[2010] VGSOM GD/PI Experiences

Hi, I am starting a new thread for puys to post their VGSOM GD/PI experiences for 2010-12. GD-PI will start in Bangalore from 26th Feb and I guess the first slot would have already had theirs. ALL THE BEST puys. Cutting and pasting …


I am starting a new thread for puys to post their VGSOM GD/PI experiences for 2010-12. GD-PI will start in Bangalore from 26th Feb and I guess the first slot would have already had theirs.


Cutting and pasting from a previous thread for GD/PI experience 😉 :-

Please follow the following format while posting :
Educational Profile:
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:
Any other professional certification or course undertaken:


Work profile (if applicable):
Number of years: Sector/Industry:
Special achievements at work:
Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary):

GD Topic:
Number of participants:
Panelists' intro (if possible):
Brief snapshot of discussion:

PI Questions:

Any other details that you think are relevant:
1. Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences of VGSOM GD-PI.
2. If you like reading someone else's experiences, please use the THANK button to express that. Or, send that person a PM, instead of cluttering up the thread.


I don't think that the junta has any idea that this thread exists.

People pls post yr experiences

I don't think that the junta has any idea that this thread exists.

People pls post yr experiences

I believe we should post a link of this thread to already existing GD shortlist thread..otherwise ppl will start posting their xp on that thread as it happened in Roorkee case.
mayanknahom Says
I believe we should post a link of this thread to already existing GD shortlist thread..otherwise ppl will start posting their xp on that thread as it happened in Roorkee case.

I did tht as soon as I opened the thread but no one has posted the experiences..either on this thread or the thread on GD shortlist thread. Whts up?

Hi Guys, had my GD PI in IISc bangalore yesterday.reached the centrwe at around 7:30 am , and the process started off at 9 am with a presentation on VGSoM.
There were totally 36 people and we were divided into 3 groups of 13 each.. (3 didn't turn up),then each group was asked to moved to the respective locations.

Case study of one page.. read and analyse it in 5 min... the entire passage was abt a person called Mr.Das who has gone to some town for conducting a medical examination wit a team of 11 , and they all stayed in a star hotel,they have a train back to their home town at 7 pm tonite and they have all cheked out..

after reaching the station mr.das remembers that he has forgotten to collect the bill without which the amount they spent at the hotel will not be refunded . He doesn't have time to go back to the hotel and collect it.. He calls up the GM and asks him to courier the bill.

The GM , couriers it bt it hasn reached Mr.Das even after 10 days.. If u were Mr.Das , what will you do??

The GD started off pretty well, the facilitators gave us 5 min to read and note dwn the points and
then the facilitators handpick each person to talk for abt one min to talk on that topic.. and once everyones donw with that the forum is open for discussion for ten min.

Luckily i was very lcky o be in that group as it was a very civilized debate. everyone spoke.. i pitched in for 6 to 7 times.. and after 10 min you will have to write down 3 points abt the entire discussion in a sheet of paper..

GD concluded..


pretty cool one, prepare properly on the SOPs u have written , 70 percent questions (esp my panel) were on that.. one lady and one guy interviewd us,it was for abt 20 min..
questions like describe urself
why mba in kharagpur
hobbies - i said novels and qns on that
why invest 2 yrs of time in mba etc etc etc

After PI , certificate verification by seniors.. It was really a pleasant experience and thanks to the seniors , even though it started off a little late it was finished off in time..

word of advice to ppl attending gd at IISc.. If travelling by auto make sure you start a little bit early.. no one actually knows wat IISc is :):) i had a tough time yesterday and also please eat something b4 u go there... (Esp mrning slot), we stayed without food till 2 o clock..

