(2011-13) DMS IIT Delhi GDPI Experiences

Hi all, With the GDPI process starting today, use this thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone, use the following format: Slot Academic Profile Work Experience Any other achievements/accomplishments *…

Hi all,

With the GDPI process starting today, use this thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone, use the following format:

Academic Profile
Work Experience
Any other achievements/accomplishments
GD Topic and Experience
Interview Experience

All the best to everyone!

please puys, share !

Oho...me first!!

Slot: March 4th 1:00 PM

Academic Profile: Mechanical Engg, 62%, X&XII; = 80,80

Work Experience: 26 months software

Any other achievements/accomplishments: Cracking the damn exams

GD Topic and Experience: Customer Satisfaction should be achieved at any cost

Now the GD room is a huge hall. We have to shout to make ourselves heard. However the panel rebuked some earlier batches that created a fish market and told them to go one by one (like IIFT GD at the start: speak in sequence)

GD was good, got a few points in. A 3 member panel evaluates.
The topics are all very general and not abstract. Other topics I heard:

1) Management education is not reqd to become Managers
2) Corruption (gist)

Interview Experience: I got the Head of Dept of DMS. The coordinator (current student) told me he is the "chill types"

3 people. HOD, 1 Prof and 1 person from industry.

Q1: Tell me something about yourself.
A: blah

Q2: (I've quit the job and studied for mba for almost a year) So why did you quit your job?
A: Wanted to focus on MBA studies

Q3: So where else have you got calls from?
A: ------ etc etc

Q4: So you have IIM calls. You will prefer them over IIT D.
A: (Note: The HOD did not wait for me to talk about my preference. He straightaway stated that I'd choose IIM's. Its the truth anyway)

I used the classic line about deciding when I have all calls in hand.

Q5: Hobbies?
A: Basketball -> Further Q's were asked about some famous players, NBA,WNBA, difference b/w men and women's basketball.

Q6: Full forms of ASEAN, SAARC and OECD along with countries in them?
A: Knew this stuff partially, told what I knew.

End of PI. Very relaxed but some people got stress PI's earlier on. They were taking 20 mins per person, then the coordinator told them 9 people were left so they speeded up the PI's, starting with mine...hehehe.

Now the slots are apparently in order of one's JMET rank. So the morning slot would have the JMET toppers. But the very second slot had people with 298 and 283(me) ranks. Rather a big jump.

PS: Here's the process:

1) We report at the place, are seated in an auditorium according to groups of 12.
2) We are then called in sequence for document verification, done by the current students.
3) Post verification, the whole group is taken to the 4th floor of the DMS building for GD and PI.
4) We enter a large hall for GD, and once done we come out and sit in the lobby.
5) Three or four panels are taking PI's simultaneously and we get called in turn.

PPS: A small nugget about GD:
We are given the topic, then are told that we can think for two minutes on it. But they don't tell us when to start. So one chap has gotta start, but too early and the panel intervenes and orders to wait till 2 minutes. So, you guys, be careful and start when around 1.5 minutes have passed. One guy in some batch started after 45 seconds and the panel blew him up hehe.

PPPS: Holy &$ I am terrible at organizing my thoughts...what a twisted sequence...

VERDICT: WL 3 which is as good as converted, as on May 30th

hey thanks for sharing the experience 😃
but it will b gud if more puys cum up too..


What did u show for call letter i dint got any call letter i take printout of the gd/pi list(only 5 pages of the list in which my name is thr) and recieved mail printout is that ok for them

is there some breakage given ....i.e ...what is the percentage of score....gd and pi ...


What did u show for call letter i dint got any call letter i take printout of the gd/pi list(only 5 pages of the list in which my name is thr) and recieved mail printout is that ok for them

Not a problem. Take a printout of the mail you got. Some people had got printouts today and they faced no problem.

is there some breakage given ....i.e ...what is the percentage of score....gd and pi ...

The weightage of GD,PI,written score etc is confidential and will not be disclosed to us applicants. Not disclosed until the GD/PI ends anyway.

Would have been helpful had some more people shared their experiences ....

puys..plz cum up wid ur experiences..

Hi all,

my experience gows as follows,

Slot 4th March,8 am

Academic Profile: Btech Electronics engineering

Work Experience 16 months

Any other achievements/accomplishments

GD Topic and Experience
Topic: Business and ethics can not go hand in hand

Was pretty tough to discuss in midst of loud speaking crowd. Anyways the GD ended up in 10-12 mins.

