[2010-2012] IIM Shillong GD/PI Experiences

:: IIM Shillong interviews have kicked off :: All the best to everyone and please post your interviews. Please try to conform with the format given below so we can all have idea why a particular question has been asked to you *PROFILE…

IIM Shillong interviews have kicked off

All the best to everyone and please post your interviews. Please try to conform with the format given below so we can all have idea why a particular question has been asked to you


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them)

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

Any other detail:-which you would like to provide

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Come on guys, start posting soon.
Are they giving Case Study or some pattern changed ?

saurav.modi Says
No one seems to be interested in this thread....Guys pls post ur experiences........

Rakesh4CAT Says
Yeah it seems people those who have had thr GD/PI are not interested in sharing it.... Common guys help out others :)

By posting like this wont help. Have patience. those who want would share their experiences. As per the first post of this thread. please DO NOT SPAM this thread with meaningless posts.

Have patience. I am sure there are people who would love to post their experiences to get feedback. We seniors are also watching this space :)

All the best

X 87.2
XII 86.6
Undergrad Major - BE E&C; Manipal 9.64

Work-Ex: 31 months
NIL/Sector - Semiconductor
CAT %ile: 98.1
DI : 94.xx
Quant 98.xx
Verbal 89.xx
Aggregate 98.1X

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them)
Event Management Community Welfare
Topic: Case study about a consulting guy have an oppurtunity to sell the survey dat to rival and get aq good job with 50% hike . Catch is even his parent firm was not ethical in its practices
Number of Ppl present : 8
Time: 15
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Priti started the discussion ... Then i came in to steer home the advantage and then i was interrupted my the moderator . i thought i must have accidentaly punched someone :shock:
But it turned out that one guy from the group has got a different caselets

Discussion smooth points like
1 ethics
2 legal aspect
3.available options
Other Salient Details: Summary in 3 minutes

Panel Members Intro: P1 young P2 young P2 old is gold

P1: Introduce your self
Ans : blah blah
P1 : why electronics
Me : sir electronic devices interested me engineering subjects
attracted me
P1: engineering subjects define
Me: application oriented subjects

P1: transistor symbols etc
Me: drawed the circuits and all
P1: more grilling
P1: pnp npn depletion region
Me: answered
P1: biasing etc
Me : naswered
He little frustrated told me to hurry up and just tell the gist
i told
P2 : Job responsibilities
Me : blah blah
P2: more grilling
Me: tried my best to convince

P2: ethical question ( why not folow chinese model of cheap product poor quality )
Me: stuck to my view that values can not be comprimised
alternatives can be thought to counter chinese poor quality product
value for money
treat the class not the mass
P3: Ngo work my guiness book of world record effort ( college team effor for longest strwa chain) my joint family
ME: couldn't answer where guinness is located .
procedure to register a record ---
But knew the procedure for it so i think he was convinced
P3 : wasted 700 manhours to create useless straw chain
ME i defended we created awareness for environment as every one was holding placards of save environment

Some more grilling
i defended

P2: okay madhukar thank you
ME: thank you sir

30 minutes duration was okay

Any other detail:-which you would like to provide

I request all commerce grads - B.Com, BBA, CA, ICWA, etc to post their interview experiences in the below mentioned thread as well.. It's kinda an effort to build a repository of interview experiences of Commerce Grads across all colleges..
Interview Experiences of Commerce Students
ATB to all


X - 82%, CBSE
XII - 84%, CBSE
B. Tech. (Civil) - 9.14 CGPA (out of 10)

Work-Ex: 39 months
Sector - IT

CAT %ile:
DI - 92
Quant - 92
Verbal - 99
Aggregate - 98.6

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them)

Topic: Was about an ad agency known for originality of work. They have been given a deadline for a huge contract. Design team finds the deadline too short.
Someone in the design team suggests picking up the idea of another ad firm in a foreign country.
Whether they should steal the idea and complete work within the deadline or be original and risk losing the contract....that's the dilemma...
Number of Ppl present: 8
Time: 2 minutes to read the case, 15 minutes for discussion and 5 mins to write down the summary.
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Rather peaceful discussion. Few instances of people cutting each other. The panel members sat in the corners of the room and we were
made to sit on a conference table in the centre. They did not ask anyone to summarize once the discussion was over.

Panel Members Intro: 3 people in the panel....P1, P2 and P3....M (Myself). I was the first one to be called for the interview in my group.
P1: Asked for my file as soon as I entered and then asked me to introduce myself.
M: Introduced myself...
P1: Why did you not join the army (I am from an army family..)
M: Funde diye...
P1: Asked me about my hometown and what's special about it
M: Told
P2: What are the various structural components in a building? (He asked technical questions only)
M: Told
P2: Asked me a question on arrangement of beams and columns in a structure...
M: Said something but was not able to convince him completely.
P1: What are views on the political situation in our country....He mentioned about the recent Mayawati incident and asked my views on it
M: Phir se funde diye...
P2: Told me to draw the plan and elevation of a glass kept on the table.
M: Drew it
P3: (Was a very aged person and was silent till now. Was looking at my file very thoroughly)...Asked me about my role in the company and long term goal and ambitions..
M: Gave gyan...
P3: I am not ready to buy the argument that you intend to xxxxxx (about my goal..)
M: More gyan....
P3: Tell me...you got an 'A' in Structural analysis - I but a 'C' in Stuctural Analysis - II....how come?
M: Tried my best to give him a convincing answer...not sure if it was good enough....
P3: Did you go through any training in the company when u joined?
M: Yes sir...at xxxx
P3: Tell me something about that place
M: Had a hard time recalling...but told him something eventually
P1: Asked me about the answer to the moral/ethical question I had mentioned in the form..I explained the situation to him in detail..
P3 asked some questions related to my hobbies...I answered them pretty decently..
And that was the end of the interview. Thanked them and came out.