ATB puys

People going to IISc..Please dont ask for IISc, instead ask for "Tata Institute". Thats what the name locals know. 😃

X: 90.1 %
XII: 93.25 %
B.Tech 90 %


Venue IISc, Bangalore
DATE AND TIME: 26-2-2010; 8.30 AM
No. of people in our group - 13

GD It was a page long case about Dr. Das who is heading a group of 36 persons. They are staying in a star hotel and they are entrusted with the work of conducting an examination. Dr. Das is specifically instructed by the chairman of the examination to collect the bill from the hotel but forgets to do so. Only after reaching the railway station he realizes it but is not willing to go back and collect it as he fears that he may miss the train. He calls the GM of the hotel and asks whether he can send the bill through a staff. But the GM says its not possible and so Dr. Das asks him to send it through courier. The Gm agrees to it and says that hell do so in 48hrs. Shortly, an employee from the hotel arrives and informs Das that one of the members has forgot to return a card or something and collects it from the person who didnt return it. Das returns to hometown and even after 9 days he didnt get the bill. The courier company says that max delivery time will be 24 hrs and after hearing this Das is all worried. What should he do?
10 min for discussion. GD was a fish market, many speaking at a time. The quality of the discussion was decent. I chipped in 2-3 times with good points.

Then the monologue for a min. This was the best time to tell all the good points one has esp. in a fish market GD.

After that we have to write 3 important points in the discussion for 5 min.

For PI, I waited 90 min for my turn to come. In between document verification was done. Pls carry all your originals.

The PI was short. It was for 10- 15 min.
2 Profs P1 & P2
P1- So, Sriram, tell me some thing about yourself
Me- Blah blah
P2 Oh! You are teaching English. Which classes do you handle?
Me 8th and 9th
P1 You have got scholarship worth Rs. 1 lakh. Is it taxable or not?
Me Its not sir.
Some more discussion on that
P2 What are the latest developments in Biotechnology?
Me Gyan
P2 Do you know what is bioethics? Pls elaborate.
Me Some gyan on that
P2 Tell me the processing of leather.

Me told
P1 What makes the shoe shining?
Me Dont know sir
P1 Tell me a place in North India where leather is famous.
Me I dont know sir
P2 What the environmental friendly part in your project?
Me Gyan
P2 Is it possible for us to live without leather shoes or slippers? Can we use wooden slippers; Thats what sanyasis use!
Me- Its difficult for us as we are used to it. Its like electricity which we cant live without.
P2 But electricity is not harmful to the environment. During leather shoe production, animals are killed.
Me Even electricity generation causes environmental damage as it is produced from coal. :D
P1 Yeah, Thats right.
P1, P2 Thank you
Me Thank you sir :D

My GD/PI was on 26th evening

X: 85
XII: 91
Undergrad Major - %age: Engg 77


Work profile
Number of years: 4.5
Sector/Industry: IT
Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary): If i get in, that will be a first

GD Topic: Case study on WalMart

WalMart as u know is a successful American company. It has also successfully expanded to Canada and Mexico. However, for future growth they are targetting Asian and European countries. They have opened stores in Germany, but have lost $200 mn in 6 months. In Germany, the German Cartel office sets the minimum price for a product. Also there are 14 competitive hypermarkets already in the fray in a sluggish market. WalMart imposed its American model here. The American bosses did not speak German and this has caused resentment amongst the German workers. WalMart CEO says "we should have anticipated this. we went in there wanting to set a price and play by our rules, but failed"

Discuss what you think the problem is and why it occurred.

Number of participants: 11
Panelists' intro (if possible): One Ops proff. and one business communication proff.
Duration: 1 min monologue for each + 5 min for discussion + 5 min for writing a summary of 3 points
Brief snapshot of discussion:

Pros: Absolutely well-behaved GD.
Everyone got a chance to speak, if they tried, that is.

Cons : Points repeated from the monologue. (I am not sure if we are supposed to come up with new points for the discussion)
It was quite a case, so we couldnt cover all aspects of the problem in the 5 minutes given for discussion.

PI Questions:

P1 : HRM proff.
P2 : Economics proff.