Interview Experience

Panel (4 people: Prof Jain from Finance deptt and 1 from operations and 1 from electrical engineering and 1 other)
1) why MBA?
2) Forex reserves of India and the speaker of Lok Sabha.
3) Some basic background of my college.
4) Some questions about my telecommunications background.
5) My stand on Business and Ethics in the wake of 2G scam.
6) Optical fibers and implementation of ring topology and it's advantage.

PI was decent and easy going as well.

Rest of the details of the process has been already discussed so i will escpe from mentioning it again.

Overall the process moved very smoothly and that is because of the efforts put in by the members of admission committee(namely ankur gupta, himanshu etc thanks to you people) 😁

Had my GD/PI today

First of all i would like to say thanks to all the seniors, they were really helpful and made the process smooth for us.

I would like to say Special thanks to Mr Chirag , i dont know whether he will read this or not , But he tried to calm me down just before my PI :D

So here the process is......

First the presentation
Second document verification

There was list mentioning the batch details . So we were made to sit in the hall according to our batches.

Then GD
3 penalists and 12 candidates
Topic: Who do we need more, entrepreneurs or managers .
Kinda fish market.


I entered 2 panelists, It was chill .

P2- SO how are you ? Tired?
Me- no sir
P2- Are u sure ? As u are waiting since morning
Me- yes sir i am sure .
P2- Ok so u have done B tech from IT.
Me- yes sir (i noticed P1 was noticing my body language)
P2- Asked something about my marks and all
Me- Gave the rpepared answer about extra curriculars(seemed impressed)
P2- Asked about The NGO ?
Me- Answered
P2-SO which specialization you have done ?
Me- IT
P2- Oh yeah . So What are diff types of DBMS
Me- told
P2- What is RDBMS
Me- Explained wid an example
P2- How will u design RDBMS for IIT-D DMS
Me- Explained(seemed impressed , ab pata nai naatak tha ya kya )
P2-So you are from ?
Me- Delhi
P2- What changes have u noticed in last 4-5 yrs in del
Me- Explained
P1- Is your uni private or what ?
Me- answered
P1- Is ur colg in campus or some ?
Me- Answered
P1- What is fee structure
Me- Answered in detail(still noticing my hand movements)
P2- Have u ever interacted with any police officer ?
Me- Explained
P2- What are Greenhouse gases ? what is greenhouse?
Me- Explained
P2- Do u knw abt copenhagen ?
Me- Knew somethin, explained abt the meetings and all
P1- What do you know abt NREGA ?
Me- I had little knowledge abt dis :banghead::banghead:

All in all it was a chill process . One main thing i realised, best place for Pen is in pocket

All the best puys.

: This is my first post in PG

Had DMS interview on 4th March


Final Yr Electrical and Electronics VNIT Nagpur
CPI 7.46
Xth 88
XIIth 76.83
JMET Rank : 5

We were the first batch for GD and PI. Presentations on IIT D DMS was great. Process was superb. Mentors are very cordial and helpful.

GD topic : Corruption is inevitable
2 mins to prepare 15 mins to talk. Was okay gave 4 points but the GD was a fish market overall

PI :

3 profs ( P K Jain (finance head), 1 operations prof and 1 electrical prof)

Yours truly walks in with a walker(broke my leg so was on plaster)

P: Please take your seat are you comfy?
P: what is unity of command?
ME: No idea just guessed some rubbish
P: what subjects u had in Engg related to MBA?
ME: Told and answered a few question on them
P: five year plans?
Me: told when it started chairman n stuff
P: Interrupting which current plan and wat year?
Me: Told
P: Who is the HOD of DMS?
Me: Told
P: Who is director of IIT Delhi?
Me: Forgot
O: Chairman of Bharti Airtel?
Me: Told
Me: Told related to reliance but could not tell
O: two business newspapers?
Me: Told
E: What project in final yr?
Me: Told and various Questions on them answered most of them

Was a chilled interview overall
How was my interview what say seniors??

Had GD/PI on March 5 morning slot
Profile :

class X : 87 %
class XII :87 %
Grads : 8.36 dgpa

1 yr work-ex in tech M

GD : Budget an alas or ahah !
My performance wasn't good, hardly got to speak. Made 1 or 2 points at the start and got cut short thereafter every time I tried to say something. Had many points but couldn't capitalise :splat: Morover I was seated at a corner farthest from the panel which made things more difficult.

