[2010-2012] IIMK GD/PI Experiences

Interviews for IIM-K are starting from tomorrow 23rd March, or may be have started today(not sure)!, but could not find thread for this so creating new. All the best to everyone for their K interviews and please do post in your experinces.It …

Interviews for IIM-K are starting from tomorrow 23rd March, or may be have started today(not sure)!, but could not find thread for this so creating new.

All the best to everyone for their K interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:

Any other special thing abt u:

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail.

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till then:

2009 experiences:


2008 experiences:


Hey everyone!!

had my gd/pi at IIM K itself, on 22.03.10, 2 pm. Oh, the campus is awesome!!

wonder why no one has posted so far. anyways, here goes.......



work ex- 20 months(oil industry)

cat %ile : 98.82

essay topic : "an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. otherwise only I will be blind"
15 mins. and you have to complete it within the time frame, thats the whole game here.

gd topic : an article about leadership. how leaders are different in the past and present. how a leader like gandhi was, and how today's leaders seem to just quote our old leaders and give more importance to fame.

gd - was "almost" a fish market. though everyone got to spoke i guess. and focus was on politicians and media. narendra modi, rahul gandhi, etc came up. at some points, more than one person spoke, but the panel didnt intervene.



P1 - IT/Systems guy
P2 - Operations guy

As i entered the room, P2 left.

P1-Introduce yourself
me-blah blah....ending with me directing a short film that won a prize and about hobbies(watching movies).
P1- asked about my short film, contradicted me, and in the end neither of us reached a conclusion.
P1- so do u watch foreign movies?
me- coz they represent a different culture(named a few foreign movies), and movies in india are not able to focus on some issues, and even if they do, they dont get a release due to the censor board(gave the examples of black friday, fire)
P1- so you think fire should have been released in india in all theatres?
P1- so you want all the people to start believing in lesbianism?
me- no that is not the point. the movie's focus was on oppression of women, and not on lesbians. it is due to the oppression that they turned to lesbianism.
P1-but i think the people of india will see lesbianism before they see any other element in the movie.
me-deep mehta was ready to delete the obscene scenes and release the movie(Dont know whether this is true!!) then also, it didnt get a release, so the focus on the larger issue of oppression of women was forgotten..blah blah blah..

by this time, P2 has come back and intervenes

P2- tell me about your work
me-blah blah and said something about 'network'
P2 corrected me on the word network, and i agreed. (seems network has some technical definition in operations)

P2- so you have implemented this business model?(it was mentioned in the data form)
me- yes, blah blah....
P2-(contradicting me)- this model cannot work. it does not give any special improvement to sales
me-maintained my stand, tried to convince him it is not so.

in the end, he smiled and asked me to sign, and said i can go.

i couldnt believe it was such a short interview; signed quickly and left.


So, I am in the dark now as to how my interview went! Whether they saw me as confident or aggressive or stubborn is upto them!!

All the best to all the others! and comments welcome

Update : Verdict -----> CONVERTED!!!

Thread made sticky

A general tip to all the aspirants.. please try not to make the GD a fish market. That is the last thing that Profs want to see and it will have a bad impact on the entire group.

does anyone have any clue about when the results are coming out????...I know the process has just started but I believe its getting completed by mid of next month all over the country...from then on, how many more days does it generally take for final results??....if seniors cud throw light on this...

Writing in Short..

Slot : 23rd March 9:00 AM, Mumbai.

Essay Topic:
Men is born ignorant; not stupid, but is education making him stupid.
Time : 15 mins (i thought he took the paper in 14 mins :D)

GD :
A big paragraph related to Persistence. How it helps in both rational and irrational cases. (Big Paragraph so don't remember everything)
5 mins to think
15 mins to discuss.
He directly stopped us after 15 mins and no summary was done.

Interview :
Panel of 3.
I had not done research so don't know anyone's name but was able to find out there profiles on website.

Interview is very chilled up for almost everyone so try to be confident in whatever answers you give.

Best of Luck to All...

