[2010-2012] Fore School of Mgmt GD/PI Experience

Hello all!! The gd/pi process of Fore School of Management,Delhi has started today. I request all the candidates, who have gone through the process, to kindly post their experience here, so that it could be helpful for students still waiting for…

Hello all!!
The gd/pi process of Fore School of Management,Delhi has started today. I request all the candidates, who have gone through the process, to kindly post their experience here, so that it could be helpful for students still waiting for their turn.
Please use this thread only for gd/pi experience. All other queries and comments should move to appropriate threads.

Hope it helps to all.:cheerio::cheerio:

hii evrybdy .. i m kashish goyal ..
i was among d frst 1 to face d heat of d fire ..
9 am slot . Room no. 2 . Chair No. 4 . ( dat was my complete address on d day )

GD Topic .. Ind-Pak ..
GD went okkay okkay 4 me ..
nd had a dream PI .. they grilled me on evry parameter they could bt wr providing sm space 2 me 2 b comfortable ..
GK(business knowledge), currnt affairs(evrythng under d sky) , acad(lots of those), family background , why MBA , why FORE , othr calls nd why nt those , strengths , weaknesses , i m frm punjab nd staying in delhi so lots of ques abt punjab - economical, political, social.. how 2 raise d bar in education standards .. i answered most of those .. i xpect a +ve result frm FORE ..

Hi all,

Hope you all had a good second phase round and convert the calls :)

Please post your gdpi experience in following format :

Cat Score :
Course ( PGDM/PGDM-IB/Both) :
Graduation Background :
Work Experience (if any) :

GD Topic :
GD Experience :

PI experience :

Anything else you would like to share :

any more ppl to post their exp....

we r w8in eagerly ppl ..... !!!

as far as my gd pi is concerned all i'll say is that if i get through it'll be the worlds biggest miracle ........ my gd was ok , but pi was really really bad ..............

Arjun2612 Says
as far as my gd pi is concerned all i'll say is that if i get through it'll be the worlds biggest miracle ........ my gd was ok , but pi was really really bad ..............

sorry for spamming!
could u pls elaborate.......it wud be helpful to all..

Hello puys.
CAT score:94.04 OA
Grad:Pursuing B.E.(Elect Engg)
Work Ex:0
Tym to reveal my experience 2day at FSM.
Had my GD/PI in the 9am slot.As far as the details are concerned,there are three rooms with a capacity of 12 students each.Students are made into three groups beforehand on the basis of the CAT Reg no.
The process started with some introductory film of 11 minutes about FORE.Then followed by some more intro by Dr.Sanghamitra.After that we were asked to move into our respective rooms.Myn ws room no 1.It had the Secretary of FSM and Mrs. Savita Gautam in the panel.We were given the discussion topic by the secretary frm an envelope.Then were given two minutes to think about it.After that there ws an intense discussion on the topic for about 10min.The topic given to all the three rooms ws same:Should India continue its peace talks with Pakistan despite recent terrorist attacks?
Then we were made to go back to the seminar hall for the scrutiny of the certis.Along with the scrutiny they started off the interviews.
Interview lasted for about 10-15min.My interview panel consisted of the same two members and an industry man.The questions asked were(I'm nt providing the answers):
Q1:Why do u want to pursue MBA?(asked by the industry man)
Q2:You are a fresher,So y dont you go ahead,gain xperience nd then come back again?(the secretary)
Q3:What type of motor is used in a ceiling fan(I'm doing Elect Engg)?(the secretary)
Q4:Why FORE?(the secretary)
Q5:Why not pursue MBA for any other college?(the secretary)
Q5:Who manages the inflation and Wholesale Price Index?(the secretary)
Q6:What are the measures taken to curb inflation?(the secretary)
Q7:Who takes these measures?(the secretary)
Q8:What ws the inflation for the last week?(the secretary)
Q9:What is the monetary policy of the RBI?
Q10:What are ur hobbies?(asked by the industry man)
Q11:Any latest update on football?(I mentioned it as a hobby)(asked by the industry man)
Q12:If a cricket team scores 84/4 and another team scores 84/7,what is the point distribution and would you like to make changes in this system?(the secretary)
Well after the above qs i was asked to leave.I'll not b relating my xperience here because I don't want to.That'll b all.hope it's sufficient.

Best of luck to other puys.