The interview lasted for around 30 minutes.

Verdict: CONVERTED !!!

saurav.modi Says
hey u seem to have had a nice and balanced interview...they din grill u on technicals right ???

They did ask me technical questions even though I have 3+ yrs of work ex.
Work ex is no excuse for forgetting ur acads I guess.......infact that was what P2 was doing....asking tech Qs..


Hello rahul,
Ur interview seems to be gr8....But can u help me in one thing...What sort of moral/ethical issue u mentioned....i mean I am getting smthing from my life but they are not significant....so hat shud I do in that case???
Please help me out ASAP ...having my interview on 10th april, Kolkata
Thanks in advance 😃

X - 77.83
XII - 87.3
Undergrad Major - 8.77(GPA)

NIL/Sector - 38months(Hardware Electronics)

CAT %ile:
DI - 83.xx
Quant 88.xx
Verbal 92.xx
Aggregate 92.72

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests - many Cricket , Football, Network Marketing, learned French, movies etc.,

About a guy who is unemployed. Decides to start a BPO. Almost cleares all the hurdles but struck with OS installation in computers. doesn't have capital. Bank unwilling to give loans

Number of Ppl present : 8
Time: 5(read) + 15 (disc) + 5(Summ)

Other Salient Details: Silent GD. Every body could speak. Had started the discussion. But only 4 entries. But still satisfied.

Kept good mood by talking with the fellow group members. Went to the interview with good energy levels.


Panel Members Intro: 3 members, P1,P2 and P3.


P1: What are you doing in Delhi(I am from Hyderabad, but opted for delhi instead of south India)??
me: nothing
P1: I mean why is it just for the interview?
me : yes.
P1: Why ?
me: I just worked there in Bangalore. I wanted to try a different city.
P1: ok (was expecting barrage of Q's)

P2: You are from AP.
me: Yes
P2: Tell me Socio Economic problems
me: Income differences, Farmer suicides(conveniently forgot Telangana )
P2: How much do you think is the income difference
me: not very sure.
P2: roughly howmuch ?
me: started calculating was about to say 15 - 16 k (cut by P3)

P3: ok what is the index used for calculating this
me: Gini factor (it's Gini coefficient )
P3: How is it calculated?
me: balbbered and later told not sure

P2: what are the crops that grow in AP
me: Rice, Mirchi(forgot to tell chilli), Sugarcane

P3: why are suicides happening?
me: lack of rainfall, Private lenders
P3: these have been traditional reasons. but suicides did not happen in past.
me: ---
P3: Did you read any articles.
me: yes news editorials.
P1: What do you know of this?
me: told that problem is severe in AP and Maharastra, and people from Kerala and Bengal got benifitted because the took loans from banks.

P1: are you from rural back graound?
me: no sir

P2: gave me a problem to solve
me: took some time and solved.

P1: asked me why I resigned?
me: told . seemed satisfied.
P1: what's your income now
me: nothing. Am dependant on my father.

P3: ok you have mentioned an ethical problem please elaborate a bit on it.
me: explained i don't force people. and told of integrity.
P3: Pepsi doesn't say it will mix pesticides.
me: told that it is tough/ impossible to compromise on intergrity. I don't know much about marketing but until i find ways to work with it without compromising on integrity probably i will not be able to work with it. (potential destroyer.)

P3: Thank you, you may leave.
me: smiling left my pen(forgot).

P3: Is it your pen?
me: yes Sir. Again big smiles. Thank you Sirs.

LENGTH: 20-22 mins approx.

Any other detail:- Resigned 6 months ago.

MY FEEL:: this is my third year facing IIM interviews. I felt I had good body language though I made mistakes. I felt at times they were not attacking me even though it was possible. may be they judged to qualify/ disqalify me. no acads/work ex. But still a a feel good interview. Personally better performance than last 2 times. Overall satisfied even though it did not come out the way i wanted but still alright.


VERDICT : Rejected......

All the Best to Guys who got calls ........
Its 6th April and no experiences after 31 March...Is there any other thread wherein any updates are added? if yes moderators pls enlighten....
Priyash Says
Its 6th April and no experiences after 31 March...Is there any other thread wherein any updates are added? if yes moderators pls enlighten....

I think no ones interested in sharing their experience.... or no one is interested in IIMS:shock: .... common guys the kolkata GD/PI are nearing plzzzzzzzzz show some lights abt the GD/PI

One of the reasons for very few posts could be that not many puys are shortlisted for IIM S....

Case study today was fairly simple. Won't get into much detail, coz it's a long story. We were given 15 mins to discuss the case. Though the group was in complete agreement with each other (to be fair, there wasn't much scope for controversy), people kept interrupting each other. We were a group of 8, 2 ppl didnt turn up.