Hey...can you please elaborate a bit about the interview...what sort of questions they are asking? Please help as this is my only call and I badly need all your suggestions:

tamoghna Says
Hey...can you please elaborate a bit about the interview...what sort of questions they are asking? Please help as this is my only call and I badly need all your suggestions:

The interviews were very general.. no specific questions... very relaxed.. In my case.. they only asked few questions related to my work.. my hobbies.. thats about it... so be relaxed and confident.

guys share ur exp please

a sincere request to ppl who will post their experiences.... plz be kind enough to tell us abt the complete process 😃


X 88% CBSE
XII 92.2% CBSE
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age NIT Calicut , 7.44 cgpa

NIL/Sector - Number of Years Telecommunications, 19 months

CAT %ile:
DI 94.95
Quant 99.06
Verbal 99.29
Aggregate 99.68

Any other special thing abt u: Best Project Award in final year from Robert Bosch.

I had my EGDPI at IIM K on 22nd March , 2:00 pm.
Around 17=18 people had come. We were divided into two groups.
8 people in my group. I guess one guy was absent.

The panel consisted of two people - P1 (RKP, scm guy) and P2 ( BSP, OB and ethics guy) They conducted entire process for our group.

Essay :
topic : An eye for eye will make the whole world blind , otherwise 'I' will be
time : 15 min No rough paper was provided. No word limit specified. Writing area was equal to two A4 sized papers.
Experience : We all went blind instantly as we got the topic. Nothing much came to the mind in the moment.Started organising thoughts for a while in my mind.Then started writing. Had finished intro, and two point of views. Then suddenly,RKP announced that two minutes remain.Wrote the conclusion asap and he asked us to stop writing.Felt as if he took the thing in 10 minutes. Guys be prepared for such abstract topics requiring deep thinking about the depth and complexity of the topic before you start.

Could have done much better. But I guess all of us are in the same boat to be taken by surprise.

GD :
Topic: A passage was provided. I believe tha they have done away with the case study thing. Seemed like a newspaper clipping or something. It went like this -----
Gandhi was a leader of the masses because he could feel the pulse of the masses.Leaders now pay lip service to older generation leaders and do not think about new ideas and solutions. They are now more into popularity and
fame.The line between 'fairness' and 'unfairness' is blurred.
Number of Ppl present : 8
Time: 5 + 15
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
As soon as RKP said start, one guy started.While people where still wondering. I was second to speak. Came in 4-5 times.Tried to focus on qualities of leader. Who is a leader etc..People did not discuss that much and went directly into how leaders now are into corruption, paid news.Talked about Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi, Azharuddin. People seemed to speak anything coming into their mind . I felt focus was shifting from politicians to media !!! One guy talked about leaders in corporate scenario giving example. I then snatched opportunity to talk about Shahrukh Khan as a person who appeals to the masses.Then people dragged back to media !!! ( Media should do this, media should do that etc !!:banghead: ) I tried bringing in Indira Gandhi and her lack of thinking when she perfected her father's socialist policies while other Asian nations like japan, malaysia were progressing far ahead. People did not buy that much and there was lot of opposition. Was on the verge of 'fish market ' more often than not and still worse we went tangential too many times without much structure or sense.

Satisfied with my performance in the GD though.

Other Salient Details: No summary asked. No time keeping done. No announcement that one minute remains. We were asked to keep the sheet there itself.

Panel Members Intro: RKP and BSP
RKP : Introduce yourself briefly in two mintues.
Me : Blah Blah...RKP cut me in 20 seconds.
RKP : So you are working at xyz making software for phones.
Me : yes
RKP : Okay go on.
Me: Started about family background -parents and siblings.
Education at vadodara, government school,then coming to nit calicut
then working at bangalore.
BSP : Tell us more about your family.What is the importance of family today
Me : Told
BSP : What are the value that your family has strongly given you ?
Me : Told a lot of things.
BSP :What do you is the importance of ethics in daily life ?( saare bade bade sawaal pooch raha tha ye....hum bhi kuch kam nahin)
Me : Told
RKP : Your grades have been consistently inconsistent.Why ?
Me : Blah Blah. Then told about final year best project award.
RKP : Hmmmm....that is good.But your grades are continuosly low.
Me : I was an average at NITC. Blah Blah.
BSP : Do you have any regrets in life. Anything you would wish to change
or do again ?
Me : No...nothing that i can think of right now.BSP was about to as another
thing then suddenly dimaag ki batti jali. I looked at RKP and said I
wish I could have done better at my grad so that you would not have
posed that question to me.I wish I had got a 8.5 something and i
could have put in more effort.
RKP : Smiles for the first time. Both were mantaining stoic faces with no
expression at all till now. I also smile.
BSP : What in your opinion has been the change in the indian society in the
last 20 years ??( My god, this guy was into society and ethics and
all big big questions )
Me : Told about how media and cable tv has brought new thoughts.
Westernisation. People are self-centred, more
practical....blahblah .... lot of superstition and orthodoxy still there in
society.People wear rings on all fingers etc.
RKP : You are also wearing one !!!
Me : That is because my parents told me to and my guru is alegedly weak.
But five is completely ridiculous.
RKP : Smiles again ....Me : Smile

BSP : Suppose you are made manager at a company where 12-13 projects
are delayed by 4-5 months and your responsibility is to ensure that
henceforth no new project is delayed.What are the steps you will
Me : Situation is pathetic. Efficiency is low.
RKP : Just tell the steps.
Me : Efficiency improvement, workers motivation, raw material bottleneck
etc.Then phir se batti jali. Problem can be in the planning phase
itself. If you do not know about your efficiency and claim to deliver
goods in half the time, then it is bound to be delayed. A more realistic
estimate is required before starting the work.
BSP : What are the qualities of leadership.How do you ensure that task is
Me : Blah Blah
RKP :What happened in GD...why were you digressing a lot.Is it not
responsibility of leader to bring the people back to topic.
Me : I agree we digressed a lot but when everyone is shouting and we have
to maintain dignity, a leader cannot do much.He has to wait for the
RKP: Nods head.
RKP : Do you anything about 'Mesh Structure' in networks.
Me : Told about it.Why it is caled cellular phone
RKP : Why is it that signal loss happens, here it is a hilly terrain?
Me : Told ( LOS communication , interference, multiple paths etc).
RKP looks at BSP
BSP : I am done.
RKP : Me too. Okay thank you .
Me : Thank you. It was a pleasure.

Do not know what to make about it... Guess it was decent.


X 89.57% (Merit Ranker,Gujju Board)
XII 89.38%(Merit Ranker,Gujju Board)
Undergrad Major -6.96/10 (NIT,Warangal)

16 months(as on date)/FMCG,Exportimports

CAT %ile:
DI 96.xx %ile
Quant 91.xx %ile
Verbal 99.xx %ile
Aggregate 99.62%ile

Any other special thing abt u:

Joint Secretary of Mechanical Engineering assocation.Photography portfolios,conducted an exhibition of my photographs recently.College Tennis team captain(or so I wanted to believe ). A few other certificates(DumbC,scrabble,etc)

Essay: Genetically modified plants can improve food security for a country like India which has an ever growing population.

Wrote some points.Cited pros and cons.How productivity can improve drastically due to pest control,minimisation of use of pesticides.Cited cons like loss in soil nutrients.Weighed both pros and cons and was about to conclude when the paper was snatched.

