[2010] IRMA Anand GD PI Experiences

Let me take the privelege to start a thread for posting the experience of puys, who will be giving there gd/pi starting from tomorrow. Some things to notice 1. Please post your date of gd, profile, and your experience in a mann…

Let me take the privelege to start a thread for posting the experience of puys, who will be giving there gd/pi starting from tomorrow.

Some things to notice

  1. Please post your date of gd, profile, and your experience in a manner in which it will be easy for other people to understand.

P.s: Mod's can close this thread and open it once thegd/pi starts. I wonder whetther this and IRMA gd/pi call getters thread should be in Other exams section 😉

I want to start a thread of IRMA,i am new,can anyone guide me?

sam87_bhopal Says
I want to start a thread of IRMA,i am new,can anyone guide me?

The thread is already here, what do u want

P.S: reques people to start posting there experinces

I guess everyone can follow this or a similar format

Interview Date:-

Your profile:-
10th marks
12th marks
Graduation marks/Stream/College
IRMA marks
Work ex
Category (Caste)
Extra curriculars

GD topic and a description:-
Group tasking topic :-
Interview description:-

Any other comments regarding the conduct etc...

Also can u guys post how long it took for the whole process to finish??

thank you

all those who are done with their GD/PI please post their experience to help others.....

seniors and puys, have a few queries

1) Do we need to get a separate resume? if yes what kind of format?
2) There is nothing mentioned in call letter about other documents.. as in marksheets. Everyone will still bring their originals but please clarify on what documents are needed.

Please do reply soon. Have my interview on 5th 😁

wow...i guess m the 1st one 2 share my gd pi xperience...may be for the reason that i'v come back this morning and really cannot wait to share the experience.

beautiful campus,variety of birds,kaale muh waale langoor,pin drop silence!

make urself comfortable in the accomodation which is really clean. chat with the folks around.in A-8 block there is arrangement 4 brkfast,lunch,dinner. there were many guys who were already all decked up and were in the mood for gd and had srtd discussing about ipl,rahul gandhi,& stuff like dat..dont get nervous,join the fun!

after the brkfast we had to report to the ETDC at 9.we were taken to the leacture hall where we had a 10 mins session with the Director..followed by a briefing abt PRM...ppl had doubts dat were being cleared.. we were given name tags.

then we were taken to the classroom complex where around 40-50 of us were divided into 4 groups.a lot of seniors were there.they must be remmbring their xperice..we all were like in formals,with a name tag,carrying a file,some xited,some nervous...the seniors smiling..having "chai"..some of the seniors approached few aspirants with the question"why irma,wats rural",etc

i was in grp 1. we had 11 ppl in our group..5 gals,6 guys!everything was very well managed.2 profs were there.Prof.Rakesh Saxena and sorry to not remmbr the name of other prof. we were xplained abt the time break up.
10 mins to note down your own points.(evryone was provided with a notepad and a pencil.)
20 mins of discussion
i still have the paper on which i had written dwn my points
the topic was : democracy in our country would be complete only by introducing a right to recall of the representatives by the electorate.

in our group each person was keen to make an entry.there were instances where the points could not be heard,raising of voices,etc...but sensible points were coming up , we arrived at a consensus and it was fun. after the discussion the profs told us to calm down a bit and told us to carry on the group task in a better way so that they would get a fair chance listen to everyone's points and to rate everyone accordingly. lol.. most of us were aggressive at times.

then came the group task.this was my favourite part.
each one of us was provided with a sheet of paper which contained the topic and and 8 points that we had 2 rate in order of our preference.our topic was the strategies to control pollution.
punitive action against industries not installing pollution treatment devices
providing solar cooker to hotels at lower cost
awareness among the masses
replacing petrol/diesel in vehicles
limit on emission of vehicles
introducing topic on pollution in school syllabus
i dont remmbr one point.

we were given 5 mins to decide our own preference.pin drop silence in the room.the moderators then asked each one of us line wise to give the top 2 priorities...it was followed by a great discussion for another 20 mins.

we as a group were pretty good...thats wat i thot. after finalizing on first 3 points,we suddenly moved on to the last preference...lol..it was funny.at the end we arrived at a consensus or say we deicided as a group the preference of 5 points. first 4 and the 8th...

after the discussion janak sir declared the interview timings..that i'l write in the next post ! we had tea,njoyed the campus,the swings..hehhe..lunch, ppl were allowed to enter the library,chek emails.i was attracted by the badminton hall+ a tt table !ppl who had a time gap 4 interview could visit amul factory which is open from 3-5.

2 gds were progressing simultaneously. abt the othr gro i heard that it was opposite to ours.no fish market...but like a supermarket.. where evryone got a chance to speak, and they arrived at a preference order in the grp task for 1 or 2 points.

in short it was fun ! everycandidate

i'll put a separate post regarding my pi xperience.

fgot to mention:after entering the room and occupying the respective seats,all the candidates were told to introduce themselves..as in , to mention the name,place and qualification...it was then that i realised about the diversity of the selected ppl...and the best part was that all the 11 candidates in our grp were from different disciplines...not even 2 ppl had it in common

btech,english hons,biotech,BMS(management), psychology,economics hons, b pharm,bsc agri...baap re baap !!! sab k sab alag !

i guess that may b a reason for good points coming up during the discussion.

ey puys, m here with my pi experence.

my gd got over by 11:45..after the gd there was a lot of interaction with the group.we had chai, we had a gd on gd...

my pi was scheduled at 3 pm. reporting time was 2:30. after having lunch,i reached the venue :ETDC 2nd floor.

i carried the certis & photocopies of marksheets.

when,at sharp 2:30pm i reached the 2nd floor,few ppl were already waiting thr as the interviews had started frm 1:30. few ppl who had their pi at 2 were still waiting.washroom was nxt to the waiting area and drinking water arrangements were also made...all the necessities to make the candidates feel relaxed were thr.

the PIs were simultaneously progressing in 4 rooms for the 4 grps(same gd grps)
avg time duration: around 30-50 mins.

2 or 3 profs.

ppl were nervous and were jst relaxing by saying "ALL IS WELL"

everyone was so anxious,..it was a perfect time to observe human behaviour.

even if there was one slight sound of a door opening...all the heads were turning in that direction to see ki kiska number aaya. most of the times,idhar udhar ki awazon se hearbeats badh rahe the.it was funny at the same time tension wala maahol. wen ppl came out of the interview rooms,we all asked them,acads puche kya,certi dekhe kya,kya pucha,tumne kya kaha..etc etc..the typical wataawaran !

the guy who went b4 me had handed over his 2 cell phones to me..3-4 candidates came out of the room with a cup of coffee... ..waah..pehli baar hi dekha tha aisa...

one of the profs came out and my name was called out. the prof opened the door for me. i tried to close it but ultimately he did it. 3 profs ,2 wid a straight face,one with a smiling face..all in nice kurtas !

so the questions asked were as follows:

so how is the campus, wen did u reach?
why irma?
(since i am a management student and i have a passion for the sector, i was able to relate it well. i dunno how ppl from english hons or hotel management were able to relate to rural management)
how did you come to know abt the institute?
do you think u'l be able to switch from a metrocity to rural areas? why?
how will you apply your skills?
why did you think about rural?from where did this rural thing come to your mind?
why is there a need to work for the rural ppl?
(i talked abt literacy and employment)
so they asked me,do you think education is must for earning money?
err...i said yes..one of the profs said no..then gave some example..i agreed to his point giving another example..but then tried to relate education to other things..rather that jst employment..
then i talked something -ve abt population.one of the profs said that y -ve , in fact it is +ve to have more earning members...i replied by saying that there would be more mouths to feed,more expenses..then he replied again ki so what..it would be just for few yrs..for a split second i thought "mar gaye" !! but then i talked abt child labour, its -ve effects and i think i managed it.phew!
then the coversation moved from rural marketing to profit making organisations.
then again it came back to the bottomline,that u can do mba from another college,earn in lakhs,why rural management and get kam paisa.
then they came on the extra currics that included singing,sports,poster making,documentary video,organising college fests,etc.... so they said that u can get into some advertising agency and apply ur skills there,earn money. then i said that , that is not the only thing i wish to do..i can apply that for creating awareness among the rural masses.
they asked me abt my family background
so if u take up rural course u'll not be able to find time for ur xtra curics. well i said that if u have a genuine desire for something,u can always find time for that...
so are you ready for the rural sector...yes sir ..ok thank you !
the end ho gaya.
it lasted for around 30 mins.

i am a fresher and was not asked much abt acads...
work ex ppl were asked abt their wrk ex,
some students said (btech,engg,b pharm,management) that they were grilled on acads.
some said ki ya toh 0 denge ya 40...lol
some were asked about the news headlines
a candidate from jharkhand was asked all about jharkhand.

as soon as i came out of the room,i said to others ki bhai kuch puchna hai toh puch lo..wished evryone luck and reached the lecture hall to watch the barefoot managers documentary. but it had jst got over.
Raju bhai told me ki 7 baje fir play hoga..time pe aa jana..

