[2010-2012] IIMC PGDM/PGDCM GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their IIMC GD- interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads …

All the best to everyone for their IIMC GD- interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:

X %,Board, year
XII%, Board, year
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.

Sectors, Company - Number of months

CAT (2009-10):
(category if applicable)

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & GD

Date :

GD :
Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of the discussion:
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5):

Panel Members Intro:
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5):
Any other relevant detail.

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All in all, keep this thread for what is meant!

X %,Board, year -61.84% (TN State Board, 1993)
XII%, Board, year-89.08%(TN State Board, 1995)
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. -B.E. (CSE), 58.43% ,2000, Vellore Engg College
Sectors, Company - Number of months - IT Sales - 116 Months
CAT (2009-10):
Extra acads : NIL
Any other special thing abt u:Social Intiative "Spurti", College cultural club Secretary, Health Club Secretary, Lead Singer, Ball Badminton (2 silver & 1 Gold Medal)
Interview & GD
Venue: Luxury Monarch Hotel
Date : 22.03.2010
Reached the venue by 8.00 AM & the process started by 9.30 AM
GD :
Topic: IPL is a death knell to Indian cricket
Number of Ppl present:8 out of 11 (3 absent)
Time: 10 minutes
Brief Snapshot of the discussion:
Came in as the second person & the group as such was not fish market. Every one spoke. I made five entries & 4 were towards the end L ie after my first entry I was quite for 3-4 minutes because the guys sitting to my left were dominating the GD
Points put across by me.
1.IPL gives a chance for the retired players to participate which will help young domestic players to learn a lot from the seasoned players.
2.IPL gives a chance for the local players to learn from domestic players
3.Coaches find it difficult to train bowlers as it is a pure entertainment game.
4.BCCI gains Rs.750 crores which can be used to enhance Test cricket (some body said Test Cricket is dying)
5.IPL can also look at ODI/test cricket & shuffle players across the country which can again draw attention.
I was the second person asked to summarise (:( )
(Sinchan told me that if you speak well you will be asked to summarise towards the end). Even the summary part I didn't do well I feel (finished off the summary in 45 seconds or so)
Rate your preparation(0-5): 0 (No mock GDs)
Rate your performance(0-5):2.5
Panel Members Intro:Lady Professor (L), Alumni(A), Professor (P)
L: Do you work? (was happy that she thought that iam fresher J)
Me: Yes Mam, in company X
L: What does your company do?
Me: Mam, we are the subsidiary of XX & we manufacture & sell software y
L: what does your software do?
Me: Gave the exact definition & applications
L:Who are your competiton?
Me: gave 3 names & in my vertical my software is my competition ie piracy
L: what are you guys doing towards Piracy?
Me: We are working on university wide licence and also on the student edition, currently they are available in US & unfortunately as the pricing is the problem, we are taking sometime
L:who are you customers?
Me: Iam working in a private company so I cannot reveal that
L: How is your software priced?
Me: I said I cannot disclose the price but gave them the pricing model overview
A: Ok Prem, you were saying about piracy & all, why don't you allow students to learn in a subsidized way?
Me: (read about my competition doing the samething in yesterday's), I said "Sir, I appreciate what my competitors have been doing (explained what they are doing), since we are just 14 months old in India, we are currently in the process of understanding the length & breadth of the Business, so we will take some more time to arrive at some thing similar to this.
Till here the interview was normal..Now starts the show J
A:Prem, you have worked for 10 years now, why an MBA?
Me: blah blah blah (I used a line, the professors are GOD like.)
A:GOD like or GOD
