[2010 -2012] NITIE GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their NITIE interviews starting within next 4 hours and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads: X - …

All the best to everyone for their NITIE interviews starting within next 4 hours and please use thread to post your experiences.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


X -
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Months

CAT Score:
DI -
Quant -
Verbal -
Overall -

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names)

Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc.

1. Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences of NITIE GD-PI.
2. Please do mention your background and hobbies as it might help us understand why a specific question was put up to you.
3. For appreciating an interview post use thank button, or if you want to show more, use PM.
4. Most importantly, no spamming

All in all, keep this thread for what is meant!

Its been almost 10'o clock... Yet no experiences posted...
I request all NITIE takers to share ur First Day experiences ...
Eagerly waiting for that....:)

Seeing that there are no experiences posted so far..
Here goes a general overview:

On reaching, report at registration desk just outside auditorium, ppl were checked for call letters, ppl w/o call letters were asked to enter details in a sheet, and rescheduled candidates in a diff sheet.

In auditorium @ 8.10:
Starts with a flash on NITIE followed by a presentation on PGDIM. Followed the floor being open for queries.

Outside the auditorium list of order on which ppl will be called for verification of documents is displayed.
Based on this, ppl start to be called for verification, once verification is done, ppl are made to go for GD directly.

There are 3 GD panels - A, B, C
GD: Topic based, 15 mins to discuss, 2 mins to conclude. Guy who doesnt spk much ws asked to summarise in some cases.

After GD, ppl again come and wait in Audi, to be called for PI.

There are 6 PI panels.

Common qns asked: (All interviews today were for PGDIM)
1. Tell sthin abt urself
2. Abt acads (even to ppl with 3 yrs wrk-ex)
3. Final yr projects
4. Qns on hobbies
5. Y MBA?
6. Y so-n-so specialisation
7. Qns on general awareness
8. Current job responsibilities

The process was completed by 7.30 today. Tomo we expect it to go on till 8 atleast.

Couple of requests:

1. Pls get 2 copies of all original certificates. Lot of time is lost in getting these zeroxed, resulting in delay for every1.

Kindly post some experiences 1 day over no posts yet....puys we are waiting to hear them out..

Common puys, the thread is thirsty. Post in your experiences. Today is the 2nd day and we are still yet to get a single experience!

Done with GDPI- Here goes my exp

X - 84%
XII - 79%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age- Electrical engg - 69.5%

NIL/Sector - Number of Months IT/ 3yrs

CAT Score:
DI - 99.53
Quant - 97.7
Verbal -94.7
Overall -99.5

Topic: Does Indian politicians differentiate between politics and religion(something like this)
Number of Ppl present - 10
Time: 2+15+2
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Not a fish market. mostly all came in 3-4 times. Pretty avg or below avg outing for me. was not able to put across my points clearly
Other Salient Details:

Panel Members Intro: Not much Idea. 1 was from communications
Questions: I was quite late for the interview and profs were as expectedly tired. So interview was going for not more that 5-6 mins. Total three profs P1,P2 and P3

Me: Gud evening everyone
P2- gud evening. So how was your day.
Me: It was good. Had a good entertainment throughout the waiting period.
P2: smiling. So where are you from? I mean from where are you coming?
Me: From Pune sir.
P2: so you came yesterday? How was the stay at hostel?
Me: it was good and comfortable.
P3: We have so many colleges in Pune. Why dont u do ur mba from pune?
Me: sir blah blah in nitie
P3: but this is provided in xxx business school in pune also. so why nitie.
Me: so more blah blah. networking, brandname etc
P1: So you have workex in xxx company.
Me: Sir I recently switched to yyy which is not mentioned in my profile as I switched after nitie application.
P1:alrite- what is your role in current and previous company.
Me: blah blah
P1: which product do you use to implement this functionality:
Me: answered.
P1: can you compare it with any other product.? how do u analyse the suitability of a product(question related to my workex)
Me: told somewhat partially
P2: engg bachground
Me: electrical
P2: tell me the economics of power factor
Me: explained okeyishly
All: Thanks Ankur
Me: thanks everyone.

