[2011-2013][email protected] Roorkee GD-PI Experiences

All IITR aspirants. This thread is meant for posting all your GD-PI experiences. I request you all to share your experiences here, so that it can benefit the rest of the students who are yet to appear for interviews and for the future batches a…

All IITR aspirants.
This thread is meant for posting all your GD-PI experiences. I request you all to share your experiences here, so that it can benefit the rest of the students who are yet to appear for interviews and for the future batches as well.

Also I hope all of you had a satisfying GD-PI experience..

Varun Sharma
Media Cell
DoMS, IITR 2010-2012

hi Puys ,let me be the first person to post my exp..:)

I have my interview on 25th 1.30 pm..arrived there via shatabdi exp at 10.40 am and no had problem in reaching doms iit r..the registration process started at 12.30 pm where one have to sign and verify work ex if any ...then we were asked to sit in a hall where institutes presentation and video was shown and our queries was handled by Professor Nangia(he was very gentle and u will love to have him as your teacher) and seniors.
After this we were taken to another hall where students were called for GD and PI as per the list ..meanwhile seniors handled all our formal and informal questions :D.. I found none of the seniors were having any kind of attitude and rudeness despite of being a part of prestige institute..I could able to meet some of the seniors which are the part of media cell and handling our quaries like Jagdish sir , Nikhil sir,Varun sir..they all were awesome..and you will experience this for yourself ..:D
Now coming to main part.. i was called for gd first and some others were having there pi first..
Gd Experiance:
There were 8 people in gd and 4-5 panel members. One of us has to choose an envelope. it was having two topic
1).2G scam related
2). Democracy is of no use without education for all..some thing like that..and we choose this topic..
1 min thinking time, 8 min discussion time, 1 min for summary ..
Gd was calm and no fish market.. everybody made good points including me and finally after 9 min panel told that u can summarize
and one guy did that and i added to it.....thats it..:cheerio:
But be careful for one thing : Not to get distracted by the activities of panel ..like in my Gd, panel was busy in eating snacks and chit chatting and nobody was looking at us directly but they have their third eye on us
PI experience:
I was called in panel C (total a,b,c,d,e) and was the last one to be interviewed..
There was around 5-6 person in panel including one old lady professor L1 ,4 Professor(P2,P3,P4) including one HR person P1.
i entered the room and after wising them they offered me seat..
L1: You have done our 10th from Blah Blah school 12th from this school with XX.XX percentage :splat:..what does AFS means(MY school name KV AFS)
ME:Blah Blah
P2: Cross questioned ..it is KV not afs..
Me: Blah Blah and finally they settled down and looked convinced..
P2: Asked me my Background and graduation and Question related to the institute..but not acads
P3: Asked me my file and P2,P3,P4 all were busy in looking my file..
P1: Continued and asked about my Strength & Weakness, why MBA, MY gd topic and what i spoke there,my JMET rank :splat: ....then he asked my father's occupation.
Me: Blah Blah and they seemed convinced..
P2: while handling the file they got confused between my file and theirs..and P3 said "arre bhai ye file to hamari hai" :).. and handed me my file..and said you can go..
thats it Guys.. No one Knows what they are interested in .. interview time8-10min
PS: "All characters in this story are fictitious and resemblance to any persons is purely coincidental." Just Joking ..This was my experience there and every person will be having its own story..
AND Be calm and confident in your answers
ATB PUYS :cheers:

First of all i will like to thank all the students of IIT roorkee who helped me with my GD/PI process. They were all frndly and made my GD/PI process as chill as possible. It only made me more confident . Not even one of da student had any attitude there . All greeted us with a smile and hostel allocation and every help we needed. Thanks :D

I had my Gd/Pi on 25th feb
8:30 am

First there was presentation

Then I was called for GD, a total group of 7 .
There were 2 topics

Honesty is nt the best policy and
Violent serials are responsible for violence in young generation

Majority voted for second topic so we jus strtd discussin abt it. Prior to this they gave a sheet of paper to us, we wrote the points.
Discussion was healthy, almost everyone participated equally.

In the end dey asked us to write our name and the no on the sheet. That sheet is for future reference if, some person in GD dnt participate much, den dey will chk dat sheet for confirming whether dat particular candidate was out of points or was not able to enter.