Me: Sir, GOD (everybody laughs), also I have started an intiative called spurti (explained in detail & also on the calls whatmy students have got), I feel an MBA will also help me in making SPURTI a national success
L: But Prem you have taken a long time to decide to do an MBA, is this your first CAT?
Me:No mam, my fourth CAT
L: What happened to the last 3 CATs
Me: Mam, 2006-IIMA reject, 2007-XLRI Reject & 2008-IIML reject. 2009- iam sitting in front of you (Laughter around)
L: What other calls do you have
L: But even if I discount the 4 attempts, you have decided after 6 years of working?
Me: Mam from 1993 to 2002 I had to support my family a lot because of my mothers ailment. 2002 I wanted to appear for CAT, my dad said he cannot support me financially as we had spent a lot towards my mother's hospitalization. 2003, I wanted to appear, but my dad wanted my help in supporting him financially. 2004, my parents wanted me to get married(Everyone laughs here).2005, I became a parent & in 2006, I thought I had addressed all my immediate responsibilities & started getting serious about getting into a BSchool & I have been trying mam
(there was broad smile in L's face & she said Good)
P: OK Prem, do you know that we also offer PGPEX, why not that course?
Me: Sir, Iam not sure about the PGPEX time table, but having interacted with lot of friends, who have done /doing 1 year MBA from other BSchools, what I have learnt is that the classes start at 7 AM & go on till 9 PM. There are lot of things related to management which are learnt outside the class as well
P to A: This guy will not sit inside the class (Everybody laughs)
Me (after Laughing): its not that way sir, a 1 year MBA will give me an opportunity to learn from 60 odd peers wherein a 2 year MBA will give me a chance to meet so many people (I gave the nos also) from where I can learn a lot. Also,I feel that education is an experience & since Iam investing a portion of my Life, I would prefer a 2 year program.
P: Prem, incase of PGDM, you will be looked like a liability & might not get glamorous roles, anyway its just my opinion, you are a better judge.
Me (Didn't reacted as he was not expecting an answer.
P: What else do you do apart from the social intiative.
Me: Sir, I spend time with my kids
P: if you get into PGDM you will not get time & also as far as the married people accommodation goes, our 1st preference is FPM, 2nd is PGPEX & then PGDM/PGDCM, so what will you do?
Me: Sir, not a problem, my dad is getting retired this year. So, I will be moving my family to Calcutta & even if I get 15-20 minutes time to meet up my kids that should as you are aware, Iam in sales ie a travelling Job, even now Iam managing time for my Kids.
P to A: This guy will definitely not sit inside the class (Everyone laughs again)
P: Are you a reader, do you read books?
Me: Not really sir
P:Don't you feel, you are a stereotyped Sales guy who wants to talk & who doesn't want to learn?
Me: Sir, I learn a lot through listening (Explained the problems I had at work & how patiently I listened tocustomers & learnt)
P:But you haven't touched the reading part
Me: Sir, I do read papers & magazines whenever I get time, but I don't want to proclaim myself as a vivid reader.
P: Prem, if you come to campus, we will give you huge books to read, how will you learn & assimilate?
Me: Sir, if I just request you to recollect one of my answers to Mam, you might understand that I have struggled a lot to reach this place & the primary reason was my Passion & commitment. If after getting into the campus, if I know that Iam supposed to study to achieve my primary goal. Iam very sure of doing that because Iam extremely committed to whatever I do.
P: Thank You
Me: Thank you Sir
A: Any questions to ask?
Me: Nothing at this stage sir
Smiled, thanked & left.
That's it friends. It was a chill interview. Nothing to infer as most of the guys are having similar interviews. Your comments via PM are welcome.Overall 25 minutes.
Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 3-3.5 (cannot interpret much because of my previous rejects)
Go with a chill mind. Speak confidently. Worst case you might get a reject, but you will feel good, if you have delivered your best. All the Best
VERDICT: WL #27 (OBC) (convetred on 19th June)
X %: 89.36%
XII%: 96.92%
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc):78.71,CGPA-8.35

