said no I read it but somewhat selectively.Like some current political happening, or a major economic happenings & ofcourse sports.
p2:Did u watch yesterday's match?
me:ofcourse sir
p2:So whats ur say on yesterday's match result.
me:I said there was nothing to seperate the two teams & in the end it was a good result because both teams played well in patches.I said something about mental aspects of the game.
P1 interrupts:that means games are won only by having strong mental disposition?not by training & hardwork:banghead:
me: I said that hardwork is equally important but at this level i believe all the eleven players are talented enough to represent the nation but the unit which is mentally stronger would sail through in the rest of the tournament.
p2:nods P1:doesnt approve the idea rather says to excel one needs only to work hard without using mind games
me :I tried to convince him & soon he almost agreed because P2 agreed I think:cheers:
P1:Ok so after MBA you would move to same sector??
p1:you did well in your 10th & 12th but in Graduation your score is just very average ..isnt it?
me:I said it was good as per university standards but there is always scope for improvement..Both looked convinced.
Then a bouncer:shocked:
P1:You did ur engineering from a State government college..You coudnot get through IIT's ?
me:I tried but could not make the cut but that doesnt undermine my potential as a person.Since then I have moved on & doing quite well in my job:cheers:.
p1:you told about so many competitors of your company & you missed out on one of major competitor:splat:(xx)
Me:oh yes! It slipped out of my mind..But the other name he mentioned was in a different business.P2 nodded and told P1 the same & both looked convinced finally
p1:any overseas experience
me :told & added some learnings as well
p1 &p2; :any questions:
me:asked something about marketing in GIM...

Finally both wish me good luck & ask me to send the next guy in .& finally P1 gave me a good nod & for the first time smiled
Overall:It was kind of discussions with P1 trying to put some stress ..
P2 was co-opertive.What i noticed was the fact that they were very particular about your body language & communication skills.All in all a nice experience lets C how the result goes
paharidude Says
Are the panels for the interview and gd same?

Yes they were the same today

u mentioned about they asking u to conclude... was that the case for the other groups? cos last year i think they asked everyone to talk fr a min as an intro n den proseed with the gd. also when u say conclude does that mean summarize the gd or just conclude in the normal sence.?

paharidude Says
Are the panels for the interview and gd same?

livelikerobin Says
Yes they were the same today

KarthikJohn Says
conclude does that mean summarize the gd or just conclude in the normal sence.?

Please do not spam in this thread. It is meant for experiences only.
Kindly take your discussion into PM or GD/PI prep thread.

oki so im the second to post the experience, very much relievd after the whole thing :)
XAT Percentile: 89
enggr freashr
Batch of Interview:28th feb 1:30 pm delhi
GD Topic: privatisation has not worked in india

two moderators ...both were very polite. we wer given 2 mins to think n make an opening statement. i was the first to start ..gave my opening statemnt den was cut short n made the 2nd person to start ...
aftr everyone made der statemnt ..it was open for discussion ..i took part 4-5 times.. gave few facts as well ..den conclusion was asked for ..evrybdy told der conclusion ..

overall: happy with the gd, no fish market :cheers:

then we were asked to write a brief about the gd topic and they mentioned that they want to check communication skills. 5 mins were given for writing

i was the first to be intrviwed

p1-a very polite n humbl sir
p2-very old sir

p1- so first one to be intervwd der are advantages of dat(with smile)
me- yes sir i will be free early
p2- what is privatisation
me- i explained
p2- he repeated the same thing in a diffrnt manner
me- i tried to say the same thng which he said
this happnd for a wile , toked about it for some time
i kept my stand so finally p2 said
p2-looks like u are on the debating team with us ( n he starts laughing)
me- im srry sir if i gave dat idea (apologetic smile) :splat:
p2- tell me something about urself
me- told ..i kept on tokin for atlest 4-5 mins( while p1 was checkin my file )
p1- asked me on what i told em about me
me- explained
p2-very less marks in 12th
me- gave my version y was it low ( 67 % only 😞 )
p2- and gradutaion only 63 %, in my collg 63 % were the lowest
me- :shocked: (wanted to asked which collg sir, :|) i tried to explain its not that bad n around median only, they dint buy it 😛 ..
p1- wher is ur xat score card ?
me- told i fogot at home sir, i went half the way back but then due to traffic i had to drop that idea .
p1- what is ur percntile, with sectinals
me- told
p2- so u have a car ?
me-yes sir
p1- why mba ?
me- gave my version of why mba
p2- the reason u mention has nothing to do with enggr. so why did u go for it
me- blah blah bla
p2- so u wasted 4 years
me-tried to convince that i dint n gave brief of extra curriculars ..

this went on for few mins.
p2- do u have any question for us
me- sir, gim website says 30% weigtage for face to face evaluation, is it 50-50 out of 30% for gd and pi?
p1- we dont disclose the brk up of this 30%
thats it
wished them good day

pi lasted for arund 20 mins

happy with the whole process.. i have hopes now , would love to join the collg
ps: any advise or feedback on my performance is welcome

@AMKA : How much time did it take (from start to end) for the whole process.