Then i had GD
there were 3 members in panels , Later one oder joined who screwed my 1 min

So here.....
Goodmorning sirs
P3- So DAV school. WHich 1 ?
Me- answered
P3- whats ur clg name, full name ?
Me- answered
P3-Have u studied any subject in ur grad regarding organisation/ managing ?
Me- Sir i had this subject OB in my 4th sem

P3-Oh ryt.... So why MBA, apart of obvious reasons of placements and blah balh ?
Me- Prepared answer
again P3- What do u understand by oranisation ?
Me- said something relating it wid heirarchy and a grp work and blah
P3- Ok so even a cricket team is organsiation ? ne still its nt in herirarchy
me- Yes sir i did say a grp also
P3-what is leadership ?
Me- answered
P3-Are obama, osama, gadafi all leaders? if yes why? if nt why ?
me- yes and related dem wid da perception and hw dey influence
p3- but osama is in killing and spreadin terrorism, den how come he is a leader ?
me- answered

p3- ok . Will u feel good after killin sum1 ?
me- no sir i have diff values

p3 finally gt convinced.

suddenly p4 enters
p4- what is IT ?
p4-why is information technology and nt engineering
p4-wht is info?
me - ans, bt he dint gt convinced, den he screwed my last min

den finally he asked frm pder panel member whether tehy want to ask anythin or not.
all said no and den thank you

and i left.

I dunno hw was my PI.

All The best Guys:D

Be patient since the post is very long.

Day: 25th Feb, 2011
Slot: 8:30 AM

Around 56 students arrived in DoMS (a separate building beside library). The whole process of GD/PI was organised by the students. The role of profs was limited to taking PI and observing GD sessions. Rest all the activities were taken care of by the students and let me tell you the whole experience was very smooth, thanks to all the seniors

Now, when I entered DoMS building, a bunch of seniors were there with a list and ID cards. I signed against my name in the list, showed my call letter(printout) and experience certificates. After that I was given an ID card with my name and JMET Reg no written on it. I was then asked to go to the adjoining hall where all the aspirants had assembled. The seniors had prepared a video and presentation to show it to us. The video was amazing, creative and had nice background music. This followed QnA session and HOD, Mr Nangia and two seniors answered whatever queries we had. Once it was over, we were taken to a lecture hall and one by one called for PI or 7 by 7 called for GD There were 5 panes(A-E). 4 panels were busy with the PI and the fifth with GD. In the meantime, a bunch of seniors were answering whatever queries anybody had. One jigyasu fella was constantly asking one or the other questions, all related to the placements and marketing profile. I guess his main motive was to have a warm up session there itself :D

Anyhow, I was called for GD. Two topics to be decided from. 10 mins staright including deciding time. Three profs were there to observe us with chai and dry fruits in their hands The topics were-
Good managers are born and not trained
There is some sorta gender bias in reference with ladies at workplace

We picked the first one and it was smooth. I pitched in twice or thrice, I don't know if with relevant points but had to make my presence felt One min was given to think. A white sheet was already provided to write points on. One guy started the GD with a point that good managers are born. In the next min, everyone pounded on him and later on he became one of us who believed otherwise Some girl pitched in with McD example, God knows why. I now feel that we should have chosen the other topic.

Since GD and PI were going simultaneously in the building so some of us had their GD over before PI and vice versa. Since I was a reschedulee and with name starting with 'V', I was one of the last to be interviewed. It was kinda funny when senior would come and announce names of people who would go for GD. Since people have been given slot alphabetically, so in a few cases, all the people had the same name. 7 ankurs, 7 Amits, 7 Ankits....it was kinda funny :D