Sectors, Company - Number of months : Power Sector - 20months

CAT (2009-10):
DI : 98.98
Quant : 99.98
Verbal : 98.81
Aggregate : 99.97 (General)

Interview & Essay

Venue: Mumbai
Date : 22.03.2010

GD :
Topic: Management is more about performance than people
Number of Ppl present : 10
Time: 10 minutes
Brief Snapshot of the discussion:
It was the cliched fishmarket again 😃 .. I tried chipping in with quite a few points..everyone was asked to summarise in the end..i was asked to summarise last....

Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5


This should easily be one of the funniest experience i've had in recent times.. The 10 of us gave our interviews and were relaxing and some of us almost dozed off.. A few of us in fact were preparing to give ''pgdcm'' a bye..and then we realised our folly..We had given actually appeared for pgdcm interview and not pgdm..and none of knew this until we were called for the pgdm interview next!!!

Anyways here goes the qns..
First 10 minutes was completely about my work ex..about my experience so far in my company...which domain i'd like to major in...diff btwn sales and marketing.. what is global minimum and maximum? how does one find them for an n degree polynomial..what is friction..asked me to draw the force diagram for a bicycle in motion.. and then a few minutes discussion on my hobby.. was asked to tell 3 things that come to my mind when i hear the word amazon..
thats about it..20 odd minutes.. It was nice... stumbled with the math qns..was asked to brush up with my math basics before i come to IIM C if at all i get in
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.75

PGDM to follow!!!

Verdict : Converted

IIFT,New Delhi
22/03/2010 9.30 morning slot


X %,Board, year -89.0% (CBSE, 2003)
XII%, Board, year-86.6%(CBSE, 2005)

B.Tech(CS)- 73.4% - 2009


After graduating,opened my own venture - 4 months
Then joined Accenture -2 months(still working)

First of all, lemme tell u guys a stupid thing abt me....

I left for the venue at 7.45 and it usually takes 45 mins to reach that place from my home( have already given IIM A interview at the same location).
Got stuck in a massive jam and ultimately reached centre at 9.45 am. :(
Was adjusted in afternoon slot.
Till then listened to the experience of each interviewee.

Finally, at 2pm I was called for GD/PI with the afternoon slot students.

GD Topic:- Should there be reservation for women in MBA colleges?

Given 1 minute to think.

I started the GD, no fish market, entered 3-4 times, gave many examples. Overall a nice GD for me.

After 10 mins, everyone was randomly asked to summarize the GD in 1 minute.

Since I was shifted from slot 1 to slot 2, I was asked to give my interview first.

Panel:-Cool Guy(C)-- faculty HR
Old Prof(O)-- faculty finance
Young Alumnus(Y)-- observer
Old Alumnus(OA)-- butcher
Me (M) --

