[2010-2012] MBE GD-PI Experiences

With the process beginning from tomorrow,I wish all the call-getters a very good luck for the same.Do post your experience on this thread in the given format- Academic Background Work-Experience GD topic Interview experience …

With the process beginning from tomorrow,I wish all the call-getters a very good luck for the same.Do post your experience on this thread in the given format-

Academic Background


GD topic

Interview experience

Anything else you want to share with the fellow aspirants

Keep this thread exclusively for the GD-PI experiences and for any other discussions,use the given link-

Once again all the very very best....

hello puys
had my gdpi today
slot : 1 p.m(process strtd a lil late arnd 2p.m)
date 24th april
we were divided into two groups
present 16 absent 4
my group 8 prsnt 2 absnt
group1 went for their gd and we waited for our pi.

intrvw panel
4 ppl.
faculty two members and two from industry i guess(they knew everythng so dnt bluff at ol)

they asked questions from technicl to current affairs..netwrkin ,hardware ,odr technical terms..waterfall model.
current awrns :khap panachayat ipl contro,meaning of my name.dats it

den we went for our gd and grp1 strtd with their pi.(onli one panel was there).
first we were tld to giv our intro one by one den gd strtd.
topic hindustan vs youngistan.
fair gd...evevrybdy got chnace to speak..dats it..process over in 2 hrs.

ol d best puys.
topic was hindustan vs youngistan


Had gd-pi on 23rd, 1 pm
GD topic : Women don't need reservation in parliament.
GD took 10-15 mins and there were 2 profs in panel. It ws followed by intro of every person in grp.

PI went smooth 4 most of ppl in our grp. Panel ws cool n consisted of 4-5 ppl
I ws asked abt career goal, fav subject, s/w engg, CMM, general awareness, etc... nothin typical..

had my gd-pi today
Gd topic-innovative india
took arnd 20 min
pi went cool .4 panelists asked abt career, why mbe,final year project,why mbe after btech..
panelists were cool.In my group arnd 10 people were there of which two were absent.

I had mine 2de..1.30 pm slot....after gettin it rescheduled...

process started at 1.45...2 groups of 10 each....one group taken for GD..n other started wid PI's....

There were 9 ppl in my group..no gals!....to begin wid we were asked to introduce ourselves wid d reasons behind applyin for this course..n there was cross questioning ryt away...(a group PI???))..nywaz after this intro cum SOP round..were finally asked to have a discussion on d topic "INNOVATIVE INDIA" for about 20 minutes..includin 2 minutes to ponder upon....
Decent discussion...but not a healthy one!....(no fish market type situation but d topic itself called for a lot of abstract n hence an unbridled discussion)

n then started d loooong wait....finally i entered d room for PI at 4.45-4.50...
4 profs...all faculty members(i guess)...they started d int wid a kinda crosscheckin my profile: u from panchkula?
n u r an engineer?
civil engineerin from PEC?
presently workin wid punj lloyd?
....n then d biggie...Y MBE????
took me around 5-7 minutes (wid a lotta crossquestioning) to convince them (i believe i was somewat able to...) y i wanna get into this course...n y i wanna b a financial consultant/investment banker...:P
then started wid discussion on Goldman Sachs...(do read newspaper...especially d business news)...concept of betting n deliberate misguiding...
n then one guy who was silent d whole time n was just readin my profile (application form) made his debut..."I can see a very interesting thing here, you've mentioned dat u believe u r good in anlytical skills...plz temme more abt it"...i told him abt my interest in solvin puzzles..sudoku...number games...blah blah...some more gyan on Y finance for me....n then he asked me some simple conbination problem: number of IPL matches this season n no of IPL matches if teams r increased to 10 n d formula i used to calculate...(10C2-- is it even considered a formula?? 😛 )
OA i guess my GD performance was good n PI was ok ok...now keepin fingers crossed....

PS: I had my MFC interview also..11 am slot...n I went upstairs ( to d DFC) in bw my GD n interview....so for me it was 2 GD's followed by 2 interviews...

SEASON '08..
CAT 96.6..no ELITE call...
XAT 97.93..same story...
SNAP-- scmhrd...
Season '09
Story so far....
CAT ..OA 99.4, VA 97.45, QA 99.06, DI 94.95....no IIM call
XAT ..98.54..84 in DI
SNAP- 119.25..

I had my interview on 22nd Morning. 9 AM slot.

Academic Backgroud : Commerce
Work Ex : 54 months

For a change I had a PI before the interview

4ppl in the interview panel - 2 lady profs (HOD and another MBE prof) two visting profs (1 DCE prof and not sure abt the other one)

Q: First question as expected - Why MBE?
Q:Then why not MA Eco?
Q:then why not Stats?
Q:then why not Finance?
somehow managed answer this one as well
Q:So you do you forecasting at work (looking at the my form)
explained wht i do
Q:wht model do you use
Holt Winter
Q: for sales forcast why dont you use cyclical data apart from trend and seasonal data
somehow managed answer to this
Q: Finally DCE prof gave me a simple puzzle
which unfortunately I did not solve
After this we had the group discussion. 2 Panel members were present 1 lady and 1 gentle man (both from MBE)
The topic for GD was "Virtues of Idleness"
6 members were present in the group, 4 being absent
The discussion was about for 15 mins. Everyone had enough time to speak
After the discussion we had another mini PI. Little more like a group interview. Introduction and questions about your strengths weakness, things that you have told in the GD.

Few intresting things
1. Different panels for GD and PI. First time it has happened with me
2. The discussion after the GD was a first time for me

All the best for everyone who have their interviews in the coming days!

All the best!!

hey puys! do the panelists ask anything from economics directly?:lookround::lookround:

hello everybody..i'll post my experience here

academic background:economics
work ex:nil

i had my gdpi today i.e. 26th april..the 1:30 pm slot..we were supposed to be 9 people in the group out of which three were absent.
i had my personal interview first..a panel of four memebers..i was asked about my favourite subject and then my second favourite subject and then quizzed on that..was asked to relate an economics concept to something that's in news these days..then questions on that followed..was able to answer a few and not answer a few..it was a pure acads based interview as i had expected it to be..the only non acads question that i was asked was that why are media channels fighting for the shoaib malik,sania mirza wedding/reception telecast rights..my fellow group members too were quizzed on acads..those with work experience were asked questions related to their work..
so the interviews arent grilling at all..be prepared with a fav and a SECOND FAV ( 😁 ) subject of your choice..and also know whats in news these days..particularly the ipl controversy because a lot of ppl were quizzed on that.

next followed the GD..topic:marrriage is a social trap
a very general topic..not a very opinionated discussion, which is good..a healthy debate..nicely managed by our group..the morning group's gd topic was :should maoists be treated as terrorists?..and another group which had just 4 memebers because there were a lot of absentees was made to do a group exercise(a one of its kind in MBE gds) wherein they had to plan how to go about making a movie

...thats all that i can think of right now..the results will be out in the first week of may
ATB to all of you..for more queries just pm me..:)

to add on to that..after the gd we were asked to introduce ourselves in front of the group ..then questioned on interests,hobbies..

hey! when is the final result supposed to come out?:lookround: