[2010] SIBM Pune GD PI experiences

Hi Puys Just reached a cyber cafe after finishing with my GD GT and PI at SIBM Pune. Here my summary of what happened : 1. Group Task (15 mins): We first had to complete a three minute long Psychometric test. We had to also select…

Hi Puys

Just reached a cyber cafe after finishing with my GD GT and PI at SIBM Pune. Here my summary of what happened :

1. Group Task (15 mins):

We first had to complete a three minute long Psychometric test. We had to also select a shape out of a Square, Circle, Z or a rectangle and draw it on our sheet.
All 12 of us were blindfolded and told that a rope is placed somewhere in the room. We must locate the rope and form a perfect square out of it. After the time was up some of us were asked to describe our contribution to the group and the others were asked how it could've been done better.

2. Group Discussion (7 mins for preparation + 15 mins for the actual GD):

It was Case Study and I think everyone is getting Case studies only for SIBM P. A company which is involved in mining in a particular island nation has recruited foreign talent with the promise of performance based bonus. It is expecting to make a profit of $20 million that year. The company has excellent relations with the ruling Millitary Junta. However the local people of the region are a neglected lot. And they demand some sort of a monetary compensation from the company, to the tune of $10 million. If the company pays this amount then no bonus payment will be possible. We had to discuss a future course of action for the company.

3. Personal Interview (15mins) :

According to our student co-ordinator we had got a very friendly panel. And true to her words the panel was extremely warm and interactive. I was asked questions entirely based on my work experience and certain terms related to it like Patent Law and its applications or usefulness.
I was also asked a question from my annexure about two people I would take on a trip with me. I had mentioned Prasoon Joshi and they asked me to explain why. When I mentioned his capabilities as an Ad-man one of the panelists asked me if I've seen the Happydent ad he made. When I replied in the affirmative he asked me to narrate it to them and point out what are the things you like about it. They rounded off by asking me if I had any questions for them.

All in all a mixed bag as far as I am concerned. Good luck to all Puys .. One word of advice. make sure you are thorough with your annexure replies. You should be able to substantiate everything you mention there.

DISCLAIMER : I was lucky in the PI that I had a friendly panel and pretty much controlled how the interview went. But remember that the going is easy if you know the answers to what you are asked. So prepare well and dont take anything for granted. Cheers !!

Hi Puys,
Just came from SIBM-Pune after winding up GD/PI and GT. Overall it was a nice experience. I liked the campus a lot and mountains everywhere. It was a foggy morning here in pune. It's such a nice place.

I was in morning slot. I made a big blunder of not taking any doc to show my work experience so got in touch with co-ordinators who told me that I may land up in trouble if they ask me to show proof of my work ex. I called up my team mate and got all the soft copies of required docs on my personal mail box so in case they ask for docs I could get a print out of it. So I suggest all of you to double cross check for required documents..

Registration Process:
First we got our registrations done and then we were allotted our group coordinator who was first year student of marketing. We heeded towards an auditorium where we were shown the video of SIBM-Pune and from there again shifted to another room. First we had PI of our group but they didn't call me for PI. I asked my GC(Group Co-ordinator) what's going on ? He told don't worry, u will have ur PI after some time.

(1) GD( 7mins to think and 15 min to discuss)
I kept on asking hell lotsa question to my GC and he patiently answered each and every query. Then our turn for GD came and we were taken to a room where panel was sitting. A lady professor who was judging our contentand an HR consultant who probably was keen to judge us on body language part. We have already decided that we won't make it a fish market and won't interrupt anyone and so did we. It was a case study of a mineral water manufacturing company which has three divisons. I forgot the name actually :oops:. There was a manager who was deciding upon future course of action for the company and suddenly fire broke out in one of the unit. In that case what are the things manager should take with him and why?
I was the first one to set the context and spoke about 5-6 times. And got a chance to summarise as well ...
GD went well

(2) PI (Lasted not more than 10 mins)
Then came the turn of PI..Three people were there in the room. They were in 30's 40's and 50's respectively. I was asked basic questions first like why MBA? What specialization? What did u learn in ur company then abt my hometown and then some technical questions which I culdn't answer. I am feeling bad abt it.

(3) GT( 3 mins pyschometry test and 5 mins for GT)
Then we were taken to another room where we were made to answer certain questions in 3 mins. Then our group was divided into two group of 5 people. Then they handcuffed two person entangling their rope from inside. And we were to detangle to rope which we couldn't. They asked to rate ourself on a scale of 0 to 10 based on our contribution and effort made.

Then at 2:45 whole process got over...

Will add some more points later on ....

Disclaimer: Do not make GD a fish market as they want to see how far can u think and judge u on ur content not on ur skills of cutting other ......Cheers to SIBM-Pune folks for smooth process....

what type question they ask in psychometry test

sandboysanjay Says
what type question they ask in psychometry test

we had basic questions to answer wherein they would get to know ur personality. Like

(1) Do u keep in mind others opinion?
(2) Do u do whatever u want to?

These kinda questions....

@MaddreamMBA: they askd u tech stuff rite...r u a fresher??? wat r they generally askng in PIs??

nehawl2 Says
@MaddreamMBA: they askd u tech stuff rite...r u a fresher??? wat r they generally askng in PIs??

Nopes am not a fresher. I have 27 months of work ex in Infosys. Basic question like why MBA, why SIBM-Pune, what do u expect from a b-skul blah blah....No need to worry abt ...Brush up technical stuffs too a bit....
MadreamMBA Says
Nopes am not a fresher. I have 27 months of work ex in Infosys. Basic question like why MBA, why SIBM-Pune, what do u expect from a b-skul blah blah....No need to worry abt ...Brush up technical stuffs too a bit....

What kind of tech questions did they ask you? Also what kind if questions from Work ex did they ask?

I had my GD PI session during the 1.00 PM slot. I reached the old Symbiosis campus around 11.30, the bus left around 12.15 and we got to Lavale by 1.00. We were asked to report for registration. It got over quickly. They don't demand any photocopies. We just need to show them the originals. We were asked to wait in a classroom where we met our Group Co-ordinator (GC), Devesh.

I was in group 1 YG and it turned out all the people in my group were guys. We were 9. 4 didn't turn up. We bonded quickly and were chatting during our waiting period. We had a fair mix of 3-4 freshers and the rest had about 2 yrs work experience.

We were called for our PIs first. Mine went on quite well. It lasted 5-10 minutes. There was a 3 member panel, with 2 gentlemen and a lady. The lady asked most of the questions. The one on the left was an observer for most of the others, but he did ask me a couple of questions. Questions were typical "Tell me about yourself", "Why MBA" and the rest right out of Annexure A which they had asked us to fill.

After the PI we were asked to have our snacks - Alu Poha , Sandwiches and Tea. After a while, we were called for our GD. The panel had 2 people. A Colonel and another person who remained silent almost for the entire duration of the GD, except to make a clarification about a technical term, constituted the panel. We were given a caselet concerning the ethical dilemma faced by an account executive at an advertising agency. He was disturbed by the misleading effect of his firm's surrogate advertisement on poor village folk. Discussion went quite well and it did not get noisy. Everyone was patient and allowed others to speak.

After the GD, we waited a little while and we were called for our Group Task. We were first asked to choose a shape from a circle, a Triangle, a Z, and a square. Then we had a psychometric test with fairly straightforward questions. After that, our task began. Our group was split into two, and two volunteers from each batch were called. Their arms were tied with ropes, so it made interlocking loops (the loops & their arms). We were asked to separate the two without cutting the rope. It looked impossible and both batches were unable to separate them. The panel then grilled some among us on defeatist attitudes and why we were trying to do the impossible. Then they told us that it was possible and we could search the internet for solutions. That ended it.

We waited till about 6.15 PM for the bus back and we were on SB Road by around 7.30.

My best wishes for all the other batches.

hey nayakgirin..thnks for the elaboarted exp but could u share a little abt GD too i mean the case study...hw did u ppl attckd on it....

nehawl2 Says
hey nayakgirin..thnks for the elaboarted exp but could u share a little abt GD too i mean the case study...hw did u ppl attckd on it....

It was a normal discussion. we discussed various alternatives on how the person could get out of his moral dilemma. Most of us agreed that he had to look for another job as the company was not likely to change its policies for one employee. Other ideas were working for NGOs, rural awareness campaigns, switching to a different dept in the same company, handling another advertising account etc.

Hi everyone,
I am done with my sibm GD/GT/PI
I would like to share my experience to help other fellow puys and the people who would read it in the future.
After Document verification, my group had the GD round.
It was not a caselet based discussion.
Everyone in the group contributed well.
At the end everyone was given chance to speak a sentence on the topic.
The panel guy was very cool.One of them was Coln.
After that we had a group task..We had to form a concentric circle. They would blindfold sm people. and we had to pass the balls in sequential order such that the person who starts passing the ball gets the ball at the end.
The judges and student volunteer termed it a failure but I feel we did our best.
PI was conducted by three cool people.I mean they kept cracking some or the joke to keep us at ease.
I was asked about my current company,some work profile related questions and why mba kind of questions.It was a 10 min discussion and I think that was enough time for them to know about me.

That was the end.

Suggestions to others:Some Interviewers are looking for people who are themselves and not people who have been coached heavily by institutes.So pls be yourself.

I hope my experience is helpful for all you fellow puys.

Got over with GD/GT/PI Process today

Before posting what all happened during 3 rounds.... i would like to say few things about SIBM & SIBM Seniors :)

1. New campus at Lavale has great infrastructure.
2. Complete process was managed by students only. No faculty involved anywhere ( reflecting sibm being the student centric institute)
3. Seniors were very cooperative and made environment very friendly. :cheers:
4. Seniors answered all the queries related to college honestly told strong points as well as weak points of college
5. Seniors made the waiting time enjoyable .. many of us found new frns in them ( no matter cal gets converted or not )
6. Even faculty knew about PG and asked me questions on it ( and gave 1 suggestion too 😉 ) during group task.

Now coming to the 3 rounds ... for our group, sequence was GD -> PI -> GT ... each group was alloted group coordinator ( from 1st year.. our coordinator lokesh , a delhite was really a cool frn throughout )


No case study for our group ... " Ragging helps to break the ice " was the topic.

Were given few minutes to think and then it was open house for 15 min .. i chipped in 3 times with different points .. it went smoothly and did not become fish market at all except sometimes, few people raising the volume of voice( and saying already mentioned point ) instead of coming up with new point :p


2 Persons .. one was old lovely lady ( p2 ):) and other was a cool gentleman ( p1 )...both very experienced.

i entered ... was asked to sit .

p1 : So, your name is varun and you are from lucknow
me : yes sir ( with a smile )

p1 : how are you feeling ?
me: fine sir

p1 : So , you just switched in 5 months from your first company?
me : sir, got campus placement in infy .. joining delayed due to recession.. utilized time gap ... blah blah .. ( impressed 😃 )

p1 : what is current work in infy ?
me : told .

p1 : does infy gives something extra to its employees too or everything is for clients?
me : with a smile ... answered positively ( smile on their face too )

p1 : would you like to join infy after mba?
me: yes sir.. mentioned reasons etc

p1: your marks in qa are very good .... calculate exact compensation which you would like to take from infy after 2 years?
me : told figure... then he asked how did you calculated .. i told 😃 .. again both impressed

p1 : will you join mba if it was 10 year course?
me: no sir.. gave reasons ... then explained why i want to go for 2 yr course... then asked , why not 1 yr course.. answered it ( again appreciation from panel )

p2: would you like to ask us something ?
me: yes mam ... asked 1 quesn .. they did not answered it and asked to contact student committee for that.

p2: thanks ... good answers ( both smiling)
p1 : all the best for sibm

me: thanks .. have a good day !

group task

began with psychometric test ..followed by selecting one of the 4 figures drawn on board .. then,

group was divided into 2 groups of 5 each .. .2 volunteers from each group had their hands tied with rope in complex manner ( i was one of the volunteers) ..and group was asked to untie us with 3 conditions:

