[2010] DOMS IIT Roorkee GD/PI experiences

i am writing this from the main library (you can go here for internet 550 KBPS + apple MAC operating system )… great place!! i arrived in iitr a day before before the gd/pi date . as i got my schedule on the first day first slots so i was to…

i am writing this from the main library (you can go here for internet 550 KBPS + apple MAC operating system ).. great place!!

i arrived in iitr a day before before the gd/pi date . as i got my schedule on the first day first slots so i was to take accomodation a day before . after arriving at IITR doms two of senior welcome me with smilling faces (u feel good when welcomed with a smile:) . ankit jain sir wrote my name and phone number and asked me to go to coutela house for accomodation . the place is good however i was lucky to get a single sitter after some talk with warden. however i didnt got good sleep as it close to it students were playing cricket and all those hulla and at night tennis goes till night 3:45 AM:shocked: . that also in coldness of roorkee also added to this is hulla bol of student roting for exam. other then this accomodation was good with continuous light and neat and clean bed with blancket.. for food you can go to near by mess or cantein.

morning i got to go for GD/PI after presentation..query . i was alloted group 3 and panel D. in our group of 7 student the choices of topic were
1.multinational companies role in indian market
2.something like it companies
we all agree on multinational companies roles in india and we spoke well . and did concllusion too with in stipulated time

for interview my panel was altered from D to B
ques were like
1. e governance its uses and role in developing india

2.how corruption can be reduced by e governance
3. mobile switches
4. no spect in photo submitted explain?

there was panel of 7 people there however i was question by 3 madams only and just once by another sir. the panel was nice with me smiling through out the interview . everything gone good and i gave good and excelent in feedback form .. all izz well.

thanks for the info hope more exp will come here


by what time in the second half the GD/PI process getting over??

Hi Puys,
had my GD/PI on 20th 1pm slot.
My experience goes like this........

Reached iit roorkee in morning..satyed at frnd's room...same hostel as assigned for people coming for PI's...i think the process for registration was very smooth..no hassles...all my certificates were checked and verified in 10 minutes flat....then went for presentation on DOMS..and query sesion with HOD.
After that went to another room where we had a gala timw with seniors ...really man..it was awesome...they were so cool..evrything from cricket to mumbai was discussed at that time..a very special thanks to all the seniors...:clap:
Then went for GD/PI session..we got two topics to choose from..don't remember second one...we chose " IIT's are killing creativity in the race for professionalism"...
7 min for open house..3 for summary..7-8 people in a group..
Had a good session...chipped in with 2-3 points in b/w..otherwise was mum coz i think ppl in my group were too aggressive..
One of the guys started with how IIT's were top notch institutes...and then it was picked by a girl mentioning that creativity was a personal thing and iit's did give platform for anyone to come up....me too supported the point stating rigorous curriculum was needed for bright engineers so we could not compromise on education and discipline standards ...blah blah..then the grp went off track wid people discussing creativity and professionalism..in other fields.....
after 7 min a bell was rung to signal that we had to start with summary...chipped in with 1 pt there..overall..i was satisfied...:D

P.S : Seniors had already told us not to create a fish-market situation so it helped
P.P.S. : Sorry for the long post..will come up with PI xp in evening...gonna


by what time in the second half the GD/PI process getting over??

The second slot got over by 5 pm for the first 2 days...

My GD/PI was on 19th in the AN (1 PM ) slot.

Reached IITR early morning, hostel room was assigned smoothly.

Reached DOMS at 12:30, the registration was smooth and was over in less than 10 mins

There was a presentation by the seniors and a Q&A; session with the HOD after which we were taken in batches for GD and PI

I had my GD first. Group of 7, two topics were given

1)Honesty is good as long as it is not an impediment (almost this :D)
2)Players should be given an opportunity to question the decisions by umpires

We chose the second topic and the discussion was nice. The smaller group size avoided fish market scenario.

For PI there were so many profs (dont even remember the count), one lady professor (lp) who asked most of the questions there was one slightly bald prof (BP) and one sitting in the middile of the panel (MP)

LP: Read out my application back wards from graduation till 10th. mentioned about my work ex (I have been working in an IT major for the last 4 yrs). Will you take leave if you are selected from your org for two years?
me: No, and gave some reasons blah blah, said why I wanted to do MBA, management consulting etc etc