I was in 1:15 pm slot of gd pi of fore
my experience abt gd was fine but
pi screwed it all up
great stress on just 1 question why mba and they were tring to make me feel that i m nt made for same
dont have any hope fm it

I was in 1:15 pm slot of gd pi of fore
my experience abt gd was fine but
pi screwed it all up
great stress on just 1 question why mba and they were tring to make me feel that i m nt made for same
dont have any hope fm it

can u pls expln the whole process in detail.. it ll b helpful for many ppl...

A request to all puys over here...

Please post ur experience in tht format mentioned by visionIIM-ACL and in a bit detail...Just posting one liners like gd was good and PI was bad will not suffice the purpose of this thread.

All the best

i hv already posted ma xprnc nd dis z ma interview in detail ..
22 march - 9am - kashish goyal
i m frm punjab nd presently in delhi for last 6 months ..

panel of 3 : p1,p2,p3
i asked 4 d permission 2 enter(formality krni padti hai yrr)..they allowed me nd offered me d hot seat ... i thnked nd den dey started like rapid fire round...
during d interview .. p1 continued d chips(almost thro' al d way).. p3 was njoying d mazza sips .. (its ma fav. also bt i cudn't asked thr..)

p2:completed wid grads last yr . so wt bout last six months ?
ans: sir i was prep. 4 CAT ..
p1:why u choose delhi 4 dat ?
(lots of arguments wr made by me .. thy questioned bout my home town .. bout 7-8 min. discussion )
p1:u wr a bit agrresive in gd . so which approach wud u choose (1) or (2)..
ans:sir abt ur frst ques .. i wasn't aggresive .. i was a bit impatient nd dats my weakness sir.. nd bout ur second ques. it depends on d situation i m in ..
p1: so u cnt tk d stand.
ans:sir i m flexible nt arrogant .
p2:wt r ur strengths ?
ans: told ..(again a 5-min discussion )
p2: okk subjects in final yr ?
ans: physics nd maths .
p2: looked at p1 nd said check him out .
p1: what is linear function? dnt tell me . write on d pad .(placed on the table)
ans : i wrote dat 1.
p1: reason of being a linear function ?
ans:told .
p1: sm more functions dat r nt linear .
ans: i wrote 3 more fnctns .
p1: what r these called nd why ?
ans: told-quadratic , cubic..
p1: basically non-linear na ?
ans: yaa i sir one nd d same thing ..(non-linear to unke ques mein hi tha .. main kaise kehta wahi ... watt lagaane ke liye ready ready rehte hain woh )
p1: look at the fan above you .( i had a 5 sec look )
P1: what is probability of falling dat fan ?
ans: i asked " bt itself or sm1 is cutting the rod ?"
p1: no xternal force z thr .
ans: zero
p1: why ?
ans: it cn't happen .. so zero .
p1: what is probability ?
ans: no. of fav. events /total no. of events
p1: will a man survive when he is jumping frm 100th floor of building ?
ans: sm parachute is thr or is he a superman ?
p1:no xtrnl force.
ans: he wl nt survive if he is a normal man like u nd me .
p1: then wt z d prob. of his survival?
ans: zero
p1: hv u heard of equal likely events ?
ans: yes sir . the events that hv got equal prob.
p1: example?
ans: in coin.. head and tail .
p1: what is impossible events ?
ans: the events wid prob. zero.
p2: look at the fan .( i had a second look)
p1: which type of energy transformation z thr ?
ans: electrical energy into ....( i 99%sure its mechanical.. bt rest 1% was nt thr ) .. so i jzt said ..
p2: what ?
ans: sry sir i m nt sure .
p1: is it mechanical energy ?
ans: sir it cud b .. it cudn't b .. i nt sure bout dat .
p1: name 3 women PM..livng or dead ?
ans: i told .. 1 of india ,, 1 of bangladesh.. nd 1 of NZ.
p2: y so far in NZ ? wt about PAK .. smthng haapened ovr thr ? whts dat name ?
ans: bhuto
P1: what bhuto ? uska baap bhi bhuto .. aur bhi bhuto ye bhi bhuto ..
ans: benazir bhuto sirrrrrrrrrr..(i said in dis way only)
p1: okkkkkkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyyy( dey replied like dis )
p2: who s CM of Punjab ?
ans: mr. badal
p1: what badal ?
ans: nt gettng the name sir .. he is famous by name of mr. badal..
p2: for how long its cricket ?
ans : evn i dn't know wen i started it as...( he started his nxt ques.)
p2: temme 6 ways of getting out in crcicket
ans: sir total no. of ways in getting out in cricket is ten nd six of dem are ....(wid details of evry non-conventional way)
p2: okkay ..
p2: do u understand wat is social problem ?
ans:yes sir .
p2: den explain.
ans: acc. to me .. any problem dat affects society is a social problem.
p1: okk..
p1: tell 2 social prob. nd two economical prob. in punjab ?
ans: told (i was getting impatient .. he calmed me down nd said relax .. tk ur tym nd den reply.. i tuk a pause for 2-3 sec.. gathered myself nd again lots of discussion bout dat )
p3: do u thnk punjab is developed ?
ans: depends on which parameter u r checking ...
p3: indstry wise :gujarat is developed nd punjab is nt ... so 5 ways to improve ?
ans: sir d first thng nd most challenging one is to change d mindset of d ppl over thr .. v ppl sitting hr r saying dat bt ppl ovr thr hvng acres of land worth crores won't agree wid dis .. d d rest 4 cn b thot aftr v r done wid dis 1 ..
p3: which part of UP is more developed - agricultral wise- western or eastern ?
ans: the syd which came frst wen u enter frm delhi ...
p2: wts dat ?
ans: western part sir ..
p2: r u comfortable wid geography of india ?
ans: yes .. 4 sure sir ..
p2: okk .. lemme check ..( he drew d rough map of india ms pointed mumbai ns kerala ).. tell me 4 states btwn those ..
ans: ((i was a bit confused abt icluding maharashtra or nt).. evn den i wrote maharashtra .. goa.. krnataka.. tamil nadu ..
p2: on which coast in tamil nadu ?
ans: sir eastern ..
p2: den y hv u drawn ?
p2: chalo chodo ...
p3: what z local language of kerala ?
ans: kannad ( i said confidently .. d nxt second i realized its wrong.. bt nw d ball was in his court)
p3: so wat bout karnatka ?
ans: i dn't know sir..( i realized d way he asked it's kannad 4 krnatka )
p3: wat abt gujarat?
ans: gujarati
p3: west bengal?
ans: bengali
p3: punjab?
ans: punjabi
p1: what ur family background ?
ans: dad-doctor by profession nd president of education trust, mother-pricipal of a high school,sis-M.Phil(physics)
p1: you hv got vry solid family background ?
ans: i m proud of dat sir ...
p1: ohhhh
ans: yes sir ..
p2: u cn leave ..i was still in ma position.
p1: nahi ruko ruko..
p2: ya sure sir ..
p1: why fore ?
ans: told
p2: who told u dis ?
ans :no 1 sir .. dey speaks 4 demselves ..
p1: oh really ?
ans: yes sir .
p2: how many othr calls ?
ans: lbsim nd tapmi
p2: wts ur %ile in cat ?
ans: sir its 93.06
p2: u may leave nw ..i was bout 2 leave ma place..
p1: no no .. sit sit ..
p2: sure sir , go ahead ?
p1: wat abt fore students - do u hv any frnds in fore ?
ans: yaa i hv lots of frnds ...they al r giving me positive vibes abt fore .. bt i dnt know any names.. dnt evn 1 .... i m ineracting wid dem at PG sir ..
p1: okkay .. u may leave nw ..

