[2010] XIMB calls for PGDRM

Hi!!CONGRATULATIONS… :: to All those who hv got a call for ximb-pgdrm…!!! Guys we hv crossed the first hurdle…n nw lets gear up for the nxt crucial step… i.e.GD-PI process!! here i would like to invite seniors for their advice on the …

Hi!!CONGRATULATIONS..to All those who hv got a call for ximb-pgdrm...!!!!
Guys we hv crossed the first hurdle..n nw lets gear up for the nxt crucial step...
i.e.GD-PI process!!
here i would like to invite seniors for their advice on the gdpi process..as u ppl are in better position to guide us.
I would like to knw the topics on which gds are focussed and the Qs asked in PI..
Are the topics in gd related to current rural scenario or it encompasses other spheres as well?

me too in..........congos to all callgetters.........ATB

anyone from kolkata for RM??? plz PM me!!!

I am in too....
First call

Ready for next level.
Hi Puys !!!

for details about gd/pi previous years threads

2007-2009 experiences

2008-2010 experiences

hi puys, got a call for ximb rm through xat score. oa: 82.xx va:91.xx qa : 61.xx ar dm : 78.xx . my second RM call after IRMA. am from bangalore. wny RM guys from blore...




hey guys i cannot find the link. pls post a link. thanks!

hello puys !
did we had to apply for pgdm and pgdm-RM separately. i filled for pgdm !
but could score only 75%ile .
i am meeting the cutoff posted by seniors on this link for RM.
also wanted to know working result link.

Congrats to everyone who have crossed the first hurdle and are one step closer to our sprawling campus and two years of unlimited fun and learning.

Our first tip to you guys would be to follow the news papers regularly ( alteast from now on ). This is the same reply you would get from inevitably all sources, but most of us dont follow it, which is why m emphasizing on this.

More tips to follow..

hehehe!!all of us seem to b veryyyy happy!!!:)
does any 1 of u hv any idea about the topics discussed in GDs.....?
i mean are they rural sector centered or general or for that matter..any damn thing on earth?:P

hey guys where did u see ur results? unable to get to their official website. pls help.

just checked my results. missed sectional cutoff in ISC by 1.8 marks. GOD i am going crazy!

got a call.


alok.ron Says
just checked my results. missed sectional cutoff in ISC by 1.8 marks. GOD i am going crazy!

don't worry good things are just round the corner!!!

ATB for other calls and convert..you will surely get better things!!!

cmon guys lets start preparing.anyone from mumbai got a rm call?

Hi friends,
I am posting a list of GD topics for the Rural Management programme which was discussed amongst the current year batch during their course of admission.

The topics are listed below:-

--How do you spread awareness about AIDS in villages? Different marketing channels through which it can be done.
--MKG-Mallya Kingfisher Gandhi.
--Everybody loves a good drought.
--Kabaddi and Cricket.
--What is needed in rural management: head, hand or heart?
--Management is all about making good money.
--Women managers are better.
--Stay hungry, stay foolish.
--Globalization: Is it necessary?
--Preparing for a rural management interview.
--Would women make better managers?
--What is great in Rural Management?
--Is U.S. a friend of India?
--Are agriculture subsidies good or bad?
--T20 or Test cricket which is the future of cricket?

I hope you find them useful.
In case of any query or confusion, feel free to shoot your question.
Thank You.

The followin is a list of questions that were asked in the interview last year.
I hope you find them useful.

What do you think about the RM scenario in the India?
What do you know about the HR-PR Cell of XIMB?
Why Rural Management when you already have a call from Business management?
Any exposure to rural areas?
Why Rural Management?
How do you relate B.Sc(Zoology) with Rural Management?
What do you think why you were not selected in Irma?
You have applied through IRMA or XAT?
Why you were not selected for IRMA?
Name 5 NGOs operating in India.
Have you ever visited rural India?
Reason for not doing well in your graduation.
Out and out academic questions
Academic questions and also said that the as per academic knowledge u r fit for BM, then why RM.
Why is dry land farming?
How will you calculate cost of cultivation of a dry land farm?
What is integrated pest management?
Why does u think that u should leave ur company and join this costly institute.
Why dont u join a correspondence mba course?
Have you ever visited rural India.
Why do you want to do RM (was stressed on).
Major religion practised in Meghalaya?
Countries that constitute South America?
What makes you angry?
Why do u want to join this institute.
Define urself?
Tell me ur long term goal.
Various question related to agriculture
The natural resources for which ur home town is famous for?
If work experience then grilling on work exp.
Why rural management?
Why not IRMA?
How will this course help you?
What are ur career plans?
Where would you like to see yourself after this course?
Tell me something about yourself?
Why rural management?
What do you mean by rural?
How many people live in rural parts of the country?
What percent of gdp comes from agri sector?
What percent of people in India fall under below poverty line category?
And a THOROUGH GRILLING on academics..
Basic questions from agri for agri grads,
Which are the development organisations in your locality?
Why do you think India's agricultural scenario is in the present state?
Why RM?
Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Which sector will you prefer in future?
For any query, feel free to PM me or shoot ur post your question on the thread itself.
I am online most of the time, apart from the time when my classes are goin on . i.e between 9 -7:30.....but I'll surely be able to take time out during that time and answer your queries.
Thank you

I'll be off now......will return in the evening. til then carry on with ur discussions,
Bye all