BP: So will you start your own business
me: may be some years later but not immeditely..
BP: So who will employ you for such a job?
me: mentioned some companies including my own company X
BP: Does X does that kind of job (management consulting)? I thot they were into IT only
me: They do but only a very small percentage;
BP: How do you know? Do you work there?
Me; Yes :D
LP: Your company pays less, why didnt you change your job for four yeras?
me; gave some funda about learnigs, growth and onsite opportunities
BP: Have you been to onsite?
me; yes, Uruguay
BP: some questions on Uruguay which I answered. asked about football, I answered but then told I am not much into it :D
BP: some questions on hobbies, picked up travelling grilled a bit on that :(
LP: Are you married?
me: no :(
LP: When are you planning to get married
me: gave some fundas
MP: Why it took 4 years for you to decide to go for higher studies?
me: Again fundas...
MP: What will be the hindrances that you will face in coming back to studies from work
me: some fundas, may be should start living with limited means etc etc.. some cross questions on that
BP: What type of books you read?
me: Mentioned the difficulty of being good and some discussion followed

With this the interview was finished :D

I would like thank the seniors out there for being helpful throughout the process,accommodation, registration, clearing our doubts here on pagalguy, I even saw seniors ready to give there jackets for those who did not expect the cold weather out there. Hope to be your junior soon 😁

Hi All..here goes my PI experience
I was in panel D..there were 3 ladies n 4 gentlemen....
seated L1,M1-4,L2,L3...
Me:good afternoon sirs and madams
L2: gud afternon..take a seat
M1:So u r an engineer
Me:yes sir
M1: and you work in XYZ
Me:yes sir
M2: any thing more u wanna tell
Me:blah blah..parents..hobbies...wanna open energy manage consulting...worked on solar power in coll..wind and fuel cell in company..
M2: what..fuel cell
Me:told abt that we provide hyd and it provides electricity...
M2: can u tell me how it works
Me: don't know exactly...mostly worked on wind and hydrolyser part
M2: what is hydrolyser ?
Me: converts water into H2 thru electrolysis
M2: end products
Me: H2 and O2
M2: and fuel cell
Me: huh..umm..don't remember..(totally lost confidence):splat:
M2 : what abt solar power project ?
Me: luckily remebered..so went on....
M2: can't understand...draw the process chart
Me: drew it and explained...(some comfidence back)
L1 : u have such a good job..what is the package?
Me: told the figures
L1: then why u wanna leave it
Me: fundas abt skill-set.decision making..blah blah
M3: why not distance MBA ?
Me: gave funda..less time..attention devoted...knowledge can't be put in use:wow:
M4: if u want knowledge..then y don't u collect books n read
Me: umm..sir practical application is imp
L2 : u have any other calls ?
Me: thinking shuld i tell or not..finally yes ma'm..FMS and kharagpur
L2 : then why Roorkee ?
Me: fundas abt dual specialization..more scope..
L2 : (smiling.).so will u leave FMS for us ??
Me: uhmm..frankly..dunno whatz going to happen..but yes FMS is first choice
L2 : (smiling)..thanx for being frank..even we would want u to join FMS..isn't it obvious..
Everyone. : yes yes..go for FMS...it is good..
Me: (smiling)..ma'm like i said..i did my part..rest depends on ppl in your seats
M2: ( smiling for the first time)...you want to be at the top notch position.
Me: yes sir..i'm ambitious..blah blah...
L1 : that's good..you have very bright chances..
Me: (filled wid joy)..thank u ma'm
L2 : we hope u join here
Me: I would love it too
M3: (for the first time )...why did u draw T-S diag ?
Me: huh....:wow:
M3 : no just like that..did u prepare for it..
Me : no sir..its very close to my heart..my first seminar..more fundas..
Everyone : Ok..u can go now

While coming out i thought i was screwed ..but looking back i think it was kinda ok.

P.s: Thanx to all the seniors ( Gaurav,Nishant,Tanvi,Mayank, Prashant and other adcom members)..you guyz rock !!
And Congrats to Puja and Vamsi for making it into RBI...:clap:

Result: Convert

Hi Guys...
Had my GD/PI on 19th 1st slot...
The whole op was very smooth and congrats to IIT R guys for conducting the process so smoothly...

Here r my experiences...

