[2010-2012] IIM Indore Call Getters Discussion

Results are out. CAT2009: Shortlisted Candidates for IIM Indore

Results are out.

CAT2009: Shortlisted Candidates for IIM Indore

2169 calls

As expected no call at a 99.77%le....
thank u to all the IIMs

I am in.....

GOD....Help me converting at least one IIM

same here dude... no calls at 99.65 percentile... lets party:)

CAT 2009
OA (250) 99.40%ile( after getting no calls from IIMs)
QUANT (97) 99.67%ile
DI/LR (92) 99.24%ile
VERBAL (61) 80.79%ile

10th 78.83%
12th 70.62%
Grad. 7.32/10
Exp. 0 Months


got a call...God plz help me in converting it!

One more call to add...after L, K, B

Is I going the B way..?
One of my frnds at 99.83 (with 2.5 yrs of exp) has a call from A,C,L,K but not from B & I!!

As expected no call at a 99.77%le....
thank u to all the IIMs

sectionals .


i too have 99 plus percentile but 0 calls.
As expected no call at a 99.77%le....
thank u to all the IIMs

i know it feels very disappointing...but ur journey has just begun, u r just 21 & has to face many challenges in life... convert ur other calls...but more than that i'll suggest u 2 go out & face the world, get some experience & then decide is it really an MBA that u want to do...probably u'll be in a better position to not only to answer this ques but also bagging an IIM call (with work-ex)... always do what u really believe in...that will not only help u as an individual but to the country at large....
I know it's very easy to say & hard to do...but then someday u'll have to take a call....
ur percentile says u can do anything u wish....

PS: sorry if i've bored u or anyone....good luck

Me in.....
L,I,K,S Hope to convert atleast one......

PS... wish to see how many BLACKIS:w00t: this year.....

Got a call.....This time the call criteria are impossible to predict...

There seems to be an upper cutoff in I this time .. how can someone with 90+ in both boards, a great grad score and a 99.92 in CAT get calls from all IIMs but not I .. something amiss somewhere ..

no call from IIM I.
any news about the criteria??
have 90+ in 10th and 12th with 2 years work ex. cat score in my signature

hmm anyways congrats to others who got selected.
good luck with your interviews

99.28 overall
lowest sectional 91.88

0 calls.
Thanks a lot IIM's...
How permature was the joy I got after seeing my results.
Don't think there's any point giving next year, coz you sure as hell can't change your past academic records
:drinking::drinking::drinking::drinking::drinking::drinking::drinking: for now...

Got IIM I call

OA - 99.50

DI - 99.28

QA - 99.58

VA - 96.01

X - 78.6
XII - 85.0

Work Ex - 27 months (as submitted in CAT aplication ) ... now 33 months

Congrats to all call getters !!!

Me not in.. Wonder what their criteria was though.. Definitely not the same as last year... Had 99 OA with 94.xx in DI and VA and 98.xx in quant.. X- 80.6(CBSE), XII - 92.9 (AP), BTech - 8.82, and 16 months Work Ex....

No call as usual even after 99.08%ile... All IIM's have ditched me big time!