PI: 4 panelists; 3 gentleman (one very old) whom I am considering as M1, M2 , O and a lady (L)

Entered the room , took my seat, kept the file + cv on the table at the center surrounded by the panelists.

M1 : Tell me something about yourself;
Me : blah blah...

M1 : Why MBA ? What's different about you ?
Me : Told about business family background, good performance in maths, interest in economy

M1 : Asked something about Indian economy, what's the problem, fixes ? budget ...etc
Me : Answered well, my strength areas and hence this was the best part of my gd/pi at dms.

O : What do you think should be the inflation level in India ?
Me: Something which suits basic needs of all; sustain inclusive growth;
talked about CPI and WPI as well

O : Exact figure ?
Me: blah blah; (couldn't come up with precise stuff);should have handled the inflation portion better

O : Inflation measured wrt what time frame ?
Me: Gave a wrong ans here

L : Do you think solar power is useful ?
Me: Yes, to an extent; but not enough to drive cars; batteries need a lot of power for charging etc etc

L: Do you know how much sunlight is absorbed by plants (exact %)?
Me : Not sure

M2 : What's Obama's policy against Pak ? How's different from Bush's ?
Me: Gave general explanation of changes in US policies over the years.

M2: Precisely ?
Me : Cudn't come up with and cut short by M1

M1 : Any questions ?
Me : Asked about research in a particular course; blah blah...

Overall, the interview was fine; a lot of help and encouragement from the mentor before the interview. But the GD messed up my chances at dms.....
Wud be thankful if seniors could enlighten a little on how much a poor performance in gd can affect one's chances .:-(

Had DMS interview on 4th March


B.Tech Electronics And Telecommunication
CPI 8.56
Xth 90.8
XIIth 93.3
JMET Rank : 21
Work Experience 2 years

We were the first batch for GD and PI. Presentations on IIT D DMS was great. Process was superb. Mentors are very cordial and helpful.

GD topic : Corruption is inevitable
2 mins to prepare 15 mins to talk. I showed my skills of being a good listener and only a listener(did not say a word in the gd)

PI :
3 profs (all were very nice and calm)

P: so how many languages u know (seeing that i was a south indian and done my studies in orissa)
ME: 4 hindi english telugu and oriya
P: how hindi?
ME:house is near orissa jharkhand border
then I spoke a line in hindi to conform i know that language
(he didnt seem impressed)
P: if you are writing a letter to the director of a college how will you address him ?
Me: Good Morning Sir ...(should have been respected sir .)
P : Asked about telangana or united andhra
ME: told something
P: wat about jharkhand has it improved after the partition? about maoists in jharkhand etc?
ME: told something but i dont remember what i said.
P: gsm and cdma ?
ME: told something in broken english which no one cud have understood
P: is ur college private or govt ?which is better private or govt ?
Me: I told something (again d same result : they didnt seem impressed)
P: have u read any book on management ?
Me: not yet
P: NOT YET!!! (sighed) Ok thank u and its Not "Good Morning" how u address the director of a college> Its something different check it out.
Me: (Didnt know wat to answer ) Thank U sir (and came out)

Puys Please be sure of your body language as i feel that was the reason for him to ask me about "Respected Sir". My Body language was way wrong as i was not sitting properly in the chair(it was a revolving chair) and i think i was moving it right and left with my legs as i was used to do it in my office.Ne wayz hope not to repeat it in future

Overall the professors will make you feel comfortable(But dont become very comfortable and take that chair as a sofa ) the seniors will be very helpful.

the accomodation provided was better compared to the previous year.
but delhi was very cold and the bed becomes really cold at night. They provided a blanket but if anyone is from a warmer place it would be better if you have 1 more blanket.

So All the best Puys

Academic Profile:

10th - 84
12th - 84
Engg(computer science, ait, ip university) - 68

Work Experience 4 months - infosys

Any other achievements/accomplishments - regular stuff.... organising fests and all

GD Topic and Experience - Will IT bubble burst?
everyone had points so it was a sort of a fish market. chipped in 4-5 times with good points.

was confident going into the interview... but something else was in store for me.
read on , puys

Interview Experience -
Panelists p
me I

p :

P : Are you married?
I : No , sir.

P: Divorced?
I : No, sir.

dunno, what was going on.

P : See, u have not even joined infosys and you are thinking of leaving it. You have negative thoughts about everything.
Do call me when you think of marriage... i'll tll u how t take a divorce.

M : Sir, my views are different on this.

P: Shut up. Who is the senior here.
M : You.

