[2010-2012] IIMC (PGDM - PGDCM) Final call getters discussions

IIM CALCUTTA PGDM & PGDCM FINAL RESULTS OUT Check out at, lnk Continue your further discussions and WL queries here. ATB everyone.

Check out at,

Continue your further discussions and WL queries here.

ATB everyone.

I am through

i am thru both prgrams...IIMC....joka 12 c

Got through, both programs!! Yay!!

JOKA Converted.....

@ catatrophe1 congrats....


I am through too...

Hunky Dory

Congratulations to all of you who made it!

All those who converted, please post your full profile details here.

Wait-listed candidates: please wait for a few weeks while the situation becomes clearer. Don't make generalizations from past years' wait-list movement trends. There are a lot of dynamics in play regarding wait-list movements. This year, since C has come out with its results quite early, situation could be very different from past years.

@Mods: Please rename the thread as per usual conventions! 😃

w/l 145
Even divine intervention will fall short I guess

but congrats to all of you who made it!! You guys totally deserve it 😃

Got through!!

I am off to catch KKR play RCB at Chinnaswamy!
Couldn't have booked tickets for a better day. Had my last interview (L) today as well.

I made it... I made it !!!!! (PGDM)

Congratulations everyone for the Converts. The Result for other IIM's are yet to be out. For C Vs A Vs B Dilemma, feel free to contact. I've had a dillemma and am quite sure I made the right choice, now that lots of water has flown under the Howrah Bridge. I'll be able to help you with some pointers to make an informed decision; whatever that might be.

Best Regards.

i'm through too....both courses!

I am through too ..PGDM

nishantvdo Says
i got wl 30.....pgdm...open...what wud be my chances???...what is the trend of last year...??

last year IIMA went till...30+...so xpect somethng better here...pls b optimistic...

I AM THROUGH...thru thru thru



Am through in PGDM!
Can you believe it, IIMC was by far the worst interview out of all the ones I had....amazing!

My profile:

X - 88.2 CBSE
XII - 91.2 CBSE
Grad: B.E (Electronics and Telecom, Mumbai University) 76.4%
CAT 09:
QA: 99.67
VA: 98.98
DI: 98.57
OA: 99.9

Calls: IIM A, C, K, L, MDI, SP Jain, SIBM-P
Converts: IIMC, SIBM-P (so far)

One query....could someone please give details of how much is the first installment to be paid and usually how much time do they give us to pay it?

Hey guys...

I am through as well!!

Puys...can we have an idea as to when the first installment needs to be paid and when will the sessions start?

my wait list no is 29 will this wait list be converted? wat was the last wait list no which gt cleared last year?

Converted ... zooooooooooo!!! 😃 :)