O-- have a seat
M-- wished good afternoon to all 4
O-- give me ur certificates and ur form...
M-- given
C-- so...... (interrupted by OA)
OA-- so...what happened in the morning...y u came late
M-- (knew it was coming , ma mentor had told me to tell the truth and be calm) told the reason
OA-- ok ok....so ur a Delhiite??
M-- yes sir
C-- ok rahul, start with describing ur background and all
M-- was speaking and in bw interrupted by OA
OA--which skool did u say?
M-- dav
OA--ok ok carry on
M-- when i talked abt graduation...again interrupted by OA
OA-- which colg.
M-- IEC,college of engg and tech
OA-- wats the full form
M-- sir it is International Electrotechnical Commission...it gives standards to softwares....in 1976 it started vef(vocational edu foundation) programme all over the world...and my colg was formed under that pro....
OA-- ok ok
M-- talked abt current work,,,then talked abt the venture i started
OA-- wat was ur role
M-- explained
OA-- u already have bcum a manager...y mba then?
M-- explained(panel looked satisfied)
O-- wats the diff bw entrepreneur and financer?
M-- tried to explain
O-- wat have u said..decipher it
OA and O started grilling now
M-- blah blah..
lots of ques and ans
cudnt satisfy them
O-- (here comes the economic bombs) tell me 3 issues in slum rehabilitation
M-- blah blah..
O-- u are telling me symptoms ...i asked issues
M-- told 2...n asked fr time to think abt 3rd...
O-- tell me 3 issues in economy
M-- blah blah
OA-- what has the professor asked n what ur telling
M-- sir,its part of that only (dont knw wat he felt :shock:)
M-- told 2 again ...
O--whats the prob with sports in our country...tell me 3 issues
M-- told 3 this time
C-- ok rahul some simple maths....what is 5 raised to the power 0
OA-- just like 5 raised to the power 2 is 5 square....(dont knw y he was telling me this.......but it did work fr him..cos i got confused :banghead::banghead::banghead:)
M-- sir anything raised to the power is nt defined... (thats so foolish :banghead::banghead::banghead:)
Y-- ok rahul, tell me ur hobbies
M-- i write,listen and sing Rock n Rap Genre songs........i also play cricket v well... i have won ESPN STARSPORTS learning ground champion award for cricket
O-- y dont u join ipl...if u play cricket v well
M-- sir actually..
O-- no actually...jst tell me strt forward
M-- possibility of success is v less...so many ppl play good cricket...opportunities are less..
O-- that means u cant play cricket v well...then say u play cricket well....nt v well....
M-- nodded
OA-- so ur afraid of hardwork
M-- no no sir...hardwork is reqd to be successful in any work u do
OA-- haha..tats a v generic statement...dont u think opening an organization wud need a lot of hardwork
Y--what do u plan to do after iimc
M-- i would work...i have a dream of my organization...i dont want to jump into it strt away after mba...dont want to lose on this dream....wud work frst,gain exp...n only after im satisfied that now i have the ryt skills n exp n knwledge ill open my org.
OA--that means for how long will u work after mba...3-5 years
M-- yes
OA-- what do u think wud be ur sal by that time...just make a guess..
M--(after a thot)25 lpa or may be more than that
OA-- wud u be comfy leaving the job n start frm scratch...n my dear friend after passing from iim c ...it wudnt be 25 lpa...it wud be more than 50 lpa...(every1 laughed as he stressed LPA)
M-- yes sir ill be comfy....thats ma dream...i can take those risks...blah blah
Y-- which books u read
M-- dont read mch...read only a few....
Y--tell me the latest one
M-- told
Y--latest movy?
M-- 3 idiots
Y-- aamir's name?
M-- funsuk wangdu
OA-- what
Y explained to OA
Y-- what qualities u learned frm amir's character
M-- told
Y-- what are the qualities of an entrepreneur
M-- told a few
O-- we are done
M-- k thankyou sir

thanked panel and asked if they wanted me to send the next person in...
panel-- no no
M-- k..thanku sir
panel-- BEST OF LUCK

that was it...i laughed a lot during the interview.....it was fun....mch bttr than ma experience at IIM A

need ur comments guys

all the best everyone!!!


X %,Board, year CBSE 1999 - 79%
XII%, Board, year TN State 2001 - 89.7%
BE Mech 81%, 2005, MNM Jain, Anna Univ, Chennai

Sectors, Company - Number of months
e- Publishing, Laser words, trainee Project manager - 2months
Oil and Gas Engineering - Technip - 54 Months

CAT (2009-10):
DI 99.79
Quant 93.50
Verbal 95.43
Aggregate 99.34
category - OBC

Extra acads : MS Engg Management BITS, Pilani

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & GD

Venue: Monarch Luxor Bangalore
Date : 22-Mar 9:30am
Panel 1 (3 in panel, 1 senior prof (P1), 1 alumni(P2), 1 lady prof(P3)) cool panel, very chill
GD :
Topic: "IPL is sounding the death knell for cricket"
Number of Ppl present - 8 (list said 11 but 3 were absent)
2 mins preparation and 10 mins discussion
everyone was given one minute to summarise or give additional points (aapki marzi)
Brief Snapshot of the discussion:
'U' arrangement facing the panel, very difficult to see everyone:splat:
Same group as Prem_ravi, so don't have to say much, btw i was on his right
Went real well, someone was trying to conclude and take charge of discussion, it puts you in bad light when others gang up. Don't try to conclude. 10 mins is not enough to come to conclusion. I don't think they except a conclusion.
I went in a couple of times, not very happy with my performance. Could have made more points, should have substantiated atleast one.
Rate your preparation(0-5): 2 (a couple of mocks with time, and saw the ipl match between Chennai and Punjab till 12:15 the previous night any other topic it would have cost me )
Rate your performance(0-5): 2