Topic:A big paragraph was given.Well the gist of it was,is change required or not!
Number of Ppl present:5. Well this part was hilarious.3 panels should ideally have had 10 people.about 16 odd people from 30 didnt turn up!
Time:15 min
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Scary discussion with just 5 people.So ample time to talk.Everyone came up with a number of points.It happened to be the most civilised GD I've ever been in.Oh,wait! Correction! It happens to be the only group "discussion" I've ever been in,a good drift from the usual fish markets. 😃 Galileo,Obama,Martin Luther King,Gandhi,Raj thackeray and Steve Jobs--All dusted,discussed and discarded. Overall a good discussion.I think the profs seemed impressed(again so i assume :shock: )

Other Salient Details: No summary was asked


At this juncture I'll mention that,when I initially checked my GDPI Venue details about 2 weeks back,the time of the process was 9:00AM.So there I was,sitting in the waiting room with all the other fufaas(future facchas :lookround:) at 8:00 AM.The admin announced all the names and I wasnt on the list.I went and informed him(and yes meanwhile all the profs were in the room too).They asked me to check my call letter and whola!! Magically the time had transformed itself into 2:00PM.Made a fool out of myself and came back at 1:00PM.
Panel Members Intro: F1--Fundu marketing prof S1--Smart Industry guy,S2---Scary Alumni,Me--Varun Rajaram ()


F1 looks at my certificates.Doesnt show any interest.Meanwhile S1 and S2 keep staring at me.I offer S1 my photography portfolio,he refuses. :banghead:

F1: So,Mr.Rajaram your interested in photography huh?Tell me what all did u do?
Me(Now ur talking sir! ): Published 2 portfolios.Conducted an exhibition.Thoda aur detail bataya.(F1 betrays no emotion)
F1: So what kind of photography are u interested in?
Me: Sir,primarily street photography and landscape.

Meanwhile S2 is thinking,"Aur ek aaya! Lagaata hu iski! "

S1: Ok tell me about ur job responsibilities
Me: Told
S1: You mentioned Sudhir Mohan Trehan(Crompton greaves MD) in your GD.Do you think his autocratic style of running the company is warranted for?
Me: Gave reasons about how he initially had to take hard decisions.and then later became approachable.I used the word casual instead of approachable but later corrected myself.

S2 has meanwhile decided how he's gonna have my head in the interview.Chalked out a complete plan.Thankfully F1 was in the panel.Else I would have been dead.

S2: So Varun do you read?

I've heard this being a trick question.So i was careful.

Me: Not much sir.I read a lot of magazines and the newspaper.Politics mainly.
S2: Do you know who is Dale Carnegie(where did that come from :w00t:)
Me: No sir but I know who is Andrew Carnegie
S2: Ok who is Andrew Carnegie
Me: Told
S2: What is CMU?
Me: :w00t: I pass sir!

F1 meanwhile has finished seeing my certificates and has gone on to do a second round.

S2 to F1: Sir,what do u wanna ask him?How about Narendra Modi?

F1: Yes! Of course! Tell me about Modi and his recent case.
Me: Didnt take extreme views.Said there is just one blemish on his entire career.He's done a number of things.Went on to mention a few things
F1: So grad from NIT Warangal.Why Warangal?Why a naxal infested place?
Me: Gave reason.Top 10 colleges in the country.Good faculty,infra,etc
F1: What's ur take on the Telangana issue?
Me: Gave reasons.Pros and cons.
F1: Choose a side
Me: Sir,I think I cant because this requires healthy debate
F1: No but still choose one.
Me: Sir,I think I'll be against it and blah blah blah blah.

S2: OK you favourite subject in high school.

And that is where I faltered.
Me: Sir,mathematics.

S2: Ok,wat is fermat's theorem?
Me: Told
S2: Is it proved?
Me:yes sir.some harvard guy using moduli and number theory.

No one betrays any emotions.However,I would mention that at every question we had a discussion.The panel was smiling and I was smiling.

F1: Ok 2 lakh people gave CAT.If I assume your percentile is 99, then how many people are above you and how many are below you?

Me: Sir 1999 above me and 197999 below me.
F1: So there are 2 Varun Rajarams who gave CAT!
Me: Ooops! Sir 2000 above me and 197999 below me.
F1: So you know for sure those 2k are above you.
Me: Ooops! Sir I made an assumption.However you cant really determine.

(Everyone smiles)

S2: Ok here's a definite integral for you.
Me: Er..gave some funda..should have said I dont know :|
S1: Tell me about cross margins in your job?
Me: Er...cross margins?
S1: Profit margin decisions
Me: (whew) Gave major blah blah.