till then tp kiya,2nd feb ke interview waale log aane shuru ho gaye the..sabko wohi tape baar baar sunaya...
kaafi parents bhi aaye the..
ppl from all over India at one place...ppl from delhi,mumbai,indore,gwalior,kolkata,patna,bhubnesh war,lucknow,kanpur,ranchi,haryana..etc
had nice tea brk..walked down till ganesh chowkdi,had masala chana,sugarcane juice,ice cream,angoor,etc.
7 pm watched the documetry.
deposited the name tag at the gate while leaving the campus.
clicked some pics.
left the campus with a hope to return thr..and buy a cycle if i get thru...

overall they do not make you feel stressed during the pi, but may ask you counter questions on whatever u say..u shuold be able to justify evrything u say..bring out your honesty.

sabhi candidates bol rahe the ki interview toh achha gaya..
lets c !!!

all the best to all.

make sure u have prepared well on all topics related to yourself..as in acads,wrk ex,situation of rural ppl in your area,and mosst imp : WHY RURAL..WHAT IS RURAL..HOW DO YOU REALTE IT TO YOUR BACKGROUND..HOW WILL THAT HELP..HOW WILL YOU APPLY ?

and be relaxed !!!

i was in grp 1. we had 11 ppl in our group..5 gals,6 guys!everything was very well managed.2 profs were there.Prof.Rakesh Saxena and sorry to not remmbr the name of other prof. we were xplained abt the time break up.

the other mod ws Mr rama murthy with 40+yrs of banking experience :cheerio:

the guy who went b4 me had handed over his 2 cell phones to me..

such detailed description ws not required lolz ....

but as said by shilpa interview ws all wbt convincing them on one simple question...--- why IRMA..and how do u justify it... ?? everything revolved arnd dat only....

ATB guys..be cool :cheerio:

can someone brief how is the weather in anand... cause have to decide what kind clothes to carry.. any umbrellas?

raccupp Says
can someone brief how is the weather in anand... cause have to decide what kind clothes to carry.. any umbrellas?

weather is kind of hot(not very hot though) in afternoons and cool in d evenings........no pullovers or blazers reqd as such :cheerio:..n umbrella ki b zarurat nhi h .....

I had my GD/PI on 1st feb.....was in grp 1.....everything abt GD has already been explained in earlier posts by shilpa...i would tell about PI..

I belong to Btech(CS&E;) background....

Q--tell us abt urself....
Q--y do u still refer to Lucknow as city of nawabs...thats history now..
A--me explained some fundae
Q--abt family background

Q--y do u want to come to IRMA,you have done Btech in computers,u are running away frm ur btech education....
A--i tried to explain but then other one interrupted in btwin .....i still tried to explain but he interrupted again n said U R TRYING TO RUN AWAY frm btech may b bcoz u dnt like studying engineering.......they didnt let me finish :nono:

Q--wht do u read..
Q--who is ur fav novelist..
A--jeffrey archer..
Q--wht ws his last novel u read?
A--kane n abel
Q--explain the novel...
Q--the story sounds more or less like a bollywood movie,wht so good abt archer then....
A--i said the way the story develops n his style of narration...
Q--how do u define a good novelist?
A--fundae--one who cn keep u glued to the story....and is easy to understand ...n somethings more
Q--you mean shakespeare is not a good writer....
A--explained the diff....
Q--suppose u r to develop a bussiness model for a village .how would u do it..
A--i started with it explained two lines then third one interrupted with another ques abt how cn technology help rural sector...
A--i explained with ref to e-choupal
Q--he said when ppl dnt kno how to read n write how cn u explect them to know abt technology

many other questions..i thought i ws being grilled bcoz of being a Btech ...but at the end of the day u just had to convince them of how intensely u wnt to join rural MBA....and how do u justify it.....


Finally..Its all over..The anticipation,the excitement,the unexpected bondings,the brush with an unusual reality.Am back home,and at the risk of sounding pretentious,i would say,a part of me has changed forever-i had my mini-nirvana at and due to IRMA n ppl i met there!I was part of the 1st group on the 1st day of GD/PI,n two of my fellow groupmates have given detailed description of the D-Day whch leaves me vry little to add,apart from my own PI experience.B4 tht though,i would like to thank Abhijit da,my 'bro-mentor' at IRMA,for being an awesome guide,pre-d-day blues counsellor,and my official Mango-Dolly sponsor!!U rock bro!!As for my PI experience,i would rather make it my next post,given the limitation of my mobile screen.Bear with me puys!

