[2010-2012] IIM Kozhikode Call Getters Discussion

IIMK - PGP Admissions 2010 - GD/PI Login

IIMK - PGP Admissions 2010 - GD/PI Login

IIM Kozhikode GDPI shortlist out...

IIMK - PGP Admissions 2010 - GD/PI Login


Atb Puys :)
Hope to see a lot of you here

Unable to see the results..
All fields get reset even after i type the verification code properly..

got a call....
you have to log in using ur tr no and dob to get in...

2nd call this season after L :)


Xth 89.57%

XIIth 89.38%

B.Tech 6.96 CGPA

Work Ex. 16 months till date

CAT %ile---- 99.62 OA

Good luck to all call getters.

Hi All,

Well the fields are getting reset, well dont just flood the thread with anxious posts. We @K would see to it and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Highly possible that the Front end is up but the Database is still being updated ( might be testing as well) , hence wait for some time and then check it again.

ATB to all Puys,

Link working alrite... I checked my results. Successful.

Some prob on the site. Wait few more moments guys .... some technical prob it seems !

I tried thrice and got the results every time. Don't know why peeps are getting the reset fields. Working fine.

HEY... got iimk call too.... 😃 😃

first IIM call of the season...!!!
i am over the moon

@Mods.. Please merge the two threads running on the same issue.

its showing result if u r shortlisted. so maybe reset means reject unfortunately 😞

I dont wanna spam but maybe the fields getting reset means a reject :(

I mean all the people who have got succesfully opened results are those who have got a call.

Have those who have got GD PI Call got an email in your inbox? Please confirm...

Hard to believe I didn't make it...Three calls ACL and K reject...strange....

M also in puys..congrats to all call getters 😉

Did anyone get a confirmation email, those who are selected and can login... If yes, please reply.