P: Who is in the selection panel.
M: you.

P: then, if we are the seniors then we are not interested in listening to u.

P: ok. tell me what ur views are.
M: gave then some gyaan.

P: what other calls do u have?
M: Told.

P: ok. You can go.

M: Thank you, sir.

The whole experience was over in les than 5 minutes.
All the best to everyone!

P.S series of disaster interviews continue..

Slot - 5th March, 1PM slot

Academic Profile
10th - 90%
12th - 87.2%
Grad - B-Tech in CSE - 82%

Jmet Rank - 252

GD Topic - Is GD necessary for MBA admissions?

Ours was the last group of the day. Everyone was kind of exausted after sitting through 4-5 hours in the auditorium. Still I think we discussed many points. I pitched in around 4-5 times. Told that GD tests logical flow of thoughts, and also how a group can discuss different perspectives of a topic and come up with a consensus. Also I talked about how manager's job is similar as he discusses with his team before taking a decision. I also said we can have case study in place of a normal GD as the process is for MBA admission and case study is an imp part of MBA curriculum. Also I said essay writing is also an option. Overall it was a decent performance.

2 people who didn't speak much were given a chance to summarize by the panel.

Interview :
3 sirs (S1,S2,S3)

S1 - Discusse my name.
S2 - Asked some acads.
Me - Couldn't answer properly

S3 - Do you know how much agriculture contributes to the GDP?
Me - Sir it's around 15%.

S3 - Are you sure?
Me - Yes sir, it's around 13-15%.

S3 - Is it ok?
Me - No sir, seeing that india is an agrarian country and 57% of India's population is employed in agriculture, so the contribution of these people to the economy is not sufficient.

S3 - How should we improve it?
Me - Sir we can provide our farmers some technologies like high yielding variety of seeds so that the productivity increases.

S3 - Can't we shift some people from agrculture to other sectore?
Me - sir this is not an option.Rather what needs to be done is to provide some facilities to these farmers to improve their efficiency.

S3 - That's what i am asking what should be done?
Me - If we are able to provide microfinance to the farmers at low interst rates, that will solve the problems.

S3 - How do you think electricity theft can be reduced?
Me - Sir delhi govt has installed new metres in every house that has reduced the chances of the theft. But as the theft majorly takes place in industries, frequent checks at these industries might help.

S1 - Thank you
Me - Have a nice day sir.

I messed up the starting of the interview, specially the acads part. If I am not selected, It will only be due to this part. Hoping for the best


As the most of the interviews are around 5-10 minutes.... Can anyone guess the weightage given to it... Because I didn't come across people who had their interview more than 15 minutes...

Here I am!
Slot: 4/03/2011 1pm

Academic Profile
10th 84
12th 86.5
Btech 7.8/10.0

Jmet Rank

Work Experience
18 months, BFSI tech

Any other achievements/accomplishments
CFA L1,FRM L1,Research paper etc etc.

GD Topic and Experience
GD topic- 'India needs fewer MBAs, more leaders'
Experience: Good, many of us spoke,well..... at the same time. It was almost(but not) a fish market. I don't know what happened but when one lady started speaking even before i had finished,i suddenly uttered 'excuse me, please let me complete'....and there was a pin drop silence !....(i hope the panel didn't take it as an indication of aggression, apologies to the lady).
One of the panelist was .
Interview Experience
Four people, Prof Jain introduced my profile(by reading the sheet) to others(some of them were industry guys).I must say Prof. Jain made me feel very comfortable !! Thank you sir! Four panelists in all.
Questions asked
1.Difference between Open ended,Closed ended Mutual Funds
2.Black Scholes Model
3.Why do you think stock markets in India have suffered in recent past
4.If you are the PM, how would you tackle inflation.

Coincidentally , I had Himanshu Oswal guiding me before my PI.I also met a guy named Ankur, but realized later in the day that he was in fact Ankur Gupta! Himanshu,Ankur and Hari_87 had helped me with my SOP and other queries, so 3 cheers to you guys!!
Awesome presentation by admissions committee, you did a perfect job of projecting brand 'D'!

PS: I had heard that Delhi (the city ) is a rude city ....but all my perception changed after interacting with those 10-15 IIT D adcom members...


As the most of the interviews are around 5-10 minutes.... Can anyone guess the weightage given to it... Because I didn't come across people who had their interview more than 15 minutes...

Soumya(adcom) told us that weight-age is 25marks- PI,15marks GD