Thank you !! Hope to see you soon..

one of the best things ws i found good frnds had loads of fun......it ws gr8 being there...just awesmoe....:cheerio: everything from entering the campus to leaving ws fun (even at the station we had loads of fun)

@rediah:HOPE U AGREE

Hi all,
A pleasure to share my GD PI experience from IRMA.. Right now in library and I just came back from barefoot managers video. Wat to say, Everything is awesome here, the library, recreational facilities( I am just trying to get someone to play with me.Its full now and not sure we are allowed to play b4 coming into IRMA.:nono:).

A general advice,if you get a chance to come in advance, take some time to go around the campus,go to library and check out the Terra Firma books.Its so cool. that too the Times of IRMA part,you shud read it to get the feel of it.

Well about how my GD went, the topic was something like "some people think that our current education system is producing more unemployable youth and adding up to the frustration.Is this true"

Instructions were given to make it cordial.Our group did a good thing of having a self intro and a mini chat before entering the room.That was sort of an ice breaker.

GD was competitive.Give a sec pause,the stage is taken by another person.I chipped in 5-6 times with valid points(I hope they are:p)

GT was about rating based on most important traits of an executive.9 points given.Integrity,Foresight,Intelligence,health and vigor, high academic background and few more.we came to consensus on all the points. My suggestion would be to be clear about why you want to choose a thing and then put your view, try to convince everyone.But if u find another persons reasoning is good,be open and flexible and make the GT successful by coming to consensus.

Better dont make it a fish market guys.The panel members reiterate multiple times to have a cordial discussion.

PI was cool.I guess I was prepared for every kind of question that could be asked and that helped me.I am a mechanical engineer with 30 months of IT exp.And people are so afraid about the questions on why IRMA and why RM.I just dont get it.We want to get into a college and we need a valid reason for it.Just for the sake of attending PI and not having an inclination to the institute is sure going to bring gitters. Its always good to do some soul searching.Mind it,that really helps.

Mine was panelwit 2 men and 1 lady prof.
Q:Describe yourself
A:I talked about what kind of person I am rather than my acads,work ex coz they have the Bio Info form which has all those info.I ended my talk by covering up the points of why IT after mechanical and why IRMA in short.(they did not touch upon why IRMA till the end)
Q:Family background
A:I had hinted about my brother duing Desc urself.I guess that prompted them to hear more.
Q:Why management.Can you not serve rural population with your technical skills?
A:I explained about my inclination to education sector and the minimum work i have done in that.Was prepared for this and told about gaining skills to sustain an organisation with knowledge on finances,macro economic with the blend of rural development knowledge with the courses like rural polity,rural innovations,etc etc...(included ans for why rural management. so that question was also not asked exclusively
Then the silent spectator came to scene and asked about work ex.A stream of questions.May be 20 questions in 15 minutes.I answered everyone of them.Didnt miss a single one.It was like hitting full toss to boundary.I was into testing engineering,so it hovered around, my work responsibilities,how do I estimate,what is a test script,different type of testing,alpha,beta testing and it went on. I explanined everything in detail and I am pretty sure I convinced them.
Then the most trickiest question
Q:How can you use mech engg knowledge and IT exp in rural dev.They also told that I ahve been shifting my base from one place to another.These being formative years in my career will it not affect my future?
A:As I had discussed about my inclination to education sector, I explained how I can use my knowledge.It was more a true one.
Q:Asked wbout what I liked in Infosys
A:I discussed about whole lot of things which were positives of infosys.
Q:You can grow well in technical field,why to come to rural management
A:I told about the incentive to work.In infosys,it either appraisal or salary hike that drives.But here there is something more which drives.
Q:After a professional life, will you be able to go thro the vigour of PRM course?
A:I explanined about my basic nature which I had told during tell me about yourself and gave out a convincing answer.
Q:What after IRMA?
A:I told about my future plans.A true answer again.Inclined towards rural dev.
Q:What if you dont get through IRMA?
A:I told that i will continue to develop on my inclination and will do some work with NGO's which I am associated with rite now and I will wait one more year as I waited from last year when I missed written cut off by 1%.I told them I am clear in my decision and so I dont have problem.I also added that I would be happy if I am dont wait one more year.
Q:Did you talk to any seniors?
A:Yeah, I mentioned about interaction in pagalguy. they erupted in laughter.the guy who went before me also talked abt PG and they got to know wat PG was all abt.Good publicity for PG.Had a good laugh over it.

This is as a whole.I am completely satisfied and will return back with a peaceful mind.All the best folks.Enjoy the process.If you have the real aptitude,you will make it.

I still could not meet any seniors:shocked: other than Priyanka.I hope to meet them if possible now or later in IRMA :cheerio:.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed in PG.It has been wonderful.