Panel Members Intro: Same panel as GD - P1 was missing when i walked in came after a few minutes

P3 : tell me about your work.
Me : Talked a lot
P3: Why did you leave first job
Me Prepared for it, so gave good answer :cheerio:
P3 : what do you wanna do after MBA
Me : talked a lot agian. Told about wanting to start a company. Related questions but answered convincingly i guess
P1 : how many times have you given cat
Me : twice, first 2008 was for prep to judge where i stood and gave again with prep.
P2:You are from non-conventional field, how does MBA fit in
Me: I told Project management, to go ahead in the ladder blah, blah
P2: So only for becoming project manager
ME: No long term company, wanna start a company, (thinking back, I flunked that question) :banghead:
P1 : guess what field we(panellists) belong to
Me : guessed P1 correctly but refused to guess other 2
P1 to P2, P3 : i think we are done, thank you.
There were a few more q's but can't recall

Things to be noted :
With 5 years exp q's oriented towards work
no acads or math was asked to me, (5 years in one company helped)
panelists were friendly and nice
Finished in 10 mins so don't know what to make of it Hoping for a convert :lookround:
Rate your preparation(0-5): 2 (mock int, this was my first ever b school int)
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

VERDICT : Converted

Post Verdict Note:
Best Interview of my first season. Best panel too.
If you feel good after the interview, believe in yourself.
This year the panel of B & C had alumni in them. A had only profs
If people read this for 2011, consider that you may have only one faculty and one Alumni.
Just my 2 cents

finally a decent interview after IIFT rejection and iim-a fiasco:banghead::banghead::banghead:

had the most chilled out panel......:cheers:

XII-86.2(Both CBSE)


nothing special about me:-(:-(

VENUE-IIFT morning slot


No fishmarket:clap::clap:
made 3 entries
started the gd
decent performance

Summary was in random order for sure
mine was third

Panel-one guy was frm HR field and another from Economics
So i will call them HR n EC n obviously ME

HR-Tell me something about your background education achievement hobbies..
ME-blah blah(also said means as important as the end...)
HR-he then questioned me on the means part for like 5 mins....gave me situations like corrupt head what will you do....n example from corporate sector where unethical pactices are taking place
ME-i talked about the rin tide thing(wasnt able to recall the names ther so said all.....)
EC-Both your parents have doctorate....never thought of going for further studies
ME-blah blah blah.....
EC-so we are not from an engineering background....tell us one subject you like and why......
ME-started by saying wireless communication....hottest sector....Then few questions as waht is 3g and all.....answered....Then asked sumthing about apple and microsoft...why one is better.....started sayng sumthng bt then HR asked do yoy know what network syatems are
ME-no sir........
HR-What is the 2 most pressing economic issues these days...
ME-Inflation n fiscal deficit.....
EC-how can you curb inflation
EC-how else.......
ME-sir dont know short term measures but talked about improving PDS and the huge amount of food wastage
HR-Why marks so low in coll....
ME-blah blah blah
EC-What do yoy read apart from engg books(:grin::grin:donot even read that)
ME-fiction thrillers....he asked examples told....
EC-then how do you know about CRR n all
ME-Blah Blah
HR-What newspaper
ME-Indian Express
HR-one quick question.your parents are from biology background.....ny idea about what is the BT Brinjal controversy about......
ME-told...talked 2 3 mins on that....talked about how or will farmers benefit.........

Thats all folks..........
Was decent
was happy that they didnt r*** me like IIMA

IIFT,New Delhi
23/03/2010 9.30 morning slot


CAT percentile :- 96.54
CATEGORY :- obc non creamy

X %,Board, year -70.0% (CBSE, 1999)
XII%, Board, year-62.0%(CBSE, 2001)

B.Tech(Chemical technology)- 72.0% - 2007


coaching institute :- 6 months
cognizant technology solutions, Kolkata :-12 months

GD Topic:- idiots rule

Given 1 minute to think.