bas itna saa....:lookround: felt like nothing they can judge from this interview. So very general except for 1 tech question. hardly 5-6 mins. anyways verdict awaited.
My rating- GD - 2/5
PI 3/5

Misc.: Kudos to seniors who kept us laughing by playing andaz apna apna and sarabhai vz sarabhai. All the guys were really helpful. Wud luv 2 b ur junior.

Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc. - Nothing
Edit:- Converted

puys plz bring in ur exp's ... second day must be over ,still only 1 post !! atleast enlighten about the gd topics !!

freezeatlanta Says
puys plz bring in ur exp's ... second day must be over ,still only 1 post !! atleast enlighten about the gd topics !!

1 more topic tat i know is
"Paperless Office"

X - 91.84
XII - 88.5
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - Electronics & Communication Engg. 75.9%

NIL/Sector - Number of Months - IT/33 months

CAT Score:
DI - 82.49
Quant - 90.3
Verbal - 99.67
Overall - 97.44

Topic: Turmoil in Pakistan:A threat to India?
Number of Ppl present : 6 (i was the last group and there were some absentees,usually grp size was 9)
No. of Panelists: 4
Time: 2+12+2 (thinking/discussing/summarizing)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: we discussed how sentiments of muslims in india get hurt during turmoil in pak, security at india-pak border, afghan-pak-india relations, us intervention, 26/11 attacks, pipeline from iran thro pak to india, etc etc....tho we were 6 of us we dint run out of points...
Other Salient Details: 3 of us spoke during the summary, adding points missed by the previous person in his/her summary.no interference by the panelists.they used buzzers 3 times indicating time up.

Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) 4 proffs. P1,P2(got a call n left mid way),L,P3(was observing me the whole time during the pi)

L:Introduce urself
Me: told
L : wat does ur work involve in ur company
Me : Was telling in detail..
P1 : cut me short politely and told it is jargon to them and tell in simple terms.
Me : told...my answer had coding in it
P1 : smilingly, asked wat coding is and wondered y we call it coding looking at L.P2 left by now
Me : told that it s writing a programming language for some application.
P1: He accepted nodding
L : U did engg. in E&C; right? Tell us bout ur final yr project (this is a sure shot question for 2-3 yrs exp guys)
Me : told.my answer had creating signal at certain clk pulses
P1 : how did u generate these clk pulses
Me: told
P1 : ok, tell me the failability of AND gate and OR gate.
(There is considerable amnt of gap between profs n where we sit.So cudn't catch the word failability)
ME : i apologized n asked him to repeat the question.
(Both L n P1 repeated it for me. L actually spelled it out too)
Me : i finally got the word and told
P1 : looked happy
P1 : difference between full and half adder
ME : told
P1 : how does ex-or gate work?
Me : told
P1 said he is done and asked if L or P3 had anything to ask.Both said nothing n nodded me to leave. P1, yet again, asked one final question : wat r ur hobbies
Me : told

Misc.: Lasted for bout 10-12 min...very positive environment in the interview room

PS : not to spam, but the seniors out there r doing a really great job...huge and amazing campus...helpful ppl starting from seniors to the hostel room attenders. Had a really gud time.

forgot to mention one more thing, in GD we will be rated on three aspects : Subject knowledge(4M), Communication skills(7M), Group behaviour(4M)..the gd panelist told us this...

X - 90.00
XII - 96.50
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - B.Tech CSE 7.49
Work-Ex: - IT/31 months
CAT Score: 99.00
Date : 13th April 2010

Reaching campus is easy once u reach powai .. everyone seems to know nitie... yes even beedi smoking aam aadmi !. Auditorium has a/c and is good for waiting . They conducted some quiz then also played Bheja Fry when ppl were waiting for PI

Campus is awesome . The flash presentation on the programs was good .. but the bgmusic was very childish 😁 ...

GD : Right to education bill .. can it remove illiteracy
6 profs present in the panel
Some 10 ppl present ... not a bad GD .. 2mins for deciding on topic .. 15mins GD .. 2mins summary.

PI : 4 profs were present
The folks who had interview before me had it only for 7mins 10mins .. me too had it for 10mins ..

Basic introduction of final yr project ..
[Blah blah ]
What do u know abt datastructures .. wat are trees .. wat is shortest path algorithm
[ I did some blah .. no further probing]
Do you know about xxxx tree ( i dont remember wat it was ) ..
[I said i dont know and the prof stopped asking more]
What does you work profile involve .. who are competitors
[Blah blah]
Which place are you from .. where is ur univ located there .. is it private or public
More probing on work exp .. how does this technology work so on ..
Some probing on courses ...
You seem to have studied a wide variety of courses .. wat did u study in xxxx course .. how is this course related to AI ... do you know this term xxxx related to that course .
[I said i dont know .. the prof said .. u wudnt have known anyway .. ur course seemed to be basic course and this is an advanced topic]
Did you study neural networks ...
What did you study in literature course ..
[Blah blah]
Silence for a long time .. then they didnt know what else to ask .. so asked me to leave

That's it ! .. No clue what they are evaluating and how they are evaluating .

Firstly, my apologies for posting so late. I was intending to post yesterday but went to office and came back really late. Anyway...here goes...


X - 81.2
XII -87.6
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age
Computer Sc. Engg - 75% (IP University)
IT:10 months @ Infosys
CAT Score:
DI -85.2
Quant - 98.5
Verbal -98.96
Overall -98.92

Topic: Getting pink-slipped. Is it disturbing for the individual? (This is what it was......approximately:).)

Number of Ppl present: 10
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
The discussion was very smooth. The entire group was very mature and throughout the time we were all very polite with each other. At times the GD volume got a little loud, but we managed to stop it becoming a fish market. Though I did not start, I did come with 3-4 decent points of my own and I also took over 1 or 2 points initially proposed by other guys. Everybody listened to me and most people were talking to me when they made any point. All in all the GD was a fun experience. Almost everybody spoke, except for 1 guy.

Other Salient Details: As I said earlier, 2 minutes were set aside for the summary. 1 guy was in the middle of his point when the buzzer for the summary rang and he looked a little nonplussed after that for a few seconds. Piece of advice, be ready for the buzzer and keep track of the time elapsed. Initially we were all summarizing during these last 2 minutes and it had become a summary-GD 😃 but then the panel asked the person who hadn't said a word to sum up the discussion. He missed on certain points and finished early so we entered again after him and finished up the points (Still confused about this, should I have entered or not? Would I be looked at as 2 dominating? PM me your views Puys :lookround:)

Panel Members Intro:
All in all there were 5 (or 6...but if so only 5 asked questions) profs (I think :)). Two were from SEM, one was in operations research, there was one lady of which area I do not know and one prof was in SCM not that they asked anything related to that but anyway, will refer to them as P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5
P3 : Tell us something about yourself.
Me: Gyan. Was allowed to finish. Spoke for a pretty long time. Unfortunately was not very structured in my answer and jumped across time periods. Was speaking when P2 got up and left to take a walk and admire the beautiful campus:).

P3:Tell us about your internships.
Me: Talked about my innternship at NIC where I created a solution which majorly speeded up an application. Told how I had done that. Talked about other internships at NSIT and IIT and the papers I have published

P4: Strengths and Weaknesses.
Me: Gyan. Gave strengths and examples. Was asked to elaborate on my weakness and how it was a weakness. (No I wasn't trying to pull a fast one over the panel, I had mentioned my tendency to overanalyse at times as my weakness..so I don't know why) Meanwhile P2 returned from the walk suitably freshened up:).

P4: Why MBA.
Me: Talked about my B-Plan. How I was a student entrepreneur and had failed in the vision of my company despite not failing financially and now what I intended to do. Also talked about the product that the company that I formed after my MBA would be selling. This was related to my final year project.

P5: Tell us more about your plan.
Me: Talked about the competition my product would face and the product differentiators. I think I gave some examples. Talked of market segmentation.

P4: Define segmentation.
Me: Defined

P3: Define Segment
Me: Defining, interrupted.

P2: Define product segmentation.
Me: Did not know. Said something though. It turned out to be right basically

P1: Tell me about cross tabular references (But he then mentioned collecting data from different sources and integrating it).
Me: Talked about Microsoft SSIS and how we used it for that purpose.
P1: Yes, Microsoft has taken over that company now.

P4: Tell me about mass customization.
Me: Said I didn't know.:banghead::banghead:

P4 asked P3 if he wanteed to ask me anything else. He asked me a few more basic questions which I answered. Dont remember now. Then he said we are done. I thanked the panel. Just as I was leaving, the lady wished me the best of luck (aagey k liye....fir toh miloge nahiin???) and I left.

None. The PI was pretty much HR in my case despite not having much work-ex. But the other panels were taking a pretty tough technical interview. A friend of mine was asked about the protocol used by Oracle and I still dont know what this question means. Advise every1 to revise there subjects.

My Rating

Verdict: WL @ 166 :(

PS: There is a number written on the call letter in the format number/letter/number....the first number is the GD number, the letter is the GD panel, and the last number is the interview panel. Mine was interview panel 4. There were 24 GD panels in all on 12th. I think only about 180 people or so came (counted the number of seats in the audi....they were full, but no one was standing(yes...I know, I have way too much free time:))).

PPS:Kudos to Team Impact as well as the NITIE staff....the entire experience was exptremely well managed. And everyone was so helpful that I never really felt very stressed at any time. Team Impact kept us entertained through out the entire process. It was good fun. Also I have never seen government staff which is so polite to people. Thanks in particular to Chop Suey and the rest of Team Impact.

PPPS: Do PM me your views about my experience.


X -81 %
XII -72 %
Undergrad Major - 77 %..B.E(E.C)

30 months, R&D;

CAT Score:
DI -99.4
Quant - 92.75
Verbal - 96.98
Overall -99.22

Topic:Can ethics and business coexist in today's corporate environment..
Number of Ppl present:11
Time:2 mins thoughts gathering + 17 mins discussion +2 mins conclusion..summary
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
We discussed on various issues like ethical businesses increases brand value...satyam fiasco....tatas and infosys...media probing, legal framework...finally 2 minutes for summary

Panel Members Intro: 3 Cool Professors..Panel no. 2
Questions:why mba after job in such sector...future plans affter mba...
asked on non technical subjects in the marksheets...
lasted for 10 mins...

Overall Good...
Lets hope for the best...

13th April
CAT - 98.72 OA
Work Ex - 8 months (Infrastructure)
Acads - Civil Engineer (NIT Bhopal)

Topic: Right to Education Bill
No. of ppl: 10
Time: 2+15+2
5 profs were there in the panel.
Description: Started the GD, decent outing for almost everyone I guess. 2 guys were being too desperate and annoying. Apart from that GD was okay.

6 profs in the panel.
Went inside and exchanged pleasantries.

Q: Tell me about yourself
Q: Questions about work (What is your role, what have you been learning, how can the company improve, etc)
Q: About my paper presentation (some 2-3 questions)
Q: What would you specialise in, in MBA?

Time: 10 min
Very short interview, wasn't very happy after it. Kind of got the felling that in the first 2 minutes only they'd decided not to take me but went on with the interview just for the sake of it.