The panel for PI was different from the GD panel.

The interview lasted around 30 mins. Some of the questions I got asked:
What it means for me to be attending an IIM-S interview? What other calls I had? What was my contingency plan if IIM-S didnt admit me?
Did I think I was good at Math? In response to my claim of being average, whether I would manage the Math at IIM Shillong?
Was asked to elaborate on my hobbies, some questions related to reading.
Whether I thought money was happiness, did a 1 min extempore
Given a puzzle to solve that I was clueless about.
Asked directions to a local sweet shop.
Repo rate, Reverse repo and CRR definitions, function of the RBI
Asked to rate myself on a scale of 1 to 10 on how ethical I was.
Why wasn't I considering studying abroad?
What are the parameters for rating a b school?
Name two important ppl/bodies who call the shots in the United States.
What is Obama's greatest pull?
And some acads questions.

Good luck puys! I hope more ppl will post their experiences too.

Also, a number of questions on Afghanistan, and the role of the United States in Afghanistan. Seemed to be a hot topic with the panelists.

Interview on the 11th at Kenilworth Kolkata


X -- 95.5% ICSE
XII -- 95.2% ISC
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age -- BE Mechanical 4th yearite from BITS Pilani (9.83 on 10)

Work-Ex: NIL

CAT %ile:

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them):
Photography, Writing, Reading fiction
NSS Coord at BITS
Editor at Mechanical Engg Assoc

Topic:On tribals @ Andaman facing certain problems... The authorities are to decide between losing revenue and protecting the tribals etc etc.
Number of Ppl present: 5 out of 10
Time:15min to discuss
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: People were not willing to speak a lot.
I spoke some 7-8 times as they were only 5 of us and they were a couple of awkward pauses where no one was speaking, so had to put in something. Did well I believe.
Other Salient Details: Summary in running form in 3-4 mins.

Panel Members Intro:3 members - old prof P3, young P1 and P2
P1. Asked me abt family background and about myself in general
Me: Answered. Cut me short when it came to photography.

P1. Asked abt what camera I use, which one I would recommend to him for vacation, for wildlife photography.
Me: Nikon D40x, Point n Shoot, One with a telephotic lens (in that order). Looked impressed with the gyan.

P1: Books I read of late.
Me: The Namesake. Discussion on whether i like my name and why would someone change his or her name (guess was checking if I actually read it). Answered. Little more discussion on the book. Then another book - Twilight , the movie as well... asked me whether I like the concept of vampire love etc...

P1: NSS - what i did.
Me: Answered (all the events of NSS)

P1: When was it founded?
Me: In the 60s.

P1: What does Greenpeace do? Who is saying global warming is occuring (name any one).
P2: Told. Al Gore(in that order).. Asked who is al gore? told. how did u know he said it? told abt inconvenient truth. more gyaan asked on green movements.

P1: tell me abt significant incident. Me: described..

P2: How did u manage acads and so many activities?
Me: Dint find doing both tht difficult.

P2: Tell abt ur final year project.
Me: 5 minute gyaan on the process and modeling... Lots of questions asked on the process... think i answered all except one pertaining to electrical engg.

P3: Where does ISB and IIM Ahmd stand in world rankings?
Me: guessed top 50 and top 100 resp.
Discussion on foreign univs bill followed.

P3: Suppose MIT starts MBA in india. MIT or IIM then?
Me: Depends on course structure, amenities,faculty, location, affordability, etc. No clear cut answer given

P3: Do u admit that IIMs are best in India for MBA (not ISB etc)?
Me: Based on rankings and perception. The real picture would be seen only if I were to spend some time researching reg all of them.

P3: Thank you that will be it.

Any other detail:-
a 40 min interview!! asked me everything under the sun

Verdict : Converted. But, joining IIM B 😃
Interview in Dadar Catering College, Mumbai on 19th April,2010.
(only 15 out of 30 were present)

Xth - 79.4%
XIIth - 76.6%
B.Tech - 8.86/10 (Electronics and Comm)

Work-Ex: IT, 30 months

CAT %ile:
OA - 93.4
VA - 77.xx
QA - 86.xx
LA - 96.xx


15 of us were divided into 2 groups. 7 people (my group) and 8 people.
Topic - Case related to Student Council starting a Stationery store within campus to benefit the students. They purchase @ wholesale prices and sell @ rates cheaper than outside market. They gain handsome 10% profit margin. They plan 2 take up loan and expand their services to people staying in the nearby area too. However, few days later they face opposition from a group of students, claiming that the council have greater interests and are corrupt. What should the student council do ?
Process - 5 mins to think, 15 mins to discuss and 5 mins to write the summary.
Highlights - Was a peaceful and modular discussion though a few points were getting repeated towards the end. One of the guys was stuck with his point and was unnecessarily shouting throughout the Case discussion. I pitched in with nice and relevant points which were acknowledged and was able 2 steer the discussion in a nice way.


15 of us were divided into 3 groups of 5 each for the PI's. There were 3 panels, each with 3 Profs.
I was in the second panel. No Panel intro was given.

The avg interview time for the 1st panel was >30mins and for 2nd was 20mins.
Third panel was on some other floor, so din know the avg time.