me: thnx a lot sirs..

on d whole .. p2 was most active .. nd he was making me lot a comfortable .. he told me many times "dnt b impatient .. tk ur tym .. koi jaldi nhi ... hum kaunsa bhaag rahe hain ." ... nd those moments provided me evrthng .. i was looking 4 ..nd it was around 40 min + .... dat i felt after coming out of room bt inside d room i was njoyng d moment coz of p2 .. he was really cool .. provided me enf of space .. i know those ppl r nt reading these .. phir bhi ek thnxx to banta hai ... select or reject .. dazz in their hands ..

no wrk x
gud co-curricular activites
gud family background

CALL: applied nd got a call for PGDM..
TYPE of students : mixture of freshers(like me) nd xprncd ones..
total tim taken(in whole process for me):8:45 am to 11:40 am (reporting tym was 9 am for me )
waitng tym: 8:45 am to 9:25 am
FORE film: 9:30 am to 9:45 am
GD : 9:50 am to 10:20 am
PI: 11:00 am to 11:40 am ( i was d 4rth one )...

any feedback ??? ..i m looking forward to dat .. thnxx

hello guys...
mine gd/pi schedule ws 23 march 1:15pm...
i rchd there at 12:30pm...yaha tak to thik tha
then i saw list...wtf? gd group-1,seat no 1....means will be 1st to face interview..chalo koi ni...so mine exp is mentioned below..

