[2010] SIBM Pune GD/PI Shortlist and related Discussions

SIBM has declared the cut-offs and shortlist for GD/PI. Please check here - Online Admissions Process Let us keep this thread for discussing the way ahead. Best of Luck to everyone. Cheers, Rohit

One more kick one my back :banghead::splat:
Cleared all except gk by 2 marks

Crazy man!!

SO the link was very much true....this is making me nuts....107 ...

Anyways I didnt make it at 92.5, didnt had much hopes either....but this actually puts me in doubt about SIIB and SIBM B ....any takes on their cut off puys??



didnt make it..missed VA by 0.25....

kud'nt make it to the list...cleared overall but missed gk by 1 mark....

Congratulations and all the best to those who have got calls..

SIBM P has gone for a kill this time

PS. No offences to anyone...
chance to meet rohit, allwin , shashank and to visit PGHQ ...... all set to moombai ... thanks to SIBM, for calling to pune ... for 2nd phase !!!!

:cheers: to gnrs for giving me the good news 😃

actually wud luv to know the exact number of ppl that have being called...don think 900, 1300 is realistic

from 76.5 last year to 107 this time...what the hell...an escalation of almost 30 marks...i was very sure at 99.75 that i wud get a call....but alas i think i`m doomed...anyways best of luck to all the puys who made it....

P.S.-will their be 900+ guys with this criteria of cutoffs???i wonder!!

anuj86 Says
actually wud luv to know the exact number of ppl that have being called...don think 900, 1300 is realistic

i guess this time dey r giving direct entry!! @ mods is the authenticity of this cut off is provided??

will thr be second list coming anytime .. or this is it?

Missed QA by 0.75. :shock:
Really wanted this one.
Any hope for a 2nd list?

could not make it...had only 98.75!!!
But how can the cutoff so high?? 107 for general...are they only going to consider the marks for final admission!!!!

now wait for 20th....scmhrd will come with their gdpi list....
best of luck to all the call getters..

Congrats to all fellow PUYS :cheerio:who made it to gdpi list(have OA 93, so i missed by miles), and others dnt lose hope, still many other colleges are dere,this is the start of the season....but still i cant keep myself away frm wondering wat will be the cutoffs for SIBM-B , SIIB and others.

First call of the season...
ATB to all

i missed verbal by 1 mark,, rest cleared with overall 110 ... doomed !!!
siib and scmhrd are profile based... this was my only hope

phew!! was scared in GA..bt finally cleared..

Have gd-pi on 28 jan 9 AM. Nyone from delhi having same schedule, plz inform. ..

After all these months of preparation it feels gud to get the first call.
It became very dicey in the end bcoz i had 22 in maths and the cut off is the same too.

Looking forward to Pune.....:cheerio:

P.S.- Congrats Vision and other call getters:thumbsup:

Missed it.
Congrats to all Call getters

OA 105.5
GE 18.75
QA 26.25
GK 12.5
LR 48

didn make it.. 108.5 n misd d bus to pune.. QA drwond me... hw many guys hav cleard d cut off.??? have a poll.. dis cut off is jst out of my comprehnsn... wat d hell....:nono: