[2010] PaGaLGuY Coolest Avatar Contest - Vote for your favorite avatar!

After one week of intense campaigning and nominations we have woohoo! 43 nominations! :shocked: Firstly, a big shake your booty dance for everyone who nominated themselves! :: Just to sum it up, out of 43 nominations, 23 got at least one …

To the judges- Thanks for your kind support. :cheers:

To my beloved puys-

My nomination post-
Why my avatar is the coolest?

my avatar can beat mithun da.

my avatar depicts the true feeling of hate which is one of the strongest feelings known to human.

my avatar is an entrepreneur.
Favorable reviews of some of the esteemed people on PG-
(Probably the only avatar to have such reviews)

gnrs bhai- http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/pagalguy-community-events-pg-meets/53031-2010-pagalguy-coolest-avatar-contest-8.html#post2053090

diablo- http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/pagalguy-community-events-pg-meets/53031-2010-pagalguy-coolest-avatar-contest-9.html#post2053392

PP ma'am - http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/pagalguy-community-events-pg-meets/53031-2010-pagalguy-coolest-avatar-contest-12.html#post2057214

also the above post is an indicator

So I'm asking your vote on the merit. Vote for the_hate inc.
Well, well.... what to say... Just a big THANK YOU to all the judges who voted for me and also to those who didn't

A big thank is also due to all my supporters and fellow contestants. It was really fun participating

But guys, the fight is not over yet coz I haven't won yet

More to come...

For the benefit of the voting junta, here is my avatar in a higher resolution:

Don't you want to vote for the spirit of PG which stands for community, togetherness, friendships, sharing, caring and much more??

If PG has touched or helped you in any way, vote for imcoming , vote for the spirit of PG

Congratulations to all 'final converts'.

Pretty good show on nominations thread. Hoping for more crazy posts & out of world politics.

Just don't forget to perform on every platform - creativity, politics, networking etc. There are enough people on PG & every one has their own reason for voting. You are the one who has to 'approach' them. :drinking:

To voters,
This year, you can only vote once. You can not change your vote at any stage in competition. So be careful with that.

just curious,
how many votes did i get ?

Congratulations to all the finalists ....

Let the coolest avatar win.

Congrats to everyone making through!!

Now this was a tough one. 3 people were tied up at 5/10. clark_kent, neha.visionary and truckin. That's when me as the CEC had to take a call. Very tough for me!
My vote goes to neha.visionary and clark_kent.


I am very sad for the junta which will now be devoid of special "Free Short Term Courses".
To the judges- Thanks for your kind support. :cheers:

To my beloved puys-

My nomination post-
So I'm asking your vote on the merit. Vote for the_hate inc.

It is coolest then ACP Pratyuman, daya and abhijit of CID :drinking:

Hail to the_hate inc

Congrats to all who made it till here..

Now as the easy part is over. All of us expect some great stuff. some murky deals.. and some twist in the tale..Dont leave any stone unturned..its a War..though keep it clean 😃 we are eco-friednly puys even our smiley says Green!

Please dont resort to just Vote for me post. Resort to classic humuor as that would get you regular puys fall for you..

@the_hate: good show.. Thats what I meant about creating one classic post to win the hearts..but now things are different. At this stage that classs should come with each and every post you make..Its not about quantity( jst dont become Mr.India ) .its about quality .. Hope to see more such stuff from you

@Clark kent: you started bad but finishing touch was classy.. great going.. hope to see some more humuor

@Born. Vagabond: There is alot you can do with Sardar period

@tarunceo, [email protected], imcoming,vivek_mba10, pearl, raja : having a good avatar can only give you temporary lift.. need more fire in your post. not just pics but some more humuor. promising we will give you this that wont do..coz we know you cant 😁 ..we want fun!!

@Neha.visionary: Launch post was ok.. but just one post! hope to see more of your appearances.. though its strange how Calvin n Hobbes make it always to the final round

Each of you are speacial..and have great potential to short circuit our brains.. Bring it on!!

Put all your energy and power! Networking.. strategies.. campaigners..get them all with you.. as you would need a good support team.. to win this!

Cheers and all the best!

A very very very big Thanks to all the judges for considering me into the final list.

My Avatar in a higher resolution:-

So, junta please


Thanks a ton Judges.

My nomination post:

Why is my Avatar Coolest:

1) It's very cute
2) It represents my friendship with PG
3) It's sweeter like me
4) and i'm the only girl in the contest

Please Vote for the cutest Calvin & Hobbes Avatar
Thank you Judges and Voters. :grin:


Congrats to all the finalists

And , heartiest congratulations in advance to the person who is going to win it..... none other than Rajaram's avatar ' The Brain'

Everybody cheer for :clap: Rajaram Varun :clap: and his avatar :clap: and let him take insanity to the next level with his coolest avatar.

Inviting all the junta to VOTE for our promising youth leader , our own VR's 'The Brain' . :cheers:
An appeal to all the puys to vote.

Appeal vote

(ppt Link up and running now.)

Please make our (not only mine but of all the contestants) efforts worth by giving us support in the form of votes.

Cheers :cheers:

the_hate inc.

PS- More coming soon.:drinking:
First of all, big thanks to the_hate sire(\___-___o/) for allowing me to use image from his slide.

This image represents how PG helped me to achieve my dream and what it means to me :sniff:

i hope u win imcoming. my vote goes to ur avatar.

Congratulations all the Finalists!!!

Hope to see some Kickass Creativity from you'll now

Let the game(s) begin.


Thanks a lot for selecting me in the final 10! Let me try to rock others now

Hola Junta,

Your very own Fido Chaudhary is here.

You can relate to this avatar if you've read Chacha Chaudhary comics in your childhood and you've ever sipped 7Up (remember Fido Dido)

Fido Chaudhary is the combination of the brain of Chacha Chaudhary with the coolness quotient of Fido Dido.

Here is my nomination post:
Vote for Fido Chaudhary!!
You don't have to be intelligent to be cool,
You don't have to be cool to be intelligent,
Vote for Fido Chaudhary, and show that you've got both!

PS: Campaign is yet to being

I AM ALL FOR NEHA AND HER CALVIN AND HOBBES!! GO NEHA GO!!! VOTE FOR NEHA!!! SHE's giving away free chocolates i heard! 😁


Aap logo ne mujh jaise na cheese 😉 ...'alien' ko is kaabil samjha...ki mujhe dobara mauka diya...thankoo thankoo....

VOTE for the cutest and sweetest Calvin and Hobbes Avatar cause:

Digital Calvin and Hobbes


Thank You Voters :D