Cat Score : 92.40
Course :PGDM
Graduation Background :B.TECH(I.T.-final year student)
Work Experience (if any) :0

GD Topic :"business houses should allowed to finance elction r nt? "
GD Experience :g.d. was fine..there was nt so mch discussion gng on as only 4 out of 11 ppl wer discussin all other wer silent..

PI experience :
i ws the 1st whom ws called for interview..
i entered the room.
3 ppl wer there who wer also in g.d..it seems tht they wer faculty of college.
they offerd me seat...
1-1st person who ws in the middle
2-person on his left side
3-person on his rite side
m-main jo bali ka bakra banne ja raha tha... so the mystry begins nw...

1:tell me about urself.?
m-explained...ab to sote hue b koi pooche to fix lines nikalti hai.

2:tell me about event woodstock?(i won 3rd prize in woodstock organised by iit kharagpur so ws expctd que)
m-bahut dhang se samjha diya...

3:if i giv u 1 lakh ruppe wer will u invest?
m-i askd him sir it depends whether u want safety or growth as if higher risk taken higher chances of growth.

3:i wanted safety.
me-i will invest them in psu.

2:tell me the moment wen u feeled most depresed n stressed.?n wat wat u did tht time?

1st person ws continuously staring me jaise main kooi gunaah karke aaya hu.

2:eplain me whole shrimadbhagwadgita..??(unexptd part begins nw..)
me:as i am a vidya mandir student explained him very well.

2:who was the father of lord ram?

2:tell me his wives name?

2:hw many vedas we hav?tell me name of all?

(i ws feeling like kisi mandir me pujari ki post k liye mera interview chal raha ho...)

3:i m old man didnt knw about engg.can u explain me difference b/w c.s. and i.t.?
me- explained..

2:wat u r doing to overcome with ur weakness?

finaly they u cn leav nw....omg
jindagi bhar kosta tha y i ws studied in vidya mandir?aaj samajh me aa gaya uska b kch fayada hota hai..
so finaly i left the room..
i ws surprised no que like y mba?y mba as a fresher?
y fore? no sch type of que...
feedback r always welcome...wish sum lck for me.....

cat -95.1
i was scheduled today 23rd march in 1:15 slot ...the whole slot was divided into the three groups grp 1,grp2,grp3 then according to the groups 3 rooms were given to each group i was in group 2 and so my G.D was scheduled in room no2 as i entered for my gd, 3 panelists were there
the topic of the gd was Shud buisiness houses spend the funds on the elections the g.d went pretty ok i was able to speak and listen both then we preceeded with verfication of documents which was done in the seminar room itself the co-ordinators were cross verfying the marks in the mentioned by you in the form and with your marks in marksheets .dnt try to mirepresent any of the figures there was a case in which a student was caught and taken to admissions office nt sure what happened next:shock::shock:.
then came the final thingi the PI and as i was made to sit 2 minutes outside the pi room and then PI started provoked
me and i started the counter attacked i pulled them into the technology

they started with usual tell me abt yourself
they were so callous they were nt even intrrested in my answer
next why maba and blah blah ..blah basically they were trying to prove that they are nt impressed by my any of the answers which provoked me then i started the counterattack by pulling them into the technology iam working,nd how i plan to implement them for my future and how they have no idea abt it and also what stupid and irrelevant questions they were asking then they gt on the backfoot and tried to defend themselves by saying this whole process of taking interviews is so boring :shock:. by the time i left i was convinced that iam selected by the expressions on thier face .

Kudos to you my man !!! even I had a similar sort of experience during my pi for GIM ...the panelists weren't arsed about what I had to say ...I wish I had the balls to tell them like you did .....anyways sorry for dragging off topic

hello guys...
mine gd/pi schedule ws 23 march 9:00pm...

Cat Score : 93.40
Course :PGDM
Graduation Background :B.TECH(ECE)
Work Experience (if any) :14 months in IT

Three groups were there and i was in 3rd group.
GD topic : is coliation govt. sign of mature democracy?

overall it was a well mannered GD, entered 4-5 times.
was given explicit time to summarise.

now comes PI...

there were 3 people.
P1:one young man
P2:one lady(she was really supportive)
P3: Another man

as soon as i took my seat

P2: so tell me something about ur work ex..
Me: told
P2: so how did u use ur engineering subjects at ur work place
Me: told since i had ECE stream so not many subjects were useful but had certain programming subjects like C/C++ and DBMS were relevant.
P2: your father works in MTNL, tell us something about mtnl.
Me: told
P2: so why is mtnl so inefficient?
Me: told..in end added that i myself dont use mtnl
P2: asked why dont u also join telecom sector, it is a booming sector?
Me: i said that i have different interests

P2: tell us about technologies used in mobile phones.
Me: told.
P2: More details about GSM generations
Me: told..
P3: so dont u think 3G till now is only with bsnl and mtnl, so is it not unfair with private players??
Me: (:shock: now i started like feeling to call out my dad from the hall and answer all their ques) anyway i said that auctioning is taking place next month and with their competence private players will take away the larger share
P2: why is manufacturing of phone not prominent in india, she said we only use nokia and siemens?
Me: gyaan.. mentioned that india is overall weak in manufacturing even in computer h/w stuff
P3: tell about chinese computer hardware companies
Me: i could not recall any..
P2: tell me where do u see yourself after 5 yrs?
Me: answered convincingly
P3: president of france?
Me: Nicholas Sarkozy
Now, P1 comes into picture
P1: why did u leave ur job?
Me: told that since i had long working hours could not concentrate on studying for MBA
P1: but when u will pass out and will be in industry, ull have very long hours
Me: i said i was committed to work and had no issues in working late but then problems came when my priorties changed.
i dun remember how icici came into picture...

P3: icici is public or private bank?
Me: told..
P3: tell more private banks in india...
Me: told
P3: headquarters of HSBC?
Me: first said hong kong(wrong) then said shanghai(again wrong)..
P2: its London
finally P1 asks..
P1: tell us why fore and how is it related to microcredit(i mentioned it in answer of why mba)
Me: answered convincigly..

thats all i can recall...
overall i think it was for about 15-20 mins.....
panel was really co operative, never stressed me at any point..
hope it helps....


Hi everyone if possible do mention in your experiences these things also:
>Course that u were called for - General or IB
>Type of students u encountered in ur batch: work ex or freshers
>Total time taken

Thanks for all your inputs.

hello guys...
mine gd/pi schedule ws 23 march 9:00pm...


Hey can u tel me how much tym wil it take fo d whole process to get completed as i m having FORE at 9am and LBSIM at 1:15 pm.....wil i b able to attend LBS..????
even if u wer d 1st to face d interview frm ur group...let me knw arnd wht tym u got free...!!!

hello puys !! sorry for posting late...
my gd/pi ws on 23 march 9:00am.

Cat Score : 97.09
Course :PGDM
Graduation Background :B.TECH(ECE)

I ws in Group no. 1, Room No. 1, Chair No. 9
(Three groups, 12 candidates in each )

GD topic : coalition govt. is a sign of mature democracy

nice GD. everyone got a chance to speak.

there were 3 people.
L1 : lady (she entered the room the time when i entered )
P1 : an old gentleman
P2 : another gentleman (but was quite all the time )
P1 : Hello Swati
P1 : so u r Swati ? Swati what ?
P1 : Ok so Introduce yourself Swati in 1 minute
L1 : What does MBA teach u ??
P1 : Why do u want to do MBA ? You have a good face u can go in Films , Why MBA ??
( Sir, I don't want alternative career options yaar )
L1 : ( staring continuosly )
P1 : U said U have worked as a Lecturer in an Engineering College, why did u choose that
Me : Sir I chose that because.....
P1 : Let me finish first
P1 : and this s a very noble profession, why do u want to go somewhere else in MBA field ? ur students respect u a lot and might be possible u don't get that respect in MBA....so why MBA ?
( Sir bolne to do kuch !! )
Me : Told
( P1 seemed to be satisfied )
P1 took out my profile and started reading
( Complete silence )
( then the silence broke with his question...... )
P1 : what is Shlok Uchcharan ? U r a district level Gold medalist...Impressive
( Thankyou Sir...impress to huye aap )
L1 : complete this shlok....something something
Me : sorry mam i dont know
L1 : ( shouted ) u dont know the meaning of this shlok !!! how shameful !!!
( i smiled and she kept quite thereafter )
P1 : U choreograph dances ?
Me : yes sir
P1 : good
😃 😃 :)
P1 : why dont u go in Investment Banking ? why corporate sector ? Banking is quite easier than survival in a corporate...tell me a good reason why corporates ?
Me : told
everybody was quite after that
P1 asked P2 to ask some questions
atlast he spoke !!!!
P2 : what if u dont make a mark after ur MBA even if u give ur 100% to the company, then will u change ur job ???
think and reply...
Me : told

everybody smiled

thankyou very much Swati..U applied for PGDM right ?
Me : Yes Sir
I thanked all and left the room

so swati there were no technical ques 4 u?
and gd was smooth i mean no fish market like that?
i'm really nervous my first ever gd