Meanwhile,waiter walks in

Waiter: Sir, sandwich and coffeee
F1: Arrey,Varun,you'll have sandwiches?
Me: No sir.
F1: Accha coffee?
Me: Yes,sir!
F1 to waiter: Arrey bacche ko coffee do!
F1 to me: Dekh jab tak tu coffee khatam nahee karega tab tak we keep grilling you.
Me: As you wish sir!!

(Everyone smiles)

F1: Anything you want to ask us
Me: None at all
F1: IF u were the interviewer then what would u ask us
Me: Gave some funda
F1: ok u may go.

Overall average interview.Dont know what to expect.Everyone was smiling.Its something I can never figure out.

Verdict: Waitlisted at #142


Cat 2009: OA 99.00
VA 90.99
DI 97.96
Quant 98.5
Xth: 92.6( west Bengal board)
XII th: 90.9 ( west bengal board)

CGPA : 8.6 ( IIT Kharagpur,Mining)
Work Ex: 0
Category: general

Slot : 23rd March 2:00 PM Kolkata.

Essay Topic:
Genetically modified seeds should be introduced to address food security problems in a large country like India
Time : 15 mins.
I thought I wrote well as I had fair amount of idea about the topic and got time to conclude reasonably.

GD :
Time: 2 mins to think and 15 mins to discuss.
A paragraph related to bringing about a change irrespective of its consequences...it was an abstract topic so everyone interpreted it differently and the discussion was not coherent.But everybody in our group of 7 spoke equally and spoke well enough.

Interview :
Panel of 3.
2 profs were there.prof P1 was very rude ( maybe intentionally) prof P2 was all quiet and calm and the 3rd one was probably an alumni(A) and he was ultracool.

I enter the room

P1: Introduce yourself
Me: I am from the city of joy Kolkata..
P1:but Its no longer a city of joy because of traffic problems etc
A: and also there is no joy in KKR's form in IPL
We then had some general discussion about Kolkata city
A:tell me why is it called city of joy?
I knew the answer and was to about to tell..
P1: you do not know why but it is a city of joy
Me: No sir I know....and the reason is..
P1;Ok carry on with your intro.,
Me: told about my college a bit....
P1: I know there are lots of poor people around your college,,why isnt your college doing anything to alleviate poverty
Me: Its absolutely wrong that our college is doing nothing ...we are doing our bit like
P1: But then why is poverty still there?
then I told about some generic probems existing in India which causes poverty...I told about corruption
P1;Ok tell me if you were the prime minister what will you do to eradicate corruption??
I gave some general funda but P1 was not satisfied and concluded this is the problem in India we all know what is the problem but dont know hpw to avert it.

A: Do you read newspaper regularly?
Me: yes
A: which one?
Me: ET
A: tell me a new term that you have found there
Me: Repo Rate
Then discussion about repo rate and inflation and all( had it all under control)
A: you are from Mining?
Me: Yes sir
A: what is the difference between mineral and ore?
A asked another question frm mining but I couldnt answer

P2:( finally spoke out) What is your favorite subject?
Me: operations research( purposefully didnt go for any mining subject but on retrospective shd hv gone fr one)

Then they started grilling me on OR by asking all sorts of qustions I think I answered and explained 70 % of those correctly...rest I got confused...
All three were asking question frm OR but P1 was most aggresive and very quick to catch any mistake

A: Tell me something about david headly
Me: told quiet a lot( though made a silly mistake in between and told he was a CSI agent rather than a CIA agent.)

P1: Ok then do you have anything to ask?
Me: asked something about the exchange prog in IIM K
P1: Yes it is there but your performance in OR suggests you will not be going for that prog/
A stepped in and told about the prog in detail.