My rating:
GD - 4/5
Int. - 1/5

PS - Seniors were really helpful. We were shown Bheja Fry and Andaaz Apna Apna :)

PPS - Flight back to Chennai was awesome, cheered me up a lot aftr the bad interview.. Delhi Daredevils were in the same flight.. The entire team - Gambhir, Sehwag, Nehra, Collingwood, de-Villiers, Vettori...
Stood right next to Sehwag in the bus and exchanged smiles with Collingwood in the plane

Verdict - Rejected. Not even in the waitlist

13th April

GD -- Group of 11 ppl. Time 15 minutes to discuss and 2 minutes to summarize. Topic : Impact of social networking websites on indian youth.
Was a decent discussion. Everyone pitched in

Interview -- Went quite smoothly. Only a 10 minute interview (After that they stopped my answer mid way and asked to go out) Asked about who i think will win IPL. My responsibility in my current job. Some questions from digital electronics (comparators, crystal oscillators) thats it. They were rushing everything

A very tiring process. entered the audi at 8A.M. Had a GD at 12. And interview at 4:00 PM. Don't understand why they don't call people in slots and try and make things easier for even themselves.

Undergrad Major - 7.51
CAT - 98.82

My GDPI was on 14th. First of all NITE campus is uber cool, food is awesome in mess, the first mess where food is not mess :P
A special mention to the students of NITIE who were perfect host taking care of everything in GDPI process. There were interaction with Placement officer and alumni of NITIE.
After all doc were verified we were taken to GD room.

GD: Group of 10 students, topic was chosen by picking paper
Topic: Will foreign university improve quality of education in India?
Time:2-15-2 min
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Was almost a fish market.
Other Salient Details: summary was asked from 2 people.

It took nice 3 hours between GD and interview. And in the meantime there were quiz conducted(unofficial, not a part of selection process:) )
An also the movie "Andaz apna apna" was shown

Panel Members Intro: 5 members, 4 male 1 female. I guess specialist from different fields.

Questions: cant remember who asked which one, so i will just mention the Qs.
Q:- If I was fresher(they didnt had my work ex detail :/)
Q:- about my work ex, and my role in company.
Got involved in useless conversation which I think ruined my whole PI :banghead:
Q:- About my Board results. (have poor XII result)
Q:- About my interest in MBA and specialisation.
Q:- Few question about marketing, like y marketing and what is required to be a marketing manager.
Q:- what according to me is the panel looking in a student.
Q:- What is a SWITCH in a network. ( Wasn't able to recollect at that time :banghead:)

I dont think my interview was a good one, rest result will tell.

Hey Rahul! U remember me. I am Rahul Agarwal frm the intws. My intw was also not very gud. I was not asked a single HR question. I feel I could have performed a lot better. Only result will seal the fate now

Special kudos to the seniors who made time pass plausible there in NITIE..

Hi dudes...

It was nice time in nitie. got a room in mdi for 400 bucks. and the campus was cool. had a walk around the lake near the mess.... wowww loved it ...

My interview was on 13th April.
GD topic - Perfectionism - Strength or weakness. (God damn it was an easy topic.)
The rule - 2 min to think 15 to talk and 2 to summaries.
Panelist - 1 lady and 3 men
Nodepad and a pencil was given.

Gd Experience -

I thought i was gona have field day as soon as the topic was read. But the truth turned out the other way :-(

The moment one of the panelist rang the bell signaling us to start all 12 of us started together :-P I stopped and was turning my head around think who's i should listen. 3 guys never gave up they kept talking talking talking. They spoiled the whole game guys!! They didnt have points to support no examples. all they said was perfectionism difficult to attain. one guy even said microsoft has not been providing perfection in its software products. they were fight. I tried to enter into the discussion 2 r 3 times but was cut short they never allowed me to finish the sentence.