XAT percentile:-82.95
Class 10:-80.75
Class 12:-73.4
Work ex of 20months in Cognizant

Venue and time:- Kolkata, 28th of February,1.30pm


As soon as I entered the hall, I was stunned to see only 9people including me inside, and I wondered "Have i come to the right place?":D Then after observing the formal dresses they wore, I was sure that I was at the right place.


Two men who sounded very polite appeaed with our essay sheets and asked us to write our respective names and XAT ids.


The two men then gave us a topic:- Privatization hasnt worked in India
We were given two minutes to think about the topic.
Then as per seating arrangements, the first person was asked to say something about the topic followed by the second

Then came the actual session of GD, where all the 9 people talked and gave their ideas. It was not at all a fish market,surprisingly and everyone spoke whatever they had to speak.

After that, everyone was given one minute to summarize the topic. This happened in the reverse order.


The two men then asked us to write an essay on the topic given to us during GD. 10 minutes were allotted to us.


I entered the room and saw the same two men sitting there.

Q:Tell me something about yourself
A:I answered whatever I had prepared
Q:Why MBA inspite of a job, is it because you want to quit IT?
A:Answered as how MBA could help my growth
Q:In which field you want to do MBA?
A:IT would be fine, as I have seen BA out there who are getting good opportunities
Q:Asked me what made me go to IT
A:More scope of MBA
Q:Why LR so low percentile?
A:Told him that I had preparations on the basis of previous year CAT papers, and had accidentally give more time to Maths and English
Q:Are you into reading?
A:Not that much,not novel reading, sometimes newspapers,magazines,journals.
Q:What kind of materials?
A:Told anything that captivates my eyes
Q:Three latest business news
Q: Do you have any questions?
A:No, nothing from my side!

Thank you Sir

Shook hands with both of them

Hoping for the best

XAT Percentile: 92.95

10th: 87.8%
12th: 78.8%
Graduation: BE-Comp
Work-Ex: 2yr 8 months
Batch of Interview: 1:30 pm @ GIM Goa-28th Feb-2011

GD Topic: Privatization in India has not worked

GD/PI @ Goa Institute of Management Sanquelim Campus Goa
Date:28th Feb 2011
Time:1:30 pm

The gd/pi consist of group discussion followed by a summary of the gd and then PI.

There were around 11 candidates that came for the interview,4-5 were on absent.

The student coordinators are affable and friendly.

The best thing about GIM is the seniors,they are helpful,amiable and even guide you the tips and tricks...ghosh i couldn't have fared well without their help.

Now to start with process.

Two ladies-L1 & L2 and one gentleman G-1

They made us to sit in the seat according to the numbers given before the GD,the same assigned number is used to call students for PI.

The topic was given to us,and we were given 1 min think time.After that we were asked to give opening statement.Each and everyone got the chance to give opening statement.After which the topic was open for discussion by all.
The time for thinking+opening statement+discussion was given 20 min.

After the gd we were asked to give the conclusion based on the GD.
Then we were asked to give a write-up about the GD in about 200-250 words.We were given 10 min for that.
They told that the write-up is required to asses the analytical skills.

This is how they ended the GD.


As told by G1 each interview will be around 12 min.I was the second for interview.I got the time to wash my face and be ready for it.
I am happy i was able to survive that air packed room......

After the 1 person came out I was asked to wait till the faculty calls for next candidate....

The PI in the same air packed room,with sweat dripping all over my face.