P1 : Tell me about yourself
Me : blah, blah. . . "can i continue" . . blah blah and oh, blah.
P1 : So which branch Engg were you
Me : CSE
P1 : Do you think the various SDLC models are relevant in the industry
Me : blah, blah . . .
P1 : Why do change requests come in
Me : blah, blah . . .
P1 : What do you think should be done to increase whitebox testing more
Me : blah, blah . . .
P1 : what are your hobbies
Me : Reading . . anything
P1 : Fav book
Me : blah, blah . .
P1 : isnt he the one who . . .
Me : no, he is the one who . . .
P1 : what did u like in him
Me : blah, blah . . .
P1 to P2 : would u like to ask anything
P2 : do u have any management subjects in Engg.
Me : No
P2 : Which subject in Engg do u like
Me : S/W Engineering
P2 : ok, who is S/W engineering
Me : I am sorry, what ?:w00t:
P2 : who is S/W engineering
Me : I did not get you sir, what ?:w00t:
P1 to P2 : he said S/W Engineering. that is the name of a subject. It has S/W models and stuff.
P2 : oh ok :oops: do u know what the budget is
Me : blah, blah . . .
P2: is it today or tmrw
Me : today
P2 : did u see it
Me : no
P2 : what are u expecting in this budget
Me : blah, blah . . .
P2 : ok, do u know where the govt gets its revenue from
Me :1. . 2 . . 3 . .
P2 : r u sure
Me : i am sure about 1 and 2 sir, but not about 3
P1 : what other calls do u have
Me : Blah, blah
P1 : under JMET, what other calls do u have
Me : Mumbai and Delhi
P1 : what will u do if u dont convert any college this time
Me : blah, blah
P1 : oh, u r that confident. good
Me :

Both : That is all, do u want to ask anything
Me : Sir, i've heard that . . . .. can i know why
P1 : blah, blah.
Me: ok, thats all Sirs, thank you.

My 2 paise : Be cool. Its not a stress interview. You get the chance to direct the interview to your area of interest or strength. Use it. Read up on the budget. Its most likely to be asked. I have 4.5 years of work-ex and i was asked which subject i liked in Engg. That it tapered off is a different issue. Moral : read up on atleast a couple of subjects.

All the Best

Verdict : Converted

26th Evening Panel-2

X: 82
XII: 87
Grad: Mechanical Engg. 79%

JMET AIR: 1314 (OBC)

Work profile
Number of years: 2.5
Sector/Industry: IT

GD Topic: Case study on WalMart described in the above post. As most of my panel members felt it was a big fish market!! I dont know how can a GD of 15 person in 10 mins can be a well-organised one when stakes are such high!! Kudos to other grps....
Anyway, I did well in the Monologue and got a chance to start the GD as well... tried 3-4 more times in the discussion.. Profs were laughing in btwn

Then came the PI. I was determined to make it after the symbi Kicks!! Didnt quite turn out to be...
My panel had two Profs, one was from HRM course P1 other one I will name as P2.

P2: Mr. Vivek you have a very gud hand writing..
Me: Thank You Sir!
P2: U work in a very good company as well!
Me: Thank You Sir!
P2: Ur Ex-CEOs have written very good books can you name them?
Me: Tha...errr...A better India and a better world
P1: (Cutting me in between) No No..not this one, who has written this?
Me: NRN, the other one is Imagining India written by Nilkeni.
(Now P1 was happy. I think this is the last book he read! :D)
P1: Have you read the book? What is it all about?
Me: (Haven't read it, but thought it wd be not be gud to start the interview with a No) Not exactly sir, bt have flipped thru it.. And gave some general gyan, which I checked now, is discussed in the book!!:clap:
P1: Tell me something about yourself..
Me: Told, somehow I was not very fluent
P1: So you do QA work..what is Quality Assurance?
Me: (Had drunk it last night), Vomited
P1: And what is Quality Management?
Me: It comprises of both Qualtity Control and Quality Management.:wow:
P1: Does Quality Management comes under Quality Certifications?
Me: Enuf!! I am not sure Sir...
P2: (Looking at my SOP) You have lead a team of 6 ppl and you are quite happy abt your project..
Me: yes Sir..and some Gyan abt my project..
P2: What is Scalibility, u mentioned this word in ur SOP. How did u achieve that?
Me: Told that its abt increasing the efficiency of people..enabling them to do more work with the same input.. I did through KTs and all. P2 was not quite impressed
P2: And You got Star of the month award as well within three months?
Me: More Gyan
P2: Thanks You.

I dont know what to make out of it. They didnt ask much in PI and GD was a history!! Time to think abt my other calls I guess... any comments are welcome!! Mumbai, I am coming
Final Verdict - Converted!!!
So puys appearing next year, dont worry much abt ur GD/PI performance..anything can happen!!

Hello Puys!!

My gd pi was on 27th 1:30 slot...

Jmet rank -735
Work ex- 20months (manufacturing sector)

It all started with lot of frustration. As it was already a hot afternoon and the first slot gd pi got over by 2:00 PM and then the profs went for lunch. So our GD/PI started at 4:00PM. Since they have not brought enuf ppl with them(jst 2 student cordinator and 6 profs and 1 person to verify the records) it was not properly managed event(my personal opinion).

We had a case study and the rules were as followed:
5minutes for reading then about 1min for everyone to speak on the case and then around 7-8 min discussion on the case and then 5 min to write what u have discussed on that case.

Case: Miss Mary works as an accounts manager at Restview hospital and Mr. Jack is the facility administrator. Miss Mary has to procure a software for a accounting . Mr. Jack proposes the name of STANDARD SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. Mr. Jack has some personal relations with STANDARD Software and want the order to be placed on it. while Mary says that Standard Software do not have competency in accounting softwares and she also did survey of software solutions provided by standard software to other organisations and found that the software was less flexible and less user friendly. but Jack was adamant in his view and even managed to get the approval from Board members to procure from standard software. at later stage it was found that the software provided by standard software is not working properly and they have to chage it altogether.

at the end of the case there was a question...
what you would have done if u were MARY????

The case was altogether a simple one and we cannot give much points on this and above all it was jst 7min discussion with 15 candidates in the group. and guys...the panel members (at least my gd) were very strict. there was a madam, she told to stop writing at the end of 5 min and started collecting our paper. while she was collecting from the other end, i and other two candidates were still completing the incomplete sentence. and she behaved jst like a strict school teacher and wrote
(-1) on our papers. :shocked:

Now came the PI.
P1-Economics prof (arrogant)
P2-Humanities prof (nice and supportive)
Me- (intelligent and nervous):D

As soon as I entered they dint allowed me to sit on chair and both started at the same time.Tell us about urself?
Me- BlahBlah.all prepared
P2- what is your job profile?
Me- blah blahactually my profile is bit confusing as I m looking after both production and maintenance in a steel industry sosome more questions on that.
P2- how do u do production planning in ur work?
Me- blah blah..
P2- what are ur hobbies?
Me- I like to read good books and articles. I like to listen to music. I like to write blogs on economic and political issues.
Now P1 woke up and started showing his frustration
P1- what kind of music do u listen?
Me- Sir any kind of music. Usually I listen to music in my leisure time and I jst tune on to my radio.
P1- why do u want to do management?
Me- sir I believe Management and technology goes hand in hand in any organization.was about to say more but P1 cut me in the middle and saidhow can u say management and technology goes hand in handhow much experience u havehow can u say that with such a little exp.:splat:
Me- sir I have little work experience but I know that management is complementary to technologyI can give u examples from my exp.:D
P1- ok give
Me- started giving then again P1 cut me short saying that we dont want to listen to stories.give to the point answers.:shocked:
P1- what is current burning issue in the economics?
Me- Inflation
P1- what is inflation?
Me- when demand is more and supply is less inflation occurs..
P1- got angry and told again.what is inflation..:splat:
Me- sir inflation means that purchasing power of money goes down
P1- now really frustrated and said ..dont beat round the bush.:splat:
(after coming out I thought he wanted to hear that Inflation is rise in prices of goods/services)
P2- you are technically sound then why u want to leave ur job and do management?
Me- Sir my dreams and aspirations are different than my companys I want to work as business manager in reputed manufacturing industry for some years and then set up my own company.;)
P2- (was happy to hear that..) so you wil come back to manufacturing sector
Me- yes sir.and becoz of that I want to do MBA in operations and complement it with Finance.
P1- have u heard of economics and political weekly?
Me- no sir
P1- then y u said that u read economics and political issues
Me- yes sir I do readbut from other magazines and newspapers.
P1- then y u saidagain same question:splat:
P2- supported me saying that .he reads economic and political articles
P1- which magazine
Me- business world
P2- which other calls do u have
Me- iift, scmhrd,.was about to say iit kanpur.but as usual again cut me short and told..
P1- u dont have call from iit kanpur
Me- yes sir I do have
P1- then y are u not saying it..when I asked then u are saying:splat:

P1,P2- Ok all the best

Me- thank u sir

My interview lasted for about 15-16 minutes and it was a stress interview rite from the first minute.especially P1 is really dangeroushe was continuously looking at the wall clock in the room..
My interview was at third no. in my panel.for other 2 candidates who went ahead of me.it lasted for 7-8 minutes each.

Please suggest me how was it..?

I know I screwd up in PI and in GD (-1).. I think first time in history anybody wud get negative marking in GD

Hey Guys,

Had my GDPI at Bangalore on 28th Feb 2010 - Afternoon

Reached the center at 12:45 as I had to be there at 1:00PM. But after reaching there only, I realized that morning session PI was only half over. WE were made to wait till 3:30PM . 36 people were called, 4 didnt turn up. After that Seniors took us to the hall and we had an informal discussion about the college, life, placements, etc etc.

Then one lady prof (teaching business communication) came to take a presentation about VGSoM. It is a pretty mundane one, as done by all colleges before a GDPI session .
Then the battle started . A case study was given:
Two companies had a dispute. We need to find the ethical issues behind that. Power Electronics was sold to SIC for some 20m. Both companies independently audited the valuation of the seller and reached an agreement of 17m in escrow (i seriously dont know what it means) and 4m in variables. But after this, SIC valuated the seller and said that the seller is not worth the value in agreement, so it will not pay the amount. Power electronics moved to court and disagreed to the use of third party arbitrar (It was agreed to use third party arbitrar in case of disputes arising later) because most of them had dealing with SIC.

Initially, each were asked to speak for 1 minute on the topic. After that 5min GD. I was selected the first to speak:shock:, wasn't prepared. Fumbled and stuttered. When last guy was speaking, one fellow started with GD. He lady prof got irritated and said blatantly "If I were to decide, I will disqualify U right now". Somehow GD was smooth, and I had a chance to speak 2-3 times. :cheerio:.

People who had to leave early were interviewed first and we were among the last to be interviewed. I went to panel 1. One bespectacled professor P1(probably from Industrial engineering and management dept) and one young prof (P2) were there.

P1:Introduce yourself
Me: same old blah blah.....

P1: So, you are a tester, right.
P2: Tell me various phases of testing
P1: He has written it in his form here
P2: Its ok sir, let him write down, because people tend to copy
Me: Wrote down
P1: good
P1: What is your favourite subject
Me: Database management systems sir
P1: How do you define a relationship in ER model?
Me: blah blah...
P1: No, you are wrong
P1: Draw a relationship to this scenario (gave me two tables)
Me: If I am not wrong, this is a one-many relationship sir
P1: You are right and how do you represent it?
Me: I don't know sir, I forgot
P1: Ok, what are the various components of Test Cases?
Me: It should have a defined functionality, blah, blah...
P1: How do you Write a Test case for this: based on 3 sides given as input, the system has to generate an accurate triangle and tell you what type it is.
Me: Gave 4-5 scenarios
P1: you missed this (and explained one)
Me: Yes Sir:shock:
P1: Ok. You can leave and please call the next guy
Me: Thank you sirs

(Throughout the interview, P2 was eating something)

Screwed my interview. Dont know what will happen.........