I was the third to enter the GD, made points about idiots being different from stupid, they are innovative and creative people,also talked about 2 billion dollar revenue of 3 idiots, also why are they really called idiots and do they really rule.....made 3-4 entries...though GD was more of a fish market...i was asked to summarize second last...so overall above average GD experience...

then came the bad part of the day.....

PI:(lasted around 10-12 mins)

i was the second one to be interviewed in my panel....

Panel:-Cool Guy(C)-- faculty HR
Young Alumnus(Y)-- related to mathematics
Old faculty(O)----- who never looked satisfied
Me (M) ----------- poor me :shock:

O-- have a seat
M-- wished good afternoon to all 4
O-- give me ur certificates and ur form...
M-- given
y-- so tell me something about yourself?
M-- gave gyan...
C-- how is chemical technology related to mba
M--Gave some gyan..but then i mentioned about entrepreneurship(as i really wanted to mention because i did some preparation... but not really the way as it went 😞 )...nd den it was d time for some grilling
O-- just made me really confused with his lethal weapons of entrepreneurship..though i kept trying with my answers but he never looked satisfied...and so even i was not satisfied...i could have given the better answer...but damage is done now
Y-- ok faiz, what is your favourite subject in B.tech?
M-- Told him about leather processing and i have deep interest in mathematics...
Y--he asked me 2 question of mathematics
M-- the only good part of my interview is that i answered both of them correctly(but really doubt ..will that sail me through )
O--tell me 3 issues about urban development?
M-- told some(though i was not very crisp)...he was expecting one word answer shayad and i was not able to come up with those...he was not satisfied...so m not satisfied at all()
O-- did you invested your savings somewhere when you were in job?
M-- No sir, as i had to pay my education loan...
OA-- so you mean one should not invest his saving anywhere?
M-- told him that one should invest some part in mutual funds...if having idea of share market then he can invest in shares also...some parts in bonds also..(i was just giving some tries so dat kuch to achcha kar dun :shock:)
OA-- tell me about the new pension fund?
M-- no idea sir except that dearness allowance has been increased to 8%...(did so much preparation...but how come i left pension fund...and so unfortunate to asked question on that)

they asked each other then that do anyone has any questions but other two had nothing to asked(shayad dey had made their decision by then..)

panel---ok all the best
M-- k..thanku sir

that was it...no questions regarding cognizant technology solutions were asked(so felt bad)....me and c shared little smile throughout the interview.... i never felt nervous and was confident throughout the interview......but den also m not able to get that satisfactory feeling that something good will happen...

gd:- 3/5
pi :- 2/5

seems bye bye iim c

hope to do well in iim i interview

need ur comments guys

all the best everyone!!!

Hi guys... thanks fer the experiences.. Is there anybody from mumbai who has completed his/her gdpi?

IIFT,New Delhi
23/03/2010 9.30 morning slot




all the best everyone!!!

Guys, thanks for sharing your gd-pi experiences. Best Of Luck!

Giving the Cal intv on the 25th; am expecting more people to share their experiences. I am sure joka is in the thick of the act by now and gd-pi are going ahead on 2-sessions-a-day basis!


PS: A second of silence for those in the fire chaos on the Park St. in Calcutta :-|

is there essay in IIMC?????

Hi IIMC wanna-bees :cheers:

I don't know what to say of my interview..


X 83.2%,Board: CBSE, year:2001
XII 77.4%, Board:CBSE , year:2003
Undergrad Stream: B.Tech Electronics, Grades:7.21, Year:2008 , Institute: IT-BHU.