I thanked everybody and left and tried very hard to keep the smile that I had when I entered( even while thanking P1)

Good going puys 😃

For those who are yet to appear for the GD/PI round some pointers:
1. In general across all the interviews I faced last year there was a common theme
a. A few questions on your work ex.
b. Some on acads.. generally you are given a choice to choose a subject so ensure that you are prepared with at least one subject.
c. Something from your hobby
d. How well do you now yourself and how well can you explain yourself

If you get some acads related answers wrong dont worry. What matters more is the way you handle the situation.. do you loose your cool or do you continue.
For work ex. ensure that you know about your company and your work.

For your hobby you should have a good idea about what is going on in that field.. in my IIM A interview the interviewer went to the extent of asking about the statements made by Jeffrey Archer on his visit to India when I mentioned reading as a hobby!

For the GD round try to ensure that there is no fish market..... a fish market will only make situation worse for the entire group.

Essay should have depth.

Overall you have to ensure that you are able to communicate your thoughts well because even if you are a genius until and unless you are able to show it to the other person he will never know.

Finally while posting your experiences here please do not mention the names of the Profs just use P1, S1 etc.

Wish you puys all the best !

Hi Everyone,

I have a question from Seniors and People who have already given their GD/PIs.
What documents are considered as proof for work-ex. I am currently working and my company doesnt issue Employment proofs for higher studies. I have salary slips, appointment letter and joining letter.

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Everyone,

I have a question from Seniors and People who have already given their GD/PIs.
What documents are considered as proof for work-ex. I am currently working and my company doesnt issue Employment proofs for higher studies. I have salary slips, appointment letter and joining letter.

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards

I had my GD/PI. 3 years work ex

Original joining/appointment letter + Salary slips ( first + latest ) will do. If salary slips are soft copy printouts, please get it attested from the HR/Finance department of the company with Office/Department seal.

Hi Everyone,

I have a question from Seniors and People who have already given their GD/PIs.
What documents are considered as proof for work-ex. I am currently working and my company doesnt issue Employment proofs for higher studies. I have salary slips, appointment letter and joining letter.

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards

as Nitul has mentioned , original appointment letter and first and last sal slips will do.
In my case sal slips were printouts n I had not got them attested bt still they accepted it.


feeling sleepy so will put only main details (if anyone has a qst plz PM me)

Mumbai , 2pm

Essay topic:

Again abstract topic-> was sth like
" Freedom of opinion can only exist when the govt itself feels secure"

Time: 15 mins (though i think they took it in 12 mins )

GD topic:

was mainly on current environment issues: whether it is govts' responsibility to address these issues or individual efforts sud also be made....

5 mins to think and then discussion over it. No summary was asked ...


two profs, P1 n P2 n me

P1: intro
me : dsdjksajdk (plz read it gave some gyan..)
some discussion on my birth place

P2 is chking my documents and profile
P2: one qst on my hobby (reading spiritual books), which books u hav read on spirituality
Me: hfdsjfdsk
while I was answering the qst, P2 is done chking my docs n now P1 picks them up..
P1: (picked one very odd subjects frm my eng marksheet and asked me to ) name the topics I read in tht sub
Me: (topics !!!) told him tht as I read it 4 yrs back dnt remember all the topics but summarise wat all hav studied in tht
( did not seem convinced.. told me tht u dnt remember wat u studied 4 yrs back, and I bravely said no sir I dont remember the topics as such) finally he let it go (sigh !!)
P2: Asked a technical qst based on the technology I had mentioned I use in my work place, (nothing deep but )hw does it work for u?
Me: hfjdhsfjhsdjf
P1: (janaab ko mujhse koi dushmani thi..) tell me how does price of a commodity is defined in the market??
Me: (hey raam finance ka qst kyu poocha mujhse jab mujhe karna hi nahi !!) sdhfdkjfkdjf (not convinced at all)
P2: Asked sth on my job profile, responsibilities n stuff
Me: dfdsjfkdsjf
P1: asked wat other calls I have got
Me: told him
We all smiled n thts it. Fare well !!:cheerio:
In short, in my group no one was asked any technical qst, may b coz we all were work ex ppl.
Everyone coming out was satisfied wid his PI (except for me)which was more of HR interview..
anyways this is it from me right now...
ATB to all...