Hi puys
had my GD/PI on 28 FEB morning slot
the process started at 8:30 AM .some alumni of VGSOM gave a presentation on college, faculty,facilities,placements.shortly after that we were divided into groups of 15 people each.
first a CASE study based GD was there.
Situation : a lady while having her lunch in her CAR when she observes that one of her colleague making a scratch over the car of another colleague.she knows that the two of them had a heated arguments some days before and their relations are tensed.
what should she do
5 minutes to study the case
1 minute monologue for each person
thn 5 minutes to discuss (5 minutes for 15 people means 20 sec per person)
thn five minutes to write down three points about discussion.
GD was a fish market.evaluator has to interfere.
thn started the wait for PI
it took some 4 hrs before my turn came.
m: me
p1: professor1(some oriya guy his accent was like that)
p2: seems like operation guy
whn i entered only p1 was there.
m: gud afternoon sir
p1: tell me something about yourself
m: ...started ...
in between p2 entered
p2:hey u start
p1: no sir u do
p2: no no let me go thru his profile u start
p1: ok so why u want to do management.
m: sir it will help me working more efficiently at a higher lev...
p1: do u know what is management?
m: yes
p1: tell me the definition of management.
m: sir management is .........
p1: no no .. have u ever read the definition of management? have u ever gone thru any subject in your engg which was related to mgmt.
m: yes sir
p1: name the subject
p1: who taught this subject?
p1: seems u remember the name of the subject just because a lady professor taught it. u dont know anything about management,
m:giving weird looks (i never thot apart from blaming me for having less knowledge , they will attack on my character too..)
p1(winning smile) to p2: sir u start
p2:so have u done any software testing
m: yes
p2:name different types of testing
m:sir unit testing,integration testing,System testing,Acceptance testing,functional testing
p2: have u heard of white box and black box testing?
m: yes ..
p2:what is the average number of test cases you generally use.
m: it depends upon the code that i am testing
p2: fir bhi.. kuch abg to hota hi hoga na
m: still cant say untill and unless i know the code
p2: okey.. what are ur extra curriculers?
m: blah blah blah
p2: okey,, u can leave now
m:nice meeting u sir

For benefit of Mumbai junta,i request all those who gave their interviews at Bangalore to kindly post their experiences here

27th morning slot.
gd : 13 members - case study about nepotism-
1 min monologue,10 min discusion , 3 min for summary..
below average gd for me..

next pi, panel consisted of two professors,
p: tell me abt urself
me : workex,graduation, 3 months teaching at lpu and 3 months at mis, software
p: they ridiculed on teaching .. who does teaching and they are laughing
me : sir, i am interested in teaching
p: why mba
me : i want to develop leadership skills and mangerial skills and want to give education(standing on their own legs) to lower economic people
p : why did u leave lpu
me : to develop my experience as it can be helpful for mba
p: with teaching u get low money.. how can u survive.. will ur wife be satisfied, will u get married, what type of candidate u want..
me : i wnat to marry .. i wiil look for a person who thinks like me, who cares for education problem in india
p: abt two points in budget excpet tax
me : i told ..i told that i did derivatives trading
p: what is maxima and minima and optimum
me : told some stuff.
p : so what other things u do
me : running
p : did u participate in other things
me : yes sir ... half marathon events.

ok u can go..
pretty lite interivew with wife and marriage questions
i don't know how to interpret..

what i want to say is that be confident in whatever you tell
that's all .. u can be selected..

The official placement report is not out yet....but from my experience we would be much bettr thn last year.......thgh fr official figures plz wait fr the report to be out

Had my GD/PI on the 13th of March (1 pm slot). The process is well managed

X : 88.26
XII: 91.5
BE: 69.6

Work ex: (1.5 yrs in JP Morgan
Profile: Investment Banking

We were a group of 10 ppl for the case study. The case was about a national chain sports goods company. An assistant manager recently promoted to a store manager named Bill is in charge of the store in Vermont where there is good demand for skiing goods. The store is not performing as per expectations and Bill has to chalk out a plan for the sales to go upwards. Bill personally does not like skiing and is also averse to emplyees taking a lot of holidays. The job for the staff is low pay, low reward types in a retail setup. The question was What should Bill

We all talked for one minute each and there was a 10 min discussion as well. Then in 3 mins we had to write the consensus of the GD(Personal opininon) on a piece of paper

The PI panel consisted of two professors (one of whom does not say a lot and only looks at your profile. The PI was quite interesting and different. My interview went on for abt half an hr and the time depends on your panel. the other panels were taking interviews for only about 10 min

What are your fav games??
But which is the game u r particularly good at and no one wants you to be in the opposition??
Why should we select you
What is your vision
What is different in you from other students
What research have you done while selecting an MbA college
Were you appreciated while working??
A few questions abt work ex
How would you compare IIT B, D and KGP
What do you expect from an MBA and what would these 3 schools help you acheive that
Do you have any other calls from IIT
Which project would you like to be placed in like social science, finance, infrastructure
What is different in IIT KGP
Do you have any questions

my gd/pi was on 14 mar 1:30pm slot mumbai.
computer engineering 2009 passout.

as usual process stated with presentation which(sorry to say) hardly any one us may had liked it.

case study: about 2 person having contrasting behaviour. they r production supervisor from last 8 yrs. first behaves tough with his employees whereas second is soft. first have three times more output than second but second has met quality standard 5 times in last 6 yrs whereas first has met only 2 times. so our view on it.

interview: m(man)-hr w(mam)-marketing(everybody feared her after hearing her voice when she came in classroom for sometime and that comes true during interview.she was bit strict) i-myself
m: u r form wardha
i: yes sir
m: tell me something famous about wardha
i: ghandhiji(sevagram is just near wardha), jamnalalbajaj, shanti stup (for buddhist) and vinoba bhave's gitayi mandir.
m was more intersted in vinobha.
m: do u know what vinoba bhave did? (vinoba mere phiche pad gaye)
i: i told he is known for bhudaan movement (i know only that much about vinobha)
w: what was the impact of the movement?
why he did that?
who donated land to whom?
(ek saat 3 question)
i: dont know
w: u should know that......& said much more. :splat:
i: i live near to sevagram so know about ghandhiji in sevagram.
w: dandi march kaha se kaha tak chala? (ghandhiji mere phiche pad gaye)
i: cant answer.forgot everything after i cant answer vinoba question.`
w: u show know that..... and got verbal bashing. :splat:
i: told them why ghandhiji came to sevagram...
m:academic background
m: u r 2009 passout. if u have exprience of 1 or 2 yrs them u will have more adv in mba.
i: told my view...use the word share market--my interest
m:what is the difference betweem bse and nse?
i:except the difference of 30 and 50 companies i didnt know much so did'nt answer it.
m: engineering will be of no use after doing mba.
i: i explained them engg. have its use in mba with example and use the word software management.
m:what is software management?
i: funda..
i:reading... have to explian when asked which type..
w: what is IC?
i: didnt answer (i only know that it is hardware and used for gate.didnt know much about it. so didnt answer. we read it in 3 sem in dec subject not relevent to us).
since i cant answer about vinoba and gandhiji, IC they told me what should we ask u.
m:shall i ask form academic?
i:reluctantly yes
but he went to the worst theoretical subject artificial neuron network and fuzzy logic which i didnt studied.
m: what is artificial neuron?
i: explain them
m: what is fuzzy logic.give me example
i: told them with example
(i found it difficult to answer form this subject as i didnt like that subject.)
m:what is fuzzy?
i:cant answer.
m:tell me what should i ask u.
i: i had done programming and i like it
m: write 4 shortform and asked me.
i: totally blanked.
he told me first answer it was form artificial neuron. that gave me clue that he was still at neuron and manage to give one answer. they again ask me what should we ask u?
m: do u have any management subject in engineering?
i:no(mam took my file only to look that whether i had any management sub. not for looking any ceritficates.)
w: view on women reservation?
i: told them
w: did u ask ur madam what is fuzzy?
i: no that was the final nail on my pi.
and thats the end of the interview lasted 10-15 min which went opposite to gd which was good.
they ask me 3-4 times what should i ask u and i told them i like programming since i was not able to answer from fuzzy and neuron still they stick to it. what a computer engg. has to do with neuron and
fuzzy. we have imp. sub. such as microprocessor, computer n/w, software engg.,operating system and i prepared them but of no use. well it was my bad luck that they were good in neuron and fuzzy.
note: students those who have management subject in graduation must know it thoroughly and fresher must know every subject. he didnt ask me any program as i answer him confidently that i like programming. they should move to another subject when one cant answer from one sub. but they still keep asking me from same sub. my profile shows i have 75% in engg. so they thought i may b good in everything. every time i failed to give answer they were as :cheers: as though they had already decided who will ask more difficult question.

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Your point?