Sectors :IT , Company:Accenture, - Number of months:20

CAT (2009-10):
DI: 94. something
Quant: 96
Verbal: 93.something

Extra acads : some social service,

Any other special thing abt u: nopes

Interview & GD

Venue: Mumbai Hospitality management institue. Bad place. Didn't even got a tea. no AC in waiting room
Date : 23 rd March, 9:30 pm
Course: PGDM

GD :
Topic: Ethics is the antonym of a successful business
Number of Ppl present: 11
Time: 10 mins
Brief Snapshot of the discussion: I had learned from my IIMC mentor and coaching that u have to show unflinching honesty and very strict adherence to ethics. So i sticked to that only. The panel had said earlier don't try to sum up the discussion when asked to speak. It was said only in my panel. GD was good but a bit dull. Very decent types but boring ideas aa rahe the..ek banda toh govt role ke piche hi pad gaya..but in my group there were mostly final year bacchas so excuse the kids.. I spoke around 4 times.. at last everyone was given around 15 seconds to add more thoughts.. lasted about 10 mins..our group was first to finish..

Rate your preparation(0-5): had joined TIME but was never good in entering the GD ..3/5
Rate your performance(0-5):3.5/5

Panel Members Intro: One sweet lady faculty member ..(SLF)
One old faculty member...looked very khadoos but was nice..:grin: (OFM)
A stern looking alumnus. He was the 5th batch to passout of IIMC. But he was talking nicely..(SLA)
ek pyara baccha..me
OFM:first question tell something about yourself.
As soon i said my home town is gorakhpur next 4-5 mins were spend on gorakhpur..whats its famous for..told them but they weren't satisfied..how ever i was more right then them..Then about economic activities
me: told a bit
OFM: there are a lot of mafias in gorakhpur right?
ME:didn't said much on it..said i have heard that..
OFM: what mafia activities?
me: i said somethng sounding uninterested..didnt wanted to go there..coz i don't have much idea about gorakhpur..never lived there actually..bas paida hua tha..

now they started flipping my sheet..i became quiet..but OFM asked to go on about myself..
me: i kept on barking
Meanwhile SLF asked me for my ID proof and CAT scorecard..

SLA: What western rock u hear( as per sheet)..why not hindi music?
me: more barking
SLA: which foreign movie u saw recently that had an impact on you? (from profile sheet)
me: Inglourious basterds ..some blah blah..told christopher waltz won oscar for it..he looked surprised...said he didn't knew that.. yay..

Then came the blunder..
SLF gave me a very simple maths problem..maybe on seeing i got highest in quant and cleared maths olympiad..It was so simple but i did some really silly mistake and kept on doing it for 5 mins..scratched one whole page of notepad..panel members said it should have been done verbally.. and me like an idiot said i got nervous and i didn't wanted to get it wrong.....:banghead:

then a person entered the room with juice glasses and the panel said thank you to me..:drinking:

Rate your preparation(0-5): Again in suck in mocks..written or GD or PI. So, 2/5
Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5/5


DOn't know yaar..not exactly the kind where i can say ki accha hua ya kharab hua ..i gave very short answers in interview..
Neways I had done what i can..now it's there tension..

ATB guys..
IIMA....i am coming..

revealer.truth Says
is there essay in IIMC?????

No essays in IIMC GD PI process!

All the best!
revealer.truth Says
is there essay in IIMC?????

No, only gd and pi 😃


hey puys, wat do you think of my interview....do i stand any chance or not....if any senior puy from iim calcutta could give me a reply on dis den it would be very helpful...

are they checking ur certis file??

DO v need to carry the Income tax return papers of the family as proof of family income. If so, do v need the original or jus a copy of it will do. should the copy be attested?

@faiz, difficult to comment on any interview experience right now because a) they have all been pretty similar,plus we dont know what the faculty is looking for. A definite positive for you is that you answered both your quant questions. Let's wait for the results to come out.

Pls carry attested photocopies of all your academic certis,( marksheets etc).Income proof is usually verified if your family income is less than 4 lpa. Better to carry proof otherwise also. In case you are in the

dream.boat Says
are they checking ur certis file??

Only your board and degree scorecards and work experience material will be checked in the initial documents verification phase, basically everything they asked us to get attested.

My other certificates got checked during the PGDM PI but not during the PGDCM PI. So make sure that you take everything.

24th march , morning slot , iift delhi
GD-topic : every child should have a bank a/c
PI : stress interview . no acad related stuff.

verdict : did not offer me the toffee