I got panel D. I had to wait there for 10 mins or so. Some of the seniors were there to help us out in case we had any further query. I had good conversation there. It kind of relaxed me a lil bit. My name was called and I was ready to have the first PI of my life
Three people in the panel- one old prof (O), one middle-aged prof(M) and a lady prof (L) to interview me(V)
M: So, Vikas tell me about yourself, your background, family etc.
V: spoke for two mins...wasn't satisfied...had a lot to say in the intro itself but cut it short
L: so you work in mobile handset domain?
V: yesh maam
L: so kids these days are having cool handsets and expensive ones. Should they be carrying mobile phones, what is your opinion?
V: Actually my answer was no but I gave her 10 more funde beside saying No. I don't know why I did that :
L: How is it affecting us?
V: Ma'am there are three aspects I see to this problem...L totally concentrating on me now. Left chai ka pyala aside...In full enthu, I uttered a line -the world is shrinking (again don't know why I said that)...I immediately said sorry that the last point wasn't much related to what was asked
M: no no tell me tell me
V: Sir what I actually meant was how technology has made this world smaller.
M: but is shrinking world good or bad?
V: In my mind(what?). Sir there are two aspects to it ....gave some explanation...
M: no no I got in what context you said that but tell if the world is more connected, how will it affect environment?
V: (oh acha) sir more connected world, more paallution sir...more explanation
silence for a few seconds.......(for a moment I thought whether the damn world is shrinking or not...since I have mentioned it now, the world better start shrinking if it hasn't :nono:)
O: so, you have a team of 3 people?
V: (had missed this point in the intro) :banghead: ...yes sir, mainly 2 subcons and a trainee...
L: we are done, you can leave now
V : (that's it, come on ask me more) dissatisfied :

Total time I talked ~ 8 mins
Total time L and M talked ~ 1.5 mins
Total time O looked at me(including asking ques) ~ .5 min

No questions from acads, current affairs, job, my mission, why after 3.5 years, why mba etc?

I don't know what to make out of it. They asked so less..probably because it was almost lunch time. Came out...returned ID card, filled up feedback from and came back to bhawan.

Had a great experience at roorkee ... everything was so chilled out there

there were 2 topics given to us
one was regarding the corporate lobbyists and the other was honesty is not always the best policy ,..
It went very smoothly ..just make sure u dont create a fish market ...one grp had been disq coz of tht

n the PI was even better .. just be aware of urself and why MBA and Why this shift ... and moreover they keenly observe ur body language so dont shiver!!!

I was the last one for the day to be interviewed and had a gr8 time chatting with the student volunteers there ... Its very well organized and the seniors are very helpful..one of the best experiences:cheers:

BAGAD(ramneek bhardwaj)


interview slot-26th at 1.30pm

gd-SEZ boon or pain..

gd was good and no fish market

interview-(3 persons are there...2 sirs and a mam)

sir1-tell me abt ur self
sir1-so you are a 2010 pass out,what are you doing for the past one year
me-again blaaaa
sir2-any other calls
me-kanpur and khgpr
sir2-if u select in all iit's,you will go for?
me-definitely roorkee
sir2-u are lying
me-no sir fee is low for roorkee and also frm my birth i am in south india only so want to change my envirnmnt(seems satisfied)
sir2-so your strengths are?
sir2-you got good marks in all sections except va(va-11) y?
me-prepared for cat which is online xam so bit confused in marking va since at that time i was running out of time.
sir2-how was your gd?
me-good sir,contributed 2 3 points
sir2-ok you can leave

thats all i can remember..(cant say what they thought about me.all quests they asked seemed easy compared to others)

avg academics and less xtra crclur activities


Finally,I am back to my place and posting my GD/PI exp.
First of all I must say that after visiting DoMS & meeting
the seniors n profs.,my desire to be there has only increased
multiple times...needless to say that The whole process was
superbly managed by seniors and each one of us esp. FRESHERS
were treated like their yonger brother/sis...
Met Jagdish sir & Anubha mam as well as my fellow PUYS(Oritra n
Raj Garg etc.)

Now,coming to point...GD Topics...
1.)success is all about human relations
2.)borderless world-A Dream or Reality.
our group chose the second topic nd everybody in our grp
contributed fairly well...I can say as a grp we performed well.
I pitched in 3 times & tried once to avoid a fish-market...
Though i feel I could have done better....Anyways...
conclusion format was given to us to decide..and we
decided to conclude 1 by 1 so that all get chance...

PI...(well,to say the least...din't look like an MBA PI)
according to seniors,it was the coolest int. panel at DoMS...
but I can bet it was the coolest panel in the world...)
They were all quite aged(some above 65 too...)...but
very young at heart...and damn friendly

Q.)why 66% in class 12th???
A.)honest answer...din't study,lost focus and all...
They tried to take out a few more things 4m me on this..
and I was in HarishChandra mode and I obediently obliged
by saying that coming from a Boy's boarding to a college
environment where there r lots of gals to get distracted...
was also 1 of the cause...To my surprise..1 of them started asking
about the 1 girl..but this was enough nd I said that it was girls
in general nd not 1 particular girl...In Fact that's the reality.)

Q.)Tell us about ur family background?
A.)told and no further Q o that.

Q.)Tell us about ur university?
A.)told them exactly what I like nd what is not good over there.

Q.)Asked about a famous politician of Hissar.
A.)goodness me,took 2 names..both Jindals..but dint recall Bhajan Lal
the most prominent one...but later I justified that I hve been in Hissar only
since last 3 yrs.. nd these are the contemporary politicians...

Q.)Tell us 1 thing which u wud like to improve after coming here..
A.)told that thogh I can speak good English as welll as I am a Public
Speaker too...But I lack a bit in communication skills...So,an MBA degree
will help me alot in improving this..

Q.)Then further questions on Public Speaking...
A.replied them satisfactorily wid examples.

Q.)What is Information?
A.)replied well by giving some examples and also compared them
wid Data and knowledge...then the discussion continued on this for
the next 2 mins...on attributes of Information...
Actually,I mentioned 2-3,but he has 1 other thing in mind...
So,he kept on asking...At last he said that Information has
an element of surprise..I was literally stumped..:splat::splat:

Q.)asked about my hometown(muzaffarpur...in Bihar)
At last Thanks were exchanged...and my interview was over
without any infamous Why MBA?no Technical...

Hope it helps the aspirants of next year...


Guys I truly feel they were very succint in asking questions and by reading the posts now I realized that all had NOT SO GREAT interview like me...They shoot few qs. at us , we convince them they anyway show smiling/dull expressions and finally ok thank you...

I feel they judge our eye contact,personality,communication skills,honesty,aggressiveness,extra curricular etc. to let us sail through the interview --- I hope they find one in me fingers crossed

I had my interview on Feb 28th, 2011. I went to IIT Roorkee on feb 26th and just fell in love with the place. The seniors are a bunch of very excited people. Can u imagine Kannan, lalit bairi sir, rahul sir... give me a party as we met and they came to know that i had come for a GDPI. The place rocks. The infrastructure is world class..
I had my PI first and the questions asked were:
- Describe yourself
- tell me about ur hobbies.. I said cycling and he asked me about cycling a lot.
- den one of the panels asked me to define globalisation. I answered.
- again i was asked to tell difference between globalisation, privatisation and liberalisation. I answered, but fumbled during privatisation.
- den I was asked about my parents and their background. I answered.
- I had mentioned about insurance sales in my form and was then inquired about the same. I answered that.
- then i was grilled on CWG scam. Panel had three respected professors. They asked me that in current times, people are no more honest and patriotic. What is my view on the same ?? I suppose they were expecting an objective view and not a strong opinion. I fumbled.
- den dey asked why did i leave infy to join tcs and difference between them. the madam then asked me to compare the two companies. and which is better n the difference between them. Here again i think dey expected a positive answer and objective view. any strong opinion would fetch negative marks. thats about it.
No acads, no why mba ? no question on Work exp. but very very intellectual and experienced panel.

after my pi had my gd. had a very very normal gd. topic was "india needs a dictator."
I was a bit confident but was outsmarted by my gd mates. Especially two female patriots were brilliant. I have them for my IIT Kanpur gdpi as well. Both of them were brilliant. All in all, IIT roorkee was a very good experience.

I specially thank all my seniors divya jain, lalit bairi sir, kannan, rahul mondke sir and others for the all guidance and great time and the treat that they gave me. It was just a couple of days that i knew them and it felt as if i had known them for a few months.....
Also Prof Vinay nangia seemed very very intellectual. It would be a priviledge to get guidance from him.

Siddharth Jain

My IIT Roorkee GD-PI experience, if all any one is interested, cz people here have got huge calls, IIT-R means a bit small in front of that, though even i got IIT-B,D call but i think roorkee is one of the best as well.

My GD-PI was scheduled for 1:30 slot, i reached there on 25th evening, stayed at a friend's room who is into MBA there, and morning 11:00 AM i was sitting in the DOMS building, in the waiting hall....which was primarily being used for presentation and the starting prologue and questionairre....

after that v were taken to another of their lecture hall where we were called by our names for the GD-PI process....i was the first to be called even before entering that lecture hall, for the PI, and my panel included the HOD of DOMS....i was not prepared for that atleast...but then had to go in anyhow...then i had to wait outside their office for a while ....for every one were just starting to settle....