Finally the guy next to me(He too was in the same state as me) cried asking all if they all allow others to share there view 😞 i feel sorry for him. they didnt yield to his request either. I even noticed the a lady panelist closing her eyes and signaling sometime to the panelist on the other end.
I tried again to enter but no use there cut me short.( I must have tried at least 6 times to enter but all times i was cut short). The guys next to me was looking furious at three guys for screwing the GD.

Atlast one of the panelist rang the bell and asked those who didnt talk to talk. I seized the opportunity. told it was its definitely a strength gave examples of a doctor and Toyota. and guy next to me followed. after hearing us 3 speak all the others (expect one) felt bit guilty and it was shown on their face. there was guy who came and talked to me after the GD saying GD screwed but you did a good job.

But there was one guy fair wearing specs. He was so confident that he did a great job in the GD. He never realized till the end that it was he was who mainly screwed the GD. God bless him!!!

Now to PI experience....
went inside at around 4.45 not sure exactly ...
there were 4 panelist. one lady and 3 men again. only 2 men asked the questions. L- Lady, P1 - prof one must be in this 30's P2- old prof didnt ask a question sat relaxed on the chair looking straight into me. P3 was relatively young guy.

L - Ok Narendran. Tell me about your achievements.
M - Started with those in my college and then to my work achievments.
P1 - tell me about your final yr project ?
M - Project name and gave him a bit details.(but he could understand - faults on me i could have explained a bit clearly. He thought i developed some kind of algorithm for GPS tracking while i just build a product that would do the job of gps tracking and remote monitoring)
P3- tell me about your I.E Award ?
M - Explained seem bit satisfied.
P1 Tell me about your profile in TCS ?
M - Performance Testing.
P1 - What do you mean by that ?
M - Gave a clear solid reply in such a way that he understand he seems satisfied.
P3 - Did you study any management subjects in B.E?
M - Yes i didnt total quality management.
P3 - what do you mean by total quality managemnt ?
M - gave him a good reply.
The lady was eager to send me out.(she started saying ok narendran you can go But P3 asked another question.) Think she was not satisfied with me :-(
P3 - whats your view about today's quality norms ?
M - i definitely had no view on it. But as he said it was my view. I decided to spell out what came in my mind. P2 said you have confused us with your view 😞 i felt like i got hit out and gave a catch at the same time.
L- Ok narendran.

Came out saw time it was 4.53 😞 oh my god everything went so fast! was surprised. i even asked the guy out if he remembers what time i went in. he said about 4.45. i think i screwed everything in the end. and there goes my last call.

I wana bit of advise from you guys.
What to do if the GD turns out to be a fish market ? i stayed quiet when they cut me is this the right thing to do ?

Your views are welcome.... Please rate my interview and GD guys. Need your rating and feed back to improve on my self....

Hi all
Had my GD/PI on 12th april.
Work Ex-13 months Infosys
Category-NC OBC

X : 89(MPBSE)
Engg :77.44(RGPV BHOPAL)

Was unable to speak in the GD.After 10Mts moderator interuppted and asked to give chance to those who didnt speak
Made 2-3 points here:lookround:
4 People
1Lady professor from IT management asked about final year project(just description),some basic info about electronics(what is an electronic chip,what does it contains,how gates are made etc),thn work profile (what language i work on , which domain )answered almost all questions
thn another professor started asking about what does future guidance means in the financial report of any company.i said its the way in which company perceives the future and how they plan to deal with it.now he Asked about my companies future guidance which i answered it.In between asked about what is recession.Okeish answer to this question as well
One more professor came in at this time and asked me about my work (repeated almost same as what i told to lady prof), why MBA(said entreprenureship,he tried to counter saying u can do it now as well,i said that i dont have a balanced and comprehensive knowledge about business as if now and it is just about the IT aspect),hobbies(told),extra curriculers(told) etc.
at last the 2nd professor asked me about my calls and will i join NITIE if get a chance.(gave some diplomatic answer)

Puys PM me ur views