The panel consisted of 3 members - Old Prof (OP), Young Prof (YP) and a Lasy Prof (LP) and Poor Me (Me)

So here goes my 25 min interview:-

YP - Please come in. (he was coming out and individually calling people in for the interview)
Me - Thanks You sir. Exchange of pleasantries followed.
OP - So you are an engineer. Which branch ?
Me - Electronics and Comm.
OP - Why did you have S/E as a subject ? (Going thru my application form and attached credentials)
LP - using hand gestures asked for my folder.
Me - Gave it. And turned towards OP to answer his question.
Me - Sir, that was an elective.
OP - Y S/E den ?
Me - Out of the available ones, dis was d best.
OP - So you area fresher !
Me - Noooo sir...2.5 yrs of exp.
OP - ohhkk..(shufflin thru d app) so u work in XXX company.
Me - Yes sir.
OP - So you must have studied S/E in d training also. (Me - nodded) Did you find any diff between collg course and training course ?
Me - Yes sir, training was application based. So cud understand and relate betr.
OP - So wat are steps of Req Gatherin ?
Me -
OP - making faces... !!
Me - said dat don em theory so answerin frm prac exp...
OP - asked 2 continue...was kinda convinced...
OP - what are the types of testing ?
Me - Answered.
OP - Explain wid example.
Me - Explained.
OP and YP - Drew sum inference and confirmed frm me if dey were correct.
Me - Yes sir,dats wat i meant.
OP - So how much f Electronics do u rem ?
Me - OOOOOOPPSSSSSSSSS......pls mujhe maaf karo...Sir il give my best try..
OP den went crazy and asked me questions on d foll topics:-
Circuit diagrams for all above
Also dere was lotsa grillin on related topics...don rem all...n don evn wanna recall
after 5-10 mins f grillin...hes tired and passes d baton 2 YP
YP - so wat do u do.
Me - on d 7th heaven... 😃 explained
YP - so wat was ur exp as a Lead
Me - Answered..and happened 2 mention motivation...
YP - did u face prob motivating etc...
Me - answered and xplained d situatn
YP - he started with a hypo case and grilled me on it.
Me - I took and continued with a stand till the end.
Finally after 20 mins LP wakes up....dunna wat she was doin dis long...!!
LP - wats an economic, social and political investment. ?
Me - din evn understand her question...and answered sumthng..wich she felt was sumwhr close...
LP - she continued wid a few on related things...
Me - Answered most f dem
LP - Do you know Learning Curve.
Me - Haven't read it ne whr, but know and undstnd its imp. So explained it.
LP - Can u draw d diagram
Me- No as have not read it.

OP wakes up and decides wid YP 2 harass me once more...!
OP/YP - Mentioned one law dat was passed recently.
Me - Answered
After dat a brief discussion followed.

YP/OP/LP - Ok, thats it. Thank You
Me - Thank you all...siled ..felt relieved and left...

Suddenly YP shouts - Take one choclate...
Me - No sir, thanks you.
YP - No no take it as a compensation from my side,
Me - took one and thanked him and d panel once again and left.

Dtas it guys...Hope this helps.... :)

My Take - All in all i dont think i did well. Answered in NO many a times. They stress too much on acads so prepare well. Also, extracurriculars are not f much imp 2 dem.

Wish all the best 2 d people yet 2 face d interview... Cheers...!!

well the panel i was in... the one that was on different floor had interview of 45 mins .... with stress on academics