1. rope cant be touched.
2. knot cannot be opened
3. we cannot slide our hands out
4. we cannot be touched by other grp members

could not complete task but were appreciated at end ... here they try to create stress conditions... stress testing

one amazing thing happened.... during post task period, when faculty was giving feedback ... they asked who all visit pg... almost everyone raised hand... .then they said, who is very active bas kya tha, i raised my hand

then they fired questions on pg to me :shock: asked what tasks are mentioned on sibm thread.. i told ( they were different from given to us ) .. asked which is most frequently posted task ... i said, 3 bricks wala ... they said, go and correct there... its not 3 bricks but 2 bricks :shock: then , everyone smiled... 1 faculty gave a positive expression on his face seeing me .. they kept asking questions on pg and smiling... asked me if am the employee of pg after listening my answers

then, we were asked to leave for the day ..

overall great job by sibm students in managing the process :thumbsup:

wish everyone all the best !!!

Group 1XB8
1) Group Task/Pscychometric Test
The group Task was to build a structure that can hold a weight of around 1 kg using the materials provided. The materials were 4 bend straws, a full newspaper, scisoors, cardboard , 1 ft scale and cellotape. We were asked not to make any deformations in the board and the height had to be a minimum of 15 inches. Our group failed to make the rquired height, but our idea to bukid the strucutre like a teapot with the straws reinforcing the newspaper to add strength was appreciated. In the end, we were asked who was to blame. We took a collective responsiblity. This was appreciated.

The process was preceded by a psychometric test(30+ questions in 3 minutes + We were asked to draw one diagram from a circle, square, Z and a traingle)
2) PI

1. So Mr Karthik, What is this VJ in your name?
2. You are from Trivandrum. Tell me something that happened in Trivandrum Recently.
3. Why do you want to do an MBA?
4. What did your old company do?
5. Why did you quit?
6. Something about my B Plan
7. You mentioned about your Work Exp, is it your weakness or strength?
8. WHy did you join my old company?
9. Why would we select you?
10. Something more about my BPlan....
11. Thanks

3) Group Discussion
It was a case about a group not performing well because of one lady. We had to imagine ourselves in one group member's role who knew this particular lady well. The case was about what we oight to do.

The group in no particular order : Jayson, Chirag, Aman, Mridul, Jyoti, Anupam(Bong Babu),Karun,and others...sorry guys I don't have your names with me right now..... everyone was awesome
Special Mention : Seniors.
Special Special Mention: Anwesita HR 1 : You rock
Special Special Special Mention : The whole group and the campus....


I am writing this a little late. I had my GD-PI session on 28th Morning Slot.

My Group Was 1xG

Some of the fellow puys that I encountered in my group were adityashankar11, amit.singh17, Avinash999, bolbum, paljor_chhering, sriharsha711

I reached the old campus at around 7:45 AM and boarded the bus. Reached the beautiful campus at lavale at around 8:30.

We were taken to an assembly hall. After some time 15 of us were asked to come with one of the co-ordinators. We were taken to a desk where our call letters were checked and we were given a name tag.

After this we were taken to seminar hall where each group had a predefined seating arrangement. A small presentation was given regarding SIBM by the aspiration team. In the mean time I met my co-ordinator Ashish who was very helpful in answering any question however stupid they were. The group got to know each other in the mean time.

Immediately after the presentation, Number 1 and 2 were asked to go to interview and rest of us were taken to different room. My number was 6 (In all there were 12 in our group). The PIs were at max 5 -6 minutes per person and were very stress free. There were 3 people in the panel, Ashish informed us that one of them was a faculty at SIBM and others were from industry. The Faculty (Prof) was sitting on the left, A lady in red (L) in the center. A man with french beard and coffee colored shirt on the right (FB).

This is what happened in PI

Panel: Good Morning xxx, please come in and have a seat.
Me: Thank you. Good morning Madam, Good morning Sirs.

L: So xxx, tell me about yourself (Not Verbatim)
Me: Told

Prof: Asked me about questions about my work ex and why mba
Me: Told

FB: Good

Prof: Did you work on java?
Me: No but told what I worked on

Prof: Asked me about ethical dilemma from annexure, and said they way we see it is just the common business practice followed everywhere

Me: Defended my stand and blah blah blah

FB: So tell me about XYZ. (XYZ was one of the people I mentioned I would like to go on country trip)

Me: Told about the person and gave reason as to why I mentioned him.