Had my PI first...was kinda nervous so started interacting with other aspirants and seniors...One of the seniors was from JEC Jabalpur.He tried to calm me down and it really helped...(thank u sir)...
The panel B was initially of four members(3m ,1w) ,later one more lady prof. came...
panel:One sir read out my marks of 10th ,12th,grad and asked me the full form of my University(RGPV)
me : answered...
panel: Why do u want to do MBA...
me: usual replies...continue study and be more ready for corporate world,personal reasons...
panel: caught me on the personal reasons reply and said that's y u wanna do MBA...
me : That's one of the reason..
panel: Which branch would u take?
me: finance
panel:Why finance...?
me: usual stuff and my interest in personal finance...
panel:what do u understand by personal finance...?
me: told...also told that many people earn very high salary ,still there bank balance cuts a sorry figure(they laughed)
panel: But generally these book and blogs are written by foreign authors .How would u apply it in Indian context...?They also gave the context of marriages and ceremonies and also gave the answer that budgeting should be done...
me: repeated their answers and also explained how concepts of personal finance are applicable to each context...albeit with the subtleties present
panel: were satisfied , again asked what u said was for settled persons...
How would u apply it(fresher)?
me: answered
panel: but generally most students are not very well off and when they start earning good money, they wanna buy it all...?How would personal finance help there...
me: explained...
panel: OK tell me how your CSE degree would help you in management course?
me: explained ...but could have been a bit better..
panel: What is the difference between ULIPs and Insurance?
me: answered
panel:Which is India's best performing Ulip now?
me: stumped.:splat:..told sorry sir I don't know...He did not press further...
panel: What is Management?
me: expalined but could have been a bit better...
panel:At last they said Thank u ...u can go ...giving me a toffee...
me: I gleefully accepted the toffee and thanked all the panelists and came out...

We were given two choices...
1. Women reservation
2. Too many news channel creating sensationalism...(something of the sort)
We chose the second topic...
1 min to think,7 mins to discuss and 1 min to summarize.
I started the GD, and made two further contributions. One of the most civilized GDs that I have ever attended and everybody got a chance to speak at least two times...

All in all, am satisfied with my GD/PI. Hoping for the best.

There is another (bigger) thread for the same


Moderators if you could close one of these threads......

helo everyone,
Had my interview on 21st Feb 8.30 am. Reached there a day in advance n stayed in a nearby hotel(was accompanied by dad). The registration process was smooth n it got over in about an hour(for a batch of 60). Then a video was shone highlighting the pros of IIT rookree(impressive video, hats offs to seniors). After the presentation we were kept waiting in room n people were called either for interview or GD.
Really cool GD people were laughing n so were the teachers.....7 ppl 8-9 min everbody spoke quite decently. Mazzzaa aa gaya GD dekar.....
My profile: Gud acads in school,gud extra curriculars, decent in collge, electrical engg. working in power sector for 2 years, gen. cat, jmet 521
Then was the interview....
6 profs were sitting. From left I'll refer them as P1, p2....p6.
p5 & p6 were continuously chatting with each other, I tried to engage them in the answer as well but they seem uninterested, however, they were listening to me in the later half of the interview.

p4: read out my profile,(X,XII,BE marks, my work ex) he then asked me to tell me more about my profile...
Me: myself gyan gyan gyan.....(gud work ex) for 2 mins...
P2: tell me y there is drop in voltage in transmission...(actually misheard the question and sought clarification ddnt expected so easy question to be put up for grab)
Me: ...myself gyan gyan....they were listening quite seriously I vomited more stats abt the power sector....
P1: Wats hall effect?? Ny device working on its principle ??
Me: Flunked...no idea, gracefully told sorry I dont Know it now, though I have read it in my Engg.
P3: View on India power generation & capacity??
Me: gyan gyan....
P2: Why should we not emplasis on renewable sources of energy n not on fossil fuel based energy sources....
Me: I justified...

Dats all...no Y mba, tel me about urslf, hobbies, strength weaknes....
over in 8-9 mins flat...Actually later I realised it was quite a high powered interview questions were prompt n I responed the same way...sometimes I spoke more than what is required...(people plz refrin from it)
I dont knw why it completed so early........
Gearing up for kanpur, khrpur, madrs....

Has anyone taken the attested copies of yours?
they have not taken any copy from me.. and what's the point in bringing all the copies attested...

Had my GD/PI/Experience of a Lifetime today @IIT R

About Me:
Name: TJ, JJ, fotugrapher
From: Delhi
10th: 72%
12th: 60%
Grads: 77.8%

The Journey
Yesterday {21st Feb 2010} had a PG meet in Delhi... Returned home late, then packed my bags, took a cab and went straight to Roorkee! The road was , too much traffic and too much fog. Somehow all farmers decided that today is the best day to get the harvested crop of Sugarcane to the mills so there was an endless queue of tractors on highway :splat: After few hours, and sleepless travel, reached Roorkee at 11am, geared myself up in a nearby hotel and went to the campus

The Campus
The travel was finally worth it. The campus was Huge! {Unlike my prev. GD/PI at IRMA, where the campus was 60 acres... }, IIT R is the first college in India to start Engineering! It was established in 1847 Felt proud to be in such an historic place.

Here are some Pics...

Then went to DoMS and headed over to registration desk...

There was a short queue present for document verification, which was done in just 15 minutes.

Then after 40mins, we were briefed about IIT R.

Then Prof. V.K. Nangia himself addressed our queries. He was quiet candid in his response, specially when asked about the difference in packages offered for freshers vs. Work Ex. people.


I was the first one to be interviewed. The panel had 3 people, one of them was Prof. V.K. Nangia. Felt really honored to talk with such an learned person.

Questions which were asked:
Tell us about yourself.

That's it, they asked me one question and then it was more of discussion. 😁 I was myself, what I am and what I want to be. Told them about my Photography, career switch, NGO's I've worked for and my Goals. Later few questions from Academics came up as well, regarding Network Security and Fuzzy Logic. Handled them.

For those who still got their interview left in any IIT, All I would say is, be prepared with your academics, and be yourself.

Lecture Hall 1

Yes! This is part of the orientation process. We had to wait there for 1 hour till our GD started. Talked a lot with the seniors, they were nice and friendly. Answered all the queries, also then we started testing the six sigma of separation and most of us knew each other by common friends, college or hometown.... Really a small world. They helped us relax before the GD... I also met my IIT R counterpart, the campus photographer :clap: Also the seniors has quite vibrant profiles, Vamsisomesh had recently been placed in BHEL as HR, and shaadi ka plan real soon Had fun interacting... Here is a picture of all seniors...

Group Discussion

Seniors first briefed us about what is expected from us in GD, how to behave and talk.

Our Group had 6 People...
2 Girls, Both from Delhi, Both named Swati One from IGIT and another from JSS.... Also there were Two Tarun

We had a nice, non fish market, non violent and really peaceful GD....
Topic was: Is eCommerce best thing for India?

I think I was the only one speaking against and rest all were in favor. It lasted for 7 minutes and in end 1 min was given to conclude. We talked about a variety of things like eChaupal, retail Market, Rural education etc. overall, it was good.

Then Over! Whole process lasted for just 2 hours. and was well organized.
Then roamed around in campus and clicked..... Some shots


ps: Sorry for typos... wrote in a hurry :D
pps: Thanks seniors

Seniors please let us know when will the final result be out?

Thanks and Regards,

Seniors please let us know when will the final result be out?

Thanks and Regards,

The results would be out in somewhere around mid of April along with other IITs

a moderate interview and gd
and a nice campus
gd was about : nuclear weapons are weapons of peace.

interivew panel : 3 ladies and three old women

p : tell me abt urself
me : workex 3 months of teaching adn 2 months of software
p: tell me abt ur software workex
me : told
p: why did u leaave lpu(teaching)
me : to increase my profile as it to suits to mba
p: why mba
me : i want to increase my leadership and mangerial skills and apply in teaching to fix education( standing on own legs) ..
p: lady interrupted and asked what subjects did u teach in lpu
me : told microprocessors,
p: as there are many varieties of students how would u teach
me : i told that i will teach concepts and apply to problems
p: but u told that real education is standing on own legs
me : i will teach that also
p: r u able to stand on your legs
me : yes
p: what's ur jmet score and jmet rank
me : told
p: what other calls u have and will u come to iit roorkee
me : told that i willl come to roorkee as there are sports facilites
very much
p: what sports
me : running
p: so many questions on running , my marathon events, how did u practice for marathon,.
me : told
p: what is cross country racing
me : told wrong that it is from country to countryr

everybody laughed and asked me to go
actually it is country side racing..

dont know what to interpret...

GD/Pi Exp.

was on the 22nd,second slot.
Faculty good for finance/operation.Average for Marketing.
Infrastructure good accept the hostels which was a let down.

GD-success and happiness go hand in hand.(panel of 6-7 )
went well next pi (panel of 5)-questions mostly related to work ex and in the end little tech questions which were quite easy.Pi lasted for 25 minutes.

Overall a good experience.Both GD/PI was conducted very well bythe students.They were very polite and helpful.

Faculty for both gd/pi were good.No stress interviews.They all made us feel very comfortable.

any tentative date of d results??its well past mid of april

dhariti Says
any tentative date of d results??its well past mid of april

As told by seniors, Results of all IIT's will be out after 21st April...

best of luck

I am in the list of qualified candidates though the remark " offer seat" isnt der in d concerned column..My category rank is 141 and general rank is 163..Can seniors please elaborate wat does dis mean and wat r my chances of final selection.