Had my shillong interview at Mumbai on 20th
X - 85.2 (CBSE)
XII - 91 Commerce (CBSE)
Undergrad - B.Com - 83.6 Symbiosis, Pune University (College Topper)
Work-Ex: 5 Months till 31st Dec (as asked in the form)
Sector - 2 months in stock broking and 3 months in Corporate Finance
CAT %ile:
DI - 99.63
Quant - 96.93
Verbal - 89.77
Aggregate - 99.22
Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them) - Public Speaking, Movie Making, Acting and Script Writing
Case Study
Number of Ppl present - 8 out of 10
Problem: there is a commerce grad who opened his business of manufacturing some metal products.. he has 2 main clients. He finds out that he hasn't priced his products well and is juz earning good enough to cover his costs. Suddenly he's asked to repay 2 lakhs wich he had taken as loan. Since there are no profits, there is no money to repay.. and some more facts about his family, his clients, the state where he operated, etc. I could manage to get in only 3 or 4 times, but contributed new points everytime and dint repeat anything.. not many points came up in the discussion 5 mins to think, 15 mins to discuss and 5 mins to write a summary
was 2nd in the list, so dint have to wait long. The 1st person came out in some half an hour. There were 3 gentlemen, sitting in ascending order of age from left to right.. Left (L), Middle(M) and Right(R) and Me (P). they all took turn to ask me questions, and once one was done, 2nd one took over and this went on.. they also passed my file one by one..
L took my file and M started shooting questions..
M: so, are u basically from pune?
P: no sir, m from a small town called beawar in ajmer district of rajasthan.
M: since how long are u in pune?
P: 4 yrs.
M: why is rajasthan famous..
Told y my town is famous, den y is ajmer famour and finally, rajasthan as a whole.
R: tell us more about your town.
Thank you Wikipedia.
M: Have u ever been to villages.in Rajasthan.. (I though they knew i had IIM-A ABM Call.. coz this same thing was asked in that form also.. ) (Somehow avoided going into the details of that question)
M: I want to ask about a subject u studied in college.. Environment Awareness
P: (thought these ppl really have an eye for spottin troubles )sir, we dint study it. Bought the book one day b4 the xam, and gave the paper.. we dint know the name of the book till one day prior to the xam. :lookround:
R (amazed): this is Symbiosis?
P (grinning): this is Pune university.
R (confused): I thot symbi is a deemed university
P (I love this confusion.. everytime, it takes 2 mins of my PIs :)): explained the structure of Symbi.
M: I still want to ask u about EVS. M sure u have some knowledge about it. (I nodded). So wat do u think about current environment problems? Is dere any problem in Pune? Wat kinda pollution is there? Who spreads pollution? If u say the problem in pune isn't big enough, should we stop thinknin abt it? then he put me in a role. Suppose u are the newly appointed manager of a company, ur ceo wants to build a dam which wud require relocation of 5000 ppl, belonging to various communities, and this mite result in communal riots. How u gonna handle. Would u cater to unethical practices?
P: answered all the things. Connected unethical practices question to my real life unethical dilemma wich I had mentioned in the form.
L took over: Pradeep, wat is MPV?
P: PV is present value. I think M is market. So it should be market present value.
L & M: not MPV you fool (dey dint say "you fool" but would have luvd to say), NPV
P: oh NPV, Net present value. (asked to explain). Explained (formula also). Sir, I can't recall (how dumb)
L: k u had statistics in ur FY, temme wat is correlation coefficient. (dint I tell u they have an eye for spotting troubles for others..)
P: sir, I vaguely remember studying this. Explained wat I remembered. I think I was correct (found out later I was correct). (asked me wat it means if it's =1 and wen it's =0) answered.
L: Wich other subjects in graduation? (told all, and also told Costing was my specialization). There is this cup, temme how to find out it's cost.
P: started xplainin how cost sheet is made. Wat are different components. We need to find out direct material, indirect material and (cut short by R).
R: wat do u mean by indirect material. There is no such thing.
P: sir there is. Explained wat it means.. (very long discussion on this. He wasn't a costing prof but had good knowledge had tough time explainin him.. ) continued explaining how to find the cost of the cup.
R took over now : so u had stats in fy.. wat u had in it? (told him averages, correlation coefficient). Wat all comes in averages (mean, median, mode).. explain how to find out median (tried explainin n succeeded).. gimme example wen do u use median over mean and wen u prefer mode over median.
P: can tell u about median over mean gave example of B-School salaries and told how median is a good reflection and not mean.
R: k, if an army major knows u know averages and comes to u. he tells u that he wants to cross a river wid his team n if u cud tell him the average depth of the river.. wich average will u tell.. mean, median or mode?
P: since I'm not so well versed wid median n mode, I'll tell him mean only.. (all three bursted out laughing. )
R: U are surely gonna get a few soldiers killed. That's the problem wid u ppl, u learn how to calculate but don't learn how to apply concepts in real life. :drinking:
P: (trying to mend my mistake): sir, dats y I wanna come to ur b-school. :lookround:
R: smiling: I don't think we are gonna teach u this thing.. well, I don't know, we even might. K now, temme wat u studied in business economics. (sir, both micro n macro). Wat in micro (told him.. he got a cue that I know eco well.. dint ask any questions on it why o why o why???) u had math also.. wat in math? (sir. It was only commercial math). Wat in commercial math (sir profit n loss.) don't temme only profit n loss I wanna know wat all was there.. u had linear equations n quadratic eqns. (sir, not in college but I did dat in 12th. - again he got a cue from my expressions that I know both these concepts n dint ask any question ).. wat else.. (matrices n determinants).. wat is matrix. Where is it used can we find the value of all kinds of matrices / determinants.. (M has already lost interest in me and looking at the clock.. he knows they have exceeded their time.. doesn't wanna ask any more questions)
R looks at M & R, they all shook head, and said thank you, u may go
L: please take a toffee (took a coffee bite. They all noticed carefully my toffee-picking-act).. L: take one more (obliged)..
R: this one is for the road back to pune (n dey all laughed )
Greetings and good byes
Hoof 45 minutes interview .. longest one of my life... Lets see wat's the verdict... ATB to all of u..
PS: THis post has made me a Hardcore Pagal - this is my 250th post... luv ya PG... proud to be a PUY...

Gave my IIM Shillong interview at Catering College, Mumbai on 20th April...

10th 92.26 (18th in Mumbai Board)
12th 86.17 Commerce (Mumbai Board)
grad B.Com 83.7 Mumbai University

Professional Achievements:
CA Inter - AIR 39
CA PE 1 - AIR 28

International Qualifications :
FRM Certificate holder
Cleared CFA L1

Work-Ex: NIL ( Though had a rich experience in the dept of Equity Research and Corporate Finance in a brokerage in my CA interns )

CAT %ile: See below..

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them)
1) NTSE Scholar
2) Won Inter University Chess Championship for my college. Played chess at national levels.

Group Discussion : Case Study
Ppl present 8 out of 10
Problem: A commerce graduate starts a small scale industry manufacturing metal parts. In economic downturn, due to demand crunch, the company is suffering. It has to quote below costs in order to retain a customer whom 70% of sales occur. There is a hope of turning around in 6 months. A few SSIs in same Industry had to close down due to problems in financing of loans. And the same problems are faced by this commerce graduate.
It was sort of advantageous to me being a commerce Graduate...So chipped in 8-9 times... spoke a lot...I dunno it will give a bad impression or wat.... Every time talked something which wasnt talked earlier....!