FB: (Extending the question) So if you are working in a company which has different set of moral and ethical values than yours what will you do?

Me: Gave an answer and defended it.

FB: Excellent

L: What else do you do?

Me: Mentioned my hobbies

L: Do you think you are overambitious?
Me: Told the answer

L: Anything you would like to ask?
Me: Asked about the alumni mentor program

L: Yes we started it this year you are correct about it.

Panel: Thank You.

Me: Thank You.

FB: (Giving Thumbs Up ) Good

Me: Thank You.

Overall PI very chilled and relaxed, FB was the observer and asked max one question per PI. He was also the one who tried to douse any tension or nervousness by saying excellent good enthusiastically.

Just a note to Infy people: Ashish mentioned most people with work ex were from info so be prepared for some questions.

Later we had 10 minutes break during which we had breakfast (Tea, Poha and Sandwich)

Later we were taken for our GDs. The GD topic was a HR case study.
We were given about 3 minutes to think and about 15 minutes to talk.

I came in with two three points. After a while the gd became repetative. chhering was asked to summarize (i think it was chhering). Overall okish GD. No fish market but could have been better.

After this we had to do group task. The task was to first select one person who will shepherd others to a circle. The others were blindfolded and the leader had to use only the whistle given to guide them. Obstacles were placed and after blindfolding people they were moved randomly to any pat of the room. We were given 3 minutes to strategies and i think 1 minute to execute. (Needless to say we were unsuccessful)
BTW before the GT we were given a psychometric test and had to complete it quickly.

After the GT we were sort of stress questioned and asked to rate our performance. We were asked who was responsible for our failure etc. Finally they broke it was just the process, they said they personally thought it went very well. They also asked us to publish this on Pagalguy and tell this to others

Overall I would give it 3 out of 5 for me

I would like to specially mention Ashish, bro if you are reading this you were very helpful...hope to see you again.

Also thanks to ritika (From My buddy program)

And finally the puys from my group. We had excellent bunch of people.

Hope this helps you guys.

hi had my gd/pi on 29th 1300 hrs....
the order was pi- gt- gd

PI is a cool affair. a lady and a very cool prof(was told he teaches strategic mgmt). asked me about my passion and my wrk exp..
overall very relaxed with feel good factor lasted 7 mins.
note unless u say something interview will never get stressfull. choose what u say carefully.

before gt a physcometric test . girl acting strict keeps bugging u for tension factor. will target slow ones. be fast, ignore her.
30 Q 3 mins.

task was to form a circle with 6 ppl blindfolded and 6 not. 1 leader asked to be chosen and order us.
dint form circle. a panel guy said well done even when we dint really form a circle. one old prof shouting all the time. keep ur cool . they are testing our attitude in GT.
also asked to form a "K" with one cut.
was blind folded couldnt do much.

GD was topic based."when u r @ home u wanna go out and when u are out u wanna come home" .
good discussion was good. 2 prof a colonel brijkrishna and a prof. salvi (sorry if i got the names wrong).
dont cut a lady.
if given a chance to summarise and u are the 2nd person summarising dont say something cheesy like same as what that guy said or nothing more to add..
good gd not much of a fish market. got to summarise gd.
overall very well managed and smooth.

happy with my performane, lets hope for the best.

Wat was the dress code for GD / intrvw .............

abhisharma.engg Says
Wat was the dress code for GD / intrvw .............


please check your call letter... it's mentioned there ... kindly read it!

anyways, for guys... it is full sleeves shirt , formal trousers and tie .

Glad to read all the experiences, that too put up so promptly.. all the best guys!

special thanx to navneet bajaj my group co-ordinator.very encouraging and kept talking to all of us. listen to what they tell u.
they have been in the same position before and can guide us.
met Nitin of Aspirant relations team.
very well co-ordinated process. met a few students of ops and hr (my interest areas).
once again thanx to all the experience. hope to see u in the future.