I entered their office and there were 3 people already siting ang the honourable HOD was fiddling with some documents around his table.....

i grabbed a seat at first address itself,....the questionairre started...

P1. So Himanshu rakheja
Me. Sir, its Himansh Rakheja.
P1. (smiled) oh yes (my bad!).....So Himansh u r currently working with?
Me. Sir, i m currently working with Global logic india Pvt. Lts, its a software services firm.
P1. And u r working as?
Me. I am into testing that is as a QA.
P1. U mean test engineer:splat:
Me. Oh yes sir...
P1. And prior to that even u hav had an experience in some other firm as well..
Me. Yes sir, i hav been working with a sister concern of Nokia seimens....
P1. So tell me about your role in Global logic.
Me. Blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.........told him every aspect i knew....
P1. and what about with Nokia.
Me. again blubla blahh .... everything again...
No further questions on job....cz i got what i was waiting for.....
P1. So after having two good platforms and nice projects why this certain shift to MBA.
Me. sir, even prior to my graduation i had an inclination towards Fusion classical music so after doing my MBA and getting aware of all the nuances of finance flow, internal operations, human resource, and the market flow...i wold want to practically experience them so that i could set up a music company particularly for indian fusion music.
P1. Why indian fusion music.
Me. Sir, In our country the biggest target audience is the youth, but indian classical music alone has failed to gauge that audience, and rather just a small part of the young society is ever interested in classical music.....and the stature of such a disciplined and fine art is diminishing, but if we club the western classical instruments and indian classical instruments with vocals together...it is going to be a good combination to grab the nerves of another major part of the same society...
P1. Ohkie ... so y MBA then...
Me. Sir as after the learning the whole business machine and its compartments, i would want the business i dream to start, to get successful and bring the best results for the artists who r going to trust in my company and for me as well.
P1. So u will start ur project just after ur MBA.
Me.(standard answer)...Sir at this point the only thing i am equipped with is my knowledge of classical vocal music and my passion, with that i would want the best knowledge of a bussiness model through the most reputed teachers of this institute, best practical applications and implications of that knowledge thorugh being in tandem with the professionals who have been in this corporate world even before my birth...and the best possible experience as to how to manage and oil this dream of mine...for that i will have to atleast give time to myself by working with some company for 5 or even 10 years till the time i would be ready with all the equpments as i told to run the business.
P1. (convinced)...ohkie Himansh so is this the only thing u want to do ur MBA for,...
Me. yes sir, this is the only reason i want to do my MBA.(sternly)
P1. Ohkie Himansh so how will u deal with the issue of piracy.
Me. Sir i dont think that there is any need of dealing with the issue of Piracy, at first i'll launch an even on a small scale for that artist whom i want to promote so that people atleast listen to him once and get aquianted with his name...after that if people are going to like it, they are going to download the song or purchse the album of that artist and once through the legal purchase and/or piracy popularity...people will know him....:cheers:
I will launch a full fledged concert....whose tickets sales are going to fetch me my business..
P1(impressed) thats very interesting...
Me. ( i dnt know what came to my mind, just trying to be a smart ass).. Sir i took this idea from microsoft..:banghead::banghead:
I think Microsoft doesn't check the OS piracy going on in the market, as they want every individual to get used to their OS so that once the companies would want to employ an OS, they dont have anywhere to look at other than windows, and thats where Windows piracy won't be allowed and here is the way they r going to earn their bussiness by.
P1. This is a misconception, Windows has just gained polpularity as GUI OS was started by it on this large a scale.,...so this is not the reason..
ME. oh...ok sir, its just what i thot(white faced).
P2- (i was about to forget that there is am1 else too sitting with P1)...So who all would be ur competitors.?
Me. Sir the biggest would be Music today and times music, but the advantage i will have on them would be that they just deal mainly in classical music while i'll deal in exclusively fusion music...

P1.. Good Himansh, thats all v have to ask, he asked the HOD whether he wants to put up something or not, but as he said he doesn't and i left.

GD had 3 penalists and 8 people....it was mostly a fishmarket, but i gave an introduction, i gave some points, asked some questions, acted as a moderator....and finally finished, when the penalist asked to summarize, then people strted interrupting and giving their points in between the summary as well and again the chaos was created, till the penalist intevened....but i never said a word in between that fish market other than summarizing it....so hopefully i wz fine there.:D:D