Personal Interview...
Was 5th in the line out of 6....It was already 5.45 Pm...
Three persons in the panel... 1) Bald Professor (BP) 2) Spectacled Professor (SP)
3) Sweet Lady Professor (SLP)... and ME

SP opened the door for me.
Me: Good Evening Sirs, Good Evening Mam..
SP offered me to sit.
SP: So it has been quite a waiting time for u...What were u doing...?
Me. Just wandering here and there. Went to loo 2-3 times. There was a problem in lift on our floor. So called the reception to fix it. (Everyone laughed) .. But there was no fan there...
SP: Yeah...it was a bit warm there... (Me: Man me... bit kya bahot sara warm tha...pasine choot rahe the...)
SP: So what all the previous guys told u abt interview...
Me: Sir , I just wanted to know whether its stress interview or not....!!! But the latest guy was telling he was asked something on Volcanic Eruption....! (Again all laughed)
SP: So u are a BCom....?
Me: Yes I am a BCom. Apart from that , I am a CA Inter. But if I convert, most probably I will come there as a CA as m having ma final exam this may... I have cleared CFA L1 last year. And I am one of the youngest member of GARP in the world.

SP(he couldnt get GARP): What...?
Me: Sir, GARP.... Global Association for Risk Professionals....?
( The SLP explained him about it)
SP: Oh...U mean GARP....?:drinking:
Me: Yes Sir....!
SP: Okay, Can u tell me something about a new accounting system which will be operational in coming years...
Me: IFRS...?
SP: Yes...
Me: IFRS are just like accounting standards. Each country has its own GAAPs. But IFRS will be implemented on world level. In US...U need to prepare ur Balance Sheets in US GAAP as well as IFRS. It helps in copmaring all companies in the world to same standards. The same thing will be comin to India.
SP: Yes..Can u tell me when..?
Me. Next or next to next year.
SP: So I dont understand, the CAs are having so much opportunities in this field...Why really u want to do MBA....?
Me. Sir , there is a joke in CA Fraternity when it comes to CA and MBA....
There is a boss. He has two employees under him, one is a CA and other is an MBA...! So the Boss wants a report urgently. He tells CA : "Can u please prepare this report..? I want it urgently....!! At the same time, he tells the MBA...." But Please make sure...the reports gets presented very well in the meeting...!!!
I hope , Sir u must have got the point.... ( Again everyone laughed )

SP : Okay now tell me what is balance sheet....?
Me: (Arrey yaar, ye sab to 11th me kiya hai....U r asking a CA ...wat is balance sheet...)
Okay, Balance sheet is actually extraction of balances. There are assets and liabilites shown in the B/S. Assets mean whta we own,...and Liabilities mean, what we owe...!

SP: For what period it is prepared for...?
Me: Its showcases the happenings in 1 year...( Came to know the googly immedately) But it is as on a particular date. like...balancesheet as on 31st March 2010...

SP: We see the balance sheets published in news papers...? Why so..?
Me: Sir its a mandatory requirement under companies act... It helps the investors like us to decide whether to buy the share or not...! ( Diversion to my pet subject : Equity 😃 )

SP: So how do u read the balance sheet and take the decisions...
Me: Sir there are many things... Like if there are huge reserves on a small capital base , the company is a bonus candidate....! It helps to calculate net worth...which we use in valuation ratios like P/BV multiple.

SP: Okay tell some thing more on Valuation Ratios.
Me: There is P/E, P/BV, Enterprise Value Multiple...There is PEG....( Price Earnings to Growth rate) I like the PEG specially...

SP: Whats special about it?
Me: It considers Growth factor as well...I will give example of Infosys...Generally its a perception that Higher P/E Companies are richly valued..So aInvestor should ignore them.... Infosys was trading at 60+ P/E Multiple in late 90s...So just looking at the P/E ratio , investor would have ignored it. But the company was growing more than 100 % in the year. The PEG was most attractive....In fact Infy can certainly be said as "Stock of the Decade...." ( huh....2 mins explaination...I was leading the interview...!)

SP: Okay....but how will u compute the Growth Rate...?
Me: I dont know about others but I consider CAGR ( Compounded Annual Growth Rate)

SP: Show me...take an example urself and show me the calculation.
Me: Took a paper...showed him practically...

SP: Are u sure about this...?
Me: I think I am correct...

SLP to SP ( I think he is not sure)
SP: Means u are not sure...!
Me: No I am 99% sure...

SP : Means u r sure!
Me: huh...yes I am sure ( The formula was correct )
SP: I have a doubt...I have earned good profits. But I want to show them less because the tax liability is huge and shareholders want huge dividends...

Me: U can always incur some expenses and claim it for deduction or some income come under exempion also.
SP: Nope, its not possible now...the results are in front of me...and i want to lower profit....

Me: Sir I dont think it can be done ethically.
SP: I dont know what is ethical or unethical. I am sad bcoz i dont want to pay so much..

Me: Sir...But the huge taxes u r payin bcoz of huge profits and rather u should be happier bcoz of the huge profits....I have never come across , the person who wants to show lesser profits ... 😞 PPL always want to show higher and higher profits....?)

SP: hands over to BP who is incharge of ethics...

BP: Suppose u are a project manager for an MNC...U want to set up a plant at a particular land...where farming is done. What would u do in such a situation..?
Me: I will negotiate with the farmers and make sure the justice will happen...

SP chipped in again : Consider the value of land as Rs. 1000, ur company is ready to pay Rs. 2000. The farmers are readily agreed for that as they havent seen such cash in hteir life... but the perception is , they are paid lower and injustice is happening to them... Now what will u do...?

Me: I will take the farmers side...I will ensure that no injustice occured to any one just bcoz of their ignorance....

SP: How can u do that...U are representing a company.. U should take side of shareholders and not farmers.... U are a scapist...!

Me: No..not at all...let me give a practical example.... JSW Energy set up a plant in Bengal somewhere near Singur only...But their Farmers were not agitated bcoz...company paid them handsomely, 100 times of the value...and the beauty was The Cost for acquring the land was less than a percent of total project expenditure....!!!!! (Thank God, right example on right time)

SP: But thats loss to shareholders....!!!!
Me: How can it be...? Instead the management could tell the shareholders....We have not even betrayed the farmers...how can we ever betray u...? That kind of confidence it generated...! The cost has not gone waste. It generated Goodwill.

SP: But I never heard of that company doing this...Means it has not reached the ppl...
Me: Doesnt matter...I , as an shareholder know that, its enough for the company...

SP: But I dont buy the argument that it created huge goodwill for the company....
Me: Even Cost incurred was not huge....!!!! ( SP tried to overpower me but left it now)

BP again: Suppose , U are a fresher CA, joining a reputed firm of CA, doing an audit of a big company. There is a frayud in the company which top management knows and ur chief knows....U also come to know abt it one day..what would u do...?
Me: there is a concept of Audit materiality in our syllabus...If the matter is material enough then only we should go deep in....If its not material, then I will keep quiet...

BP: But if its material then....?
Me: I will resign and complain to Company Law Board....!

Again SP came...Okay now let me know some thing abt politics....

SP: Finance Minister of country...
Me: Pranab Mukharjee

SP: His constituency...?
Me: I think Kolkata North or South....( Wrong its Murshidabad...C'mon how can I know such place...but its very much closer to Kolkata)

SP: Our PM's Constituency..?
Me: Assam... (This time i m correct 😉 )

SP: Hes on Rs or LS...?
Me: Earlier he was elected on RS...but I think after becoming PM, he had to get elected on LS ( Wrong he is still on RS )

BP: Ur take on Women Reservation...?
Me: Bol diya...

SP: Tell me the party which is leading Naxalites Movement...?
Me: Party...? (I knew abt Communist Party, Marxist but its against the Naxalites 😞 )

SLP came to my rescue...Do u know any difference betn Maoist and Naxalites...?

Ohh....he meant Maoist...!!! Told some bakar....!

SP : Ambika Soni handles which Cabinet...?
Me: I think Women Empowerment ( Wrong its Tourism 😞 )

SLP : Okay...do you think ur Gr aduation helps u in ur job...?
Me: (took it as Education) Yes..yes..very much..thoda bakar...

SLP: I am askin abt BCom....
Me: (Ohh... she was asking abt BCom...) Nope...to be frank commerce ppl do BCom..as a timepass...the other professional courses are held as important.

SLP: Okay...what do u think abt Economics in BCom...? ( She is an Economics Professor in IIM S.... 😃 )
Me: Actually its outdated...we have everything on Industrial Policies, Green Revolution...but after 91 Globalisation, Economy has changed a lot...Even current recession but not a single word on that....!
SLP: So u think IP, GR was not important...? (laughingly)
Me: No its important...but these recent things are also important...But they need to consider the students also...there are many average students also...They cant change the syllabus drastically....

SP: Okay... we are done... take a chocolate...
Me: took a coffee bite....!
SLP: take one Eclairs also....!!
Me: Oh, sure...thanx... nice meeting u all...

Yeah....total 30 minutes of interview...huh... but a feel good experience...!

Verdict : Rejected...! May be found overqualified for the program! But still IIM S will hold a special place in heart! after all it gave me my first call!!!!



X - 83%
XII - 81.4%
Undergrad Major (B.Tech Aerospace Engg.)3.6/4 CGPA (92%)


No Work Experience

CAT Total (Aggregate) %ile: 84.50

DI: 76.34
Quant: 79.56
Verbal: 82.64

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests: Badminton, Swimming, Listening to Rock Music, Solving Sudoku Puzzles, PC Gaming.


Topic: I am the manager of a company. One of the companies who I have got a contract with is at a loss. I have to pay a loan to someone too. I wont get a contract with a company till 8 months. My family financial assistance is so-so. What to do?

Number of Ppl present: 9 out of 10 in my slot

Time: 5 min (reading), 15 min (Discussion) and 5 min (Summary)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: My experience of the GD was quite bad to say the least. It was a total fish market. The group wasnt involved at all. Every other person trying to fight off the other person without letting anyone speak. I couldnt speak for a minute as such. Ended up supporting 2-3 ppl with their statements. Overall wasnt satisfied with the GD.


Panel Members Intro: P1 (Male), P2 (Male), P3 (Female)

P1: You didnt speak much in the GD. How would you rate the GD Experience?

Me: Told them that I wasnt assertive and loud enough. Was trying to put forward my points but was always cut short by some or the other person. Honestly speaking sir, I would rate myself about 3/10 in the GD.

P1: Can you tell me any other person in the GD who spoke lesser than you?
Me: Didnt know how to answer this question. Gave him a confused look.
P3: So you say you are an active listener?
Me: Yes Mam (In my mind, saved by the female a lil bit...)
P2: So what all questions have you heard about this interview from your previous colleagues (who had given their interviews)?
Me: told them about the ethical dilemma question and about academics.
P2: So what are doing right now?
Me: Doing my eight semester and currently working on my major Project.
P1: Asked me about my major project?
Me: Told
P1: So are you strong in mathematics?
Me: (In my mind, Watt lagna Shuru), Said ok-ok.
P2: Tell me about maxima?
Me: Told the formula. But couldnt remember the exact solution as such. Couldn`t remember the fundas (DAMN IT). Was in the 1st sem when I had done this. Tried to show him with the help of a graph, but was confused myself.
P2: Grilled more on the topic and asked about minima also and how they are calculated?
Me: was totally confused now (how foolish of me to forget maxima, minima). Finally surrendered.
P1: You know differentiation na?
Me: yes sir. (Maar li yaar)
P1: Why do you want to do an MBA after doing B.Tech in aero?
Me: Told that normally people with only B.Tech aeronautics in PSU`s have a lot of ideas and that they remain ideas. They are not implemented ever the industry. Hence I want to do an MBA so that my ideas at that position can be atleast heard by the upper management and if found feasible be implemented. Also told that I would then possess the technical and managerial skills to tackle difficult situations.
P1: But it is better for you to gain some experience?
Me: Yes sir, that is fine But (Cut Short)
P1: So I am right and you are wrong?
Me: No Sir, you are right to a certain extent. But tried to reiterate my point which I told earlier. God knows whether I convinced him or not....The answer is I guess no only...he wasnt convinced thoroughly.
P2: Asked me about the constituency of Mr. Manmohan Singh and the house which he belonged to?
Me: No sir, no idea (Should have studied damn it)
P2: About the volcanic Eruption in Iceland?
Me: Told
P2: In why only this volcanic eruption was so many flights cancelled?
Me: told them about the ash and the dust and related that to the aircraft`s wings and engines. Explained in a very technical sort of a way.
P2: But there are many volcanic eruptions in the world. Why so many flights were cancelled?
Me: 1) Mother Nature, 2) Maybe there werent any flights during those particular eruptions.
Told this answer humorously. (Everyone laughing including me.lolzzz)
P2: What do you know about Swiss Bank?
Me: (Humorously again), It is from Switzerland and it`s a private bank. (Slight laughter from the panel)
P2: Explained me about the the secret policy issues about the bank and was the manager right in revealing the names of his account holders to the income tax department?
Me: Told him that the manager had earlier made a promise to his account holders that he wont reveal their secrets come what may. Hence the manager was wrong. Explained him a bit.
P2: But the account holders are exploiting his policies and the government is suffering due to these offenders?
Me: People have taken an account in his bank seeing these reasons. Hence he telling their names to the government, is like double crossing is own clients. Explained him a bit.
P2: Ok Fine
P2: Aviation minister of India and his party?
Me: Mr Prafull Patel (Correct) from Congress (he was from NCP....lolzz)
P2: Ok Fine (Dont know why he said this. I just gave a wrong answer about his party.
P2: Should a manager be honest?
Me: Yes sir. (Explained him was happy with my answer)
P1: If you have joined as the manager of a company and a workman of 20 years experience says to you to learn the robes around here and then speak to him, what do you do then?
Me: Told him that I would firstly leave the situation at that and then gaining about 3-4 months of experience would get back to speaking to him.
P1: In 4 months itself?
Me: told that if I were a manager who has passed out from IIM Shillong, Then I would definitely learn about the techniques and robes involving management quickly.
P1: Is IIM Shillong That good?
Me: Yes Sir.
P3: Asked about Inflation?
Me: Told
P3: Asked About Recession?
Me: Told
P3: Asked about how the economy of the country runs?
Me: Told them with reference to recession
P3: Asked about stock markets?
Me: (how foolish of me not to read about stock markets) Sorry Mam.
P3: Renewable and Non-renewable sources of Energy?
Me: Told
P3: Which requires higher investment Thermal or Solar energy?
Me: (Didnt know the Answer as such), Told them Solar energy requires lower investment. We have to just install solar panels. The energy of the sun is trapped by these panels and then is transferred via these panels to the batteries where it can be stored for further purposes. Whereas in thermal, Fossil fuels are used whose cost in the market is increasing day by day (oil prices). (Dont know whether this answer is right or wrong.)
P2 and P3: So you are OK right after this interview? Want any sweets?
I took one and left.
P2 and P3: there are many varieties . Take more!!
I`m fine. Thank You and Left
Interview lasted for approximately 35 minutes.

Hope this helps Guyz.....
I guess by reading my interview experience and GD, i am highly unlikely to convert it.....
They didn`t take much interest in Extra-curriculars. My extras were awesome. (DAMN IT)
I just wanna ask my other colleagues and seniors for rating this type of experience whether i have a chance or not??