Now I(batman) got seated in front of the interview panel-- L1-G1-L2

batman: Gud afternoon
G1- Tell me about yourself
batman - told them in detail

L2- What do you understand by human values.
batman - tik tok tik tok tik tok Sab kuch bol diya
L2-do you thing ethics is imp
batman- tik tok tik tok tik tok phir bol diya
G1- Fav subject
batman- XXXXX
G1 - again a ques
batman - tried to explain something....
G1 - he tried to threaten me,,,tell me proper answer
again tried to convince
L1- tell me about your subject
batman- Again i said something
L2- tell me about you work..
batman- lo sun lo jo bhi sunna hai tumhe
G1- ohh you mention prototype in your work.Can you explain
batman- he hemujhe aata hai.....told them evthg
L2- you didn't got your exp certificate,are you a fraud...
batman-- (here comes the hero) I am genuine madam, I didn't knew that we need to bring it.I can bring in 30 min
L2-(smiling).No need of it.
L2- what calls you are having
batman-- this and that
L2- why GIM why not other
batman- I was prepared for it,told them.It looks they were impressed
G1- how do you know so much about GIM
batman- I interacted with seniors
G1- who all ,can you name them
batman - told some names
G1- You belong to XXX school,this is girls school
batman- told them it is misconception
G1-are you sure
batman - yes sir
L2- sure
batman- yes it is a co-ed school.
G1-any questions
batman- no sir

At last they were smiling by making fun of me.I think they wanted some fun after the boring interviews.

XAT Percentile: 94.15

10th: 65%
12th: 69%
Graduation: B.Tech. (IT) - 6.22 , last sem going on.
Work- None
Batch of Interview: 1:30 pm @ BLR
GD Topic: Privatization in India has not worked

:: My GD was crap, I mean I did add few points but I realised later that since I had studied so much on the topic, I could have done better. I got confused, and all my points were about privatization of PSUs, whereas the rest focused on better consumer exp due to privatization. The panel also said the I did not do well in GD. :(

On the contrary, my PI was very good.
I was the last one. It didn't last longer (officially).

Panel:tell about yourself?
Me: all said, they seem impressed.

Panel:So you want to become an entrepreneur?
me: yes.

Panel: Whats the meaning of an entrepreneur?
me: told, first in brief then in detail.

Panel:Why entrepreneurship is better than gambling? both involve almost same risk ...
me: Told, they seemed impressed.

Panel: Your GD was not very nice!
me: Yes sir, I was nervous, got a lil confused.

Panel: A group of young and vibrant employees, and a group of old unsatisfied employees ... how would you motivate them? How will it be different for different groups?
Me: told, both seemed very happy with answer.

Panel: Three qualities of an entrepreneur?
me: told

Panel: Three qualities of a manager?
me: told

They seemed happy. Since I was the last guy, they also came out after me. I talked to them a bit. They seemed really nice, wished luck to a loser like me... :)

Bottom line: I'm a guy with bad acads, and bad GD ... but I'm desperate for GIM. Do I have any chances? Plz reply...

Que Sera Sera.

i was the 2nd to be interviewd... it took me about 2hrs for the entire process!

10th - 77
12th - 66.7
BE - 56.4
Xat - 81
Workex - 44 months
BAtch : Delhi 1:30

GD Topic: privatisation has not worked in india

GD n Panel Detail as told above by AMKA

Interview All by Old gentleman

Questions, why MBA after after such work ex, I asked bout elective so asked why, wat r future plans, will be able t manage wid d pool of younger batch...

lasted bout 5 min.

IMP - We were informed that an essay had to be written of bout 200 to 250 words on the GD topic that doesnt necessarily mean GD summary. It would be give a gud weightage though exact percentage not known.

Seems time to say BYE BYE GIM

10th - 83.80
12th - 84.80
B.Tech - 78.40
XAT - 78
Workex - 12 months at BASF
Batch : 1:30 pm Delhi

GD Topic : Privatisation has not worked in India

GD and panel details as told by AMKA and allurin.ecstacy


No introduction asked...........

Straight away questions on workex - my present role in the company, why left the job after 12 months, final year project, family background, why low percentile in decision making ( only 20), is today's day important for India and why, budget highlight (if any you know).......

lasted for about 8-10 mins.

10th - 77
12th - 66.7
BE - 56.4
Xat - 81
Workex - 44 months
BAtch : Delhi 1:30

Seems time to say BYE BYE GIM

Don't think that duration of your interview decides whether you are IN or not.At times interviews judge you through your GD and your profile and they get convinced that you are right candidate so they don't spend much time on the interviewee.They just check communication skills or other things during that time.Also, at times within your 1 minute of your first interview question they get convinced that you are good.So,don't worry about it .And keep hopes of converting the call kyunki umeed par duniya kayam hai :D

PS: There are people who were interviewed for 4-5 minutes and converted the call and in GIM.So don't worry about it .